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  1. 25.04 today fastest since 2017. Pacer 25 was great. Harborough is flat and fast- some tight corners. I have entered Ramathon 4 June. My son was running Leeds half tomorrow from Headingly, but bad knee all week sadly.
  2. Israel, Norway and Poland my faves.
  3. Woolacombe looks spectacularly tough. I ran Watermead yesterday. It got briefed as a PB course. No PB, but first time I broke 60% average so a good day for me.
  4. I will Run it when dry! A tough climb i expect that will take me over my 26 min. Average. A flat one nearby at Abbey Park had event 1 saturday.
  5. Stratford Upon Avon ParkRun yesterday. Includes lovely 500m along the riverbank footpath opposite RSC theatre. Flat, narrow course but good for me as the field stretched after lap 1 of 3.
  6. Honestly why talk about car parking charges? It's a decent match.
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