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  1. The Hunslet game must have been a cliffhanger!! Barrow win by a landslide and Crusaders hung onto their lead long enough to win by nine points. Congratulations to Barrow - we will see you in the final in Blackpool
  2. Here are the weekends scores Scotland 16 - 26 Ireland Ireland 6 - 51 Wales Wales 70 - 0 Scotland Wales Wheelchair rugby league win the Celtic Cup for the second year running. A great display from all the Wales players - outstanding in attack and defence. Next stop - Toulouse - for the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup
  3. This weekend in Stirling, Scotland current Celtic Cup holders Wales take on Scotland and Ireland in a bid to retain the wheelchair rugby league title. All games are played in The Peak sports centre from 11:30 onwards on Saturday 29th April. Scotland v Ireland Ireland v Wales Wales v Scotland.
  4. Whoa!! Chill. I was just having a bit of fun!
  5. http://www.northwalescrusaders.co.uk/crusaders-wish-cookson-luck-following-heart-attack/
  6. All messages will be passed on to Cookie. Thanks for your thoughts. Not quite the same ballpark but I sincerely hope they catch the toerags who keep breaking into your club.
  7. Good assessment John, ref was awful, particularly disalowing a perfectly good try without reference to the video ref (if there was one). 10 penaties against Cru, 5 against TWP, not a forward pass given, and TWP onside all day - yeah right! I enjoyed the warm-up game and I'll pass on your comments to Josh Wiffen who was the ref for that game. 590 put a few bob in the war chest!!
  8. It was 14 meters by 6 meters - we weren't exactly hiding it!
  9. North Wales Crusaders got 80 points put past us on Good Friday but I'm still glad that Toronto are in League 1. Our last attendances have been just over 300, on Good Friday we had 590 through the gates. We doubled our bar takings and had a great couple of games. The score doesn't reflect the effort the North Wales Crusaders put in or that the officials chalked of a perfectly good try. No excuses, Toronto were the better team and deserved their win. They certainly generate a lot of interest wherever they play and it will be interesting to see what the gate is at Salford. It will also be a good indicator of where Toronto are against another team of full timers.
  10. Best wishes and get well soon Cookie - John Cookson was quoted as "feeling a bit sore" after his heart attack. In a different game - Someone brushes against Diego Costa and he goes down as if hes been shot and writhes around as if someone has poured boiling oil on him!!
  11. No idea I'm afraid - I was baffled by some of the penalties given - even when we were the beneficiaries! Definitely 325 at the ground - we had new crowd counters this week and they were spot on. Lets hope we get a big crowd on Good Friday and people come for the whole event, with Chester Gladiators v Flinstshir Falcons kicking off at 2pm. The weather may not be as warm but the the welcome will always be.
  12. On Good Friday 14th April North Wales Crusaders play host to a double-header fixture at Queensway Stadium, Queensway, Wrexham LL13 8UH 2pm - Chester Gladiators v Flintshire Falcons. Local amateur team battle it out before the League 1 game 5pm - North Wales Crusaders v Toronto Wolfpack The North Wales Crusaders juniors will be acting as mascots, we have the Cambria Band playing before the game and at half time. There will be lots of food and drink so come along, bring the family and enjoy the atmosphere.
  13. Thanks for the advice Copa; I was aware of how dangerous PNG can be. I'm hopeful that as they are hosts to a World Cup some additional policing will be in place. I'm planning on staying in the same hotel as Wales RL and using the team as security!
  14. We are getting there DD. Hopefully we will have a marquee up on Friday to give a focal point for the supporters as we have no clubhouse and the Turf is the opposite side of town.