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  1. Marcus O’Brian now gone will we have a team !!!!!
  2. My idea isn’t only looking at scrums but I believe that coaches would be rather put out (to put it mildly) if their back lines were depleted by having to replace members of the team that are sin-binned of sent off. By all means cancel scrums if that’s what people think but I believe that if the back line of the offending team had to be reduced for every scrum coaches would soon be on the backs of offenders.
  3. Scrums and player discipline are as low as you can get nowadays. Scrums are a joke and players getting sin-binned,etc, is becoming more and more prevalent, so we need to be doing something about it. My idea, which is a starting point and looking for further input, would be to make scrums 6 players per side at every scrum. If a player gets sin-binned or sent off then another player from the backs goes in to the scrum. Both teams will have a scrum feeder and they will feed the scrum and collect the ball after it has passed through the front row, second row and loose forwards legs. No player other than the scrum feeder or his opposing counter part if there is one against the head will pick up he ball from the scrum otherwise that team is penalised. If a team has more than one player in the sin-bin or sent off they must still have six packing down in the scrum. The effect of this would mean players would be more thoughtful about their discipline and it hold make scrums more meaningful. That’s my opinion what’s yours?
  4. It would be a better idea if more people read it and put forward any improvements, etc!!
  5. Scrums at present are a shambles so if we are still going to have them let’s make them mean something. My idea would be that every scrum would consist of 12 players (6 per side). If a team has a player sin-binned or sent off they must still have 6 players in any scrums thereby bringing in one of the backs. The ball is fed into the scrum and must pass through the legs of the front row, second row and loose forward and picked up by the person feeding the scrum. If the ball is taken against the head then the same rule applies. Any player other than the scrum feeder or his opposing number picking up the ball will automatically be penalised, likewise any player breaking from the scrum before the ball is collected will be penalised.
  6. Played 27 Won ONE Lost 26 Av points for 11 Av points against 41, I hate to think what it would have been with a bad coach Jamie Doran!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Final score Town 18 Fev 64
  8. To anyone interested half time is Town 6 Fev 36
  9. You seem to be forgetting that our points difference was non-existent. We need 5 wins and either Haven or London not to get any more points to not be relegated. Sad but we are not good enough for this league as one win from 19 matches shows.
  10. Oh dear, oh dear, Town 0 - Widnes 26 at HT how much more of this do we need!!!!!
  11. 66 - 22 loss and Haven lost at home to York 14 - 40 enough said. We are in one hell of a state and are getting lower and lower.
  12. Do Town practice defence in training as none of them seem capable to tackle opponents near our line.
  13. Mine as well. Just checked the Haven commentary and the sound is perfect. It seems that our commentators have the older equipment.
  14. London winning 12 nil at Batley!!!
  15. Thanks Andrew didn’t know if it was just mine.
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