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  1. Good read gasman. Sadly the RFL missed a trick with Station Road.
  2. The fear is after Dewsbury and Batley will a wounded Leigh (following 1895 defeat and Swinton close call) hit a hundred against a Hornets team sinking further by the week. If Leigh start well the tin hats need to come out.
  3. To be honest Frank Myler at his peak wouldn't get anything from the current team. I would only judge the coach and the current set up mid way through next season. I really feel for the small number of passionate fans with no agenda for club power who keep turning up.
  4. Hornets are a great RL name who sadly have been close but never got the cigar. In the fifties they came within a whisker of the CC final only to fall to Wigan, that could have changed everything if they had got to Wembley. Then the FIJI contingent which gave the game some glamour but not much success for Hornets to be honest. Then the Myler/Coslett years when the crowds didn't match how good Hornets actually where 8-2 defeat in a floodlight final at Saints and good league positions. Then the ground sale. One way or the other and it could have gone either way. 8,500 at home to Oldham. Johnny Woods and other good players bought and it looked as if it was onward Hornets onward. Sadly it was 15 players and nothing beneath it only a refurbished stadium pushed by Hornets. Now the stadium part ownership has gone and sadly I see nothing else for Hornets only eventually a top class amateur club in the town called Mayfield. I dont really blame anyone for Hornets demise, unlike Oldham which is a scandal. Hornets never had that one thing we all need that bit of luck.
  5. To be fair it is pretty much Noah's Ark stuff today. Even the RAFC grounds-person cant hold this one back.
  6. Sadly this is the issue 18 pounds to walk up and watch Hornets and Dewsbury. I know season tickets are pretty good value but its the floating specie who used to watch his/her own club then maybe take in a Sunday game who now dont bother much. Maybe discounts for season ticket holders from other clubs/ I would value a Hornets game at 12 maybe 13 pounds.
  7. Yes the gap is wider than most imagine. Hornets going to Widnes and giving it a real dig and then backing it up by facing another full time outfit at home and capitulating. Compare and contrast that with a Div 1 scenario Coventry at home and Oldham away I feel this Hornets team would be 4 points from 4. Attendance wise Coventry or Toulouse wouldn't be much in it.
  8. Nobody can blame the coach for the current situation, fair play to him coming in when he did. To be clear I do not blame the previous coach either.
  9. No fair play to the CEO that is a good result. I would be careful prodding the footie club, they really don't want or perhaps need Hornets. Then it's Oldham Mark 2 looking to play on a stadium owned by Vespa, good scooters but how did Watersheddings with five figure crowds 30 years ago end up renting from a scooter club. If each Director does a quarter what David and Paul did financially 30 K each the club should do well even without central funding Give Matt the team he deserves Directors.
  10. Brexit is less complicated than Hornets. You have the intellectual element against the Jack boot element and nothing except Packer in the middle. Rush is to be honest is a typical town politician they love having a title, but have little to offer and everything to gain. "Have you seen councillors expenses" Gavin for CEO within 3 months? With PO that could have worked. RAFC will be watching like a hawk, can't pay won't pay on standby.
  11. I must say your eloquent commentary really needs to add more to the debate. You are a terrific political beast I haven't a clue what you want out of it all. How do you see the future Packer? Where do you see Hornets in 3 years Packer? Do you think 40 pounds was good value Packer? Where do you stand on brexit by the way? I was a remainer for my sins.
  12. I sadly believe Hornets and Oldham are frankly doomed. Hornets have a new board and pound to a penny they take the football club on, and this time they will be gone as soon as they break that lease. Merge, no not for Oldham and Hornets that is unthinkable. Should all this history be allowed to die? Most of it did when the stadiums went. Besides the diehards of a certain vintage who wants to pay 14 pounds to stand on Whitebank and watch West Wales. The central funding is going and the RFL and Rimmer will be a governance body at best. The Amateur game is the way forward and in Rochdale and Oldham is run in a superior way.
  13. When the SKY deal ends central funding ends I feel that is a given. That central funding pays administrator/ even owner wages. When one club goes in two years so will others. The deal maybe that resource and time is afforded from SLE to Saddleworth and Mayfield etc. I know this may sound awful but Oldham have not been relevant under CH for years.
  14. No I am not a sycophant like you seem to be. Gareth is a well respected journalist and like his father a real fine fellow. The point is 176K put into a club by a true gent of society who wanted to do the right thing. Significant sums of money by David Vinning. If the people who have come forward are now willing to back this up with hard cash good on them let's hear the details. What is interesting is anyone who challenges the behaviours that have been evident and reported as such we are cast as troublemakers. It sounds like a political rouse and predictably a pretty poor effort. We all have the right when parting with our hard earned how and when we do it, that is our personal perogatives. If Gareth is looking for an answer to his generalised commentary on the wider Hornets issue, I do believe if the "new" board look to push back at the football club they will be shown the door pretty quickly. Do I personally believe central funding will exist in 2 years time no I dont.
  15. WoW. Gavin has got his wish. However from being the hunter he is now the hunted. Rushie is a politician and to be honest a pretty bad one. Money where your mouths are now lads. Matt will get the budget he needs to romp through next season? As I have admitted I am a casual speccie I will leave it alone till I see the investment for next season and I don't mean 5 grand each. Intersting times I hope the real fans have a club in two years. it's the way forward if the Pratt and the Reynolds family do what David V and Paul O has done and put the money in and show the fans they mean business.
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