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  1. Champions 2010

    You are the Championship minor premiers 2010 Fax are Championship champions 2010... Simples.
  2. The Golden Point

    As a fax fan I aint a fan of the golden point being on the wrong side of it against Cas in the cup... But nothing will take away how good it felt when Ben Black dropped that goal to win the game so if those are the rules then we play by them and get on with it... Losing teams always moan about rules or factors in games.. I sure did when we lost to Cas but if those are the rules then those are the rules.. Champions 2010
  3. Haliclowns

    True but it was the same for both sides... And lets be fair you blew us away in the opening 10 mins of the 2nd half..
  4. Haliclowns

    Eh? That doesn't make any sense.. If there was a half after the first half then that is 2 halves... i.e the 2nd half...
  5. Golden Point

    I am a Fax fan and even though we won I am not a fan of the golden point either. 10 Mins each way it should have been. I know how you feel on the wrong side of the golden point we lost out to Cas in the CC a couple years back to the same rule. Although that day Cas announced over the tannoy that there would be 10 mins each way only for Sherwin to knock over a 40 metre effort and as it was sailing over they reversed their announcement to say about golden point. Anti-climax indeed!
  6. Haliclowns

    The game was 7 minutes old and was 0-0 at the time of the electrical fault in one of the kitchens. Batley had a penalty just as the players went off the field which Gaz Moore missed on the return. But don't you let the truth get in the way of a cracking made up story. Also don't forget it was not just Halifax fans in that stand there were Oldham and a few York fans too.
  7. what a result

    I am 1 of few fax fans who doesn't look for excuses when beat... We dropped too much ball in good ball and gave penalties away in yardage which our defence can't cope with against siddal under 9's let alone champion teams.. I think we will struggle next week too.. Our injury situation before Fev was bad and after this game it looks worse so who knows what will happen.. Make the final anything can happen.. Thats the good things about finals!
  8. what a result

    2500 Well done from Fax fan you deserved that...
  9. The reigning champions against the best supported team in the championship mustering 1328 between themselves... ouch!
  10. New players

    You signed Bryn Powell and Andy Bostock
  11. Referee

    Technically he didn't call held too soon as once a leg is off the floor the tackle is deemed complete.
  12. Referee

    Any Fev fan blaming the ref will come across as silly as the original poster... Refs don't drop balls, don't give away penalties... more so when you have the ball (hardaker/morrison) Toulouse gave your forwards a bashing up the middle and took it to you..
  13. fax v kieghley

    Jeeez you win a few games and look what it does to your heads... It was both Fax and Keighleys 3rd game in 6 days.. It was never going to be a classic more a who has the better energy reserves.. Fax had that...

    Aizue's visa came through FYI.
  15. Pitch Inspection: for Eagles v Halifax

    It's fair enough but you have to think of player safety.. the speccy safety if the forecast is heavy snow?