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  1. Fantastic piece of social history those programmes. Floodlight Final 10 000 on a Tuesday night and anybody's game I still remember it. Rochdale was a good town as well in the late seventies I remember being taken to Yates then Tiffs Sat night with Brickcroft as a full family outing on the Sunday before the train home. No RL fans in that family as I recall.
  2. Great player who served Widnes, Saints and Hornets with distinction. International wise a class act RIP.
  3. What a fantastic read Anita. One of my best rugby league days and I have been fortunate enough to have many was travelling to Celtic Crusaders (Bridgend) in a mini bus with the Hornets fanatics. Puggy was on that bus and despite the discomfort he must have felt on such a journey he was in his element. This thread shows how close Hornets came to glory and what proud clubs both Hornets and Oldham are and have been with two iconic stadiums sadly gone with many others.
  4. When Hornets beat Cas 17 - 16 and Goulding rolled back the years circa Saints 1996 he was brilliant. The crowd was touching two thousand so the atmosphere was good. I remember calling in The Albion at Shawclough for a pint and got talking to some Rochdale guys in their twenties about the game, not one of them had ever seen Hornets live which I found quite sad to be honest. I also remember going to my first Saints game at the Athletics Ground possibly around 1970 and you had the shale kop behind the goal with a tea hut perched on top selling hot pork pies. I cant remember the score but Hornets was always up for it then. One more was a cup game Hornets and HKR 1982 ish my mate from my amateur playing days Fenny was in the squad. It was a good crowd on that day and Hornets had a good go against a top HKR team. For anybody who remembers Fenny he later became one of the very first serious money lottery winners
  5. Some super league clubs are also terrified. Wouldn't it be ironic after everything RL has gone through in its history if this virus rings the end for some of our clubs. I like many others love the game not just my team but I am worried where all this virus is taking us as a society. Hopefully come the warmer weather it leaves us before it grips us. What a prospect for our old and vulnerable watch telly for 3 months.
  6. Perhaps and it is perhaps Hornets are now tennants and not part stadium owners. I remember donating framed photograph of the 1922 team. It was going to be thrown out from a Holts pub on Drake Street and a former landlady saved it
  7. A very proud club Hornets with a fascinating past. I have watched Saints play Hornets in two finals both keenly contested. One major cup win or a Challenge Cup final appearance especially in the seventies or nineties could have really pushed the club onwards. I do know Alex Murphy was very close to coaching Hornets around the time of the Kevin Harcombe signing. History is massive and should never be used as a negative or to stop progress in getting a new generation involved.
  8. If you have not please read The Forbidden Game. The FRU played patsy to the NAZI regime banning and then stripping the FRL of all their assets and they have never been returned. The RFU and WRFU have always had one agenda to kill RL at all costs. I do agree we have not helped ourselves and the heritage of building and owning our stadiums was given away too easily in my opinion. The club who I feel deserve total praise is Batley. Same ground significantly improved within budget and no financial drama that I remember and stayed as a Championship club and decent crowds for the demographic of the town. What you do though is highlight failure but never success.
  9. Yes but London Skolars have been a very well run and sustainable club and North Wales Crusaders are as well. We all I hope want well thought out expansion which is not the Rimmer inspired scattergun effect and to be honest another venture into South Wales and a few of the others were folly. Coventry and Newcastle I really hope continue to become stronger and I see a value in both, which is four in total. Hornets are lucky to now have a Chairperson who can guide some very good people to achieve business stability and then grow the fanbase up to the thousand mark in what is a good setting, although sadly no longer a shared ownership stadium. I would say to any RL fan what union have done to us over our history what happened to French RL was ten times worse and I would love to see the game in France have its day once again and expand and be supplemented with Australian RL commercial knowledge and experience.
  10. Easily done by train from Rochdale if not. Probable fastest route is Rochdale to Victoria and then the express through to York. Otherwise its the stopper on the Calder Valley to Leeds then change for the express to York. Otherwise see how much Northern are charging on the web for option 2 to Leeds and then the northern stopper from Leeds to York. The service has started to slowly improve.
  11. York have not started well and Hornets have a bit of momentum so who knows in a one off cup game. if nothing else it's a nice away game for the fans a trip to York Brewery a walk around the walls and a game of RL.
  12. Sounds really positive. Very pro-active.
  13. Seems positive on face value.
  14. Fair comment Mark. I have just seen the PM.
  15. Good move for the club. Also the signing of Penky, even at 37 he can do a job at that level. I am looking forward to a couple of games next season with what will be some good new people attending. I just hope some of the people on the original short-lived board and then realigned short lived board can be used for the benefit of the club.
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