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  1. You'd like to think that's just a slightly clumsily-worded way of saying they aren't making them available for the Challenge Cup - it would make little sense for them to do so given it runs for months and they don't know what their injury situation will be later in the season. The fact that Oledzki is described as being "withdrawn" suggests it's just a Cup thing.
  2. Squad announced, the 18 mentioned in my post above plus Ridyard. To be honest the squad announcement doesn't tell us much as we have to name 19 and it's not certain all those named are fit...the 19 consists of our entire 23-man squad minus the three long-term injuries and the suspended Moore.
  3. Riddy? Genuinely don't remember him doing that...might be selective memory.
  4. Agree 100%. We are not completely innocent in that regard - Misi did it to Fairclough at one point - but Lloyd's antics on Sunday were ridiculous, running in having been nothing to do with the play involved and patting people on multiple occasions, it's hard not to think that that sort of thing played a big factor in the eventual shambles/brawls in the second half. This was the single thing that annoyed me most about the Rowley-era Leigh - the likes of McNally and Barlow were doing this all the time.
  5. His head moves sharply towards Fairclough but Fairclough doesn't even seem to flinch. That said, it was right in front of the ref.
  6. Just seen Misi has a Grade C charge and a 2-match penalty notice for a headbutt - I didn't see that? Just watched replay...he does indeed move his head towards Fairclough but didn't look like he made contact. Fairclough on a Grade A for punching which means 0 matches suspension.
  7. Temperatures at Wrexham not forecast to get above zero all day on Sunday...desperately hope this game goes ahead. With three games in 8 days scheduled next weekend, a fair inury/suspension list and the possibility of no DR players over Easter, we could really do without having to have this game shoehorned in somewhere midweek.
  8. Anyone hear anything about this yet? Batley have published that Brambani got sending off sufficient at the meeting last night, but I haven't seen anything about Misi (or any of the other incidents in the game), and the RFL seem to get slower each year updating their website.
  9. Hasn't been announced yet, but either way he'll be available this weekend, as any suspension won't kick in until next week.
  10. Not many options here. I'd have voted for resting Ridyard even if he'd been 100% fit anyway, if we have enough players! I'll guess at: Hardman Briscoe Hardcastle Taulapapa Robinson Wildie Holmes Cooper Carlile Brooks Farrell Mariano Tagg subs Lockwood Maskill Hock Wheeldon/Davies (whoever is most fit!)
  11. Match Thread: Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 4th March 2018

    To be fair, we've had our fair share of embarrassments over the years, notably in the Faisal era. Still, we copped plenty of flak ourselves then.
  12. Match Thread: Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 4th March 2018

    " I don't like celebrating victory when there are people in this world that are less fortunate than myself, and people in the world that are in distress and suffering and not quite able to achieve what you are. I always think when you're enjoying yourself in victory you should spare a thought for those people. So let's all spare a thought for Bradford and Featherstone" (amidst cheers and laughter). To be fair it was done after a game for the benefit of Leigh fans and he was probably too drunk to stop and think about people filming it and putting it on social media etc, but still...
  13. Match Thread: Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 4th March 2018

    Think there's a fella on there up to mischief (apart from you!)
  14. Absolutely appalling.

    My assumption is that it means they took a look and decided there was nothing that warranted a charge for an individual player.
  15. Absolutely appalling.

    Good point and yes he did.