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  1. Thacks Griffin Walton Thought Sam Brooks went ok too...with his headband, rolled-down socks and a similar build he bore quite a visual resemblance to another former Fax and (briefly) Fev player with the same initials, hope he has a slightly calmer temperament!
  2. Below is a list of all teams who don't do this:
  3. Yes he did. The two most interesting players on Sheffield's squad are both from PNG, they will be doing well to hold onto Garry Lo.
  4. One positive aspect to expansion is that it proves it's not just northern fans in the M62 corridor who have delusional beliefs that the refs are biased against them.
  5. Big Sheffield prop, bears a remarkable resemblance to fellow Papua New Guinea International Menzie Yere. Showed up well in both our games vs the Eagles.
  6. Am puzzled by this. There isn't a minimum attendance criteria for SL, but the existing rules already state minimum stadium requirements (and obviously, earning promotion) but you're complaining about "not really making it easy for expansion teams". Leaving aside the fact that the London team has existed for 37 years (or 13 years if you just want to go from the London Broncos era), why should things be made easy for expansion teams? There are many good things about London Broncos on the field at the moment, and I'm a big admirer of Andrew Henderson. But I think it's legitimate to question the apparent lack of a fanbase at any team, expansion or otherwise.
  7. The only issue I have really been negative about is the crowds. I'm not anti-expansion at all, so long as it is done well...Catalans has certainly worked, Toulouse and Toronto look promising. But something is not working when a successful team playing attractive rugby is attracting crowds of 600-800. I don't know what the answer is and have no expertise in marketing. And yes I support a "smaller nothern team" (and suspecting I am a RU fan is offensive!) but I live down south and my son plays community RL down here. I want London to be a success, but it's difficult to say that is the case with such pitiful attendances.
  8. That's very harsh. Granted he was outmuscled in a couple of tackles at Toulouse, and he struggled a bit at times in the middle 8s last year, but there's a lot to be said for his positional sense and reliability at full back, at Championship level at least.
  9. Yes I agree to an extent. The team's performances this year and last, and the coaching, are very meritorious. I'd just question how the club is run in terms of marketing. It's not a good advertisment for expansion when a long-established "expansion club" that's going very well on the field can't even match the attendances of traditional small-town northern clubs that aren't going so well. The overriding impression is there's no market for decent-quality RL in the capital, and I don't know if that's accurate. That said, if I were a London fan and the Broncos were denied entry to SL on the basis of the ground not meeting minimum standards, I must admit I'd be aggrieved looking at the likes of Belle Vue.
  10. I think Moore has gone ok though I have had the impression he'd been asked to rein in the offloads, which is where he's most dangerous for me. Earlier in the season i would have agreed with you about Griffin, however he has played pretty well over the last month or two (check the MOTM nomination threads, his name has been cropping up quite a bit). That said, he doesn't seem to do big minutes very often, so it's hard to say if we are getting value without knowing how much he's being paid in relation to other players.
  11. A lot probably depends on how many of our senior guys fancy another year (or more). Griff, Moore and Misi are all 35+.Bostock will be nearly 33 and Hardo 32 when the new season kicks in. For me most if not all are up to another season, if they fancy it.
  12. Yes the Batley game was a dead rubber, but for the previous home game v Sheffield, which was the game where London clinched a top four spot, there were 684 people in attendance. There were only 910 for the huge and pivotal clash with Featherstone a few weeks ago, and that included a decent away following from Fev. There's a lot of encouraging work being done down south especially in amateur/community game circles but London still seem to struggle to estanblish a fanbase. Am not anti-London at all, and given Wakefield have been allowed to carry on at Belle Vue all these years you can certainly say why shouldn't London be allowed to play at Ealing. There just seems something unsatisfactory about a 3020-capacity ground being considered satisfactory on the basis London can't fill it, no? On this far as I can tell, if any team wants to play at a ground that doesn't meet all SL criteria in the event they are promoted, they had to apply for dispensation by last Friday, or else accept that they would not be promoted. Do you know if London have applied for such dispensation? Can't remember seeing anything in the press.
  13. Ok, but I wasn't making any comments suggetsing Toulouse were being favoured or that anyone - refs, RFL - were biased. Here's a summary: 1. Toulouse fan makes a post suggesting ref was favouring Fev and implying that reflects on the RFL not wanting Toulouse in SL. 2. I reply with a photo taken with the scores level in the 76th minute showing a situation where the ref - if he really were biased against Toulouse - had an obvious opportunity to give Fev a penalty in front of the posts. Not to show that Fev were badly done to, but to refute the suggestion that the ref desperately wanted Fev to win. I can point you to at least half a dozen different forums here and on RLfans where supporters are convinced the refs and/or the RFL, are biased against their team. It's all nonsense, of course, but it's not easy telling people that.
  14. Have you actually read my posts, Scubby?
  15. Absolutely. For the second year running we have got a healthy-looking trio of home fixtures in the 8s.