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  1. Money Trouble?

    Shame this has happened. Similar happened to North Wales in 2014 - the same season as the RFL restructured the Championship to accommodate 12 teams in SL and Championship. 5th from bottom but still demoted to League 1 - and of course players expected the same wage. Unfortunately eyes were taken off the financial ball and we ended up in a massive financial black hole which we are still climbing out of. Hope that Hornets can ride the storm. On the plus side we have a coach load of fans coming for the pre-season game on 21st January.
  2. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    I was wondering when I posted if faggots would be rejected! nobody only eats one do they?
  3. Fantasy RL!! Now you can set up Lannister Lions v Winterfell White Walkers!!
  4. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    The "Pie Floater" is popular out in Australia too. Personally I prefer my mushy peas with faggots and onion gravy, or fish and chips.
  5. I'm with Liam Finn

    Liam Finn expresses the frustrations of a player playingfor a "second tier" nation. I'd agree that a coherent International fixture schedule is something that the RLIF need to address and get agreement from international bodies. No time like the present Nige?
  6. Ask the public and they come up with "Boaty MacBoatface" ...enough said
  7. Ex - CEO charged with fraud

    Seems that BBC Wales cover rugby league reluctantly too. We have has some success with S4C and one of our supporters has set up his own local radio show (which also airs online) to cover rugby league.
  8. It will be a few months until there are court reports and a verdict. Until then its best to ay nothing and let justice take its course.
  9. Ex - CEO charged with fraud

    Absolutely. They cover the troubles the club have been in - from losing the Super League Franchie to players wages being cut but barely mention winning games, reaching the iPRO cup final etc. I have no idea why the media don't think that people are interested in positive news.
  10. Booking my tickets - cant wait!
  11. The Lannister Lions are set to enter League 1 in 2019.
  12. Rochdale Hornets

    Feel sorry this has happened to Rochdale. A major sponsor pulling out of their investment has obviously left a big hole in the Hornets finances. Considering Crusaders have been through the financial mill I have some sympathy and know the damage it can do to a club. Hornets are a fans owned club so I hope for the sake of their supporters they can pull through. ...but we would have Rob Massam back!
  13. Rochdale Hornets

    I met Jono in Brisbane (RLWC2017) and he told me then he was signing for Barrow - keep up!