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  1. roughyed1064


    cant see this club limping along much longer to be honest, not just this club there a number of clubs in same if not worse situation.
  2. roughyed1064


    How about a pub.
  3. roughyed1064

    London Skolars Away

    last time this club beat Bradford?
  4. roughyed1064


    congrats to York on winning league one, best team by a mile good luck in championship next season.
  5. roughyed1064


    great discipline yet again.
  6. roughyed1064


    local press?
  7. roughyed1064

    York away

    well we shall see.
  8. roughyed1064

    Newcastle Away

    Sorry but I thought this forum was all about opinions, or does this not apply in your world.(oldham forever)
  9. roughyed1064

    Newcastle Away

    Well done newcastle.
  10. roughyed1064


    there is your answer roughyedspud ok.
  11. roughyed1064


    Toronto are trying to say people have put hurdles in front of them to get in the super duper league, bless um , they aint got a clue whats going on in lower leagues they have been fast tracked up to super duper league no doubt about that. that brian noble one arrogant sod as well for them.
  12. roughyed1064

    Hemel away

    Yes just brushing over cracks of a fast crumbling house utter ######.
  13. roughyed1064

    Lack of signings

    If that's the case roughyed 34 is it time for new coach with some fresh ideas, I believe this coach as give it his best but I think it's time for someone else to take charge of a depleated squad.
  14. roughyed1064

    Doncaster Away

    Don't know about championship but this set up are just about an average 1st division set up, just ain't good enough, as is the coach.
  15. roughyed1064

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    barron Mk11, your spot on with your comments.