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  1. The UK only has one border? And here was I, thinking the UK existed on an island or two.
  2. The idea was to arrange an FTA with the EU. We haven't even got to that stage yet as the Withdrawal Agreement hasn't passed through Parliament.
  3. And I was responding to your post. That's how conversations move on.
  4. Here is The Times calling the camp a detention camp. It was The Times which found her in the first place.
  5. No. What we have consistently said time and again but which for reasons of your own you and others keep misreporting, is that leavers voted to leave to take back control of borders, laws and money. That is borders, laws and money. Not just borders. But borders, laws and money.
  6. Really? Did he call George Bush or did they do a Corbyn and have a chat over a cup of coffee? Bush had proscribed the IRA before 9/11 happened. It was one of the first things he did when he became President.
  7. Most Tory party members want to leave. But the wider voting public who would usually vote Tory will be split (though more towards leave than remain). It is those folk who voted Tory solely because the Tories promised to deliver Brexit who will likely desert the Tories in the EU elections. My guess would be that they will be a minority of Tory voters. Tories are more pro-leave than pro-remain. Don't assume that because a majority of Tory MPs are remain, the electorate voting for them are pro-remain or the membership of the Tory party is.
  8. Presumably that is what she will try to do if she is as keen to get here as she has recently all of a sudden claimed to be. She will just do what others from the ME have done and get herself trafficked over. Only if she turns up in our waters on one of those little boats do we have to accept her. Otherwise we don't, and we aren't obliged to make any effort to get her back either.
  9. I'm not sure it's a refugee camp actually. It's a camp where all the ISIS brides and children have been corralled. They were put there by the Kurds as the caliphate was destroyed. There are guards and the like.
  10. And what could she achieve when locked up I wonder, with other criminals who won't necessarily want to be nice upon release? We already have a problem with Islamist promulgation in prisons. Adding another unrepentant Islamist to the mix will really help, I'm sure.
  11. You are implying that unless she is brought back to the UK to face trial in our courts, the Home Secretary is breaking the law. I am contesting that because the Home Secretary is legally allowed to keep her out of the UK for up to two years regardless, and is allowed to withdraw her British citizenship as long as she is not made stateless in the process, he is acting within the law. You might not like either or both of those laws but he is still acting within the law. I don't see withdrawing citizenship for what used to be considered treason (fighting for/being actively sympathetic towards the nation's enemy) as an example of 'abandoning' people. I see it as justice.
  12. The Americans are a mixed bag when it comes to Ireland/Northern Ireland. While they were key to producing the GFA (unlike the EU, which claims it was but really it wasn't), they were also key to keeping the IRA alive and kicking (the Democrats being very pro-Ireland). However, it was Bush junior who killed off the IRA to all intents and purposes by proscribing them for the first time and cutting off their American funding. If the Democrats are in places of sufficient power then I can well believe they would block any trade deal with the UK if it meant Ireland suffered. However, if the Republicans were in the key places of power then there is no way that a trade deal with the UK would be hindered.
  13. Is it owned by the French government? I'd be really surprised at that given the enthusiasm of the French to separate church and state (or indeed any religion and the state). I thought Notre Dame was a Roman Catholic cathedral? In which case it will be owned by the Roman Catholic church surely?
  14. It is perfectly legal to strip someone of their citizenship in exceptional circumstances as long as that person is not left stateless in the process. Others have been similarly stripped of their citizenship and only two have successfully appealed. It is perfectly legal for her to be refused entry into the UK for up to two years regardless of her citizenship or anything else. So those 'in the second group' were also promoting action within the law.
  15. She chose to go there at 15 years old. She made plans, deceived her parents, arranged flights, made contacts, etc, etc. I couldn't have done any of that at 15 years old but she did. She is now over 19 years old, a fully fledged adult and yet she did not come home at any time until the caliphate was destroyed and even then she continues to justify the ISIS ideology. Evidence is now coming to light that far from being 'just the housewife' she claimed she was while with ISIS, she may well have been very much involved in the work of ISIS itself. This adds to the evidence given by herself of her own lack of remorse or reversal in belief when she spoke about the Manchester bombing. Lots of people do indeed have a warped sense of the world but lots of people do not meticulously plan, deceive and then activate their plans to join an especially barbaric Islamist death cult.
  16. Did you not watch the interviews she gave? The comment she made about the Manchester bombing?
  17. I would like to point out that the Guardian used the 'letterbox thing' in an article of theirs back in I think 2013. It was referred to on here during the original faux outrage after Boris used it. There was no outrage of any kind after the Guardian used it but apparently it's wrong for Boris to use it? I wonder why that might be ...
  18. No, but I don't automatically believe everything I read on the Net like some people seem to do and if I'm going to consider believing something I read on the Net then I prefer to recognise the person's name so that I can establish their posting history and political leanings. I can then decide whether to either believe them or at least not dismiss them.
  19. She joined a proscribed organisation. That's an offence right there. I'm stunned at your willingness to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She went on TV and showed no remorse for being part of an organisation which blew up young girls in Manchester, which stabbed people and ran them over on two bridges in London, which burned people alive in the ME, raped, beheaded, blew people up. Yet here you are, giving her the benefit of the doubt and she didn't even express an iota of remorse, regret or anything resembling reformation. I'm stunned.
  20. Apparently to douse it with water from the air would ruin the remaining structure due to the force of the water hitting it. So said someone on one of the news websites anyway. Yes, nobody has been killed or injured apparently. But that doesn't detract from a sense of loss at the destruction of such an iconic building. I am glad I visited it all those years ago. It was very impressive inside and as with so many historic cathedrals there was a real sense of peace and general awesomeness within the building.
  21. I disagree when it comes to legal aid which should be available only for those who truly need it, not for someone who now fancies returning to an easy life in the UK because her precious caliphate has been destroyed. I have no sympathy for the woman at all and so I will leave it there.
  22. That is not certain. The law in Bangladesh is that all people up to the age of 21 have automatic citizenship of that country. However, there was a caveat to that but I don't remember now what it was. As I said in my previous post, the Home Secretary is legally entitled to withhold her return for up to two years regardless. That is his legal right and therefore he is not acting illegally in stopping her return at this stage. Whether he has acted illegally in stripping her of her citizenship will be decided in court. It would appear she is being given legal aid to fund her appeal and so that will be sorted out in due course.
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