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  1. WINNERS Raiders Titans Cowboys Storm Rabbitohs Eels Dragons Roosters TOTAL POINTS 303 AWAY WINS 2 POLL 2 Games
  2. Game over Dragons kick the flea bitten mutts butts. 36 to 12
  3. ELIMINATED R L Winger - Titans Graham - Titans Benson87 - Rabbitohs Clogiron-Rabbitohs Manxmanc - Titans StormGirl - Rabbitohs lucky 7 - Rabbitohs Irish Saint - Bulldogs Davo5 - Panthers - Broncos Kayakman - Cowboys - Rabbitohs Rage - Raiders - Broncos southwalesrabbitoh - Raiders - Broncos bobbruce - Raiders - Broncos The Future is League - Panthers - Broncos latchford albion - Raiders - Tigers JDINTHEHIZZOUSE - Raiders - NO PICK ENTERED Number 16 - Panthers - NO PICK ENTERED Sports Prophet - Eels - NO PICK ENTERED SURVIVED Spotty Herbert - Cowboys - Sharks rlno1 - Eels - Dragons Southstander13 - Eels - Sharks Well done all survivors, all those that were eliminated better luck in heat 4. ROUND 14 Thursday 13th June Raiders vs. Sharks GIO Stadium 7:50pm Friday June 14th Titans vs. Warriors CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm Cowboys vs. Tigers 1300Smiles Stadium 7:55pm Saturday June 15th Storm vs. Knights AAMI Park 3:00pm Rabbitohs vs. Panthers ANZ Stadium 5:30pm Eels vs. Broncos Western Sydney Stadium 7:35pm Sunday June 16th Sea Eagles vs. Dragons Lottoland 2:00pm Roosters vs. Bulldogs TBA 4:05pm AS WE ARE NOW DOWN TO 3 SURVIVORS MAKE SURE YOU PUT A TOTAL SCORE OF THE GAME YOU TAKE YOUR PICK FROM All survivors place your picks now and a total score for the game you take your pick from for round 14 *************Good luck everyone*************
  4. WINNERS Rabbitohs Tigers Storm Sharks Cowboys Broncos Roosters Dragons TOTAL POINTS 307 HOME WINS 5 POLL Broncos v Titans
  5. ELIMINATED R L Winger - Titans Graham - Titans Benson87 - Rabbitohs Clogiron-Rabbitohs Manxmanc - Titans StormGirl - Rabbitohs lucky 7 - Rabbitohs Irish Saint - Bulldogs SURVIVED Rage - Raiders southwalesrabbitoh - Raiders The Future is League - Panthers JDINTHEHIZZOUSE - Raiders bobbruce - Raiders Number 16 - Panthers Spotty Herbert - Cowboys Kayakman - Cowboys Sports Prophet - Eels rlno1 - Eels Davo5 - Panthers Southstander13 - Eels latchford albion - Raiders Well done all survivors, all those that were eliminated better luck next time around. ROUND 13 Friday June 7th Rabbitohs vs. Knights ANZ Stadium 6:00pm Tigers vs. Raiders Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm Saturday June 8th Warriors vs. Storm Mt Smart Stadium 3:00pm Sharks vs. Eels Shark Park 5:30pm Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm Sunday June 9th Broncos vs. Titans Suncorp Stadium 2:00pm Panthers vs. Roosters Panthers Stadium 4:05pm Monday June 10th Bulldogs vs. Dragons ANZ Stadium 4:00pm All survivors place your picks now for round 13 *************Good luck everyone*************
  6. WINNERS Panthers Eels Raiders Titans TOTAL POINTS 197 AWAY WINS 1 POLL Question 1..... Titans v Cowboys Question 2.....NSW
  7. HERE'S HOW THE COMP WORKS 1: Everyone is welcome to join in 2: You pick one winning team a week 3: If your team wins, you survive. If your team loses or ties, you're eliminated. 4: You may only pick any team once while you survive in the heat - As an example if you pick St George Illawarra Dragons in any week , you can't pick them again in any other Week in the current heat . 5: No editing picks once you have submitted them 6: All picks must be in before kickoff of the first game of the round. 7: The comp continues until there is a winner. 8: Don't miss a week or you will be eliminated. 9: No more new entries accepted once you have been eliminated or you have missed a weeks round in that current heat. 10: When the comp is down to 4 or less survivors in a heat, you must also enter a combined score of both teams playing, with your survivor pick. 11: Good luck everyone ROUND TWELVE Thursday, May 30th Panthers vs. Sea Eagles Panthers Stadium 7:50pm Friday, May 31st Eels vs. Rabbitohs Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm Saturday, June 1st Bulldogs vs. Raiders ANZ Stadium 7:35pm Sunday, June 2nd Titans vs. Cowboys CBus Super Stadium 4:05pm Round Byes Broncos, Dragons, Knights, Roosters, Sharks, Storm, Tigers, Warriors
  8. SURVIVED ALL REMAINING SURVIVORS ELIMINATED ELIMINATED Rage - Warriors Sports Prophet - Storm Kayakman - Cowboys - NO PICK ENTERED Davo5 - Roosters - NO PICK ENTERED Gerrumonside ref - Raiders - NO PICK ENTERED rlno1 - Roosters - NO PICK ENTERED Graham - Raiders - Rabbitohs - Sharks lucky 7 - Rabbitohs - Tigers - Dragons bobbruce - Raiders - Storm - Sharks Irish Saint - Roosters - Sharks - Panthers R L Winger - Roosters - Rabbitohs - Storm - Eels The Future is League - Roosters - Sharks - Storm - Sea Eagles southwalesrabbitoh - Cowboys - Roosters - Storm - Dragons latchford albion - Cowboys - Sharks - Storm - Warriors Spotty Herbert - Sea Eagles - Tigers - Storm - Raiders Better luck in heat 3 everyone that was eliminated this round. I will start a new thread for heat 3
  9. WINNERS Eels Sea Eagles Roosters Raiders Broncos Rabbitohs Storm Dragons TOTAL SCORE 333 HOME WINS 5 POLL Dragons (12th) to beat Sharks (9th) - A Dragons win would mean a 3 place upset
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