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  1. Freesport trailing RLWC 2017

    I wouldn't read too much into it. Big sporting events don't really get trailed by the broadcaster until a few weeks beforehand. This is because advance promotional slots (which are in finite supply) are exactly that: promotion for a particular programme to entice viewers. That said, my argument has long been that RL bodies are extremely poor at media relations. This feeds into the lack of 'news' problem when, in actual fact, news outlets love having stuff written and made for them. Journalists are generally lazy (source: 10 years teaching them) and if you do half the work for them it pays dividends.
  2. Wigans lost £600k for last season

    Inclined to agree with you. Selling a freehold property to go and rent another long-term with no plans to buy is about as stupid as it gets.
  3. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    Sentence 1 I wholeheartedly agree with. Ditto sentence 2. But North America is not a fantasy sideshow. Those people turning up to enjoy an event are not figments of your imagination. Nor will be the opening up of a vast talent pool within a decade.
  4. Milloudi looks like a handy player! Good signing by Hull, and hopefully he gets a slot in the France World Cup squad.
  5. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    Sweet mother of all that's Holy, this thread has become a depression-fest. I used to watch Warrington in the 80s when six thousand would have been considered a great crowd. Now it would be considered a dreadful one. It's about perspective. RL has its issues we all need to address in the next decade but, as Mark Twain said "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". So, let's buck the hell up and enjoy watching the Toronto WP bring in thousands of new fans to the game v. Doncaster.
  6. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    I think Tony Smith's comments are those of a man who "can't be ars#'d". And this, in turn, perhaps sheds some light on why Warrington's season was so vapid. It's just a grumble. Yes, I think he has some valid points, but there's still more to be positive about than sanguine. If anything, both individual clubs and the game as a whole need to remember that they are in the entertainment business. "Workmanlike" performances from characterless players doesn't sell. Paying fans want to watch the fastest and the hardest knocking seven bells out of one another, and the more colourful the character the better ( see Toronto Wolfpack for further details of how to put bums on seats in this regard). League has indeed lost some of its mojo. It just needs to remember what it had that made people sit up and take notice.
  7. Ashton Sims to the Wolfpack?

    More than two, I can assure you. Media-friendly and identifiable to the general public Rarely injured Always gave it his best shot Nice bloke Going to be tough to replace.
  8. Ashton Sims to the Wolfpack?

    The most marketable, media-friendly, player they have had in years. Wire will certainly be a little less characterful next season, and I know my little lad will lose a bit of interest. Wish him well.
  9. Wire - place your bets

    I far, far prefer the sound of that (or another fondly remembered ex-player) to any of the merry-go-round-same-old-same-old Aussie coaches with absolutely diddley-squat connection to the club. Alternatively, Warrington need something out of left-field. Anyone asked Shaun Edwards what he's up to these days?
  10. Great Names of RL Players

    Wayne Kerr. Irish international.
  11. Great Names of RL Players

    Well that's my fireworks proverbially extinguished! Well done Mrs H.
  12. Great Names of RL Players

    Yes. Shane Hayne. Ok, so he's a referee, but can you imagine the scene in the maternity unit... Midwife: "He's a bouncing baby boy, Mrs Hayne. Watcha gonna call the little fella?" Mrs Hayne: "Shane". Midwife: "Jeez, that's got a bonzer ring to it, Mrs Hayne. 'Shane Hayne'." *Sound of beer can ringpulls* (With apologies to all Australians, including Mrs Hayne, for appalling stereotyping)
  13. Grand Final Entertainment announced...

    I couldn't agree more. The sound for last year's final broadcast varied between atrocious and abysmal. It sounded like an ambient mic had been put in an infant's school.
  14. Tony Smith leaving Wolves (merged threads)

    Two totally different human beings. Briers has a Joie de Vivre and infectious enthusiasm that Cunningham never had.
  15. Tony Smith leaving Wolves (merged threads)

    Lack of evidence elsewhere does not imply inability in this case. And, as I said, he has experience in the *international* game, which is pretty damn good provenance.