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  1. Northern & Pariochal

    All fair points but Toronto at magic weekend is putting a band aid on a broken leg in the grand scheme of things. I'm not anti expansion, i'm all for it........i just think the best and easiest way to boost RL is to promote it better on our doorstep because it clearly isn't being done well enough. IF RL was hugely popular amongst the 12m or so people that live in Yorkshire and the NW i think we'd be ok for sponsors and TV deals. iffleyox - I'm glad you like Rugby League and have managed to find and enjoy a sport which seems so niche to anyone outside the M62 corridor.........Good on you and it's a shame you feel it's northern image puts people off. I personally think it's how badly run and organised our game appears to be rather that it having a northern accent that is the problem.........i think that puts people off whatever their background
  2. Northern & Pariochal

    So your plan is take a sport that has had a working class northern image for 100 years and suddenly make it appealing to middle and upper class higher income people? Good luck with that. I suggest we accept where we are and try to grow within our existing markets. ie not nearly enough working class northern people like rugby league. Anything else is pie in the sky until we get a properly expanded international game as IMO that is the only way to grow the RL. PS Fev have just announced record kit sales and membership increases so i think they are doing ok
  3. Northern & Pariochal

  4. Northern & Pariochal

    Clearly there's nothing wrong with the sport having a 'Northern' image.............Peter Key has a Northern image and he does ok. It's how you sell yourself...........being all worried about being too 'small' or 'local' is just as bad as pretending we have a bigger global footprint than we actually do.........I don't like to us the word 'Parochial' - it's very negative and something i've only heard on this forum. For me....concentrating on our heartlands and having 'Big Game' style events at sold out Elland Roads, Old Traffords and Anfields should be our aim......its more effective than trying to sell out wembley or the olympic stadium.........it will also look miles better on tv which is more important than anything. Leeds are trying it out with Elland Road..........and i think it'll be a success. RL should be proud of being northern and concentrate on growing itself there.......there's plenty of people to aim at especially as soccer becomes more unaffordable...........it's much easier to expand when you have envious eyes looking at your sport. It makes me laugh when people say things like cas and wakefield are all to small and there aren't enough fans to service those clubs in that area and they should merge.......there's over 330,000 people in the wakefield district and over 40,000 in cas.........there plenty to aim at, the sport just need to get it's act together.........RL has a major image problem and it's not being northern.........it's being worried about being northern..........if you aren't confident about who you are then nobody else will be.
  5. Northern & Pariochal

    I live in Pontefract and work in an office of about 70 people in Castleford and personally and professionally i only know 2 people apart from my dad who regularly watch rugby league. There's a major problem attracting fans where the game is meant to be very popular never mind anywhere else.
  6. Northern & Pariochal

    It's probably worth pointing out that the Northern and Parochial heartlands that are such a blight on our plans for world domination have over 12 million people living in them. (North west england is just over 7m and Yorkshire is about 5.5m) That's about the same as New South Wales and Queensland. Maybe we could concentrate on getting a few more fans engaged that are already within our reach because many clearly aren't interested..........then if the game was booming in our heartlands other areas would want to join in.
  7. Thoughts on BT Sports?

    I've got BT sport and have no interest in the Ashes as i'm asleep when it's on (which might be why the viewing figures are low) Their Sport App is very good and i think their coverage of Union/European Champions Cup and Champions League football is excellent. I agree i'm not too sure who's watching the AFL or A league games on a morning but i suppose they need to fill the schedule with something. They also show Bendesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 football and Most Importantly for me UFC coverage which is excellent including all the big pay per view events without any extra charge. Not sure how interested they would be in Rugby League as they already show friday night and weekend union games. It's currently very expensive to get any extra sky channels added on to BT. I've only got it for the UFC and as a broadband customer it's only an extra 3 quid a month.........don't think i'd ever pay for Sky it's ridiculously expensive
  8. The deal was due to end in 2017 and hasn't been renewed and a new one hasn't been sorted out in time.........it's not 'adding to relentless negativity'.....it's just a fact. Fev must have known cos their new kits have a gap where the old KP logo was. As for a new sponsor surely it can't cost a lot to iron on a new logo for the playing squad? Obviously no one is going to re do all the merch they have had made for 2018 cos it will have already been created.
  9. Does Anyone Know We're Here?

    RL just need to push expansion in the international game and encourage more geographical areas to play the sport without upsetting and losing the traditional fans who already support the game now (grow the fan base not swap new for old). If we concentrate on this without back tracking on anything for about 25 years we might start bringing in some big investors. While the pinnacle of our sport is Leeds V Wigan five or six times a year and narrowly getting beat my Australia every so often i can't see much interest in investing.
  10. 2018 Kits

    No sponsor for the Championship and L1 one this year then
  11. Tigers sign Aston

    He'll be at fax all season.....fev looked better with Briggs in the team.....
  12. Super League restructure coming

    It's all down to money.......licensing will mean less money for anyone outside SL and make it even more impossible to get in. Crowds sponsorship revenues etc will all fall and the second tier will be even farer behind super league. In the Qualifiers this year London and Fev both ran SL teams very close........HullKR who got promoted beat us 3 times by one score and drew the other one. There were just as many one sided scores in SL last year. My problem with Licensing is if you took away the 2 million quid SL give you.........there's isn't much difference between the likes of Leigh, London and Fev compared to Wakefield, Salford and Huddersfield. If we had a super league made up of 14 teams the size of Wigan and Leeds i might think differently.
  13. 2018 Kits

    Wow......Tonal badges and sponsors.........nice integrated launch campaign on social media........this isn't the fev i fell in love with. Well done to all concerned...........obvious why the home kit is so white now. I think the hoops are too subtle but that's being picky.......best away kit we've had for ages.
  14. 2018 Kits

    Looks like the new fev away kit is blue