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  1. Not sure which formbook this comes all accounts Fax looked much stronger than Leigh 2 weeks ago who in turn dominated us in the 2nd half a week later. It is strange, though, how Fax had a good year in 2018 and added QLT, Kavanagh, Larroyer, Robinson etc but all their fans seem really downbeat, whilst we missed the top 4 last year, lost 75% of our team and are operating on a reduced budget yet a lot of our fans seem a bit more upbeat here (though there are already signs that the more fickle ones are getting ready to declare doom and gloom).
  2. It used to be two (again AFAIK) but may have been changed in recent years for all I know. I suppose the reason is a player could commit a really bad offence (like Bussey's), get a 6-match ban, and the club could arrange 6 friendlies between December and late January to ensure he's free for week 1.
  3. Brad got a 2-game ban. The discplinary committee charged him with a Grade C dangerous lift. Think that's fair enough to be honest. In theory he'll miss the Widnes game, albeit that looks unlikely to be going ahead as things stand, and the Sheffield game.
  4. The Phantom Horseman

    Widnes problems

    Is it really relegation that has CAUSED these issues, or clubs that were managed in ways that were at best a massive gamble and at worst total incompetence? It seems very harsh to punish clubs that may have ambitions to be promoted because of the disastrous management that has taken place at some (not all!) of the relegated clubs.
  5. The Phantom Horseman


    Matthew Shaw (League Express/RL Wolrd) says the Widnes v Sheffield game this weekend won't take place. If there were any doubt about how serious Widnes' plight is, that will confirm it.
  6. The Phantom Horseman

    Female pundits

    Of course any appointments should be made on the basis of what they are able to contribute. But that applies to men as much as women. Wanting a meritocracy isn't exclusive to people with left-wing inclinations.
  7. The Phantom Horseman

    Female pundits

    Sign of the times of the dog-whistle politics that we have nowadays that raising the possibility of having female pundits is described as a "leftist cause".
  8. The Phantom Horseman

    Is this whats called a spear tackle??

    That's actually a bit of a misleading photo of the incident as people could be fooled into thinking he just dropped him vertically head first, which would have been a spear tackle but isn't what happened. He ended up straddling him as the tackle finished and picked him up and flipped him. Definitely a dangerous throw and will probably get a ban, though might not be as long as some spear tackle incidents have earned as he certainly didn't slam him into the ground.
  9. Hearings for Championship games usually on Thursday. Guess he'll be looking at a dangerous throw charge and sanction will depend on how they see it. Didn't drive him into the ground but did flip him over, was an unusual one in terms of where he grabbed him so hard to find similar incidents to compare with. Hardcastle got 2 games for a dangerous throw that would have been on the minor scale imo, sometimes players get 4 or 5 games if the committee see the offence as being a bad one. Think he has a good record though. Either way he'll be able to play this week and any ban would kick in from the following week.
  10. No he didn't. I doubt he was supposed to be in the starting 17 until all the withdrawals and given we only have 8 interchanges now it was long odds against that he was ever going to get on. King played the full 80, and Maskill only came on as a replacement for about 15 minutes for one of the middles when the score was 28-14 and the game was gone. That's one of the tactical aspects of the reduced interchange rule...every interchange has become that more precious. King took the conversion after Briscoes' try in the left corner, Turner after Newman's on the right hand side. That conversion is well worth a look on RoversTV btw...not the kick itself, but where the touch judge made him take it from. Newman cut inside the final tackler and touched the ball down about 5 feet infield...the touch judge made Turner kick the conversion from what looked to be about a foot, 18 inches maximum, from the touch line. Doubt it made a difference, but not sure what the touch judge thought he saw! The other interesting factor from the RoversTV coverage this week was the unexpected (and unintentional) bonus audio contributor...if you listen carefully you'll hear what I mean.
  11. Yep, we need a response this week and a win over a team that perhaps looks to be in that same top 4 to top 8 category as us would be handy. Plenty to like about the effort at Leigh but it was disappointing given Leigh don't have the biggest of packs how they rolled us in the second half, they had better line speed, were winning the collisions, and, perhaps as a consequence of that, we started conceding penalties. Much has been made about our goal-line defence, but whilst a couple of the tries we conceded were soft, 3 of the 5 came on the last tackle, the bigger problem was how easily they were able to get inside our 20m line in the first place; we seemed to finish most of our sets kicking from inside our 40 whilst they seemed to start most of their sets outside their 40. Fax usually are up for it against us especially at our place, so we will have to be better in certain areas than last week, and on paper their pack is better than Leigh's (though I thought Leigh's forwards played really well last week). It's hard to know how much the illnesses, and the extra minutes some of our middle had to play as a result, contributed to our lacklustre play for much of the second half. As Mark says let's hope all of our lads make a swift recovery, along with Ormondroyd's "corked" leg. Davies, in particular, and Hardcastle are two players who can get us on the front foot as ball carriers, but neither have a clearly-defined role at the moment. Walters had a really good game on the right edge last week so if Davies plays it's likely to be as an impact middle off the bench again, but for me Hardcastle's best position now is also back row. Newman's in the Leeds 19 but would probably need an injury to make the 17. As an aside, we tried 3 goal kickers last week, Watson taking the close-in ones, Cam King one from the left touchline and the left-footed Turner one from the right touchline. Not sure I'm totally convinced by Watson's kicking but think we need to find who our best kicker is and stick with him.
  12. The Phantom Horseman

    Well that did'nt take long

    Think the wheels would have to fall off big time for Parcell to end up playing regularly in the Championship, he's a quality SL hooker who will probably have multiple teams after him whether in the NRL or SL when his contract with Leeds ends this year.
  13. The Phantom Horseman

    Well that did'nt take long

    I think he's been pretty good, has played big minutes, shows leadership qualities, he's certainly a good-quality 9 in this league. Whether he's good enough to play regularly at 9 in a good SL team is harder to tell, it's not like he's been ripping teams apart so far, plus his injury history has to come into consideration, that would have been partly what put the NRL teams off (and he was released by the team that finished bottom of the league). Really pleased we've got him, not convinced he's been better than a (very good) Championship player so far, but it's early days.
  14. Well he's been so quiet this year, but yes that was still a shocking omission! Was really just referring to Anderson' s previous record in this sphere though.
  15. Hang on a minute. What we have previously discussed on here is whether refs are deliberately biased against Fev, especially at crucial stages. Debating whether they are influenced by crowd, players or coaches is a completely different matter. We shout "get em onside" or "forward" for a reason, same as players flop about in the tackle or appeal for penalties for a reason. There's a pretty big difference between being susceptible to pressure in that way, which is just normal human weakness, and being deliberately biased against one team.