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  1. What duties will the Covid officers take on? Will they have to turn up for training nights, will you need more than one for the second and U-18’s teams. What about track and trace should a player/volunteer test positive. It’s worrying times.
  2. How will the disciplinary work out? If players have served their suspension will they have to serve it again if the season gets scrapped? I know a few have been sent off this year and in a case for Homophobic language. This is totally unacceptable
  3. I remember the late Peter Deakin returning to his grassroots club St. Anne’s in 1995 and he had some merchandise in his car from America and he introduced the club to purchase polo shirts and caps. After a few months he moved to Bradford and he suggested that the club change their name to the Bulls. And the rest is history. He did a similar job at Saracens with the Fez.
  4. I agree players and coaches move on. Egremont have made two trips to Castleford and Rochdale. Another club has made two trips to Cumbria at a cost of £900 and you say start again. The fixtures are already sorted and if they did start in late March there’s a good chance they won’t be postponed
  5. If there are no games this year, why not re-commence where we left off this season and begin on 20th March 2021. A couple of clubs have made long distances it would be unfair to ask them to pay again for coach hire. Where games were called off due to the weather, they too could be played on the corresponding day in 2021
  6. Thanks Kev P. Sorry for the delay in replying only I’ve had to put rugby on hold at the present time
  7. Kev P It is for St. Anne’s seasons 2000-2005. I’m sorry I can’t remember which division
  8. Kev P If you could supply tables and results please I would be more than grateful. How do I give you my email address
  9. Big Doug You’re right to say Manchester RFU is on Victoria Ave, but BAe played there games at the Lancaster club bottom of Broadway. When Oldham MBC bought the land there was a condition that they found the football team a ground. They purchased Chamber Colliery on Whitebank Road and that’s where Oldham RLFC play their League 1 games. Unfortunately it isn’t up to Championship standards
  10. Could anyone help with supplying records for the North West Counties League between 2000 and 2005. Due to a break in at our club the computer and the discs got damaged
  11. British Aerospace has disappeared the clubhouse is still there it’s a listed building. The land was sold for housing
  12. Just seen on the BBC North West news that Lever are closing their Warrington plant. Will this affect CROSFIELDS. I sincerely hope not
  13. Oldham St. Anne’s v Gateshead Storm off
  14. I understand Askam are holding a pitch inspection at 8-30 Saturday morning for their game against Oldham St. Anne’s
  15. Davo I think a few clubs are struggling for money. I saw last season teams travelling in cars and not just for local derby games but from both sides of the M62 corridor. In fact, one of those games they traveled over 100 miles. It only needs one vehicle to get stuck in traffic or a breakdown and they could struggle to get a side out.
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