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  1. Never thought anyone would out carry big Kris, he never let us down when water was needed,
  2. 65&66 if still available
  3. Can I have 2 numbers please
  4. In Chris’s interview he said most of the squad was going to be retained with a good few additions, he said he was very impressed with the 14 that turned out , they didn’t take a backward step, said the fans are amazing and deserve success. He spoke very well, very articulate and passionate.
  5. Great effort, all bar 3 playing full 80 minutes, just one too far, with a full squad it might have been different, Perry and Fui Fui outstanding.
  6. Think we have not got grips with the extremely pedantic James Child. Good effort so far defence on our right hand side very poor.
  7. Good luck to the Town for tomorrow, I will be following from Portugal ️
  8. Got to say well done to Whitehaven, lead the table for the majority of the season and rightly deserve the title.
  9. Is this not the exact reversal of last season, we went to Doncaster last League game and got beat, went the following week in the play offs and won. Hope it is a slightly different scenario this year and we win both.
  10. bobg


    Fantastic career Olly, thanks for your efforts at Town.
  11. Well it has all been said but I am so angry about the new stadium not going ahead, now our 3 matches in the RLWC are going to Newcastle, hope Jenkinson and the rest of the incompetents at Allerdale are pleased with the way things are going, all that money will now be spent in the north East and not west Cumbria, they can’t even sort the bins problem out, pack of miserable no hopers.
  12. Yes I was at Deepdale that night and clearly remember Mr Jamieson holding audience in the car park and telling anybody , who would listen, that he had bought Workington Town.
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