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  1. Confirmed on a three year deal.
  2. Sky's contempt of Super League

    Quite often on two channels at the moment.
  3. Should Cas cash in?

    Have they actually paid for him yet or is he still classed as being on loan? I realise that a fee has been agreed, but has it been paid yet? As regards Cas allegedly failing, I can think of 10 SL Clubs who would have been delighted to be in the same position as Cas. The OP is either a troll or else a village somewhere is short of its idiot.
  4. Westerman leaves Warrington

    What on earth are you on about?
  5. No-one can get past HKR and Wire. Leigh can only get to eight points and only one of Widnes and Catalans can get to ten points as they have to play one another.
  6. Wouldn't go that far, but whoever loses is starting to get into trouble. If Leigh lose it will look bleak for them as they still have to face both Wire and Widnes from SL.
  7. Catalans will be ok. They will beat Leigh and Widnes and get another win off one of the Championship sides. Leigh and Widnes are the ones with the problems.
  8. Kevin Brown to Wire

    I very much doubt that Nosey Parker is right. he must have been copying off the wrong facebook site. Word is that it's a 3 year deal.
  9. Chris Sandow

    Not the case. He is in breach of Contract, so wire simply retain his registration to stop him playing anywhere else. The search for a replacement has started. Fair old chunk of SC available.
  10. Injustices? Walsh was lucky to only get 2 games. He should have had a red at the time anyway for dropping a player on their head. The Salford situation wasn't an injustice either, koukash said he was going to break the cap, then claimed he didn't know the rules when he did just that. Having just read the entire thread I've notice that your comments all point towards a conspiracy against St. Helens. If you are really daft enough to believe that,and from your posts I think you probably are, then I would suggest that you quit watching RL and watch WWF.
  11. Glen Stewart announced at Leigh

    Well if that was the signing that was going to make the rest of RL sit up and notice, then I am seriously underwhelmed. As for a pack that won't get bullied, it's full of ageing penalty machines already, another one won't bother the opposition too much.
  12. This is Castleford's problem tonight. They simply don't have a pack.
  13. Warrington injury list.

    Of their listed 1-17 Catalans had 13 of those players in the team today, Wire had 9.
  14. Agar - Au Revoir

    No, has done fairly well at Wire, did a reasonable job at Wakefield with the lowest budget in SL and a poor squad.
  15. No, Browny is absolutely right. It hits his upper arm and then he simply doesn't get the ball down. Just looked at the highlights on Catalans TV. It shows the whole thing quite plainly. Anyway, have a look at the scoreboard.