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  1. Back in the 90’s I was the Bowls League Secretary and to create more interest I used to write columns for the T & S and Whitehaven News. At the WN editors request it had to be two different columns otherwise it didn’t get printed in full in his newspaper. We had a similar problem getting Town matters in the T - S and evening paper so I spoke to the editor and asked for more coverage. He told me that it was difficult as there wasn’t anyone in the office that followed rugby league and he offered me the task. I had enough work on with the bowls columns so I declined and fortunately coverage did improve with young lady doing the Town coverage. It seems like we are back to them days again.
  2. Doncaster have some big lads for sure but we were always told “they can’t run without their legs” and “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. So our defence has to be spot on if we are going to win. Don’t let their big lads get any steam up. I’m sure we can beat them but we will find out on Sunday!!!
  3. Donny score again in last second. Hooters gone with conversion to come. scored so it’s Donny we play in the final
  4. Maybe not as Donny score again 26 - 22 with 3 and a half to go
  5. Looks like it’s Keighley again. Leading 26 - 18 with 16mins to go
  6. So we are home to Keighley who look useful but if we are fit enough we should be able to manage them. Santi seems to be a handful mind.
  7. If we get Crashley again in two weeks time we need to rise above his pathetic performance. The fact that he awarded Hunslet 10 penalties to Town’s 2 penalties shows either he blatantly favoured them or our players played right into their hands by mouthing off. We need be able to rise above that.
  8. I see Haven have appointed Jonny Gorley as their new coach to follow Gary Charlton. He will do a good job for Haven.
  9. Come on Rochdale you can beat Barrow tomorrow
  10. Well we got the win but nearly every game lately the commentator mentions how tired we look
  11. Now an Holroyd drop goal 31 - 18
  12. Henson try converted by Forber
  13. Converted by Forber 24 - 12
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