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  1. Agree with pretty much all of that. I did think our defensive line speed was better than I've seen it for a while, but that might have been partly down to Halifax's lack of speed at the ruck. Their three tries all came on the back of penalties taking them to our 20, but as said above, the goalline defence was very poor for those three tries, adding to some softish tries conceded at Cas. Ridyard had a major hand in all four tries, and we'll need him to stay healthy if we are to do well this season. Some of our attacking moves still seem very easy to break down when the opposing defenders move up quickly...not sure if it's because we are not slick/quick enough at times or because our lines aren't deep enough. Credit to Fax's young team, who gave it a real dig and stood up well physically, sometimes winning the collisons against our senior pros. Will give Marshall some tough decisions though as to whether he brings DR players in or sticks with the youngsters.
  2. 2018 Squad.

    You didn't want Ridyard either then?
  3. Hock

    Hock has had obviously had well-documented disciplinary problems over the years but here's one statistic that I think is a bit interesting. He's had a lot of referrals to the RFL disciplinary committee, but in four of the last five years he has had exactly six referrals each season. The exception was 2015, the only season where he played under Paul Rowley. That season, when he played two games for Salford and then 17 for Leigh, he was referred 19 times. That said, he was only charged once for Leigh that year (ie found not guilty, or sin bin/penalty sufficient), so he probably suffered from his own reputation a bit that year, too. As an aside, in 2015 Leigh had 76 referrals to the disciplinary department, and that number dropped to 33 the following year.
  4. Hock

    when the Fev Rovers Twitter tweeted about this imminent signing, the first person to "like" the tweet was Derek Beaumont!
  5. Squad named: Anthony Thackeray, Brad Knowles, Connor Farrell, Danny Maskill, Frankie Mariano, Gareth Gale, James Lockwood, Josh Hardcastle, Keal Carlile, Luke Briscoe, Luke Cooper, Martyn Ridyard, Matty Wildie, Misi Taulapapa, Richard Moore, Sam Brooks, Shaun Robinson, Tom Holmes. Good to see Misi and Moore back. Wheeldon and Davies carrying minor injuries so are omitted.
  6. Will be good to get back to talking about games after the off-the-field distraction from earlier this week. We have yet to name our squad for the Halifax friendly, presumably the announcement might be quite a bit delayed by the trip to Spain, but Fax have named their squad. Murrell, Sharp, Grady, Heaton and Brandon Moore all missing from the players you'd presume would be in the 17 for the season-opener, and as we know you can't read too much into friendlies anyway...still, a good chance to get some more match practice in.
  7. Darrell Griffin

    Duffy and MC are both out in Spain together now (both can be seen in the video released by RoversTV today). The incident probably came to a head a few weeks ago. We move on.
  8. barrow

    As a Fev fan I'm happy that we are supposedly playing some of the "better" teams (Fax, Toulouse, then London) in our first three games in February, for two reasons. The first is weather - we lost to Rochdale in the mud at home early last season, could easily have lost or drawn to Oldham in similar conditions, and a couple of years back a triumphant pre-season came skidding to a halt on a cold February day at Dewsbury (both Rochdale and Dewsbury worthy winners on the day btw). Secondly, the "better"/more affluent clubs tend to have bigger squads, and some of the less affluent clubs tend to struggle for depth once injuries start to bite as the season goes on. Barrow away is usually a tough game, but I'd far rather make that trip in June than February.
  9. Darrell Griffin

    Have lost count of how many times I have repeated this on here, but there is a major shortage of even half-decent props. I can think of four guys who have played for us at this position in the last 2 or 3 years who now have SL gigs (Baldwinson, Hirst, Roche and Bennion). It's just pointless saying we shouldn't retain players unless we can at least find replacements of similar quality, and they just aren't around at that position. Halifax would kill for players of the calibre of Griffin or Moore (if he hadn't fallen out with them) right now.
  10. Darrell Griffin

    I can't see how the two cases compare at all. Brooks was on the other side of the world, not directly representing Fev, and by the sound of it was just a bonehead getting himself drunk. If the above report is accurate, Griffin has directly defied specific instructions from the club. He doesn't appear to have featured in the club's pre-season training at all so it's hard to see this announcemnt as a surprise. Incidentally, was it Griffin you were on about on here the other day when you talked about Fax possibly signing an ex-International which won't please everyone or words to that effect?
  11. Darrell Griffin

    Agree with this. Think Leeds have eight recognised props/fat lads fighting for a place in their first team squad this season. Garbutt, Singleton and Cuthbertson look close to automatic selections in their 17 , then probably Mullally and maybe Peteru likely to be in their 17 regulalry too, whilst Galloway is still injured but will be another contender when fit. That leaves Ormondroyd and Oledzki as the two likeliest to be offered to us on DR, and they are both very handy players to have at Championship level.
  12. Darrell Griffin

    Talking of props...looking at the squad numbers, I don't think there were many surprises and they don't always mean a lot anyway (Holmes at 19 and Hardcastle at 23 were probably a nod to seniority amongst older players rather than a slight on them) but it was interesting to see Luke Cooper get 17 compared to Sam Brooks' 22; on what I've seen I think Luke offers more at that position.
  13. Darrell Griffin

    We've just invested massively in what look to be a potentially cracking pair of half backs, and we've still got Thackeray too (who lest we forget won the TotalRL Fans Forum trophy as voted by members of this forum last year). Chase is a 31-year-old who has a long history of off-the-field issues, has just been banned for two years for failing a drugs test and is arguably the most unpopular player amongst Fev fans this century. Hope that answers that question!
  14. Darrell Griffin Suspended pending an internal investigation, club making no further comment at this stage. Thought it was strange we hadn't seen him in any of the RoversTV pre-season promotional footage.
  15. Kyle Briggs

    On Kyle's Twitter bio he now describes himself as a retired rugby player. Happy retirement, Kyle.