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  1. I paid and watched. But begrudgingly. Fact is, on a rainy Saturday morning, the RFL missed an opportunity to reach a big audience on free to air. No 'neutral' buys access.
  2. That I never saw play: Brian Bevan That I did: Ellery Hanley
  3. Definitely. He has his downsides (suspect defence on occasions) but... (A) never doubt his devotion to the team (B) he's the fastest player in SL
  4. I'm still perplexed as to why Ryan Atkins is still persona non grata. And, for that matter, Josh Jones who can cover centre and second row. Why they are overlooked for another Aussie qualifier beats me.
  5. I know. But, this...
  6. I think that's a little harsh. Agreed, a couple of howlers, but the unseen damage is harder to quantify. He takes a lot of energy out of defending forwards.
  7. Really impressed with Savelio, Atkins and Lineham today. Hitting the line at full bore.
  8. I've always wondered why a team opts to punt lamely into touch after a penalty rather than boot it another twenty yards down the pitch. Why ask your players to expend that energy making up the ground that a well drilled kick Jonny Wilkinson stylee would do for nothing?
  9. Benny Westwood is a legend. I hope he gets a job for life at Warrington, but not in the playing squad. He's past his best by a long way, and is now taking up space ( when not banned). Cooper, on the other hand, has completely underwhelmed. I think he reckoned having the "I've played in the NRL" badge would be enough. It isn't. Yes, he's got a good engine, but that's not enough if you're making little impact for all the minutes on the pitch.
  10. Things are looking up!
  11. First part right, second bit so very wrong.
  12. Just look at Castleford's "points for" tally in the table. Just. Look. Hats off. What a tight knit unit they have become.
  13. Salford by four clear tries.
  14. My heart so very much wants Warrington to get their season started in the (vanishingly) slim hope they can still make it. My head says, not a motherflippin' chance unless Smith has threatened humane euthanasia in the event of a loss. And that still might not be enough.
  15. There's no doubt that whatever is happening behind the scenes at Warrington is affecting a large number of players, though certainly not all. Clark and Sims, for example, consistently give their lot, and I don't believe any blame should be laid at their door. But others? They look unsettled and distinctly fed up. There's no venom, and no connection.