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  1. Ben Barba - 2nd Marquee player?

    It doesn't necessarily make them wrong though either. Perspective is a wonderful thing. To be honest a "person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage" is the only definition of a cheat. You may take issue with what Barba has done and believe he is dishonest or of morally questionable character. That wouldn't make him a cheat either. People on this thread seem to have issues with the definition of cheating. In fact it seems some people have issues with the definition of the word definition.
  2. Ben Barba - 2nd Marquee player?

    Rugby players aren't role models, parents are. I've yet to meet any sportsman who grew up dreaming of being a role model. If any child makes any decision in life based on what a Rugby League player chooses to do in his time away from the game then its parents who have failed. Your decision to state your opinion as some imagined moral high ground reflects on you, and not that well.
  3. Aus Front Rowers

    It was the age of some of them that really made me take notice to be honest. Sadly the last few years have shown that we still struggle a bit defending against there backs.
  4. Aus Front Rowers

    Having just watched SOO and seeing how dominant the NSW pack were it seems that out of nowhere Oz have developed some real big, raw boned front rowers. This for me has been there one real weakness over the last few years but with the likes of Aaron Woods, David Klemmer and a return to form of James Tamou, not to mention Andrew Fifita and the ever reliable Matt Scott it seems they may have addressed the situation. I think we may rue not capitalising a little more when they were a bit more lightweight like NZ have.
  5. Players poll reveals exodus fears

    So Superleague players would consider changing jobs for the offer of more money elsewhere? Well i for one am totally shocked!!! What exactly is the story here??
  6. Brough lands more awards

    The way I understand it, he asked him to make himself available previously and then failed to pick him despite him being the form halfback in the competition. Im not saying that Brough is blameless and that he couldnt have been more of a man about it, but at this point surely regardless of whose fault it was it would be in Englands interests too have him playing. I dont expect McNamara to bend over for him, but if perhaps an apology or an explantion would change his mind then it would seem to me that the manager should at least attempt it.
  7. Brough lands more awards

    I think Brough and to some extent Briers can both justifiably feel a little snubbed, however I do agree Broughs attitude in the face of it has left somthing to be desired. It would be nice if the Current England Manager could be the bigger man in this situation sadly this seems unlikely at this stage.