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  1. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    Just seen the TV game Oulton v Milford is on 428 free view tomorrow at 4 15 not 424 free sports for sky viewers.
  2. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    Was looking forward to the Hunslet v Kells game how come the TV game has been changed to Miners v Ince Rose Bridge.
  3. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    That's the good thing in this division, every team is capable of winning each other, apart from Siddal last season no one team seems to dominate the league, come the end of the season winning the league could go to several clubs.
  4. Rammo23

    Siddal coach gone!??

    What's going on Sidsmudge, I knew that you had lost some of last seasons players, now your coach has gone hope you can get a good replacement for him looking forward to going to Siddal to see you all again
  5. Rammo23

    Free sports TV coverage

    Got this on series link, watch it during the week, that was the best conditions so far for playing on Lock Lane been the worst with all the snow. I didn't expect Wath Brow to dominate so much having seen both teams several times before, I thought Kells can play better than this just never seem to get going even after the first try no doubt both will get better as the season progresses, always have a good day out going to Cumbria.
  6. West Hull having pitch inspection 9 am, all being well it will be there 1st league game for the season, not looking great and that's before the snow that's forecast, fingers crossed it will be OK 🤞
  7. Rammo23

    New season - it's finally here!

    Was impressed with the quality of rugby given the conditions of the pitch by both sides, it was a tough old game with niether side giving an inch.
  8. Rammo23

    Challenge cup 2018

    Last thing we need before the season starts is a backlog of cup matches building up
  9. Rammo23

    Challenge cup 2018

    Does anyone from Askam arlfc know if the game will still be on on Saturday against West Hull in the Challenge Cup
  10. Rammo23

    Siddal arlfc

    A great game yesterday at West Hull some really good defending needed from both teams throughout. West's went in 12-0 at ht, second half saw siddal go over to make it12-6 with the goal added then with some good play from West's saw them go close to scoring only to see one of siddals players red carded for kicking a West Hull player in the head leaving Scott Partiss an easy penalty making it 14-6 which it stayed at, a well deserved 2 points and the first team to beat an unbeaten Siddal this season
  11. Rammo23

    Siddal arlfc

    Looking forward to tomorrow 's game with Siddal always good to have a catch up with scrimmy and the other old boys before and after the game. No denying Siddal have made a great start to the season only dropping one point so far. No doubt Mr Miyagi will have something to say about the game back in the clubhouse
  12. Rammo23

    Pilkington Recs v Siddal

    Not the news any fan wants to hear hope he makes s full recovery and can play again from all at West Hull
  13. Hope you got to go sidsmudge, by the scoreline looks as though you really did the business this time see you all next season
  14. Some really good results for he amateur clubs in today's matches let's hope we get a few more tomorrow
  15. Rammo23

    England Lions

    Nice to see three West Hull lads in the squad considering the season we have had,well done to all the squad old or new