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  1. Mine has arrived......size large.......true to size and would comfortably fit a 42 in chest. (57cm pit to pit) Wasn't too impressed with the quality so i've sold it on.........it's perfectly fine for £12 though.......the neck opening is quite large. FYI all the graphics and logos are heat transferred onto the shirt apart from the badge which is embroidered........i though from the images online that it was all sublimated apart from the badge. Much more like a football replica than a rugby one but they are a football brand.
  2. Looking at remaining fixtures Widnes have Leigh 3 times, Fev away, York twice, Fax away, Bulls away, Sheffield away, Toulouse and Toronto again. Plenty of points to be dropped there especially if the squad is small....think you have to win the majority to make top 5. It's an even league with teams beating each other and i'd expect Widnes to lose a few as the part time teams gel and get a little fitter. I certainly expect Fev, York and Leigh to get stronger as the season goes on. Widnes won't go down though.
  3. Just a hunch based on the lack of new deals Elstone has announced for SL so far and the less than impressive ones the RFL have done. .......and SL league trying to take as much money away from the rest of the game as possible. ....... and the fact that sky are shedding the number of sports they cover. But hey ho we don't know for sure they could decide to give us double.....fingers crossed.
  4. Hummel is european so my guess is they'll be on the small side.......i'm a Medium in ISC jerseys (42 chest) and large in Canterbury (42.5) and i've gone for a large with the Hummel England shirt. I find being a 41 ish chest puts be slap bag in the middle for pretty much all sports brands between medium and large and it's a lottery getting the right fit unless you can try stuff on
  5. I've got every fev shirt for as long as i can remember but i wear the same cotton hooped retro jersey to matches
  6. They've been £25 for a few weeks prior to this new price
  7. To be fair i've got loads of jerseys and i always wait til the end of the season to get them cheaper.........the RFL probably buy them wholesale from Hummel for about £5 quid each. This is very cheap though so i guess they have loads of stock left to shift ready for the GB stuff.
  8. Just bought one........12.50 bargain. I guess they are wanting rid with no england games for a while.....must be staying with Hummell cos all the other gear is full price
  9. Fev have promoted the app quite a lot directing fans to choose the club as their team when they join but they have never mentioned it going towards a tick in the box for funding.
  10. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/non-super-league-clubs-working-to-earn-their-central-funding/ I think this is fair enough.........no point funding clubs who aren't working hard enough to grow their own businesses. However i do hope the RFL take into consideration how difficult it is to grow a business outside SL..........I wonder what the RFL would do with any funding amount they decide a club doesn't deserve? I'd also hope that the powers that be in SL apply similar scrutiny to SL clubs before dishing out their share of the sky money.
  11. Lots of negativity.......lots of agenda pushing........lots of derailing threads.........but that is what forums are.........we don't have to agree and this place is so well policed i doubt anyone can get away with anymore than sarcastically disagreeing with someone else. You tried having a polite discussion about our game on facebook or twitter? Just post what you want to and ignore the plonkers is my advice
  12. I agree.....i'd just exclude Ireland. But they seem to be including them and not mentioning them which is admittedly strange.
  13. Just had a quick look at all the main newspapers over in Ireland to see what the Irish make of this grossly offensive announcement from the RFL..........They don't seem to bothered
  14. I'd assume the players have accepted a 40% reduction on a rolling contract which allows them to move on when a better deal comes along then? You can't expect players to commit to 40% less for any significant time unless they were getting way above the market value before. If this is right i'd expect players to start finding new clubs and be replaced by loans from SL as the season goes on......Still could be a lot worse.
  15. I believe the total funding amount is the same until 2021 (when i think we all know it'll drop significantly) However i believe the money is now a lot more evenly distributed throughout the championship......this is why teams voted in the new structure changes because if you finish in the bottom half you get more money now..........on the flip side the financial rewards are not as high for finishing higher up the table unless of course you get promoted. EDIT Typed this before seeing the reply above
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