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  1. Only saw the last 15 minutes of this game. The decision to go for the 2 from inside their own half was a particular brainfart from Warrington. Smacked of desperation.
  2. Bairstow's form has been poor for 2 years. He can't get bat on a straight ball, it's always been a problem for him. Him and Roy are an exceptional opening partnership in ODIs. Don't want to be messing with their techniques and putting that at risk.
  3. Roy and Overton dropped for Woakes and Curran, Stokes playing as a specialist batsman. Suspect they've been looking for a chance to get an extra all rounder in all summer.
  4. 5 of the top 7 are from the one day team. Need to go the other way, need more separation between the two forms as they are virtually different sports. Test team needs red ball specialists, not white ball.
  5. Neither Roy or Bairstow can defend a full, straight ball. They should be left to concentrate on ODIs before they ruin their white ball game trying to play test cricket.
  6. When the opposition get 500, it just highlights even more how you can’t have Roy, Bairstow and Buttler in the team. Two wickets and you’re into the one day specialists. Need genuine batsmen in the top 5 that can set a game up for 6,7,8 to play with some freedom. Likes of sibley and pope must wonder what they have to do to get in the team
  7. I've some sympathy for England, given injuries to Wood, Anderson and Stone. But you look at how Archer's gone from bowling 96mph to 80 odd mph, and Woakes has gone from taking 6 for not many to being dropped in the space of three tests and have to wonder who is to blame. New captain, new coach and new chairman of selectors needed.
  8. Overton was a baffling selection. All this talk of momentum, nobody seemed to factor in them bringing in the best batsman in the world, while we went from selecting our all time leading wicket taker to selecting Craig Overton. Awful.
  9. Truly depressing test match. We've seen the transformation of Archer from electrifying fast bowler, into medium pacer. Spinners bowling no balls, Roy doing what he seemingly does best and dropping catches at slip and the captain has absolutely no idea what to do. The paper that Stokes put over the cracks the other week didn't last long. Our only hope is Smith forgets to declare and bats out a draw.
  10. Given the amount of runs our batsmen get, we may as well pick a top order based on how good they are in the slips. Roy fails on all counts.
  11. Overton for Woakes confirmed. Our bowling weakened further, just as Australia are about to bring in the world's best batsman. As poor as I think some selections have been, winning a series after injuries to Anderson, Archer (1st test), Stone, Wood and now Woakes, is a big ask.
  12. Odd selection. They're trying to selecting an 8th batsman, not a 3rd seamer it seems.
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