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  1. tuutaisrambo

    Widnes problems

    Apart from Wrexham every one of those clubs is probably bigger than Wigan or Leeds Rhinos despite relegations.
  2. tuutaisrambo


    As always you have to feel sorry for the fans but SL contracts are voided on relegation so they've built a new squad based on money they hoped they might get (probably in addition the any parachute payment) and the investor has changed their mind. It's just very bad management.......... what's Gelling on? 125k? Seems extra stupid to gamble this season when Toronto are so far in front of the rest of us and only 1 team can go up.
  3. tuutaisrambo

    Widnes problems

    As i see it all contracts will have been voided upon relegation so it looks like they have built a new squad based on promised incoming funds from a potential new investor who has changed his mind..........if that isn't poor management then i don't know what is.
  4. tuutaisrambo

    Widnes problems

    They knew they had a very high risk of going down.......... we can't blame any structure or relegation for clubs running their business poorly.
  5. tuutaisrambo

    Featherstone Rhinos

    Up the Fev Rhinos 😁 DR has good and bad.........but it's here to stay.........when most of SL can't afford reserves players need to be playing somewhere. IMO without DR there would just be less players in the game overall It's just a result of the games decline.
  6. tuutaisrambo

    Widnes problems

    They knew they were going down and should plan accordingley It's almost as if half of superleague (our flagship competition full of supposedly "big" clubs) survive purely on the central funding given out from the sky deal. Nearly every team that gets relegated goes bust now. And clubs like Batley, Dewsbury and many others outside SL crack on year in year out living on peanuts.........i know teams outside SL work on much smaller budgets for players but when SL contracts are voided on relegation businesses should be a little more prepared than this.
  7. tuutaisrambo

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Is that because the league for example NFL effectively negotiate sponsor ship revenues for all the teams and share out the money......like the NFL Nike kit deal.
  8. This is semi pro local sport........refs are rubbish most of the time for both teams.....we're stuck with it.
  9. tuutaisrambo

    Well that did'nt take long

    Not watched any games yet........first one will be sunday........anyway so far is Cameron King any good? We've lost 2 out of 3 and he wasn't exactly getting deals thrown at him down under......... Leeds may well be looking at him but i think he'll need to stand out in this league before he's anywhere near their first team.
  10. tuutaisrambo

    What Cooper Cronk thinks of SL - WCC podcast

    All fair enough but i'd still say SL as an entire competition is miles behind NRL as an entire competition. I say 'Miles' because i reckon we'd have to grow for about 10 years and them stay still to gain parity. Nothing against SL it's just the way it is........NRL isn't competing with Premier league football 24/7.
  11. tuutaisrambo

    What Cooper Cronk thinks of SL - WCC podcast

    I agree but my point is the difference between the two comps........as you say above if Wigan joined the NRL they would get up to standard but then they would be an NRL team and not a SL one. Just as England are a much better side with NRL players and Coaching. Id argue the Roosters kept Wigan at arms length rather than Wigan matched them as the game went on.....they built up a lead early and just managed the game til the end.........it'd be interesting to see what would have happened in wigan were 10 points up after 9 minutes.
  12. Is it Elstone's job to bring in sponsors? I know it probably should be but i get the impression he had 2 main tasks.. 1. Get rid of the 8s 2. Sort a TV deal
  13. tuutaisrambo

    What Cooper Cronk thinks of SL - WCC podcast

    Super League is miles behind the NRL.........i'd say Wigan/St Helens/Warrington v the worst team in the NRL (Parramatta in 2018) is a 50 50 game and i'd back the NRL team. If the Roosters were in mid season and really wanted to i'd back them to beat Wigan by at least 30 points last sunday. Just like the Scottish PL is miles behind the English PL......... Celtic could probably beat Huddersfield Town but the overall standards between the two are vastly different. In 1997 all the super league clubs played their Australian counterparts in the world club championship.......details below and it's not pretty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_World_Club_Championship the NRL is far stronger now than in 1997
  14. tuutaisrambo

    Championship central funding

    Ralf's back pocket 😂