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  1. Wins by Salford and London make this so important for both these teams hopes. Not seen the Giant squad but feel they have enough big game players who need to step up and can win this.
  2. Also on BBC according to rugbyleagueontv. Excellent.
  3. Leeds cup final win was great. The team seemed to hang in defensively at the end - was it nerve wracking or did adrenaline get you by?
  4. Good news. I'm sure the RFL can still involve Bernard as well. That would be nice.
  5. I've come round to enjoying play offs over the years having originally thought league leaders was best. So Top 5 for me. What is the history if any of GF winners from positions 3 to 5?
  6. I'm lucky to be drinking ice cold Estrella beer from a rooftop overlooking Barcelona. Hope Leeds can make a lovely evening better!
  7. Wigan FC also make a signing - unless I have been duped? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49206457
  8. Leeds . Performance if not results has picked up. Time to win....
  9. Agree. It's probably my misconception but on the rare time I see him on TV he does seemingly drop the ball often. He will add to Super League and i look forward to that.
  10. Excellent match to watch on BBC. Close and committed until the hooter. Both good teams in tricky conditions and crowd came over well.
  11. I read the pieces on Phil Larder, West Indies and Silverback's (?) so far. All good.
  12. Leeds win on basis of a good luck omen. I Spotted for the first time a Leeds shirt in this bit of middle England. Nice chap too and seemed to know his stuff, he wasn't confident for Leeds ..
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