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  1. Nigel Wood was crucified by the majority at £40 million a year, funny how we don't see the same criticism at £25 million a year. £15 million reduction is a joke, Elstone and SL have a lot to answer as they took control to improve the game and its gone backwards.
  2. Not up to date as not included Bulls V Dewsbury result.
  3. Could a Fax fan be anymore bitter?. Any team that comes back from 14-0 deserves a bit of credit like Fax did to make it 26 all. Thought Fax were missing Scott Murrell as no real on field leader. As for Dewsbury they were better team in 2nd 40 some good defence from Bulls was the reason we got the win.
  4. Not all Bulls fans. He was decent going forward and still is. He let's sides down with his defence.
  5. I disagree the he was the best Half Back at Bradford. Joe Keyes played for KR last season and Rowan Milnes played for KR this season, we also had Jordan Lilley so Chisholm was 3rd choice HB behind Lilley and Milnes. He was dropped for his defensive efforts which is what one of your fans have mentioned.
  6. Well thought out response as usual. It's a known fact Chisholm didn't take well to getting dropped at Sheffield and Bradford.
  7. Will be interesting to see how Dane reacts to getting dropped. It was the end of his Bradford career because he didn't react in a positive manner.
  8. Good player is Joe Keyes but won't be long till he is injured sadly.
  9. 8 Championship defeats in a row for York. Since they started signing players from SL seems to have gone downhill. Bulls did same in 2015 and 2016 got us nowhere. They usually just come for the money.
  10. Be interesting to see how Chisholm copes with getting dropped. We all know what happened the Bulls dropped him
  11. Good point plus if Vickers is involved as rumoured probably won't hear anything from the club, its about as good as the communication from the Bulls.
  12. Why haven't the club released a statement yet?.
  13. It don't matter how many people were in the room. Its a breach of the rules and believe Wakefield Council/Police are now involved, could be fines coming from RFL and Council/Police.
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