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    Seasons Greetings

    The same message to you and yours bomber. All the best over the festive period
  2. Keith T

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    How do you know it is a man cos he sounds more like a 12 year old dimwit. In fact no dimwit is too good for this annoying person.
  3. Keith T

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    It’s on Radio Cumbria David I’m listening to it
  4. Keith T

    Official Club Statement.

    King of Leon you should know by now that teams often put 17 names on their team sheet for matches in order that they don’t get a fine from the RFL. That doesn’t mean they have 17 players. Our neighbours Whitehaven have used that several times this season to keep the RFL off their backs.
  5. Keith T

    Official Club Statement.

    Good luck to the lads wearing the Town colours today. It has not been an easy journey this season made so much more difficult by the RFL and their late dash to pacify their SL paymasters and introduce new procedures so late in the season. After watching this game of ours for 70 years I just cannot believe that the people in charge have shown so little regard for the lower echelons outside of SL. Has anyone heard any comments from the new Cumbrian Leader of the RFL, Mr Rimmer on this latest escapade? No, I thought not, he will do well for his new “bosses”. Good luck Town and come home safe.
  6. How can it be the same for both teams when one has only played one game in the three week period and the other will have played three tough games.
  7. Keith T

    Squad for Bradford

    In the way the system was originally both Rochdale and Swinton would have been replaced by York and Bradford. At very short notice the RFL in their wisdom decided that the Championship next season should be 14 teams. They could have let the third and fourth placed teams in League 1 go up but instead came up with a convoluted system where Rochdale stay up and the bottom team Swinton plays off against the losing team in the League1 play-off, Workington. This was not decided until about a month ago during which time Workington have had to go through three very hard away games to get to this position whilst Swinton have been able to have a week off to rejuvenate their players for Workington’s nextaway game to decide who goes or stays up. If that is a fair system then I give up.
  8. AS dkw says above this is Workington’s fourth difficult away game on the trot whilst Swinton had a week off last week to give players a breather and freshen up so I would expect Swinton to start favourites. Workington don’t know at this stage what their team will be if indeed they can put out 17 players. This fixture has been sprung on them in the last 4 weeks and players have arranged holidays, etc, as this was supposed to be their out of season time. Yet another RL master piece of planning!!!!!
  9. The truth is that one team has had a weeks rest to get some unfit players fit again as a prize for finishing bottom of their league whilst their opponents will be facing their fourth away game on the trot. Why or how is that fair?
  10. Or Swinton come down as originally meant at the commencement of the season that everyone signed up to. Your bitterness of Workington still shines through!!!
  11. Keith T

    Squad for Bradford

    What a way to finish the season - Doncaster away, Doncaster away again, Bradford away and finally Swinton away. Not the best of situations for sure!!!!
  12. Town play Swinton to decide which of those two teams play in next seasons championship with loser playing in League 1. Town might just be able to field 13 players for their biggest match for years. How stupid is that!!!!
  13. Keith T

    Squad for Bradford

    Bad work by both the Bradford video people and Radio Cumbria when they couldn’t be bothered to find out where we play Swinton next week. It’s not rocket science we are talking here it was tossing a coin.
  14. Keith T

    Squad for Bradford

    Thanks Hate the Rec
  15. Keith T

    Squad for Bradford

    Anyone provide me with a link to watch the match this afternoon. Thanks
  16. Keith T

    Doncaster predictions

    On Our League once you have signed in go to the three line icon in the bottom right of the screen and click on it. When a match is being shown there will be a red light above the members icon at the top of the list. Click on that and it will take you to the game they are showing.
  17. Keith T

    Town V Skolars predictions

    I was thinking more like the return of choccy or short circuit!!!!!!!!!
  18. Keith T

    New Stadium for Workington

    I read Mr Doran,s letter and was told he was in to his nineties and I’m afraid he is living in the past. I’m only a youngster of 78 so he will have to forgive me for having a different more “modern” point of view. i have said now for many years that the Reds and Town should share a ground, a new ground, and not only cut down the costs to both clubs but also to give fans a more modern stadia befitting of the 21st century. In his argument against he quoted several grounds where he said that the the pitch doesn’t survive both sports being played on it but there are equally as many grounds that do have both games played and the pitch doesn’t suffer. His letter contained many red herrings like him being a shareholder at the Reds to try to sway his argument and keep Borough Park but guess what Mr Doran, I am a shareholder at Town and I say let’s get on with building a new stadium and the sooner the better.
  19. Angelic Cynic is indeed a very sad person. He wishes all the worst for Doncaster and Workington because they allegedly voted one way but in the previous paragraph he praises Whitehaven and wishes them nothing but well even though they also allegedly voted the same way. What a clown!!!!!
  20. Keith T


    Yes all the best Les. Every time I meet Les we spend ages reminiscing ...... ahh the good old days
  21. Keith T


    Just a word of warning here. I recall going to Keighley and winning then one week later (or was it two weeks) we played them again at Warrington to decide who got promoted and we lost. Obviously I hope this isn’t going to happen again but we need to not get carried away if we win!!!!!!
  22. Keith T

    Newcastle away

    Make that 40 - 16. Game over
  23. Keith T

    Newcastle away

    We know how to shoot ourselves in the foot if nothing else!!!!!
  24. Keith T

    Bradford Predictions

    You only have to watch the last 20 seconds of John Kear’s interview and his reply re Town to see how classy he is under pressure
  25. Keith T

    Town 1st win at Bradford....poppyco*k

    We also had RL Cup semi final win at Odsal against Fev in 1958