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  1. Intake Don

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I’m waiting for more tickets to be available on Kop and more behind sticks at Elland Rd 😤 Anyone know how to get your OurLeague discount?
  2. Intake Don

    2018 Series v NZ

    Decent kick off times all afternoon
  3. Intake Don

    2018 Series v NZ

    Venues and tickets on sale at 12pm tomorrow
  4. Intake Don

    2018 Series v NZ

    I would also like Newcastle London & Manchester but think Hull Huddersfield and Wigan or Liverpool will be used. Was anything mentioned in the rugby papers about it?
  5. Intake Don

    Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    Think this is a great idea it will help other nations get more international experience and if it is England A it will create more competition for the 1st team
  6. Intake Don

    2018 Series v NZ

    No not seen ote. I just got an email from RFL saying on sale 22nd Nov
  7. On sale 22nd November! Well done RFL for a change!
  8. Intake Don

    someone at the RFL!

    At least they’ve updated their ticket system you can now pick exactly what seat you want to sit in
  9. Hi people. If you're on Twitter please go on the challenge cup Twitter page and find the vote and choose picture 4 (Spike) please Thanks
  10. Intake Don

    RLWC 2017 Plans

    What would you say is a good price to pay for a return flight to Australia?
  11. Intake Don

    RLWC 2017 Plans

    Ye I wanted to see more matches but I don't think I'll be able to. Did u book it all yourself last time or did u travel as part of a sports tour? Not sure wen best time to book flights
  12. Intake Don

    RLWC 2017 Plans

    Anyone going to World Cup next year? Have you bought your tickets/flights/hotels yet? 1st time i will be going Australia going with my wife & kid and a few mates not sure where to start or when best time to book things hoping to be there for opening game in Melbourne then going to Sydney for 2nd England game
  13. Intake Don

    England fixtures 2018-2020

    2018 New Zealand test series in England + France away in a friendly 2019 Tour of Southern Hemisphere games v Fiji, PNG & Samoa + France at home in a friendly 2020 England/GB ashes series v Australia at home + friendly games against France & Wales away (hopefully a successful series going into a home World Cup following year with tickets already on sale ha ha)
  14. I hope they sort the international calendar out before the start of the World Cup can you imagine England winning it & there's a bit of buzz about rugby league then someone asks when are we playing next errrrrr dunno