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  1. Not a pretty game, but good management by Toronto. Gadwin Springer had a belter of a game!
  2. Giving away endless stupid penalties and a halfback combination that just asks no questions isn't doing TWP any favours. They have some great players here and there, but there's no incisive running. How many times did they pass across the park before taking on the line - it's a doddle to defend against. Full credit to their front row, but Chase Stanley can't come back soon enough.
  3. Can't pick this one. Catalans have only played two so there's not much to go on. Hull (who I think will end up having a great season) don't yet look settled. Total random guess: Catalans by 8. Two tries by Folau.
  4. Yes, my team, Warrington, were appalling and I said as much. Difference is that this thread has become less about the game and far more about sniping, casting aspertions and snide remarks about a particular team. The slagging off of Toronto has been as done to death as the infantile chants of "Oh, wnaky wnaky Warrington". I equally adore the game and hate the attitude of a great deal of its so-called supporters. A little positivity goes a long way.
  5. How? How does having one side flying back and forth every two weeks make sense when they could play in extended blocks. How is it a disadvantage to an away team who only have to do it once? It is senseless from a financial, PR and marketing aspect.
  6. But they aren't doing what everyone else has to. They are playing a significant number of home games 'away'. That isn't a level playing field. A level playing field is one where every side plays the same number of home and away games throughout the season. It doesn't matter when and in what order, just equivalence. I'm also unsure as too what 'real expansion' constitutes. It means different things to different people. But a team that will probably average over 9,000 per home game must surely represent it.
  7. I've got to admit, I was a little surprised that the first eight rounds or so weren't loaded towards pure away matches and the summer to an extended period of home games. Makes beggar all sense to me.
  8. Let's get some perspective here regarding the game and the crowd... Toronto lost. To the best team in the country. On someone else's ground. Not even in Canada. At teatime. On a Saturday. In February. In ghastly weather. And the upshot is that by the end of the season (a) they won't be relegated and (b) will still have higher average home attendances than more than half of Super League.
  9. Sure, it isn't doing them any favours in the conditions, but I do like the Toronto Devil-may-care approach. They are nothing if not entertaining (a refreshing, if not pragmatic, change to playing the percentages). On a hot summer afternoon in Ontario this side will turn over some big names.
  10. To be fair, I think I'm the one doing that. You can't blame anyone else!
  11. Maybe. But we are casting judgement on someone who has never been given the opportunity to take the reins, despite demonstrating a great commitment to the club. I really think Warrington should take the plunge and go for it. Atmosphere counts for a lot in management; you can be top notch analyst but lack elsewhere.
  12. The relevance is that Shaun Wane and Lee Briers both live for the clubs which made them. These things *really * matter. I would rather see someone in charge who is flawed but passionate and committed than one who talks a good interview but has no emotional attachment.
  13. James Lowes played most of his career for Bradford. Lee played the vast, overwhelming majority for Warrington and shed blood for it.
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