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  1. Not the news any fan wants to hear hope he makes s full recovery and can play again from all at West Hull
  2. Hope you got to go sidsmudge, by the scoreline looks as though you really did the business this time see you all next season
  3. Some really good results for he amateur clubs in today's matches let's hope we get a few more tomorrow
  4. Nice to see three West Hull lads in the squad considering the season we have had,well done to all the squad old or new
  5. First time on here for a while sidsmudge, great to meet up again with you scrimmy and the lads, have to say your lads gave us a lesson that day,after yesterdays win though it's all on for next season's meetings can't wait good luck for the rest of your season
  6. Ben Arbon played yesterday came on as sub the others named were missing for various reasons,long term injuries,international duties,suspensions or working,as for the old payment saga the only payment for yesterdays superb performance was in staying up, see you all next season
  7. West Hull gave a very good account of themselves yesterday in a tough match,both teams had players missing but gave it there all,great game to watch which I think would be fair to say Wests dominated for longer periods and came away with well deserved points to keep up in the premier division.See you next season Siddal,Green Army
  8. You tell me Davo5 you seem to know all the answers
  9. West Hull have lost 22 players since winning the first grand final either retired or gone to different clubs from Super League to amateur
  10. Looking forward to seeing the lads from Siddal again for another tough hard fought game and some banter with Scrimmy,Sidsmudge and crew
  11. Great effort Leigh Miners great achievement something to be proud for of all involved
  12. No argument Oulten were the better team yesterday without a doubt well deserved win
  13. Give it your best shot lads and hopefully you will get the result you want
  14. West Hull first league game of the season got to a good start with a convincing win againgst a strong Thatto Heath side 32 8