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  1. Rammo23

    TV games

    I think it's Thatto v Siddal
  2. Rammo23


    West Hull had a player sent off against Rochdale the week after that game for at best was a yellow card he got a two match ban, seems a bit harsh really
  3. Rammo23

    NCL League Leaders Award

    Great season up to now well done, still a few hard games left for some teams 2nd,3rd 4th spots not guaranteed yet, still all to play for, going to be a tough run in
  4. Rammo23

    End of season positions

    Like I have said before the season isn't won over a few games, this season you have done yourselves proud at Hunslet Parkside, setting new records before the season has finished a great achievement for any club, I agree with you about West Hull being a team to worry about, and after watching the Thatto game I think that should have been a home win, looking fwd to the business end of the season now though.
  5. Rammo23

    TV games

    I thought it was because that's what they said after the last game, just wondered why the game advertised was wrong
  6. Rammo23

    TV games

    According to the TV guide on 422 they have Underbank v Thatto Heath, can't be as Thatto are at home to West Hull this week
  7. Rammo23

    TV games

    I see the next game televised is the Cumbrian clash of Egremont v Wath Brow should be a good game if they play to their potential, I watched yesterday's game and thought if Thatto had taken their chances they could have got the win, too much dropped ball at vital times and good kicks going to waste. Hunslet know how to slow the game down to their benefit at every given opportunity to their credit. You can't say they don't deserve been at the top of the league 16/16 is a brilliant achievement and it isn't over yet we'll done
  8. Rammo23

    TV games

    See its back on this weekend Thatto v Hunslet should be a good game hopefully
  9. Rammo23

    TV games

    Yes that's true no guarantees, don't know if the clubs get any payment though.
  10. What are your thoughts on the TV fixture list been scrapped and now only looking at what game could be the best one to televise instead
  11. Rammo23

    If we did.....would we be the first?

    I wouldn't say it's arrogance, confidence in what you have achieved so far yes, nothing wrong with that, if you do win the league then it's fully deserved you don't win it over a few games, I'm hoping West Hull will stop your unbeaten record though in a couple of weeks time I thought we gave you a good game at your place result could have gone either way so expecting the same intensity next time, good luck for the rest of the season.
  12. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    Just seen the TV game Oulton v Milford is on 428 free view tomorrow at 4 15 not 424 free sports for sky viewers.
  13. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    Was looking forward to the Hunslet v Kells game how come the TV game has been changed to Miners v Ince Rose Bridge.
  14. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    That's the good thing in this division, every team is capable of winning each other, apart from Siddal last season no one team seems to dominate the league, come the end of the season winning the league could go to several clubs.
  15. Rammo23

    Siddal coach gone!??

    What's going on Sidsmudge, I knew that you had lost some of last seasons players, now your coach has gone hope you can get a good replacement for him looking forward to going to Siddal to see you all again