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  1. Fair comment Mark. I have just seen the PM.
  2. Good move for the club. Also the signing of Penky, even at 37 he can do a job at that level. I am looking forward to a couple of games next season with what will be some good new people attending. I just hope some of the people on the original short-lived board and then realigned short lived board can be used for the benefit of the club.
  3. That wont go down too well Billy wait for the reaction.
  4. Rochdale and Oldham as Rugby League towns have produced some belting players over the years. Sadly I just dont think the cash has ever been available to keep the better ones and allow the pro clubs to really become cemented in the top echelons of the professional game. Mayfield and Saddleworth are now maybe bettter run than the pro clubs. Saddleworth are better than Oldham in every way except they get no hand out every year.
  5. History tells you why Oldham have won it on more occasions.
  6. To be honest these things can get out of hand. Owen Oyston and his son a case in example. My Mazey does need to remember you will be challenged on potentially changing the name of a sporting institution like Swinton. However flip it over and he is not far wrong when Mazey says these clubs change or die.
  7. What those two clubs should be proud of is the Law Cup it is unique now in RL history. Widnes V Leigh played for the A&B cup. Wigan and Wire for the Locker Cup, both long gone and nothing in the past to match the Law Cup at any RL club.
  8. I do think John Drake? is a bit quick on the buzzer. The Lions fans are emotive and they expressed that. However Hornets are at the last chance saloon in some ways and Andy Mazey with others could be the way forward. What is a definite is the Chris Hamilton model works for a very very very limited audience and the supporter led concept is not sustainable long term. The evidence of the supporter led model is not a dig at the good people involved at Hornets but the books were balanced by Paul and the shared stadium ownership model went west, so all in all people bailed out as it failed.
  9. Unless I was very much mistaken I think I noticed (in my mind anyway) Hornets number 1 fan Jim Stringer watching the GB V NZ game sporting a Hornets bob hat over in Auckland. Passion and that guy go hand in hand. I must say I am very envious of the fans who have made the trip. Port Moresby I would imagine will be a culture shock though.
  10. The Baron MK2 What is the point of those replies? These are people making a point about information and communication emanating from the club. I guess it will be a skeleton staff and they must fear for the future but a website that is up to date with ways to buy membership if that is your bag? or in some cases if it suits your short term agendas or merchandise which the club needs to move to bring income should be a given in this day and age. The days of The Hornets Nest to rake in some off season cash are long gone.
  11. I agree with Gareth, Hornets should be miles ahead of Sheffield and Batley but the one thing those two clubs have is strong credible individuals at the helm who have offered stability and sustainability especially the Batley model. I will perhaps get shot down for this but perhaps it may be no bad thing to see Hornets under the football club umbrella. They are a stable organisation who seem to work well on tight margins and may just bring the volunteer ethos back, without which Mayfield may be the RL fix for local people going forward.
  12. I would take demise as meaning the end. Supporter power does he really say that? It seems the small band of supporters raise a good sum of money for the club. Perhaps sadly the days at Spotland are coming to an end. I find it sad that the Hornets Athletic Grounds money helped to turn a sty into a stadium and have nothing to show for it.
  13. The fact of the matter is many of those people "from the floor" have put blood sweat and a great deal of effort into the club. The "Officers" now need to show the troops they can be trusted especially now as they have their ball back. I really hope it works out going forward. Lets wait and see.
  14. Well done to Matty and Mayfield. Two SL forwards produced playing for the SL leaders great effort.
  15. OK I will throw my opinion in. Andy Mazey is a clever guy. Streets ahead of anything Hornets have on the board including Gavin. Cash wise he cant live with Beaumont at Leigh so moved on. Sadly for Swinton they are not sadly thought of as a Town anymore but factually and this must kill them they are now a suburb of Salford. Rochdale is still a Town and that should still count for something. Swinton have historically knocked Hornets for six but sadly and I mean sadly they move on as Manchester or die like Spellys black tie.
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