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  1. Town score -Forber try and goal - 10 - 6 to Sheffield
  2. It’s on BBC Sounds if you can’t find it. We are 12 - 0 down s as lready!!!!
  3. One of the 6 being our ex-Chairman, Dave Bowden
  4. Penalty count in League Express is 13 - 9 in Havens favour
  5. The only thing you missed out DavidM was “and cut out giving so many penalties away”. We gave away a lot of both possession and position which proved the difference in the end. Still I think we are better placed for our league than Haven are for theirs.
  6. Its amazing what you can find out on here. I have been a shareholder at Town since 1990 and I can learn more on here than I have ever learned from being a shareholder. I may be wrong but surely that cannot be right, can it?
  7. I played for Town B Under 19”s against Frank at Grasslot and he was as hard as nails then. One of hardest men in RL. RIP Frank.
  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to RL people every where and I hope your dreams come true.
  9. RIP Les a true Town legend
  10. If Town beat Doncaster next week then that all alters.
  11. Whatever has gone on I think someone at the club should either come out and say what it is or say nothing. From what the coach said something happened that he didn’t like.
  12. We have just had two weeks without a game, 3 weeks since our last game and we still can’t put out 17 players who take part. All credit to the 15 players today but the big question is WHY at this stage of the season.
  13. Didn’t Walsh come back and go be Hulls assistant coach
  14. Money is the real problem for clubs like Town. In the 50’s Town had not one, not two but three weekly draws (blue with 5000 subscribers, red with the same number and green with slightly less) plus of course good crowds attending matches. Money wasn’t as tight then and resources could be put into ventures such as Town B and the Under 19’s. I am sure that if the money could be found from somewhere Town could run a reserve team and possibly an academy to stop the young lads drifting out of he county or even worse out of the game altogether.
  15. Back in the late 50’s we had the First team, an A team and then Town B that played in the local league plus an Under 19 team. We produced several good players the Martin brothers, Bill and Dennis, Rodney Smith, John Rae, and there was a natural progression for those that were good enough or enthusiastic enough to follow that route.
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