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  1. Come on your better than this Lol cowards post stuff that gets personal without coming out themselves, - Ive DM'd you my number Mark Reynolds
  2. At last a post from you that actually makes sense and is in fact spot on. No need to keep going on about piles and what you are having for tea.
  3. The thread has become all about Swinton again. Let's get the vote done and move on.
  4. The quicker the new era at Hornets starts the better get the vote done and move on - nik of time stuff. Thank god the end is in sight for those AGM's in it's current format.
  5. Brilliant article and subsequent post Gareth - as to what happens next well that will unfold as the weeks crack on. However personally I can no longer continue as a member (not that this will cause any ripples) given the trashed process of the AGM an absolute disaster and travesty of the so called democratic process (against supposedly all of what a co-operative stands for). I guess that Supporters Direct have no idea of what has actually gone on. I will continue to attend and support the team through the turnstiles when I can but pointless taking part in any future voting. Regards to the family.
  6. I'm guessing that two statements are imminent - one from the club (CEO) and one from 100% Hornets who called for the vote of no confidence in the Board. Spare a thought for Mr Calland.
  7. There will be a club statement issued later today. I'd just like to say that it was fantastic to listen to the Chair (best not name names) speak so passionately about the club, she delivered the speech in an ultra professional manner to a silent floor. The strain of the last few week was evident for all to see - take a bow Chair and the rest of the Board for bringing some semblance of order back and being so honest with Members. Well Done.
  8. I think the main concern is that the meeting is run within the society rules and certainly with better governance on the evening. Surely individuals jumping up out of their seats, charging out of he room, slamming doors and returning waving pieces of blank paper around threatening members with this that and the other cannot be tolerated. Lets hope that the top table can be heard for once and they are allowed to run the meeting, this has not previously been the case. The agenda is set by the Officers / Directors and not the floor of the meeting on the night. Lets wait and see, Mark Reynolds
  9. So Lol how do you help the club out in your own little way? I'll help you out on this one - How many lottery memberships do you hold? Are you a season ticket holder? Are you a member? Do you volunteer? Do you sponsor? Even money says zip
  10. Excellent piece Gareth and a shame you cant stay on the Board but I understand the conflict of interest. I'm sure you're expertise will be tapped into from time to time. I suppose like all news the AGM is now wrapping chips in Willbutts Lane chippy and its now time to crack on starting with Toulouse on the weekend.
  11. The whole election process from day one was a farce from wrong address on paperwork to the number of elected positions - was it 6 or 9. I suggest starting the whole process again taking everyone along with the process with no alterations made half way through. The top 6 or 9 are duly elected and then move on. TS The new co has no moral high ground on how life long volunteers have / were treated and in most cases had given a lifetime of service like your good self. Good luck at Widnes today - I can remember a couple of famous wins there and the 4-4 draw (I think) in 1998? I'll be following from sunny Colne.
  12. If you read the second paragraph properly that would be helpful.
  13. Surly there is a happy medium here that the supporters can expect. I don't think anyone should be expected to empty their bank account - but being a Director has a financial implication attached to it - otherwise just be a volunteer. If every Director going forward brought in / had to raise 5k minimum that's 50k for players. What a boost that would be. How can a Director keep asking people for money and then not tipping up themselves. It has no credibility that model - nor does it make any sense whatsoever. I find it astonishing how you dumb down the importance of money - its' a semi pro RL club that generates a wage bill and on costs. Selling raffle tickets / pens and pencils is great and much needed but it doesn't cut it when trying to compete with Batley, Dewsbury, York etc - its time to talk money at Hornets and how its going to be brought in and raised. Anyhow something needs to change that's for sure. Sorry for any typos (specs at home)
  14. You really can't see that changing the rules of an AGM after the paperwork has been signed off by the organisation and sent out to the members is not totally unconstitutional at worst and at best so unprofessional it is beyond belief. Why should members have any faith whatsoever in the process. Only three board members can now be co-opted on instead of six - no difference there then? The six spots could have actually been taken by people who have the ability to save the club. Cash Cash Cash this is the only component that will save the club.
  15. John Stapleton comes all the time - its a slow process but I'm sure loads more could be encouraged to come along. It would be great to see all of the ex players trying to help the plight. Years ago dozens used to come along but they have stopped coming for some reason. Kevin Flanagan, Steve McGiffen, Kevin Lowe. A mini bus used to come from Leigh regularly. This can only be a good thing. If as stated they have also swelled the membership that is great as every penny counts, surely a representative could then be co-opted to the Board under the current rules? As I understand it after the election process there will still be 6 vacancies on the Board.
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