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  1. I've had quite a few meetings with the new team and i've been very impressed.........the new and improved shop is excellent.........social media is vastly improved and our overall brand and image in the market is consistent and impressive........ These things are important....... not so much for the existing support but in introducing new supporters and sponsors to the club. If it was me i'd turn Rovers TV into a subscription service and only release small clips of what is on there on youtube and so on. I think plenty of people would rather pay a monthly fee for access to all this content than buy a dvd. Looking at the content generated so far it's improving all the time and will be a powerful marketing and sales tool for the club. It's all very impressive so far and if this is what the extra cash from the top 4 last year has gone towards i think it's well worth it.
  2. Sure he'll be very excited to come watch some Rugby League when he reads this
  3. I think you're over estimating how rich the SL brand is. Middle 8s is great unless your a team who narrowly miss out on the 8 you're aiming for..........then you should just try harder next time.
  4. Everyone i know who likes RL in ponte supports fev or cas.......that's probably why. I'm Ponte born and bread.......went to kings and two thirds of our Union team were Travellers Saints (old fev academy i think?) The vast majority of my friends from Ponte prefer soccer and are evenly split between Leeds and Barnsley with a scattering of glory chasing plastic scousers and mancunians. In a nutshell...west side of ponte are near Fev.......north and east are near cas and the south think they are posher and have a union team.
  5. full marks on the new upgrade.......works miles better for me
  6. can't believe i've been hashed for word the begins with 'C' and ends in rap........ i'll modify my foul language in future
  7. In and Ideal fair world they would set a president (like with Crusaders) and stick to it! We'd all be happier with that but this real mess. Look at it this way Bulls fans.......you're probably going to be ###### for a year at least til the newco sort themselves and a settled team out. Would you rather be ###### in the Championship or CH1? Fair or not at least this way you'll get a little more money from being in the Championship and when if you drop down you won't have to compete with the like of Toronto who'll probably go up this year.
  8. I doubt many teams in the Championship want the new Bradford club relegated.........we need as many high profile clubs/crowds in there as possible. Don't the RFL represent the opinion of the majority of clubs? I understand the comparison to Toulouse, Toronto and Crusaders having to start from the bottom but at the end of the day none of them will bring a big away following with them every week. However clearly the biggest factor is timing and desperation.........the season is only a few weeks away...........and the RFL have a stadium they need an tenant for. They need as many carrots to offer potential new owners as possible cos with Hull KR, London and well funded teams from Toulouse and Toronto, not to mention well run and competitive part time clubs like Fev and Batley, the road back to SL is hardly an easy or certain one.
  9. Were Bulls selling Season tickets in the lead up to Christmas? If so what happens to all their season ticket owners? i'd hope the newco honour these
  10. If you take money up front for pre orders for christmas and they don't show up for christmas...........then plenty of stick is fair enough. They've come on time and the quality is really good this time around, the template and material is the same as the £65 quid NRL ones. On a side note the badge looks miles better without that little TRY ASSIST logo underneath we've had for the last few years........ that always bugged me. .......... looking forward to see what else they get in for next season.
  11. Got mine yesterday....... well impressed with the design and quality this year
  12. Not speaking for anyone but myself here but if fev didn't exist i'd stick to watching NRL on telly and England 3 or 4 times a year and watch more other sports. I personally don't think RL attracts many casual punters in the UK. It's not snazzy enough and there's too much competition. I've said this before but RL's problem isn't so much expansion but getting it's supposed heartlands interested again....... there's five and a half million people in Yorkshire........that's a million more than Sydney who host half the NRL sides.
  13. If Bradford Bulls packed in altogether how long would it take to get back to championship level as a new club? 2 years?
  14. I've got a huge collection of kits by various brands and i have to say apart from Canterbury (who still do RL teams) Our very own ISC are probably the best quality gear i've got. I've got a some Nike, Adidas and Reebok NRL jerseys and they aren't anything special. Good old Ellgren was the best.........still got 25 year old shirts that look like new.
  15. Some have merits as people have said but i personally think the american style names just aren't as fashionable anymore..........they do sound a bit tacky in some instances especially bolted onto traditional well know clubs........Personally i really dislike 'Widnes Vikings'.........it just sounds naff even though the logo is actually pretty smart. It's different over in the states as they've always had snazzy names.........same in the NRL. It works fine for newer clubs............Coventry Bears for example or Catalan Dragons but traditional clubs such as Huddersfield, Widnes, Warrington & Wigan don't really need anything bolting on for me. I personally don't like Rhinos either but it's clearly taken off........The fans use it in plenty of their chants. This year Fev are dropping 'Bluebeard' altogether and we're getting a new mascot (something far more relevant to the town and it's history but i can't say what yet - It's not whippet in a flat cap!!!) and keeping a more traditional looking brand. Personally i like teams to use monikers a little more relevant to who they are and where they are from.........Dewsbury Rams works well for example.