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  1. Mr Smeaton

    New NCL Teams

    Trevor Hunt said in last weeks League Express that ten clubs were showing an interest in applying to join the NCL. On the downside, four or five clubs were considering quitting with one club facing financial problems. He did say they will be talking to these clubs to try and get a solution.
  2. Mr Smeaton

    New NCL Teams

    Is that including Walney?
  3. Mr Smeaton

    BARLA GB - England Lions

    According to this weeks League Express it’s too late for a replacement. Shame for the lad
  4. Mr Smeaton

    Hunslet P

    Just read in Phil Hodgson’s column, there are two clubs considering withdrawing from the NCL with another folding altogether. It’s not looking good. Has anyone heard which clubs these are?
  5. Mr Smeaton

    NCL Finals TV Coverage

    I missed the games on the live stream but according to listings this morning on free sports channel 95 the showing is at 10-00
  6. Mr Smeaton

    Tri county series

    Although it may still be a honour to represent your county, it's become a farce when the national side has already been selected. In my day it was via club, district league, county with the ultimate goal being selected for England/BARLA. What's the point of a player traveling from Hull to Castleford to train then making a trek up to Cumbria knowing the position he plays someone is sat at home waiting to go to the other side of the world. It could only happen in rugby league.
  7. Mr Smeaton


    I can't find the latest discipline report on the NCL website it only shows the June report in the disciplinary section
  8. Mr Smeaton


    You're right about loyalty, a couple of years ago we raised the money for a lad to go on tour. He signed for a semi professional club on his return played as substitute for a couple of games and then joined one of our local rivals
  9. Mr Smeaton

    Stanley Rangers leave NCL

    I think it would have been time consuming for admin staff to adjust the table so this was the easiest way at this stage of the season. I think this is the first time it has happened
  10. Mr Smeaton


    Cheers much appreciated
  11. Does anyone know the latest update on disciplinary. It was on the website at one time
  12. Does anyone know the latest update on disciplinary. It was on the website at one time
  13. Mr Smeaton

    oulton v milford

    Trevor Hunt the Chairman of the NCL who was commentating on the game said he had never seen or known it to happen before. Maybe the referee came through the Pennine league and this rule is implemented
  14. Mr Smeaton

    Another weekend of postponements?

    Gateshead v Oldham St. Annes off
  15. Mr Smeaton

    Blackbrook ARLFC

    Sad, in their opening game at St. Annes they only had 16 players available and it included the coaching staff. Their facilities at Boardman Lane are fantastic. I don't know what the solution is.