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  1. Come on Town, we can do it.️ UTT.
  2. You’re right Joe, I didn’t beat you very often, but when I did it was usually a big win haha. Them where the days mate. Red wine and old age a dangerous combination.
  3. Gosh Joe, you have a good memory,
  4. Your right Joe, dead set penalty , it is a shame that referees are not assessed anymore, Crashley wouldn’t even be at this level if they were, he is even worse than his father was.
  5. Aye and at 1 point he shouted at Buffer offside from a kick and it was buffer who kicked it, totally incompetent, he can’t like buffer much because he penalised him at Barrow when Daisy Dallimore run straight at him, rolled around in agony then got straight up and kicked the goal to draw the match. your right he has been at this level for years for a reason and only got worse.
  6. Got to agree, we don’t vary the kicks at all, yesterday, apart from one crubber which we scored off, all the kicks where high and Hunslet simply didn’t drop one, we put little pressure on their kickers or on our kick chase, much work to be done. Hope Chris has another plan.
  7. Chris can approach the RFL as much as he wants, but when did the RFL ever help us when we needed it. Barrow got dispensation to lend players to WR on Saturday, but I would be very surprised if we get any help.
  8. Very disappointing end to the regular season, form has disappeared, defence has disappeared, we have conceded 70+ points in our last 2 home games, not a great way to go into the playoffs.
  9. Nobody wants to spoil Barrows day, but it is just a shame they didn’t put this much effort in when they called the game off at Town with only a couple of days notice. I like Barrow and enjoy going to Craven Park (or whatever it is called now), but this is all a bit shady. Is it a coincidence that Mr Rimmer is from Barrow area, no doubt he will be at the game.
  10. I have to agree with DavidM , apart from some isolated moments I am of the opinion that SL is average at best, probably a lot of reasons for this, sanitation of the game, inexperienced match officials (with exceptions), very poor tv presentation, stale commentary, rule changes etc, I could go on. Give is our great game back please.
  11. Getting back to this weeks game v Hunslet, I can’t farthom this percentage thing, I was reading today that Barrow as a town has the highest rate of Covid in the country, what happens if Barrow don’t play West Wales due to Covid and Town win? Do we still finish 2nd.
  12. 5 tries to 2 is another heavy defeat I am afraid, all the hard work done previous has gone in the last 2 matches. regroup and move onto next week.
  13. Think we are still on the bus.
  14. Totally out played today, NWC had size in the middle and 2 good half backs played off the go forward, hate to say it but we never looked liked troubling them, there simple game worked a treat, we had no answer. hopefully get some players back for next week .
  15. Fantastic win Town, especially with not playing for weeks and the injuries. ️
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