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  1. To all involved in the Challenge Cup match against Dewsbury Rams we at West Hull wish you all the best, having said that we obviously hope West Hull get to retain the Cup in the BARLA Cup Final
  2. That's a real heartache for the players wanting to watch either game to back their club mates and of course the fans will miss out on one or the other.
  3. Think it will be the 13th as Thatto have the BARLA Cup final to play on the 14th against West Hull
  4. Good luck to Thatto Heath against Dewsbury Rams in the next round of the competition the only amateur side left
  5. From what I have heard I don't think they have much choice really like you said if they play it the week after they still have to play twice.
  6. They would still of had to play Saturday and Sunday with been down to play HCP so it wouldn't have made a difference not been in either one of the cup ties.
  7. They had to use players from both sides for both games as it should have been a free weekend so players had arranged other things meaning some played both games and some one or the other, not ideal but what else can you do when you can't change the dates.
  8. Looks like West Hull have another double to do Upton in the national Cup and Dewsbury Rams in the challenge cup 30th/31st weekend, the joys of Cup rugby.
  9. Are there any more teams having to play Saturday and Sunday in the Challenge Cup and Barla Cup fixtures. WEST Hull have to play Dewsbury Moor and Skirlaugh 9th/10th
  10. I think a lot of youth players end up on scholarships, and if it's the same as it was years ago, the pro clubs stop them playing at their amateur club which always seemed daft to me as your been stopped from doing what you love, playing rugby, and then if they don't make it they get cheesed off then stop playing altogether more times than not, and that is one of the reasons the game is been lost at open age level.
  11. Well it's all down to the last game of the season, three very hard games against each other already with no quarter given nor asked for. Looking forward to another hard bruising game, 1st and 2nd places in the league slugging it out one more time.
  12. Ok Sidsmudge hope your well, will have to up our game to get to the final. Was talking to a few Siddal fans yesterday they were saying you had your chances for a win last game, hopefully get the win Saturday for another chance to come up with the win.
  13. Totally agree I've always thought whoever wins the league are the champions. This grand final playoff to me is just something we now do to copy aversion of the Aussies Wingfield Cup, to me the league is won over a season and promotion should be top 2/3 up bottom 2/3 down simple as that.
  14. Must admit I thought that Thatto would have won that game, just goes to show you cant underestimate the underdog
  15. Makes some good reading to see how your team has done over the years, you've certainly kept yourself busy Celtic Rooster. Thank you.
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