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  1. Name which players have been offered to other clubs and not just the media rumours? Carvell was off contract so is free to leave plus the only source is Mick Gledhill. The players/staff were all paid 5 days ago. Lets wait for a better source eh?
  2. Good luck on Saturday, if you do new floodlights the ones at Odsal are SL standard just need new bulbs.
  3. All the pundits had Bulls finishing between 4th-8th, we finished 6th I don't think they were that far away in the prediction's. Agree regarding Fax and Widnes
  4. Not happening now, all directors have resigned and are willing to hand club over to supporter's trust.
  5. The Bulls players were paid today so clearly have some funds.
  6. Racism at Post Office Road and Belle Vue towards Bulls fans, Wheldon Rd for me, fans always welcoming compared to the other 2.
  7. "He is very thorough in his work, that’s come across to me all the time he has had the ownership. “Without wanting to criticise previous regimes, this man has been more sincere in respect of the club and its business. He has kept things tight and that is so important. This is also in the T and A in an interview with Simon Foster(son of Trevor Foster). Simon has close dealings with the club. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/17871392.farewell-trevor-foster-39-s-quot-heaven-earth-quot/
  8. One of the league papers today has advised the rates for Odsal are 500k a year, this now passes to the RFL, surely you can see we can't afford that figure?. The RFL can't make us play at Odsal the lease runs out on 30th September.
  9. I reckon this is down to the fact RFL are going to lose 72k a year. Spitting dummy out at it.
  10. Based on the information received the RFL feel that this decision made by the Bradford Bulls directors is a poor one; however ultimately the Board of that club is responsible for determining what is in the best interests of Bradford Bulls. Does anyone think this part of the press release is a weird thing to say? And very unprofessional from a governing body?
  11. It's quite complicated, but when you go to Orcas on NZ companies house. You have 2 shareholders in Andrew Chalmers and FourFourOne investments. https://app.companiesoffice.govt.nz/companies/app/ui/pages/companies/1388503/detail# When you go into FourFourOne investments you have a new name pop up of Danielle Christoffersen https://app.companiesoffice.govt.nz/companies/app/ui/pages/companies/5593625/shareholdings So we have another business and director/shareholder involved in NZ.
  12. That's the one. Silly thing to do. Cost us that game.
  13. But if you go to NZ companies house, gives you more info.
  14. Case Number: ON/1535/19 Name: Michael Knowles Club and shirt number: Dewsbury; 12 Match: Dewsbury v Bradford Competition and Date: Championship; 18th August 2019 Report received from: Referee; Dismissal Details of allegation: Shoulder Charge in the 56th minute (Lilley) Decision: Issue charge Details of Charge / Reason for NFA: Rule – 15.1(k) Detail – Indirect or direct contact with the head of an attacking player Grade – C Penalty Notice: 2 Match Penalty Notice Just a yellow card? Sure about that one?
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