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  1. Those man of the match performances for England and Lance to have one big similarity. Both were played in bad weather conditions what suited his game.
  2. The same as Scotland and Ireland.
  3. I had that first one on VHS, a nostalgia moment there.
  4. The sport is played every month apart from January, its hardly a long wait. If it was to start at the beginning of March then that would build some real anticipation and more time to focus on selling it.
  5. There seems to be more and more people on social media willing to question the RFL. Now a former MP and parliamentary rugby league leader seems to be wanting to possibly take action. Personally i would like to see this happen.
  6. Im glad its hidden away at 4am from the casual viewer, poor attendance and a terrible game.
  7. Reports of only 6k ticket sales. This wont look good on tv. Hopefully these reports are wrong.
  8. He never won a Grand Final. Anyway one players name we have all possibly mentioned but have no idea what he did after "its wide to WEST" Dwayne West
  9. I know the feeling, im a saints fan but a RL supporter first these days. I want saints to win next Saturday but i wont be disappointed if salford win and create a great RL story that could benefit the whole sport
  10. Well played Oldham they deserve promotion due to their on field performance. But i wont hide my disappointment. Newcastle offer so much more to the sport. A good stadium, vision, ambition and a clear plan, they are growing their supporter base and brand by the year and have a great junior development setup. Oldham on the other hand are one of many clubs that live month to month and offer very little.
  11. Because they understand the difference to big games and a standard fixture.
  12. Turn up all year to home games on a thursday, friday, saturday, and sundays for games that are worth 2 points. Then the playoffs arrive when the best 5 sides battle it out with some games being sudden death for a place at the theatre of dreams in front of 70k........... And rugby league fans want it for free on their season ticket or they dont want to pay more then a tenner. These players have battled every week through a season that is way too long to achieve a playoff position. Surely that in itself deserves fans to pay £20-30 to turn up and support the players when its really needed. Rugby league is also in the entertainment business and if they put a show/match on. Then like everybody else in sport and entertainment they are entitled to charge an entrance fee. Unfortunately the sport has had so many freebies and discounted tickets at grand finals, cup finals, international matches that its created a culture that always expects cheap tickets and freebies and some dont realise its actually a business too. I might go The cinema tomorrow and watch a 3 hour film and the walk out with 20 mins remaining as basically thats what 1000s of RL fans seem to do. I must be different as i actually got rid of my season ticket ages ago as some league games felt like they didnt really matter...... But i always made sure i went tbe playoffs and cup games
  13. Or the 5-6000 regulars actually turn up to a game that genuinely matters.
  14. Dont be bringing facts into this the game is booming now.
  15. Add to that the sporting public could actually name rugby league players too.
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