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  1. I understand Askam are holding a pitch inspection at 8-30 Saturday morning for their game against Oldham St. Anne’s
  2. Davo I think a few clubs are struggling for money. I saw last season teams travelling in cars and not just for local derby games but from both sides of the M62 corridor. In fact, one of those games they traveled over 100 miles. It only needs one vehicle to get stuck in traffic or a breakdown and they could struggle to get a side out.
  3. I know it’s the other code, but, watching some teams they have far more sponsors on their kit than all league teams put together. Mind, they’re all National or International companies
  4. Yes the Batley v St. Anne’s game was only settled in the last minute. Matt Whitehead’s touch line conversion of Callum Cashin’s second try. The boys led 12- nil at halftime and had the advantage of the slope, but the Oldham side dug deep to record four wins on the trot. A feat last recorded in 2014.
  5. I think you will find that the criteria isn’t has demanding now. This season I have visited two new venues and the walk from the dressing rooms to the pitch is outrageous. Alfred Wainwright didn’t walk that far
  6. I have heard today from two different clubs that next year there is to be another division. The bottom four teams in division three will drop down. Is this a rumour or is it being discussed?
  7. I was at a game last week when the visitors traveled over from Yorkshire in cars. One of their committee said they only use coaches for travel to Cumbria due to the cost. What happens if a car breaks down or a traffic jam on the M62?
  8. Does anyone know what happened to the team sheets which appeared on Monday morning on the website. They disappeared later in the day
  9. HGG 1/6 Cumbria 2/6 hope you have better luck in the lottery tonight
  10. Well said Chisholm you’re spot on
  11. HGG it doesn’t surprise me. Maybe they’re waiting for you to return it.
  12. If this is true, I can see a few more clubs withdrawing from the league due to the high cost of coach travel. I noticed last year that a few clubs traveled by cars to our venue and I’m not talking about local derbies.
  13. I may be wrong, but I thought the RFL was in charge after the switch to summer rugby. All results are sent to them and if you are appealing against a suspension don’t they deal with it. Whereas in the past it was BARLA
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