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  1. Very well deserved Carl, a great asset to Town.
  2. Best of luck to Batley against Leigh, your team is tenacious and skill full and I for one would love to see you turn the Leythers over. You have a Cumbrian in your team and that’s good enough for me. Good Luck (Workington Fan).
  3. Totally agree Derwent, not suggesting that Buffer would be first choice and youth is the answer, but having good people around the club, in whatever capacity, is also important.
  4. Another signing announcement at 7:00pm.
  5. Can’t argue with that either, although Lynn Hopkins was good as well Mike.
  6. Could easily go round again in Lge 1, Buffer the best goal kicker at Town since Dean Marwood.
  7. Welcome back pal. ️
  8. Now that’s a great start , let’s have some more.️
  9. Played for us as well, but yes did a good job at North Wales, got a lot out of fairly average players.
  10. Any ideas on who the new coach will be ? Or indeed has the vacancy been advertised yet? ️
  11. Still believe this is a carve up to get the Reds a better facility, Town are being dragged into it to justify the expenditure, but hey ho as long as the Reds are happy. I have not read or heard of anything to make me change my opinion.
  12. Totally devoid of ideas with ball in hand, some good defence and endeavour. We are a poor side with no attacking flair and no coached moves and the majority of players not at this standard. The sooner this season is over the better, I think that’s me done for this year. we estimated the crowd at about 750.
  13. Border tv not interested, you have to be from north of the border to get on.
  14. Well said mate, looking forward to a craic on Sunday, it seems like ages.
  15. You echo the thoughts of all us 30+ years supporters. ️ UTT
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