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  1. Another great broadcast from Town, great to hear all the different points of view, but one message comes over loud and clear, every guest from the last 12 weeks or so from outside our club has expressed a desire for a Cumbrian presence in SL, my hope is that it is Town.
  2. RIP George, condolences to his family.
  3. Very sad news, a great clubman, RIP George.
  4. I have joined the 1945 club, come on Townies these are difficult times and a lot of really important things going on, but this will pass and we need our club for when it does.
  5. 02/07/2017. Ritson 4 v Skolars 11/03/2018. Forrester 5 v West Wales
  6. Great team performance yesterday, took our chances well, even bombed a couple, which shows we are creating the openings, a little work to do on that aspect, however defended fantastically, great signs.
  7. Thought Tom Crashley refereed well today, he was consistent with his decisions.
  8. bobg

    2020 Squad

    Note :- FFMM Photo on longer on squad photos on club website.
  9. Yes agree, you would be hard pushed to improve it.
  10. The line up was 1. Paul Charlton 2. David Collister 3. John Risman 4. Ian Wright 5. Ian McCorquodale 6. Ray Wilkins 7. Boxer Walker 8. Derek Watts 9. Alan Banks 10. Eddie Bowman 11. Les Gorley 12. Peter Gorley 13. Billy Pattinson 14. David Atkinson 15. Ian Hartley
  11. Every time I ran touch for Colin he tried to sell us insurance,
  12. bobg

    Ged stokes

    Says on Twitter that GED is improving, hope he is on the road to recovery now.
  13. Very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2020 to all connected with RL, especially Townies everywhere.️?
  14. Tough as teak, but a really nice bloke, one of my heroes as a kid watching Town.
  15. Thoroughly enjoyed last night, great to see the place packed out, thank you to the BOD for organising and providing food, the more I here Chris Thorman the more impressed I am, he is confident and articulate and knows what he is about.
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