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  1. themainbrace

    Australia vs Tonga

    I'm not going to be critical at all, Tonga were in this game for most of the match. We now have another nation that can hold their own against the big 3.
  2. themainbrace

    Our new position in the EU

    Yes, It has been very impressive how the EU have stood together with some of the smaller countries such as Ireland. Similarly, in trade negotiations with Canada, the EU went back and renegotiated the deal because one province in Belgium were unhappy with it. I doubt the UK govt would care less if a region like the North East or Cornwall objected to any parts of a deal. Also, the EU helped out struggling countries following the financial crises, so that even countries like Portugal and Ireland have started paying off their debts while stand alone UK is still borrowing more.
  3. themainbrace

    2019. Is it Warringtons year? 2019 going to be Wires year? I suppose it depends. There's 2 ways it could go; Warrington lost 2 finals what's the point they may as well give up, or the improvement since last since last year is immense just imagine what they could do next year.
  4. themainbrace

    Shaun Wayne BBC GF Preview & Interview

    The interview was a good listen, I've also heard lots of adverts for the Grand Final on Radio 5 Live over the last week.
  5. I would say that London have rebuilt while in the Championship in many areas but not everywhere. How they fare in Super League would depend on how they use the additional central funding and any additional sponsorship they can generate. One thing I would worry about is the size of their ground. It might be big enough for many of the games but what about when they play the big guns in the league.
  6. themainbrace

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    I'm beginning to think that Parky is a counter agent. He has presented an extreme view of the dangers from North American involvement in the game. Yet the thread he created has shown an unusually high level of agreement for this forum with the majority taking an opposing view to him.
  7. themainbrace

    Emerging Nations Cup live stream and schedule

    Thanks Tex
  8. themainbrace

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    To some extent I think Parksider has a point that there has been a change in RL fortunes in Lancashire (I assume he's talking about the ancient county) but he's being a bit selective especially as the top 4 in Super League include St Helen's, Wigan and Warrington. But isn't this just the way that professional sport goes as more money comes in. We're just following a similar path that football trod many years ago, up to the first half of the 20th Century many Lancashire towns were powerhouses, Bolton, Blackpool, Preston, Burnley but then faded - however the North West has remained the most successful region thanks to the success of the big city clubs from Manchester and Liverpool. What I do object to is that his post links all that to the newer clubs coming into the league structure almost as if it was two sides of the same coin, i.e. you can only have successful expansion clubs or successful Lancashire clubs. Yet if Swinton aren't the power they used to be, that's not because of Toronto or Tolouse, the decline came long before that. If Salford are getting poor crowds - its not the fault of expansion clubs especially as almost every one of those sit below Salford in the League hierarchy. Those black and white films of Lancashire towns in the past may inspire nostalgia but they had global economic significance even before the sporting success because they fought for their place in the world taking in raw materials from Asia and the Americas combining with technological innovation and exporting to the rest of the world. Sitting on your ###### in the Pound pub and saying the rest of the world is ###### has never been a recipe for success. Clubs such as Oldham and Leigh surely have more opportunities with new clubs coming into the sport from different countries, it brings more sponsors to the table, new supporters more broadcasting partners, bigger stages for the players. I hope the Lancashire clubs are able to benefit from these opportunities and I hope the Super League clubs do try and share some of the benefits with them.
  9. Hull in Amsterdam would be awesome. I'm sure there's lots of practical problems with this idea but I'm going to daydream about it now and you never know sometimes dreams do come true.
  10. So, next season we could have Super League played in England, France, Canada and Spain.
  11. themainbrace

    Catalans Formation

    Excellent stuff.
  12. Just to disagree with the majority view in this thread, since Nigel walked away (or was pushed) the whole game seems to have gone into meltdown. The new leaders, and we seem to have a lot of them, have all made big speeches that sound great but lack content. They have used phrases such as 'commercial investment' over and over again to sound grown up but have not put forward 1 concrete idea on how to do that between them. I can't be sure exactly what he did or didn't do, but on his watch these things happened; The most successful World Cup of all time - for all I know he may have spent all the time on his private yacht and letting other people get on with the work but it was on his watch. The biggest TV deal ever for RL in the UK. ( he even had the foresight to lock the chairmen into a room for the day to vote on it - we can see what would have happened if he hadn't have done that with the amount of bickering over the last year) Some funding to Championship & League 1 that's been given a platform for these competitions to flourish. (In some weeks this season the Championship was being watched by 20-25k spectators a week)
  13. I think the Qualifiers have been the best thing since sliced bread. But of course we're now going to get rid of them.
  14. themainbrace

    Brian Barwick Alert

    OK, I know I'm asking to be roundly condemned by lots of people on this board but I'm going to take a slightly different line on this. I'm not going to argue in favour of Brian Barwick as I'm not sure what he does for his 80k. However, the 250k a year that Nigel Wood received is not that outrageous. Large national organisations in the private sector tend to pay their CEOs larger sums than this. I'm not even trying to say that Nigel was worth it - who is worth what is such a subjective thing, it's almost impossible to agree on. I'm just trying to make the point that the RFL is only guilty of following the same path that virtually the whole of the UK has followed in the last 30 odd years. The corporate blueprint has been applied across all sorts of businesses as well as sport, as well as education and health and god knows what else. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe we should expect more from our sport given it's working class roots but in today's corporate world £250k is a relatively modest some for a CEO.
  15. themainbrace

    New league structure revealed

    On a positive note I feel that 14 teams in the Championship should be the next step in developing the league structure, but not with this much haste. It looks like the sort of rushed thinking that will lead to a rushed reaction next year. is there no-one in the administration that can come up with a longer term plan, so we aren't just bouncing between structures?