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  1. Quite. Still, we haven't had a "can't understand why Briggs isn't in the squad" on this thread yet!
  2. Squad named Positions 1-7 seem to pick themselves here with no obvious other candidates (Hardman, Misi, Hardcastle, Ulugia, Turner, Wildie, Aston). The remaining 12 players are all forwards so just a case of who gets left out/rested.
  3. Good summary. Sheffield must be the most unpredictable team in rugby league, and JS will surely be pointing out to his players that they have beaten London and Toulouse, have racked up a total of 90 points in their last two games and have had a 2-week break since Easter. They can be rubbish too though, especially in defence, and got hammered by Bradford not long ago. Hopefully we'll be fired up for this one, the amount of ex-Eagles players we have means we usually are, and can get on top early. Think a high-scoring game looks on the cards, there have been at least 50 points in all Sheffield's last 9 games and 60 in five of them. If we can keep them under 20 points I reckon we'll win comfortably.
  4. Talking of Bramley, this is kind of off-topic but Bramley winning the Floodlit Trophy in 1973, beating a star-studded Widnes team at Naughton Park in the final, must rank as one of the biggest upsets in knockout history. Think it was the only trophy the club ever won?
  5. Cheer up Fax fans, it's a shared gate, so even if you only bring 100 fans on the day, there should be at least 1,500 Fev fans, meaning a total crowd of 850.
  6. Turner Hardcastle Moore
  7. Oledzki is in the Leeds squad this week, but Baldwinson and Ormondroyd aren't. Looks likely we will have one or both of them, assuming both are fit. To the question above, yes Thacks has one more game to miss, the Sheffield one on Sunday.
  8. Yep...looking at Leeds' squad at the moment they seem to have enough established first-team forwards fit for selection that we should get at least one of Baldwinson, Ormondroyd or Oledzki. As good as Bostock is, Thackeray is a bigger miss in terms of being able to replace him imo. Seems clear the issue with Briggs is something to do with what's happening in training, rather than his performance on those occasions he has played, so difficult to make too much comment really.
  9. ...and also main headline on the front page of League Express ("Lionhearts").
  10. Swinton deservedly get the front page headline/picture on League Weekly (headline predictably is "Giant Killers").
  11. Aye...the Leigh Facebook fans' page has been a sight to behold just lately. And there were quite a few that used to howl for Daryl Powell's sacking on the two or three occasions Fev reached a final but didn't win it.
  12. Long term, it's true, money will talk, but on any given day...well, they said that on the day of your profile photo
  13. Well done Swinton, great result
  14. Hang on a moment. The point I am trying to make is that the RFL isn't biased against us, or other individual clubs. Not that they never get it wrong. That said, I do think disciplinary procedures are often going to come down to matters of opinion. No two offences are identical, and that's why the rulings are often going to prove controversial.
  15. I give up. Like a small number of fans at every RL team, you genuinely think the RFL/refs are biased against your team, and nothing anyone says is going to change your mind.