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  1. For the benefit of our game Bennett needs to step down for this series. The off load is not a word Bennett knows. Another series like the previous one will not be good for our game. Daryll Powell please.
  2. I agree around Williams Aus always knew Gale would pass and Watkins was are only centre. We didn' get best we lost that game. What stick on the throat is that we don' play them till 2019. I'm not sure will there be a full Aus your in the future
  3. The only small chance is the ruck. If Aus slow it down and don' get penalised by their own refs! As always happens we have a chance. Lets face it how many really expected us to win the first game at any time you were watcing it. We need a quick game not the slow game the Aussies drag is into. Good sporting day though Ashes is day night so will be able to watch that before hand.
  4. Two hopes. Heard it seen it all before. There has been nothing in this sides world cup performances that has made me think we can beat Aus. We should have could have lost to Tonga. Lose by 20
  5. none of the English NRL players finished in the top 8. That means there is a losing mentality coupled with what happened with Cas and what afect that will have in gale. I don't see it we will lose and badly. Tonga could beat England
  6. Very mixed up. Both Sunni and shia targertted at mosques.
  7. they may well win. But then lose the semi or get pasted in the final.
  8. Good Lord I was smashed 1997. Not only is this the end of May. it's the end of UKIP. All the Labour voters wanted was a bloody Labour bloke.
  9. Any body looking into Corbyn past just needs to look up General Pinochet for the Conservatives.
  10. Conservative party to abolish education for all saying that not all kids need it and they should be working by the age of 6. It will save us millions and allow us to fight for Gibraltar and Falkland Islands. Consultation as well on letting sick people pay for themselves to get beter so we can take control back of India.
  11. The manifesto is simple. Don't fall Ill. Because there will be no doctors and no care system to look after you Don't get robbed, beaten or anything else you need a copper for. Don't be in non grammar school all the other schools will be below standard Don't lose your job. There is little help and you will depend on food banks. Remember those baskets you use to walk past. Don't die. The rest of the family are left destitute As long as your fit healthy from a decent background you'll be fine. If anything goes wrong. Well that's your problem. And on corporate tax. Business is making billions but simply do not invest forget brexit the major issue we have is that the UK is propped up by debt nothing changed since 2007. Hold on its going to be rough
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