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  1. The Phantom Horseman

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    playing devil's advocate here... 1) it does sound like it might just be effectively a 1-match loan. Of course, he could get injured, which is a concern, but if he'd been picked to play in a representative game he could get injured, do we begrudge him the chance to play on the SL stage after all his efforts this year? 2) the story on the website seems to be telling us he will be seeing out his three-year contract here next season. After all the reports of interest from SL clubs/Toronto etc, I must admit I didn't really see that happening, but maybe it will? 3) this move is either, depending on your point of view a brilliantly-conceived plan by Hetherington/MC and perfectly within the rules, or a devious plan that makes a mockery of the rules and the whole RL set-up. Can see both points of view.
  2. The Phantom Horseman

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    That's my intepretation reading the report.
  3. The Phantom Horseman

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    "He will return to the LD Nutrition Stadium in October to commence the remaining season of his three-year deal with the Rovers, which expires at the end of the 2019 campaign. " Briscoe " can be recalled by Featherstone on dual-registration terms from as early as this weekend" 2 ways of looking at this I guess. One, its payback time for all the help they have given us. But two, it's a clever short-term arrangement to provide a legal way that he can play for them whilst they are missing Ryan Hall and others. Will be interesting to see if it's just a one-off.
  4. The Phantom Horseman

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds
  5. The Phantom Horseman

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    That wasn't 100% clear from the interview, was the first thing that came to my mind too, but I read it as being 10-12 weeks from now. "I think it's about 10 to 12 weeks on Martyn, we could get him back for the end of the season, so we'll have to get him in if we can and get that sorted". Does seem strange that it's a month since the injury happened and not much progress but I don't know how sports injuries work with semi-pro clubs in terms of scans etc and whether they have to wait patiently like the rest of us!
  6. The Phantom Horseman

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    Riddy signed a 2-year contract.
  7. The Phantom Horseman

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    Duffy on Radio Leeds tonight was talking about "10 to 12 weeks" absence for Ridyard. So backend of the 8s before we see him again this season, if at all. Says the club are doing a great job behind the scenes at trying to bring a few more bodies in.
  8. The Phantom Horseman

    Feaatherstone Game

    Agree with the comments from other Fev fans above, really big effort by Barrow today considering the circumstances, lots of bravery with several players clearly soldiering on whether either carrying knocks or out on their feet, and there were several tremendous last-ditch tackles that stopped Fev players within inches of the line. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  9. The Phantom Horseman

    Match Thread: Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Sunday 17th June 2018

    Solid enough today I thought, match was over as a contest after half an hour. Credit to Barrow, they kept going all the way despite their lack of numbers and several obviously taking knocks during the game and out on their feet (I doubt Ryan Duffy has ever come close to playing those kind of minutes before), some of their last-ditch tackling was excellent. It did get niggly in the second half, reminded me a bit of the Swinton game, the ref is another whose body language isn't convincing and I think that has an effect on the players. Seems clear that with Holmes and Ridyard out we have stripped back the game plan and the aim is to just to play very fast, percentage rugby and aim for wins at each play-the-ball, with that in mind I thought Keal Carlile was outstanding today, played 80 mins I think but repeatedly asked them questions from dummy half. Johnny Davies was back to something like his best, running with conviction and delivering some big hits int he tackle. Job done, need to keep chalking off the wins and then hope we can find a really big effort against Fax and London.
  10. The Phantom Horseman

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (H)

    1 Carlile 2 Davies 3 Lockwood
  11. The Phantom Horseman

    16-17 Jun: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Better get your tickets now for 3 weeks time when there will surely be a sellout for the visit of one of Britain's largest cities, Sheffield.
  12. The Phantom Horseman

    16-17 Jun: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    One of the joys of this Championship season is that all 6 contenders for the top 4 have been able to say for some time that it's in their own hands now, and I think they all still can.
  13. The Phantom Horseman

    Match Thread: Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Sunday 17th June 2018

    Memory might be playing tricks on me but not sure if Davies has played at 9 since the Bradford Cup game when we were penalised about 6 times for forward passes from dummy half?
  14. squad announced...and it's a 17-man squad because we only have 17 fit players. No DR included, although in theory anyone not selected in Leeds' 17 tonight could be drafted in, the piece on the website specifically says we have no Leeds players this week due to their own injury issues. You'd like to think the 17 named would still be good enough to get the 2 points, though Barrow have to be respected. Looking further long-term Ridyard needs "minor shoulder surgery" more news than that but we couldn't half do with having him back soonish.
  15. The Phantom Horseman

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    Our chairman is not mincing his words!