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  1. Did West Bowling use this ground about 20+ years ago when they played in the Pennine League? I just looked up on Google maps and it looks familiar. They used to strip at a pub on Manchester Road and you had to walk to the pitch. I may be wrong though. You're right Mr Rooster, the criteria is slipping fast since the switch to Summer Rugby, e.g. no programmes/no 'A' teams
  2. As a neutral fan on Saturday, it was a very well contested game. I admit both sets of fans contributed to the foul language from where I was sat, another disappointment was I didn't see any programmes on sale considering the outcome of the finalists was confirmed quite a few weeks ago.
  3. I was just looking at the league tables for Division Two after last nights game between Blackbrook and Stanley Rangers. It appears that the result between Leigh East and Bradford Dudley Hill has been confirmed 46-14 for the Yorkshire side. Has anyone heard anything different?
  4. The venue for the final is at the Manchester Regional Arena, side of Manchester City's ground (Etihad Stadium). Anybody attending by public transport the tram would be the best bet. Day Ticket £5.00p, Family Ticket £6.20p (Two Adults + 3 Children) and it will take you to the Grand Final at Old Trafford also later in the day. At this moment I don't know the Kick-off times.
  5. It's sad to say, but, it looks like Castleford Panthers have folded once again. All remaining fixtures have been removed from the NCL website plus the league tables have been adjusted accordingly. Although no official statement announced on website.
  6. Does anyone know what is happening at the Panthers, only, they have failed two games in recent weeks. it would be a shame to see them bow out especially having been re-accepted at the AGM this year.
  7. Thanks for that Cutsyke Raiders, much appreciated.
  8. Does anyone know when the Disciplinary Committee are next meeting?. Only according to website they haven't met since 18 April or do they not post sanctions anymore?.
  9. I see the NCL are considering allowing Thornhill Trojans to play their Challenge Cup game against Stanningley so they can play in the semi-final of the BARLA National Cup. when at the start of the summer campaign the categorically stated that you NCL games had priority. The mind boggles, thank goodness I'm no longer involved in administration.
  10. It will be interesting to see what side Thornhill turn out on the day, because they're scheduled to play Stanningley NCL Challenge Trophy competition on 30 April. there was a lot of discontent last season when Egremont sent their second team to Lock Lane and got beat 98-4
  11. Hi Beefy it says in tonight's local paper that the Saddlewporth v Shaw Cross game is off, the Dewsbury outfit can't raise a side but you're playing Celtic hope you raise loads of money for a good cause
  12. Millom are at home Al. I think you mean three Copeland sides. It would be great if they could stagger the kick off times
  13. Reading this weeks Rugby Leaguer League Express, Division Three will only consist of NINE clubs next season. Is this feasible for the clubs concerned?. Only having eight home fixtures.
  14. Maxwell, I don't know if they have any other games arranged. Sorry.
  15. England v Wales @ Hindley 28 November