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  1. He went with SL budgets outside of SL in 2016 and 2018. Biggest difference is having a coach that has coached in the top flight before, and a director of rugby that keeps himself an arms’ length away from the playing side.
  2. Not sure how bad I'm making it out to be. Just describing it as annoying. Particularly in the instance where in real time, he didn't have any complaints about the decision, but then complained days later.
  3. Referees have to make their decisions there and then. There would be just as much frustration if all they did was put things on report. This is what Wellens had to say after the Leigh match, "The way he chases his kick is everything you want in a player so I find it hard to be too critical in that sense because he wanted to try to influence the result, but again, there is a line and the line was crossed with Leesy tonight and we paid the price." (https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/paul-wellens-st-helens-leigh) Also, there was no video ref at the Leigh game. The game at Huddersfield was the televised game that night. To then write a letter of concern days later, after the MRP (and not sure if that came to any conclusion, or just didn't have a conclusive angle to go off), when he didn't see it differently to the ref, at the time of the decision being made, just doesn't seem right in my opinion. Of course, if he wants everyone to perform perfectly, then he can ask why players dropped off a tackle on Hardaker, or missed the kick that was then picked up by Shorrocks for the last try.
  4. Don't have the links to hand, but after the Leigh game, he decided to write to Super League refs when the MRP didn't charge Lees, who had been sin binned. Not sure what his letter was going to say "don't sin bin a player unless you're certain the MRP will charge the player"? Then, last week, he was complaining about how they should've had an 8 point try, when an opponent was charged by the MRP. Not entirely sure what he wants the refs to do, aside from call games as they see them (still think the Lees yellow was correct from what I saw in real time). But then of course, the conclusions of the MRP aren't so bullet proof when they have a player banned, as they then seek to appeal it. Just something that is becoming a bug bear of mine. It would irritate me if Lam were to come out and say the same stuff. But don't recall him or Powell writing letters when neither sin binned player were charged after the Leigh - Warrington game.
  5. Wasn’t sure, but then saw how people were suggesting Leigh will win, so… Hull by lots
  6. Wellens has developed an annoying habit, where he uses the outcomes of match review panels as a stick to beat referees with. While at the same time, appealing the outcome of the MRP, if it doesn't suit him.
  7. That was the price to take the club out of administration. Fairly certain the price was dictated by amount of debt the admins would have to clear, rather than market value. Overall, I imagine the first assets that the football club will be looking to sell will be players. Not convinced the DW would be a great purchase anyway. It seems to lose out to Bolton's ground when it comes to bigger events (internationals, concerts etc...) probably due to the location,
  8. Dominant performance from Warrington, and last 10 minutes aside, poor from Leigh. Allowed ourselves to be bullied and our attack was slow and disjointed in the main. The attack was probably summed up when failing to score when having 5 on 2 towards the end. The one consolation was that after 60 minutes it looked like 60+ points would be racked up. But they managed to get their heads back on after losing them and keep it vaguely respectable
  9. Found the comments from Wellens in this article quite strange https://www.totalrl.com/st-helens-boss-paul-wellens-emailed-super-league-referees-about-his-concern-following-leigh-leopards-flashpoint/ He's written an email to the Super League refs, because of one decision he feels has gone against his team? For what it's worth, I'm fairly certain that there was contact to the head, and the officials must've been as well. And they will have had a better view than the match review panel, given it wasn't on Sky. At the same time, I guess Wellens will also complain if a ref puts an opposing player on report, for something that would otherwise be a card
  10. Should loan bullock out. But only to another north west club, wouldn’t want him travelling too far…
  11. Biggest test for Leigh yet (given Saints' suspensions, and seemingly drop in form after the WCC). Don't think we can afford to be playing this with 16 men (one unused sub last week), given the strength of Warrington's pack.
  12. If we're going for something where we put an adjective ahead of the word rugby, I'd suggest "Superior" or "Better than that other"
  13. Jacob Gannon on a month loan. Hope he goes well, good move for him.
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