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  1. Nope, Rhys Evans,Brandon Pickersgill,Ross Oakes,Greg Johnson Anthony England are FT. Believe the rest are PT.
  2. Not really splashing the cash, we are having a squad of 22, only 6 are not from the Bulls academy. Our highest earners in Minchella,Keyes,Webster,Hitchcox have all moved on.
  3. Appears Andy Mazey is about to get involved at Rochdale.
  4. Its going to be played at Headingley just announced by Leeds
  5. The Dewsbury V Bulls match is going to be played at a neutral venue. Any ideas why? Its an away game for the Bulls.
  6. 6 games at Summer Bash 3 Saturday 3 Sunday. Believe its Toulouse V London in Toulouse Toronto are taking part in the Challenge Cup.
  7. The club have said tonight in League Express the total creditors amount is 350k, Chalmers has written off amounts owed to him. To compare Halifax's figure is 310k.
  8. They weren't invited due to voting with the SL clubs on the new funding plans if the TV deal is less in 2022.
  9. Well if Toulouse are playing a Championship game at home that weekend as part of the double header, they aren't playing at Summer Bash with another team, or SB is a different weekend.
  10. Is this true as Catalans are playing Leeds in a double header in Toulouse on the same weekend?
  11. Nope as haven't gone into administration.
  12. Bulls2487

    Mark Sawyer

    https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/yorkcityknights/15023832.benefactor-mark-campbell-explains-reasons-for-saving-york-city-knights-and-denies-conflict-of-interest/ Campbell is the York benefactor even if not a director/owner
  13. Name which players have been offered to other clubs and not just the media rumours? Carvell was off contract so is free to leave plus the only source is Mick Gledhill. The players/staff were all paid 5 days ago. Lets wait for a better source eh?
  14. Good luck on Saturday, if you do new floodlights the ones at Odsal are SL standard just need new bulbs.
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