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  1. Takes me back 30 years to a nice summer spent in Vaasa and fond memories of Suomi. I twisted my knee at Rutland Water parkrun this week. I will probably rest and volunteer the next 4 weeks now.
  2. Missed having no F! this week. Ordinarily i am ambivalent but find this year the competition is compelling and nip/tuck. Hope its on next week and i guess 5 or 6 races left?
  3. I saw several wild camping at North Berwick last summer. Looked great with BBQ on the beach and tents in the dunes. There was a car park with some facilities which must help.
  4. Excellent win Doncaster. Well done NWC, great to follow your results this season.
  5. Myrtle parkrun today. Tough. 4 laps and 4 ascents from the bank of the River Aire to the level of Bingley High Street.
  6. Ethan Haytor top 10 in the time trial yesterday. He is a new name to me these past few months. Seems to be a genuine talent. Not sure if Tom Pidock is in the road race?
  7. 67:17 as tail walker last Saturday. The visually impaired runner (with guide) in front of me was delighted with a 30s pb. Excellent. Rested my poorly leg. Hope to be in Yorkshire this weekend to complete a tourisim park run.
  8. I was a tourist at Kettering. Great to parkrun around the amusements of Wicksteed Park, criss cross its narrow guage railway and over a lake by (wobbly) pontoon bridge. It's a real pleasure to run any parkrun, they're all unique and friendly. I'll volunteer next week as suffering form a sore achilles. I've ordered some of that tape seen on other runners and am told its quite useful.
  9. I was timekeeper yesterday. My first stint at that. All good. Worked well with the other timekeeper and we counted the same 285 runners. it got a bit hectic as bunches arrived around 25 mins. We both intentionally missed the runner (first timer it turned out) who did 2 instead of 3 laps. The funnel manager gave them a token and they got a time at 79% age grade. That later got retracted from the results, they must have realised the missing lap and challenge of repeating that standard!
  10. Lam's reported comments on BBC are very flat: It's tough. When you don't have confidence, you don't have cohesion and you just start playing on your own. "We look like a rudderless ship. Our spine and key players are not combining well. We seem to have a different full-back each week, it makes it really hard to build any momentum
  11. Cov. (Need win to stay in good play off contention?) Raiders Hunslet Workington.
  12. I like the occasional new parkrun and looked at Normanby course map. It does look a squiggly route! Great PB. I was lucky to be in Skipton this week but couldn't make PR which looked nice. My PB dates to 2017 but i am recently getting near my best age grade at 60% on a hilly course at Rugby. My regular course this weekend which is flat so maybe break 60%.
  13. i somehow managed to reverse token order when handing out in 2019 It haunts me still! Nevertheless it is great to volunteer.
  14. Great to do parkrun last Saturday. Brilliant turnouts and positive media
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