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  1. I ran Northampton (racecourse) yesterday. I had no idea there was an historic racecourse there. It was a big, flat loop, but not quick for me! Happy fifteenth birthday parkrun!
  2. yes but M.Johnson explained it was good coaching! GB&NI in the 400m male final by another's disqualification. Strange to see us struggle in that event. Brilliant results for Dina and KJT - who is more steely than she appears given her big championship history of DQ etv..
  3. Did you get to run, and quick or steady?
  4. Good post. I'll vote South but will be happy either way, doubly so if one of these guys is a match winner .
  5. After Leeds I spread my interest across: Wolves - Haven - Bears
  6. SL: Salford / Hudds CH: Swinton /Rochdale L1: Haven / Coventry
  7. I've completed 90 runs now so well set for my 100 target this year. I volunteer at a rate of 10% my runs. Scanning this week. My last volunteer stint on tokens was a mess. With another guy we mixed the token order somehow. Results came out after a lot of work and adjustment at 4:30pm which is a PB as slowest results issued at that PR!
  8. Heaven knows I'm miserable now.... Not a very uplifting title in an improving magazine. A little generalised to say go online and supporters seem more pessimistic and downbeat? Good London weekend piece.
  9. Luckily for me the Lancaster flew over today. Fabulous sight. The Red Arrows usually appear 4-5 times a year. Being on the edge of Lincolnshire helps. But I do hope I get chance to see Aussies next year!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49497501 Kingston Park. Good choice.
  11. Harsh if one game makes the difference? Walmsley, Coote and Grace all particularly under performed I felt.
  12. Clark's cover defence yesterday and previous week (?) was so, so good it maybe shifts him ahead of Roby?
  13. Absorbing and entertaining match. My Wire supporting son was well happy. Clark was great. Saints error count seemed really high and exceeded by far mistakes of Wire and officials - but contributed to the excitement. I'm sure Saints will be looking to correct this performance big time in the Top 5.
  14. The poll on this is pretty evenly split. Is Gelling playing for Widnes? He's a player who can shine at Wembley.
  15. Sadly you gave good answers to my earlier posts asking players to step up and were proved correct.
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