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  1. Barla National Cup

    Smeaton have a long trip in the next round also Wigan St. Cuthberts face another journey to Cumbria
  2. Barla National Cup

    Marauder, Toll Bar 11-13 St. Annes Toll Bar's scrum half slotted over a drop goal to nudge them in front for the first time then Kiel Lancashire equalised for the visitors before Matthew Whitehead rounded off with a penalty goal two minutes from time. It would have been good to meet up with you
  3. New registration system

    You're right that was quite simple. The golden rule has been broken 'If it isn't broken, don't fix it '
  4. Challenge cup 2018

    Just read Aaron Bower's interview with Nigel Wood in RLLE and he explained why Toulouse haven't entered the challenge cup. I remember when amateur clubs were well rewarded financially when they played e.g. Silk Cut were the sponsors now the money has dried up. When Wath Brow traveled to Portsmouth it cost them a small fortune
  5. 2018 ncl

    I managed to get them on the website and when I tried later I tried all the links only able to get division three. Is the Canadian company compiling the fixtures again, if so they should get Alan Parker on board at least he knows the locality of the clubs.
  6. Challenge cup 2018

    No, I read in one of the trade papers they were not participating
  7. Challenge cup 2018

    In reply to Hunslet green&gold about clubs not entering the RFL's prestigious trophy, how come Toulouse haven't entered?
  8. 2018 Sponsors

    Spidey, I don't think the NCL would be too happy if you give a kit to your 2nd team I think they would expect you to reverse the colours in the second year. Just my view.
  9. 2018 Sponsors

    I've no complaints if they're supplying kits, but I've read many times this season that Super League coaches aren't happy with the ball and they are supposed to be looking into it. Or am I mistaken?
  10. 2018 Sponsors

    I know one club in Dewsbury where a committee member has his own sportswear company. It could be embarrassing for him.
  11. 2018 Sponsors

    Thanks do you know the website address for NCL clubs shops has mentioned in this weeks RLLE for more info
  12. Does anyone know the details of the Rhino/Arnold Clark sponsorship for next season
  13. Blackbrook 2017

    Thanks only it has happened twice in recent weeks
  14. Blackbrook 2017

    Have Millom withdrawn from the NCL only according to the proposed division 3 format in this weeks RLLE they're not included
  15. Blackbrook 2017

    Have Blackbrook satisfied the management committee regarding last nights meeting?