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  1. The Phantom Horseman

    M.O.M Rovers V Batley (8's)

    1 Walton 2 Thackeray 3 Cooper
  2. The Phantom Horseman

    Contract end dates

    I put some of these on the 2019 squad thread (p4 I think) but am not convinced that being contracted in 2019 necessarily means they will be with us next year.
  3. The Phantom Horseman

    Why do you support Fev?

    Well, identical circumstances to me, but then again, he is my brother. I moved down south just over 30 years ago and have followed Fev from afar since then with a few trips north to catch games each year (work most Sundays). Speak to Roversspud on the phone 2-3 times a week and it drives my wife mad when she asks afterwards how his family are and I can't tell her, cos all we have talked about is Fev. If you stand behind the sticks at the P O Road end and see a fella reach for his phone the moment a try is scored, that's Roversspud texting me. The words " try Briscoe" have a strange beauty and familiarity to them.
  4. The Phantom Horseman

    team v Batley.

    Think we'd best treat this as the match thread seeing as we haven't done one yet. Moore tweeted this morning that he's sad to be missing the game so perhaps he's injured. James Thornton already seems to have disappeared off the radar unless he's injured too. Lest anyone thinks this match is meaningless for us, it was this game in the Shield 3 years ago that produced the most amazing finish any of us will ever see.
  5. The Phantom Horseman

    Club statement

    Yes, hard to argue that wouldn't have been a better way of putting it.
  6. The Phantom Horseman

    Club statement

    Fair point and I guess you're right but this statement was aimed at our fans. It wouldn't go down well if he said we would have to be looking at other Championship clubs' cast-offs as replacements for some of our current squad.
  7. The Phantom Horseman

    2019 Squad

    I would have been amazed if Thacks had stayed on after this year regardless of where we had finished. Everyone including our friends at Dewsbury banged on about how we had splashed the cash on his 3-year deal and the fact that we brought in 2 replacements at half back before his final year tells us plenty. I seem to remember Blues Ox suggesting he had been touted around to other clubs at certain stages. He's been good for us overall and was the best available to us when we signed him imo but his value now would be nothing like when he signed the3-year contract.
  8. The Phantom Horseman

    Club statement

    What he 's effectively saying though is that we can't afford to retain many of our current squad so we will have to look for relative bargains elsewhere. A policy that has served well over the years. And I don't think us providing an attractive proposition for players from other Championship clubs is any different to, say, Leeds providing a more attractive proposition for the likes of Hardaker, Ormondroyd and Briscoe.
  9. The Phantom Horseman

    Club statement

    Yep fair play for making such a detailed statement. Pretty much confirms what many of us had suspected, big turnover of players is ahead, but good that the club is not ignoring fans' concerns.
  10. The Phantom Horseman

    2019 Squad

    This all makes sense. Another thing to bear in mind is that players from teams that make the top 4 tend to be looking for the (excellent) book "underdogs" about Batley's top-4 season in 2016 there was a section that covered the players lobbying the chairman for (and getting) extra payments after they had made the 4.
  11. The Phantom Horseman

    2019 Squad

    Quite - it might just be an in-joke or a wind-up for all I know. Just seemed a reference to people being nervous about getting a phone call at the moment, not hard to speculate about why that might be.
  12. The Phantom Horseman

    2019 Squad

    I might be misreading this completely, but Greg Stebbings' cryptic tweets over the last week about obsessively checking mobile phones seem to have been liked by an awful lot of our squad. Am only guessing like most others, but with plenty of Leigh's fans seeming very uncertain about their club's sitaution for next season, these are possibly uncertain times for upper-level Championship players, as if Toronto get promoted it may be there are very few, if any clubs able to pay premium rates in this division next season. Suspect it will be 2 or 3 months down the line before things start to get much clearer.
  13. The Phantom Horseman

    Player Issue Summer Bash Kits For Sale

    Perhaps they should just bin the shirts, rather than try and get some money for them? 🙄 13 of the shirts have already attracted bids on Ebay. At a time when money is clearly a big issue at Fev, this sale is going to raise at least £500 based on bids already submitted and might end up significantly higher. Nobody is forcing anyone to bid, but many people thought it was a terrific shirt when they were issued and I'm not surprised plenty of people have been putting in bids.
  14. Doesn't help when the game's main broadcasters analyse the ref's decisions in minute detail and are only too happy to criticise.
  15. The Phantom Horseman

    Reserve grade

    I am 100% in favour of reserve teams and I generally like Gareth Walker's writing, he is well balanced and fair. That said...I don't think this is especially good journalism. He has taken the easy approach in that he has tackled the subject by approaching people who are amongst the biggest advocates of using a reserve team. Almost everyone knows the advantages of having a reserve team and in an ideal world we'd probably all be in favour. So it would have been good to hear from a range of coaches/ chairmen as to why they haven't been running a reserve team, because if it was win/win all the way, everyone would be doing it.