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  1. Let’s hope someone puts a hole in that b****y drum during half-time
  2. Keith T

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    This was a chance to build up our points difference but I don’t think anyone told the players
  3. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    Okay it must have altered as it is double jeopardy.
  4. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    Maybe he could have spoken for a couple of minutes but to be honest what exactly would we all want him to say. He couldn’t do a thing in the last 5 minutes and we have heard him saying more or less in the past that players are not listening until it’s too late.
  5. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    I thought once he got sin-binned he couldn’t then be further punished later!!
  6. Keith T

    Town v jam part 2

    I think we need to decide if we want to play rugby and win or show how tough we are. Come on Town beat them with rugby
  7. Keith T

    Jam eaters takeover

    The miners own the ground under a charity and Haven rent the rugby pitch and surrounds from the RL Foundation charity. The grandstand and other buildings are the property of Haven but would be no use to them if they went bust as they would either hand them over to the miners or pull them down which I presume would require funding. This is one reason I cannot understand the cost of shares because all you would be getting is player contracts in reality.
  8. Keith T

    Jam eaters takeover

    That’s fine by me unicorn 106 but for everyone like you there are 5 or 6 who have walked away from both clubs. I don’t think you or anyone else can argue against that.
  9. Keith T

    Jam eaters takeover

    I don’t post on here or the Haven site very often since I had a stroke 2 years ago but how refreshing to read a post that actually makes a lot of sense. i started to shout out for one club/team in SL from this area back in the 90’s when both teams could get crowds of 2 - 3,000 and I still say the same today when both clubs are lucky if they can get 600. Both our clubs/teams are in the lowest professional league with crowds dropping year on year and yet both clubs are guilty of pandering to a few whilst the silent majority watch SL or other sport on the TV. How much plainer can it be put that people in this area are walking away from the professional game in their droves and younger supporters are taking up some other past-times instead. It matters not to me at my age but for the sake of the kids and the future it’s time for both clubs to get their heads together and come up with one club/team with the aim of getting to SL. It is a subject that gets raised every so many years and then forgotten about until the next crisis arises for one or the other but neither club is looking great at the moment. As I say it doesn’t matter any more to me but for those young ones and supporters of the future at least give them a chance.
  10. Keith T

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    When I was West Cumbria bowls secretary I used to write a column for the Times and Star and one for the Whitehaven News. I used to submit a different report about the same matches to each newspaper so if say Workington beat Whitehaven 7 - 2 in the T and S it would read “Workington stuffed Whitehaven” and in the WN it would read “Whitehaven were very unlucky to lose out to Workington 2 - 7”. Those were the days haha
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    Foggieraider13 regarding point number 2 of your message, the Rev is owned by the Miners Club and the lease on the rugby ground is held by a RL charity who Haven pay a rental to so £33k for use of the buildings which would go into the possession of the charity if Haven folded doesn’t seem a lot
  12. Keith T

    Border crack n deek abouuut

  13. Keith T

    Border crack n deek abouuut

    Border News and Lookabout do not show very much about anything that happens in West Cumbria. I have sent messages to them and they always make the excuse that the clubs, Town and Haven, don’t tell them much. This week we got a little piece of the Town game but it was a rushed half minute compared to the Scottish RU. I’m sure if more people complained to them at btv we might see an improvement but don’t hold your breath
  14. Keith T

    Cumbrian lakers

    Reading once again through the 8 pages of this thread it seems that the main argument against seems to be “what if it doesn’t work out”. My answer to that (dating back to the 90’s) would be take a good look at the crowd numbers at both clubs and then look at the ages of those fans. The youth of this part of the county have very little to look up to in our game and so we find them wanting to go and watch the top soccer teams or even Carlisle Utd. They sure as hell don’t go to Derwent Park or the Recreation Ground in any numbers. Meanwhile the crowds at both grounds keep dropping and dropping to the present day 400 - 500 at both grounds and mainly older men and women. So, the “what if it doesn’t work out” people need to look at the bigger picture because it sure as hell isnt working out at present.
  15. No wonder Huddersfield don’t appear on TV more with the noise from that tin can banger
  16. Keith T

