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  1. Because no-one, absolutely no-one, who hasn't an in depth knowledge of the NRL has a clue who Latrell Mitchell is. Manu Tuilagi, on the other hand, is far better known (rightly or wrongly) and will generate interest in the team and game outside its established communities.
  2. You can when you realise that most of them can see the writing on the wall for half the premiership clubs - they are effectively the financial living dead, supporting vast numbers of squad players by pouring money down a black hole. Domestic RU is within a couple of years of implosion. Some clubs are sensible and solvent (Exeter), but most have been living beyond their means for too long. Alas, that debt ultimately has to be paid, no matter how serviceable it has been in the past.
  3. I never thought I'd say this, but there might be some long-term merit in us getting beaten by PNG. Start again with a blank teamsheet and coach with two years until the World Cup.
  4. Great news as the Tonga win is, we really need to see Fiji or Samoa hot on their heels. More competition at the top of the tree would be great news for 2021.
  5. Great news! If I had anything to do with TWP I would be using the opportunity to bring through Canadian talent who could become SBW MkII. This is a big win for the Wolfpack and SL as a whole.
  6. Out. He is a morose charisma vacuum obsessed by percentages and Australia-based players.
  7. Seems like a great standalone event to me. And particularly impressed with the women's matches which have been dominated by attacking rugby.
  8. It cannot be denied that St Helens have been the best side all year and deserving of the title. And then you think, "nah, stuff that. I hope Salford win by thirty". The latter thought crosses my mind quite a lot.
  9. From a pragmatic viewpoint I agree. You have been far and away the best side all year and deserving of the title. And yet the idea of either Wigan or St Helens being engraved on the trophy again leaves me cold. The underdog effect is surely strong! And, yes, Thompson is something else. An outstanding athlete and competitor.
  10. As a Warrington supporter, the second half of the season has been an ordeal. Never, since I started watching in 1979, have a seen a more turgid, dispassionate, 5 drives and a boot, team than this (notable exception: CC final). The side of the early 90's would rinse this one (even with all their modern 'conditioning'). And if Price uses the brain-dead term 'footy' once again I'll...dunno
  11. I think Salford are going to cane Wigan by a truckload. When I say 'think', what I really mean is 'hope'. In all honesty, the prospect of a GF between Wigan and Saints (thus being guaranteed no new name on the trophy) leaves me catatonic. No disrespect to Cas, but Salford actually *could* win the whole shebang. And for the sake of the game (and a guy I work with) I hope they stuff everyone.
  12. It would be great! Anything to save us from the spectacle of a Wigan v Saints final and one of the same old names on the trophy.
  13. For the love of God, will Sky directors stop replaying a clumsy mistake or foul immediately after every try. Every. Single. Time. Show the bl00dy try!!! It really is a ###### poor production standard.
  14. Last two tries, one Wales and one England, were particularly good.
  15. If this guy is that big and playing 9's he should be signed up by some pro or semi pro club now!
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