See England take on the best at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup

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  1. Castleford were electric, and Warrington complacent for the first 40. However, if I've got to see my team lose, I'd rather it were to an exceptional Cas ( who I've always liked since sitting next to Andrew Timson's family at Wilderspool as a young lad) than almost anyone else. It's uncomfortable to see Wire at the foot of the table, but by the end of the regular season they will be top 4. With Castleford.
  2. Earlier in this thread I said I wanted to say "we were there". Well, "we were there"!
  3. We're doomed, Captain Man(Fred)wairing! DOOMED I tell ye!
  4. I think you're right. We all know how compelling they are as an attacking side when a few points down with ten minutes to go. I always find myself wishing they played like that for the full 80 as there are few more dangerous sides in either hemisphere. Let's hope they do just that on Saturday, because they *will* beat Brisbane if they do. I have no doubt about it.
  5. Enough of this positivity, Manfred.
  6. Despite having bought my tickets for the Warrington match ages ago, I had a look at their online ticketing service and found that there aren't many seats left. The HJ will be close to capacity at the very least.
  7. Oh ye of little faith. The Warrington backline isn't exactly a sluggish troop of asthmatic fat blobs, for God's sake.
  8. Having Cooper and Sims in the middle will help. It's familiar territory for them. Also expect newbie Savelio to put in a shift ( he was one of Saints' outstanding players last time he was in a WCC match, from memory). It's going to be closer than a lot of people think.
  9. I reckon that if Warrington play ****-or-bust, balls-out rugby they could just, just, sneak it. Big ask, but that's why my little lad and I are driving over 300 miles to go to the match. Then we can say "we were there!"
  10. In short, fundamental supply and demand economics. You seem to be labouring under the delusion that there is, and always has been, a finite number of Rugby League players. And maybe that they only come from within a 30 mile radius of Hunslet. There isn't. But if you pay peanuts, you don't get the supply. Let's say a massive seam of gold was uncovered under Stoke on Trent. No one in Stoke on Trent is presently a gold miner. But there would soon be plenty of people risking their lives to make good money. And that brings me on to another of my grumbles: the salary cap. Same reasoning.
  11. A re-energised multinational Challenge Cup, World Club Series, increased player pool for internationals. Super League can stay as it is. What's not to like?
  12. Am I wrong in concluding that some people are concerned that a successful American (or other far flung corners of the globe) competition would be bad for English Rugby League? That it would be a devastating drain on the English talent pool? I sincerely hope so, because it is the most fatuous tosh I've seen posted on these boards. Clearly some people would be happier watching Hull play Widnes 8 times a season (with all due respect to those fine teams).
  13. All I want are the very best athletes - large and small - playing the game, and I really couldn't give a monkeys if they are from Canada, Australia, Dewsbury or Tuvalu. It also doesn't matter if they originate from the grassroots of the game, the other one, NFL or polevaulting.
  14. Gaddis is clearly some athlete. Couple that with a clear desire to develop in the game and you really do have to wish him the very best.
  15. Just making something more that grabs the wider public's attention would be a step in the right direction. Internationals are one way, as would be a meaningful WCC which straddled the globe and was on free to air broadcast. What it isn't is endless league matches between just 12 teams which continues, effectively uninterrupted, from February to November. Too repetitive, and it kills the goose which lays the golden egg (the classic derbies) because they have become jejeune. I'd rather see RL go down fighting by expanding the top tier to 18, including another French (or elsewhere) side. If a group such as Toulouse or Toronto think they have a viable business plan, let it happen. Salary caps have to be consigned to the bin - they have passed their best before date and are now killing the game. I would NEVER consider buying a business in which a regulatory authority told me what proportion of income I should spend one on aspect. Standards are one thing, diktats and a licence to trade are another. Yes, salary caps create an uneven playing field in some respects. However, a good analogy is a high street of little shops which prevent an M&S or Starbucks from opening there. Their theory is that having big business in their midst takes trade away but, in actual fact, it brings in more paying customers who then buy from the little guys.