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  1. Stanningley v Waterhead off any details?
  2. So sad to see Elland have withdrawn from the league. The only mention on NCL website is the fixture list and tables have been adjusted.
  3. Hi Big Mac It used to come under 'about', I've just looked again it only gives procedure for club administration to follow.
  4. How can you find the latest disciplinary sanctions, they used to be on the website
  5. I've just noticed on the website that Clubs has been removed from the menu bar giving no information who to contact. If you need info you have to Google the team. Why remove it until the update is ready.
  6. That's only the cost of coach hire, strapping and laundry of kit. Wouldn't be much difference
  7. I've been away for the past week and just catching up. I see a player was sent off in the game between Clock Face and Rylands Sharks which was abandoned. How will the disciplinary committee handle this one?
  8. I've just been on website hoping to contact a club and noticed the 'Clubs' on the toolbar have been removed along with all contact numbers etc. What's Going On!
  9. Sad to hear their clubhouse has burnt down suspected arson attack
  10. Stop telling lies Al Fall you're 69 not 68
  11. Does anyone know when the rule regarding 40/20 kicks came in. If you don't have official referees assistants the rule doesn't apply. I was at a game on Saturday when it was applied
  12. All Fall, if it isn't sorted soon it will be like getting in to debt and ignoring it. It will only get worse and become too large of a task.
  13. If my memory is right I think a similar number entered last year. A sign of the times the game is facing.
  14. Normall by this time I would have 90% of my stats done in preparation for next weekend program now I'll have to wait until tomorrow for the rugby papers. Dewsbury Celtic 21 St. Annes 14 Dewsbury Moor 30 Waterhead 0
  15. Shocking state of affairs. When they switched to summer rugby they were promised better coverage and IT assistance. Maybe it's the funding