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  1. Think your getting mixed up with the years. Leigh didn't finish in the Top 4 in Championship so Beaumont went about releasing on contract players. No contracts were null and void. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/46131962 Why should players be forced to give up contracts, did Rhys Evans and Kevin Larroyer get fully paid for contracts signed. The answer is no.
  2. Pretty disrespectful to Dewsbury that. Also Kear has taken us from a League 1 club to a upper middle table championship side so deserves some credit.
  3. Because you can't realistically social distance at a sports ground unless you let in less than a 100 fans. Football are planning to start the season in September behind closed doors, its going to be at least next season before fans are allowed back.
  4. I did read the statement, no chance of any crowds allowed back into Stadiums in September, so if they do set a start date in September its going to be behind closed doors which like I said majority of clubs can't afford. Except Leigh,Featherstone,Toulouse,London name another club who can afford to play without fans?
  5. Selfish thinking from Campbell and Beaumont, majority of the other clubs can't afford to play behind closed doors, the income from fans keeps them going.
  6. Bulls2487

    7 Days

    It is but the RFL have allowed an exemption as Eric Perez is currently in Canada, one of the other directors has to isolate for 12 weeks due to underlying health issues.
  7. Toronto have 4 players showing symptoms. All RL will be suspended tomorrow.
  8. JK hasn't said anything about the game ending early. John Kear: We asked for a positive reaction to what happened last week and we got it. We saw effort, endeavour and desire in both halves today. It was a tough, tight game against York and we stood toe to toe with them. The young players in the second half were first class. It’s been a really heartening day for me personally. Some of the enthusiasm in our last-ditch defence to keep York out was fantastic. We were hurting after that performance against Dewsbury last week and made our defence the number one priority today
  9. We have 2 players currently on loan, Rooks and Milnes from KR. I believe some of the Leeds signings are going to be released for a year, sign a permanent deal with the Bulls then go back to Rhinos in 2021. Believe this is the first https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/519/waite-pullan-signs-one-year-deal-to-be-a-bull-in-2020
  10. Nope, Rhys Evans,Brandon Pickersgill,Ross Oakes,Greg Johnson Anthony England are FT. Believe the rest are PT.
  11. Not really splashing the cash, we are having a squad of 22, only 6 are not from the Bulls academy. Our highest earners in Minchella,Keyes,Webster,Hitchcox have all moved on.
  12. Appears Andy Mazey is about to get involved at Rochdale.
  13. Its going to be played at Headingley just announced by Leeds
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