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  1. To me this is good news. My only concern is if the talent pool is there for clubs to have a quality 1st team, res, u21. I also have an idea for this too. Clubs should play their reserve games at local community clubs. I'll use St helens as an example, Games could be taken to Blackbrook, Thatto heath, pilks......ect. This way the community clubs can take a slice of the gate and be able to generate revenues from bar/food takings. Extra cash is always needed and can be used to help develop and attract junior talent to the community clubs and strengthen the areas. Surely it would be more cost effective then opening the saints ground for a few 100 people and the community clubs could really benifit. Obviously the reserve teams are paid pros so each community club will have to meet some standards pitch wise and changing room facilities wise as a duty of care for the players is needed.
  2. Not yet. They will be well aware as the stewards was there.
  3. Again at the saints Wigan game there was pyro being set off in the stands. It seems to be a familiar issue at the games now. Someone even thought it would be a good idea to throw one into the dual carriageway of the Steve Prescott Bridge. This needs a zero tolerance approach from the clubs as there is simply no need for it.
  4. I was actually sat on the wall above the mcewans sign.
  5. The whole team was unstoppable on that day in September 94. Saints went on to sign vila matautia on the back on that.
  6. So now BT sports has the rights to WWE wresting what is usually shown on sky arena. This is now added to BT Sport's coverage of Premier League, Champions League and Europa League football, Premiership rugby, MotoGP and UFC fighting. This makes me ask 2 questions. 1. Is it possible BT will bid for RL? 2. Will this help us get a better deal due to the fact skysports is losing more content?
  7. Why do Oldham not play at the soccer ground? Surely it would make sense to have it used 12 months of the year and ger back to playing in Oldham.
  8. Which club do you follow mate?
  9. I very much doubt he will be in economy. Wasnt it on a flight he met the Dr and talked him into buying a SL club? That probably gives the clue that he flys business/first class.
  10. I think this is part of my frustration. The fact that we have had an international federation for a while yet we have absolutely no idea what's happening fixture wise in 2020 and we only found out the GB tour details in March. If the federation actually appeared to be a well directed and forward thinking organisation then I would have no issue.
  11. Wouldn't it be more cost effective sending the few European based members to oz instead of everyone to Singapore?
  12. I see the international federation meet in Singapore this week. For a sport that lacks much needed funds are these trips really necessary? It's 2019 and regardless of location it's very easy for people to connect with each other, wouldn't a conference call be more sufficient? According to the international federation website there are 10 board members. To get these to Singapore would really come at some cost. We have developing nations who are desperate for funding, we have players who travel to world cups to put on a show virtually for free....... Ect to me this is nothing but an unnecessary trip what could have been done with more affordable channels. I doubt anyone on these trips will have to dip into their own pockets either. Its wasted ££ that could have been saved or used in better ways and let's be honest Big Nige won't be sitting in cattle class will he??
  13. Here is a list of all the saints lads contract expiry dates. Good to see long term planning but one thing did get make me thinking and that is what happens if there is no TV money from 2021 onwards or even a significant drop? Contracts will still have to be honoured but this could really hit clubs. Any thoughts?
  14. 77 mins in it looks like the RFL will be sending semi tickets to the shay........ Along with a letter asking for a 500k bond in the event that they make the final
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