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  1. Well said Joe, Eric was a great player, great coach and it was always good to have a chat, knew RL inside out, RIP Eric.
  2. Disappointed to read this, not looking too good, this is why we must stick to the rules during the lockdown and get the rugby going as soon as is safe.
  3. Season’s greetings to all Townies across the globe, hears to a more normal 2021 and a great season for us. ️
  4. Agree it is the right thing to do, a good benchmark for the future, if not successful it demonstrates our ambition to the rest.
  5. Jordan Thomson signs for Town from Haven, 110% player. He will improve even more under CT .
  6. Excellent podcast today, Chris and Gary Hewer are so passionate and with the backing of the board, given time, can take the club massively forward.
  7. Just read on Twitter that Harry Whittaker has passed away, Harry was a great half back and hard as nails, played with distinction for Workington Town. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Harry Whittaker.
  8. bobg


    Your right Joe, not very often have the RFL done the most sensible thing.
  9. bobg


    A team going from championship to SL , will a team from league 1 go into the championship to make up the numbers, if so that would leave L1 with not many fixtures ( low income), would it make sense to combine Champ & L1 into a single division thus improving the standard of L1 teams and they eventually become more competitive, just a thought.
  10. Sorry to see these 4 players leaving, but for the right reasons and not a bad word said about the club, this now means there are opportunities for 4 others at our club and after watching the podcast last night I have confidence in Chris and the BOD to make suitable replacements.
  11. Fantastic achievement Arnie, UTT.
  12. Can I have 5 please Scott, PayPal the money now.
  13. You are so right IanMac, it is like Bullseye on the telly, see what you could have had. Narrow minded self centred individuals scuppered the whole project.
  14. I am absolutely gutted that the season is finished but common sense must prevail and everybody’s safety is paramount. The financial implications are huge, just hope we have a club for 2021.
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