    Cumbrian lakers

    I have followed Town for 70 years from when I was dragged along as a 7 year old by my mam and dad. In them days on a Saturday I had lunch in Reays bar and then on the way home to Oldside I went to Borough Park and stood in the queue whilst my mother took the shopping home. My dad was the Chairman of the Supporters Club with at least 15000 members and my mother was Chairwoman of the Ladies Section of the Supporters club so my following of Town was predetermined. I was dragged along to away games with my parents and Vince McKeating used to take my autograph book every where to get me autographs of opposition players and I still have them with autographs of many famous players, Douglas Clark, Clive Churchill, etc. As a teenager I started training at Derwent Park and played for the Town B team, Under 19's with the likes of Billy Kirkbride, Rodney Smith and John Rae. Kenny Robinson got John and me trials with Oldham. John went on trial and signed for them but I wouldn't go as I was Town through and through. I played one game for Town A in a last match of the season and next season they asked to play for A team again but when I told them I couldn't play that week they never asked me again. i still followed Town home and away for many years but eventually that was reduced to mainly just home matches until 2 years ago when I had a stroke and I haven't seen Town play other than on match videos since. Why am I saying all this? Well back in the 90's I wrote letters to local and rugby league papers suggesting that Town and Haven should combine and form one team. With Super League I could see that unless we joined together we would be left behind with the also rans. Of course one or two objected to my comments whilst others merely stopped going to matches. Where both clubs between them were getting around 5000 they are now down to around 1000 attending matches. Directors at both clubs have fought valiantly and spent a large amount of money trying to keep two clubs afloat and are still doing so but for how much longer? Look at the current poll on Facebook, the last time I looked it was 69% for a merger and 31% against, but the 31% will once again be the only group listened to and the silent majority will fade out of the limelight again. I am Town through and through as I have tried to show but there comes a time when you have to stop and smell the coffee. Town and Haven will never again on their own bring the top players to play here and send them home with their tails between their legs but together as one club that could possibly happen. You will always get those that will say "what if that doesn't happen" but where are we heading if it doesn't take place.
  17. Keith T

    Town website

    That was a different Tognarelli’s. It was A Tognarelli and they moved to Finkle Street. The other four were Harry and Renzo’s (H & R Tognarelli).
  18. Keith T

    N&S picture quiz

    The player holding the trophy is Syd Lowden. I got 19 out of 20
  19. Keith T

    How many more?

    That looks very much like League Weekly Donald which I said in another post I don’t get any more haha
  20. Keith T

    How many more?

    Doing okay KS. It might be in League Weekly which I have stopped getting!!!!
  21. Keith T

    How many more?

    Where does it say in RL Express that we have signed Glen Riley as I can’t find it?
  22. Keith T

    What a way to treat your fans

    Because of illness I haven't been able to attend any matches and so I have had to rely on what I read and what others say, etc, but I can still form my opinion from what I hear from the coach's interviews. I may be wrong but going by the players we have been losing and what others are saying plus listening to all the technical jargon the coach uses then I believe his time is up. Sorry if that is not what some like to hear but to concede 43 points in 40 minutes of the second half just highlights all the faults we have had all season. We have let teams score easy points in so many matches and yet we seem happy to keep losing top class players and filling their places with young lads who have so much to learn. I don't know when I will get to watch the team again but I will always continue to support Town irrespective.
  23. Keith T

    derby game

    This is really embarrassing. There is one thing where players lose but have put the effort in but there doesn't seem to be any fight in the Town team at all. I haven't joined the debate about our coach but I have to say that today should be final straw for him. All season we have put up with many substitutions that have baffled us but today we have put out probably the only 17 we have left. I can't wait to hear our coach's comments after the match!!!!!!!
  24. Keith T

    Town 2015.... '70' shirt

    And they played Hull for quite a large chunk of the game with only 12 men as Cec got injured in the first half.
  25. Keith T

    York game

    If only we could defend!!!! Game after game our defence is poor and that has got to be down to the players