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  1. In tennis, there is one major tournament held in Britain every year. Golf I dunno anything about, but I imagine it too only has a handful of major tournaments a year in Britain. Neither sport is team based, and is basically a year-long circus that travels around the world. It would seem obvious then that 'attendance' in Britain has very little to do with their popularity among the British public. These are television sports. Media, broadcast and sponsorship goes to sports that have the most viewers. Sometimes this goes hand in hand with attendance, as is the case with the big team sports. But it's not a necessity.
  2. Of course it hasn't, because it's wrong. Grand Prix, Australian Open, the Ashes off the top of my head would all garner a bigger global audience.
  3. You can repeat this a million times, and some people will never be able to grasp it. There is no great mystery here why there are sports more popular than RL. A significantly bigger number of people are exposed to football over the course of their lives starting from a young age compared to RL. That's it. Nothing more. For the person who can't comprehend this simplicity, just imagine that someone who doesn't follow RL likes another sport as much as you like RL. And sees it exactly in the same terms as you see RL. If you can understand this, you will save yourself a lot of grief in trying to figure out why RL is not more popular than it is.
  4. Because Salford doesn't have a traditionally strong football team? Who else are they going to follow? Bolton? As much as people drone on about Salfordians not identifying as Mancunians, Salford is bleeding 3 miles from Old Trafford, not 30 as one might assume reading some of the comments.
  5. Growth in Bromley and Greenwich is certainly possible, but it's also a fairly big Crystal Palace/Charlton area.
  6. The amount of people is meaningless if few of them have an interest. For starters, less than half of those people would have any interest in sport, let alone MUFC/MCFC or Salford. Just because 120,000 people attend games regularly doesn't mean that what's left over is a potential floating customer waiting to be whisked away. I would imagine the vast majority of sports fans in Manchester that don't attend live sport regularly are still probably footballs fans. They just consume it like most other sports fans: TV, radio, newspapers etc. I agree that Salford should be able to target 10k average in their future. It's a realistic aim. But it's not as simple as saying 'look how many people there in the city'. Of course Manchester can support a strong Salford. But the football tradition makes that very difficult to do.
  7. People overestimate the importance of local players. This is important for a number of reasons, but not for attracting interest.
  8. Dont need to wait for his response. I dunno how payouts early on work, but that is very, very, very solid. The Chelsea one you have down no question. Leeds wont get automatic promotion, but will be one of four teams vying for it through playoffs. To be honest, this might be what trips you up. Leeds are for mine the best of the lot, but these playoffs have a tendency not to promote the most deserving team. sheffield and doncaster both topping the league, but with 8 games to go, their leads arent sufficient enough to say it is cast iron. Still, both look good at the moment. Man Utd, outside of Lyon, are clear favourites for EL. I think this will happen. Barcelona are just as likely to win UCL. But...unlike EL....there are a lot of good teams left. This one is a toss up. Real, Atletico, Bayern and even Barcas QF opponent Juventus could easily topple Barca. Bascially, you have a good bet you have to feel very good about right now. But i cant see any bookie oaying out early based on what remains. Leeds and Barca still have much work to do before any bookie would start panicking I think.
  9. I just drew that line... Marseille, Lyon, Nice, even Bordeaux. Please enlighten us as to how much bigger rugby is in these cities than football.
  10. It is possible to take production inhouse. It is also more expensive. Selling direct to consumers also limits exposure to a wider base.
  11. Citing falling circulation misses the point that most of these rags are now geared towards online offerings. The DM is the largest in the world. The point people are making here is that decision makers are using their union ties to embellish union nnews and restrict RL news. This doesnt need to happen by holding secret meetings to conspire against RL. All they need to do is appoint people who cant report on RL as they know nothing about it. As for the rest, theyll just source it from places like AP.
  12. This is a perfect example of misunderstanding what people really mean when they say those things. They are not saying they dont watch RL because it's the same old teams winning it. They are saying they dont watch RL because they dont like it. They are just listing one of any number of reasons to justify their position. Ive heard the same things about football: diving, low scoring, etc. People arent watching it because of those reasons. Instead, they use those reasons as a way to put it down in order to justify to themselves and others that they are right. In other words, they have no interest in ever watching, regardless of whether it becomes more competitive or they stamp out diving. But you dont need to take my word for it. The evidence is out there for all to see. On the one hand, you have a highly competitive NFL that is gaining its international appeal. On the other hand, you have a clique of 10 clubs in football that account for most of international attention. Point? Both models work. The difference is understanding that these things are irrelevant. What matters is that people get to like the sport first and foremost. They dont come to that conclusion based on competitiveness. Most kids that develop passion for sports dont approach things like that. As for the sports they rarely get exposed to and, by definiton, end of disliking? As adults, they come to rationalise their behaviour by saying things like: it's the same old faces winning it.
  13. I think there needs to be a distinction between 'doing a good job to capture an audience' and 'doing a job for an existing, captive audience'. United has 72 million Facebook followers. Whatever they do, it's going to look like they're doing a good job of promoting themselves. In reality, all they've needed to do is be successful on the pitch, and their social media following has followed easily. No different in Australia with cricket. As one of the major national sports, they need to do far less to attract people through promotion. The game sells itself, and the social media side follows. The mass media gives them free exposure/promotion/advertising. The only way less popular sports can combat this is to spend money to promote, whereas the established big sports barely have to lift a finger.
  14. For what it's worth, I don't for a second believe what this guy is saying regarding the shirt sponsorship ("trust me" isn't evidence of anything), but it's not difficult to top premier league kit deals. Middlesbrough and Watford for example are only £1m a year each.
  15. Once we sort out plane speeds, SL/NRL merger will be he way forward. I envision a unified world league that, at first, is largely made up of English and Aussie clubs. I think everyone wants Toronto to succeed. Maybe a few less want Toulouse to succeed, but on the whole most would.