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  1. Looks like the Bulls are having a new 6/7 for 2023 so the Lilley rumour might be true.
  2. The Bulls team next year will be very different to this year.
  3. That's no big deal with how Crossley has played this year. Keyes is much better than Lilley
  4. Agree regarding Patten, I don't think it's a problem for Bulls much longer as think he will be playing elsewhere in 2023.
  5. we weren't confident but shows what can happen when your main bad apple is suspended. Looked more like a team than at any point this season.
  6. Patton/Lilley have looked average all year. Good to see Lawford take his chance. I don't think Patton will be at Bulls next year either.
  7. Kibula is either great or shocking He was loaned out to Dewsbury because after Whitehaven away Dunnings first game, Dunning got all players in a huddle and Kibula want straight down tunnel instead of joining.
  8. https://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=639921 For Bulls fans opinions.
  9. They are good players different reasons for leaving Dan Fleming ain't. Come back in a few weeks and let me know what you think.
  10. Dan Fleming is signing for Fev Think its a relief for most Bulls fans as he was awful majority of the time. JK kept him because of the Wales connection. Dunning hasn't played him since taking over.
  11. It's based on a successful bid from the Levelling up fund The club/Council have nothing to lose by applying for it. Infact it would be a poor business decision if they didn't put a bid in. Hull had £90 million investment when they were awarded city of culture, best and probably last chance Bulls will have.
  12. The team Fev put out today even with injuries should be beating Batley.
  13. I believe this may be the plan. 14 teams in SL 2023 but then 10 teams in SL 1 2024 and 10 in SL 2. tough for Leigh and Fev as almost guarantees relegation to SL 2 for 2024.
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