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  1. Barrow Raiders London Skolars Coventry Bears Keighley Cougars Doncaster
  2. West Wales Raiders v Barrow Raiders Doncaster v London Skolars Hunslet v Rochdale Hornets North Wales Crusaders v Coventry Bears Workington Town v Keighley Cougars Really looking forward to Cru. v Bears. A good match up and genuine chance for Bears to keep the winning habit.
  3. Great result Bears. WWR looked decent at their televised challenge cup match and i am pleased with this win
  4. A star on the pitch. Some urban legend sories about his off pitch activity in the Leicester student area . I am sure his biography is titled One hump or two....
  5. Really enjoyed that half. Nice looking setting too. Widnes stretching away now but great to watch on iPlayer
  6. Danny McAlinden. Before my time but this is a proper heavyweight contest.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/56420308
  8. I watched Robin Hood today. Good fun. It is a little before my time but the theme tune is so familiar it must have been big in its day.
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