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  1. You are on the left. You will not like a Tory education minister. That is the default stance of most teachers. So we are never going to agree on this matter. I think the teaching - and the subsequent reinforcement (via testing and other methods) - of grammar is very important. Grammar is to English what multiplication tables are to maths.
  2. Oh dear. You clearly didn't grow up in the education system I grew up in! I was tested on my grammar regularly. If things remain as they are within the education system, you may start to see young adults with a competent grasp of grammar in the near future, which would make a pleasant change.
  3. When push comes to shove, I doubt even the manic Grieve would vote to bring down his own party's government.
  4. When they thought that was going to be the outcome they spent half the night in a huddle trying to agree to how long a delay they could give us. If May had held firm at that point instead of doing her usual concession giving, we may well have pulled off a good deal.
  5. All Tory education secretaries are disliked by most teachers because most teachers are leftwing. I know, I trained as a teacher. I liked what Gove did during his spell in education. Having trained under the Labour regime, teaching had become dictated by the government down to what subject had to be taught and when, and then it had become too broad and woolly.
  6. You clearly haven't got to grips with this. All Boris has to do is nothing at all and we will leave on 31 October as that is the legal default.
  7. It hasn't been binned by Parliament at all. It is the legal default. The attempt to change that a couple of weeks ago in Parliament failed.
  8. No idea. I think these are dumb things anyway, even in general elections. They just focus upon personalities and presentation and that can be a very bad indicator of what someone will be like as leader/PM. However, I agree with you that it's all rather pointless. However, all the channels wanted to do them.
  9. No it wasn't. You never even saw May in that kind of an environment. She was crowned PM and she avoided the debates during 2017.
  10. As far as I'm aware, I'm the only member of the Tory party actively posting on here so I thought I would comment upon the one 'debate' I had planned to watch. It is important that I get a handle on these guys given that I'm actually going to have a vote in this contest. A few asides first: First of all, I loathe Maitlis. She ruins every discussion programme she is involved in and true to form she ruined this one. Secondly, while having a Muslim asking a question but totally ignoring the north of England, Wales and the Midlands was predictable from the BBC (not wanting to be seen to be remotely right of centre or even acknowledging that anywhere north of Watford actually exists), that particular question contributed nothing because it wasted time that could have been spent on a question of substance that the whole country wanted to hear an answer to rather than just a small portion of it. Thirdly, whose dumb idea was it to have them sitting on high chairs? Anyway. Less of the asides. Initial thoughts on the prospectives: Johnson looked like Johnson always looks: a man with an overall vision and the style to promote it but who needs a team to deal with the detail, just as was the case when he was mayor. Stewart sounded every bit the Labour party member he once was and he still gives me the creeps. He said absolutely nothing of substance but just wanted to let it be known he thought that all his colleagues were liars. Hunt impressed me with his authenticity and I did like the way he kept doing Maitlis's job for her by bringing the so-called debate back to the question actually asked (duly ignoring the questions Maitlis wanted to ask, as did Boris - good on them both as she was just rude and stupid). Gove was Gove. Very articulate, dodging the Brexit question as he has been doing for some time now, but full of ideas on just about everything. Javid was tongue-tied on a few things and I'm not sure he has thought through enough policy positions to take on the role of PM.
  11. Not necessarily. They may be thinking about who they would like to keep out of the final two rather than whether to add bigly support to Johnson.
  12. They won't. But they won't necessarily switch to Johnson either. All the voting will be tactical now; well, more so than it was today anyway.
  13. Apparently, it was explained on the Sky papers show last night, Stewart gave a 'nuanced' interview to the New Yorker a while back in which he hinted that he may have been a spy (by not overtly denying it but rather by saying 'I can't talk about that kind of thing as you know') whereas he forcefully denied being a spy to the Telegraph when they asked him. Given that he is claiming to be honest, the dig here is whether he is being as honest as he claims he is or whether he's just spouting guff in his weirdo way.
  14. As I've said before, the Tories are more like new Labour than Tories these days.
  15. BBC Reality Check on some of the claims by Boris about his time as London Mayor
  16. By the way, the agreement reached between May and the EU (note that I say May, because Parliament hasn't voted for it) is a Treaty on how to leave. It isn't a deal for the future. That doesn't exist. And have you read it by the way? I have. It's very long and it really doesn't look very much like leaving. We still remain tied in one way or another to all the EU institutions, to a greater or lesser degree. We do, however, avoid freedom of movement but May was fixated on that; as a remainer she had no clue why people voted to leave and therefore could only see freedom of movement as the reason. Either that or she was just obsessed with immigration. The Withdrawal Agreement is dead. It is a deceased Withdrawal Agreement.
  17. Back on the topic of the next Tory leader & PM. As a member of the Tory party and therefore able to vote on the final two, whoever they may be, all I know at the moment is that there is no way I would vote for Stewart. He is a Blairite and May was bad enough in that way. There is only one way I would vote for Gove and that is if Stewart was set against him in the final two. I don't trust Gove even if he does speak well at the despatch box. For me that is so far down on the list of priorities as to be in the basement. So I know who I definitely don't want. As for who I do want - I just don't know. Raab is closest to my Brexit stance and I've liked a couple of the policy proposals he's put forward, like giving agency workers day one rights to attend pre-natal clinics, and putting more fire into the belly of apprenticeships. However, I don't know enough about his policies generally to be sure I would vote for him. I doubt I will get to know anymore about his policy proposals either because as the one genuine, authentic Brexiteer, he won't get into the final two. Hunt would be May with trousers. Javid, I just don't know. He's probably too liberal for me as I'm a small c conservative as well as a big C one. However, he has potential. Boris. Boris was ideal in 2016. He caught the mood music and he would have got a good team in place to do the business, like he did when mayor. But now? Now, I don't trust him. I think he's trying to be all things to all people to get into power and while I believe he was wise to stay away from the childish Channel 4 'debate', avoiding the press today looked more suspicious. I haven't a clue what policy proposals he has. What a conundrum.
  18. Ask me the question on the appropriate thread. This one is getting derailed.
  19. So are you saying that it is impossible to leave the EU? In which case what kind of organisation is it that forces its members to remain members? Or are you saying we are so infantilised and feeble that we can't do without daddy EU to look after us?
  20. Stop getting personal and ask a specific question in a respectful manner with the intention of debating the point rather than just extracting the urine and you may get an answer.
  21. Dishing what out exactly? I bet you could count on one finger the number of personal insults I have 'dished out' over the years on these boards. The worst I have probably said is that a post is silly. I don't need to resort to personal insult. I'm happy to debate and argue my point, sometimes well, sometimes not so well.
  22. Indeed it does not make me a better judge of people but that is not what you were talking about is it? You expressed a belief that Stewart would be good for the conservatives and, as a conservative of some 30 years standing, I disagreed with you. Nothing whatsoever to do with me being a good judge of people. But I do have an idea about what being a Conservative means, because I AM ONE.
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