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  1. Is the current form (form being temporary and class being permanent) of teams like Leeds, Warrington, St Helens, Hudderfield. By current I mean this season and last. A blip or something else.
  2. What an amazing job the tories are doing. NHS is in crisis, care system is collapsing, schools have no money and no teachers, prisons are over crowded, the police are in meltdown, unless you are a tory council you are skint and prices are rising but wages still are not. Forgot to add the bit about cutting disabled people's money. Wow. What a PR department
  3. Where's the thread for killings in Turkey?oops sorry forgot they don't matter
  4. I said previously just look at the world club series. Murdered now two years on the trot. What made us think we could do better at international. The aussies are now the same level in front of us as we are the french
  5. Turned it off. This is the death of international RL. I won't watch it again had enough of the same garbage. There isn't another due to be played in the UK for two years God knows how many at the final. 20000 if lucky to watch aus win again. Unfortunately I have to go..
  6. That's me done. Knock ons finger tips. Not in this game but last one as well. Heads down now. We can't keep any pressure
  7. Can't do this. Ref can't ref Percival can't catch and we can't kick for touch Aleadt lost. Will be close but as per normal we will lose. We can't keep any pressure
  8. Remember I'm an oldhamer. The only team sports I support are Eng RL Oldham RL England footy England cricket Irish RU My saving grace was England Ru being so poor. And that we the Irish have beaten them. I've been so dissatisfied and disappointed so many times
  9. We will lose and lose badly. Just look at the world club games of recent years. Not even close. You wouldn't expect Italy to beat eng at RU . They have been close and competitive but you would never expect them to win. Same here. Aus by 20
  10. Every game I've ever watched or been involved in the below always gets trotted out. Build a platform On the front foot Packs on top Etc etc. We have so I'm told the best pack. We can't anything. We will lose on sun and the final will be a half empty disaster..
  11. We need to play the perfect game not have that same dodgy 10 mins we always have. We should have beaten NZ easily bit for silly mistakes