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  1. John Stankevitch

    Hi All, John came to Saints yesterday to explain the trust set up in memory of his Mum who as taken in tragic circumstances. Knowing how close you where to John any help you can give I think would go down well and be appreciated.
  2. fixtures

    I have not seen the fixtures to be honest Anita, however a question to you all. Would you rather see an independent Hornets playing the likes of Saints A Wigan A etc. with no chance of super league or stay as you are playing Hemel Oxford etc. I ask for one reason I have a soft spot for Hornets and think this may reignite the game on a more level playing field. But it may mean certain teams saying we can only get so far. Batley did this and have done quite well so far. The days of one league are gone and P and R great in theory but seeing Leigh shafted this year has shown the RFL again for the Yorkshire mafia they always have been.
  3. Potential New Hornet

    You sign what you can afford. I think the last Chairman of the previous regime was treated awfully. He tried to do the right thing and put a winning team on the field and it cost him a considerable amount of money and who cared? He was perhaps the only person to lose money overall on the club. If you keep on this route of ownership you keep a team but limit ambition. That perhaps suits Rochdale as a town and is the right route.
  4. Potential New Hornet

    No to be fair Baron MK11, just a pathetic naïve post. You deserve to be shot down. Riley is a level above where Hornets currently are and by the way why not give everyone a job! Or is that against a strategy of Co-operation.
  5. New Kit

    Looks very classy, well done to the club.
  6. Potential New Hornet

    if they have as many stewards has Hornets used to have he can get the whole family a job. Good little player all the same. To be honest a bit better than the level Hornets are at.
  7. Dual Registration

    The way it was run gave Hornets their first trophy since 1921 and better medical facilities etc. However to have to continue down this route is actually quite poor. The Board should have sought stability and a route forward from the last two years, now they are just looking for another helping hand is this because the co-operative is actually not sustainable?
  8. Alan Kilshaw

    The club needs to be careful. It could be deemed to be anyone's for a coach and a bag of sweets. I know Saints have had enough of dual reg and want A Teams back. That would make sense Saints and Wigan reserves would bring in 1500 fans at a tenner each. join ups has been tried and failed Hunslet are just Leeds lackeys basically. Stand alone at whatever level of achievement like Batley or call it a day.
  9. Law cup

    At the risk of getting shot. Wouldn't it be something if Hornets and Oldham could get funding for a joint stadium to future proof rugby league in these two strategic placed towns. Barla finals and things like that it would be ideal. A very mini Leigh sporting village.
  10. Alan Kilshaw

    Who is he? I like to think I know the game a bit, maybe I don't.
  11. Stadium Shares

    Yes, times seem to have changed Mark but I think the game has changed. Do I see a Hornets in 20 years no I don't. The game is faster and more business orientated which means the gap is so wide between the Leeds, Saints etc. Down to Hornets and Workington its obscene. Once upon a time an away trip to those clubs was a real challenge now it would be a walk over. When you lost the athletics ground and others lost their stadiums the rot set in. I love the game but I see a hybrid rugby game for the top 5 teams to drift towards basically union and what remains of rugby league will be amateur Mayfield, Saddleworth et all.
  12. John Stankevitch

    Sad news to report about the mother of John. She was killed by a car which mounted the pavement near her Widnes home whilst out walking her dog. She was 54 I am sure John will be in our thoughts.
  13. Who next?

    I liked Bomber, and his wife was a real good laugh years ago. She dropped on with him. To be honest he is not a Hornets type. Wello if he would come without a Saints connection to cut his teeth would be ideal in my view. it would be good for both parties. I think you can basically put your house on Dave Woods though, I can imagine that is a done deal.
  14. Stadium Shares

    But the whole point surely is if the RFL wish to sell the shares which did not technically fall into their lap, it was collateral against a sum of money for the old Hornets to keep afloat. The new Hornets would you think be the preferred option of the governing body to buy back the holding if they so wished. That is why I do think Hornets Nest makes a good point do the people of Rochdale but more realistically the wider fraternity have the appetite to help buy back a slice of ownership it was surely worth wider debate? "when its gone its gone"
  15. Stadium Shares

    No matter how the governing body got the shares and surely Hornets Nest is the man who would have that information they now have them. They are a business who care more about Gloucester Old Gold's than Hornets. If they get the right profit they will sell. I personally don't see what the new club can do except buy them back? However to be fair to Hornets Nest if this type of decision did take place not fight to regain ownership of the shares was taken by 40 people in a darkened room I think it bodes poorly for the future. The future then may not go beyond the current set up. Anyone who thinks Hornets 400 fans are vital to the solvency of the soccer club with meat pie and the odd pint are clutching at straws. It will not pay for the stewarding once the leaseholder re-evaluates the assessment. No soccer club wants a rugby team in the same town.