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  1. Thanks. I bought the Swiss Military and have only just logged in here to read your Seiko advice. More fool me . Hopefully the one i now have will do ok.
  2. i have been without for 18 months after smashing my watch. I've been looking at Swiss military timepieces rrp £200 ish, but a lot of variation/options. Any knowledge if these are decent or just good marketing?
  3. Yes I read he was watching Roosters. All good fun.?
  4. i lived briefly in Cople and then Bedford. The River Great Ouse at Bedford embankment is a delight.
  5. Yes I saw this again. Never tire of a great film or Sid James.
  6. I really enjoyed the sci fi Sunday on horror channel (freeview 70) ? The alien monster in 20 Million Miles from Earth ?was probably a precursor to the various Sinbad films? Earth v the Flying Saucers was good fun. The Claw was a shocker. It motivated me to read up on Plan 9 from Outer Space. ? Is Plan 9 still a cult classic?
  7. The Where Eagles Dare international article is a good read. All new and interesting to me.
  8. Like many I shall miss my park run for the next few months. It can be obsessive and very satisfying. I have upped my solo runs. Hopefully that can continue especially with lighter days and better weather coming. ?
  9. If Patton gets his opportunity and performs well that will be a much needed positive for Wire.
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