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  1. Good Lord I was smashed 1997. Not only is this the end of May. it's the end of UKIP. All the Labour voters wanted was a bloody Labour bloke.
  2. if this plays out are we seeing an end to newspapers influence.
  3. Any body looking into Corbyn past just needs to look up General Pinochet for the Conservatives.
  4. Conservative party to abolish education for all saying that not all kids need it and they should be working by the age of 6. It will save us millions and allow us to fight for Gibraltar and Falkland Islands. Consultation as well on letting sick people pay for themselves to get beter so we can take control back of India.
  5. The manifesto is simple. Don't fall Ill. Because there will be no doctors and no care system to look after you Don't get robbed, beaten or anything else you need a copper for. Don't be in non grammar school all the other schools will be below standard Don't lose your job. There is little help and you will depend on food banks. Remember those baskets you use to walk past. Don't die. The rest of the family are left destitute As long as your fit healthy from a decent background you'll be fine. If anything goes wrong. Well that's your problem. And on corporate tax. Business is making billions but simply do not invest forget brexit the major issue we have is that the UK is propped up by debt nothing changed since 2007. Hold on its going to be rough
  6. Mmmmm good point. Rather than schools sacking teachers, crime up by 10%, NHS in crisis, social Care crisis and the debt eccomy tanking. I'd take the candle light any day. And read your history about the the 3 day week. Wasn't for labour you as a woman would be paid much lower than your male counter parts. But heh your happy with that as well.
  7. Fox hunting really! Haven't we got more than that to sort in the UK and the world.
  8. Is the current form (form being temporary and class being permanent) of teams like Leeds, Warrington, St Helens, Hudderfield. By current I mean this season and last. A blip or something else.
  9. What an amazing job the tories are doing. NHS is in crisis, care system is collapsing, schools have no money and no teachers, prisons are over crowded, the police are in meltdown, unless you are a tory council you are skint and prices are rising but wages still are not. Forgot to add the bit about cutting disabled people's money. Wow. What a PR department
  10. Where's the thread for killings in Turkey?oops sorry forgot they don't matter
  11. I said previously just look at the world club series. Murdered now two years on the trot. What made us think we could do better at international. The aussies are now the same level in front of us as we are the french
  12. Turned it off. This is the death of international RL. I won't watch it again had enough of the same garbage. There isn't another due to be played in the UK for two years God knows how many at the final. 20000 if lucky to watch aus win again. Unfortunately I have to go..
  13. That's me done. Knock ons finger tips. Not in this game but last one as well. Heads down now. We can't keep any pressure
  14. Can't do this. Ref can't ref Percival can't catch and we can't kick for touch Aleadt lost. Will be close but as per normal we will lose. We can't keep any pressure