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  1. Leeds win on basis of a good luck omen. I Spotted for the first time a Leeds shirt in this bit of middle England. Nice chap too and seemed to know his stuff, he wasn't confident for Leeds ..
  2. Great win Bears. Credit to coach and squad who have dealt with star player to Thunder, ground move(s) and disruptive weekends without fixtures.
  3. There is something exciting about Warrington. My 13 year old has taken to them after good recent cup runs and now with some exciting players. The club has created a good vibe. He also has one over my team in the bottom 3!
  4. well i didn't need that coin really. great result Hull. the swings in results for these two teams has been whacky but maybe FC has turned a corner as they seem set for play offs and a top 3 finish?
  5. I am just going to flip a coin. Heads Hull win ..... Heads it is. Hull
  6. I was going to suggest Wigan the team that could make top 5 in place of Cas. A wakefield win today could see them replace CA's though? Cats also have potential to drop out of top 5?
  7. Yes good luck to the guy. It is a shame as he seems to have been a great performer for Bears. Bears must be working really hard with this and ground issues to keep continuity - or is L1 life tough as this always?
  8. Watching live stream. That second Donny try was great. Try of the week I reckon.
  9. Welcome back Tony and good luck at KR!
  10. Agree with that. Really enjoyed the match and Barrow win. Missed the last few minutes. My lad said the timing went awry. The clock ended on 85 minutes?
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