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  1. I have already mentioned my idea but I'd go with a promotion starting the day after the final, for about 60-90 days you can buy any seat in the ground for a fixed price of £30 ish. This would reward the early buyers and also give the sales a real push before its even turned new year. After that no mass reductions what so ever. I would also make it that any challenge cup ticket gets you into any 1895 game/round to help give that a push and although clubs may miss out on revenue from tickets this may be offset by food and bar takings and a healthy crowd would improve the 1895 comp. Just an idea.
  2. It's not an solution to the attendance issue but maybe the RFL could cover lower tier seats first few rows with sponsorship. I see NFL at Wembley place logos in these seats. This way it may force more into other areas whilst still giving a look of a fuller stadium. As I said it's not ideal but it could boost revenue from sponsership and create a better look.
  3. To obtain tickets it should be all done through 1 host site, if other clubs/ organisations are selling then there should be a link to the host website through the organisations/ clubs sites with any offers or discounts already tagged on.
  4. I may be wrong but I don't think Wembley is in the club Wembley season ticket like it was a few years back hence why the last 2 years have not included a full club Wembley 16.5k in the announced attendance.
  5. If the RFL site is anything to go by the lower bowl and CW are 95%+ capacity. Hopefully sales go well in the upper tier. Image wise as long as the cameras face at what's sold it should look good. Wasn't the world Cup 13 semi about 65k from memory that looked pretty decent.
  6. Anything lower then 70k is a fail in my opinion.
  7. It says "image courtesy of the RFL" this could also mean that VisitLondon took this image themselves but it amazes me how many RL pictures are printed in the media that has nothing but empty seats in the background. It's like some photographers actually position themselves in the worst possible place.
  8. It's good that they listened to your advice and acted but the fact someone who is actually paid to explore every avenue and do their job to promote their event has to made aware of this.
  9. Good to see the RFL supplied them with a picture that had the most empty seats on it.
  10. With regards entertainment what has it been the last few years. Off the top of my head I cannot remember anything.
  11. Because as soon as Saints and Wire reached the final Rimmer put his feet on his desk and lit a big fat cigar.
  12. I do agree that it is to big. 90k is a hell of alot of seats to fill
  13. It's these graphics that are misleading. In reality 30-40% of these could be unsold.
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