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  1. aye...that went well...
  2. and it also looks very much like Rohan Smith has gone.
  3. Press release from Bulls' new owners says they will be offering full-time contracts. Blimey!
  4. Had resigned myself to another year of just the Summer Bash & Middle 8s on TV, but I thought this quote from the Tolouse CEO from their press conference this morning is interesting. "Le #SummerBash sera télévisé sur @SkySportsRL, et certains matchs de la 2nde phase. Nous espérons quelques-uns de 1ère phase" "en espérant que les signaux soit repris par des chaînes Françaises". #confdepresse My rough translation (might be wrong): "The Summer Bash will be televised on Sky Sports and certain games from the second phase. We are hoping for some from the first phase..whilst hoping that the broadcast will be taken up by the French channels". Wonder if that means there's still a chance of extra Championship games being broadcast, or is that dead in the water?
  5. DR

    Well, I've already got my popcorn ready for when you post this on the Leigh forum...
  6. DR

    As stated before, we definitely aren't in a position to get on our high horse about DR, and I'm glad Sheffield have survived, but this is quite amusing. from 2013... Sheffield Eagles coach Mark Aston has praised the Workington Town coaching staff for “standing up for their values”. Aston, who made 389 appearances for the team he now coaches, made clear his stance on the dual-registration set-up, as he prepares to bring his reigning Championship champions to Derwent Park on Sunday. “We don’t have any such dual-registration agreement with a Super League club and we won’t as long as I am here,” he told News & Star Sport. “It’s good to see that Gary Charlton and Martin Oglanby are not going to be pushed into a corner. They’re honourable blokes and it’s good to see them standing up for their own values. “We won the Grand Final last season without dual-registration players, which proves a big point,” he added. “What you’ve got to look at is the club’s long-term aspirations. Here at the Eagles, our aspirations are to bring through home-grown players and I think Workington Town are trying to do the same. “I am 100 per cent against the dual-registration scheme. I know Town have used a couple of players in each game but they have been used as cover for long-term injuries which is acceptable. “Credit to them. Do we really need dual-registration players? I won’t sell my soul to anyone.” Fast forward to 2017...
  7. Perhaps this was a signing the club didn't want to make a big announcement about, given the circumstances.
  8. Story on the website about which players still need sponsors... "James Duckworth, Kyle Briggs, Andy Bostock, James Lockwood, Sam Day, Luke Cooper, Matty Wildie and Kyran Johnson are all still up for grabs." I guess the already-fierce competition in the back row will be getting another candidate in a few weeks' time then. Think it will be March/April when he's eligible to return.
  9. Hope MC kept the receipt
  10. some quotes from MC on his York involvement here
  11. Just to reiterate John's point about what winter postponements can mean...this is Featherstone's schedule in late March/early April 1977 Sunday March 27 Warrington Home 11-5 W Tuesday March 29 Saint Helens Home 24-7 W Sunday April 03 Leeds Home 21-8 W Wednesday April 06 Widnes Home 29-3 W Friday April 08 Wakefield Trinity Away 7-12 L Monday April 11 Castleford Away 14-16 L Saturday April 16 Wigan Home 20-14 W Wednesday April 20 Barrow Away 7-5 W Sunday April 24 Workington Town Home 32-13 W That's 9 games in 28 days, including 3 in 6 around Easter, and Fev made very few changes for any of those games...prop Jimmy Thompson started all 9 games as did hooker Keith Bridges. And Fev finished top of the league that year despite that run of fixtures. However, you can't go back. The game is very different now and there would rightly be uproar if a top SL team were asked to play a similar schedule.
  12. That's great news. 23-man squad named on the website. Still no Misi but think that's the entire rest of the squad named.
  13. 1. Turner 2. Carlile 3. Hardcastle Thought Carlile looked really good from dummy half, fizzing the ball out beyond the guy lined up at first receiver on numerous occasions and he also knows how to create space for a team mate by darting at the gap between two defenders before passing.
  14. According to York's Twitter feed MC has been at their Fans' Forum tonight and a DR agreement between us and York has been announced. York's Chairman John Flatman says there are 10,000 shares in the club and he (Flatman) owns 9,988 of them.
  15. One of the most satisfied players in the squad at the moment must be Ian Hardman. In recent seasons not only has he had to beat out high-profile signings to retain his full back position, but he's also had to be switched to centre at the drop of a hat whenever one of our two starting centres was injured, which turned out to be frequently. At this stage at least, it doesn't appear that he has a rival for the full back position, but more importantly, we now have three quality centres by Championship standards, with the option of moving Luke Briscoe there too in an emergency given we have plenty of cover on the wing. I agree with Steve's comment higher up the page in that I could see Walton making a really good impact player from the bench, with the added bonus that he would make injuries in the threequarters easier to deal with. We could have quite a bench this year; you'd imagine that's how Moore will be used, with Bostock and Griffin perhaps starting, but with Davies, Knowles, Mariano and Tagg all battling for playing time in the back row, we should have plenty of impact from the bench, regardless of whether we have the likes of Ormondroyd & Baldwinson, if we stay reasonably healthy.