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  1. themainbrace

    RL in the US - The Reality

    Spot on Rupert - We are a sport and both teams put on a show. I was able to watch an exciting game of rugby live on telly at a reasonable time. We were on live at Prime time. There were 20k in Denver which is 20k more than have ever watched RL before in Denver. We have a professional team in Canada which has done incredibly well when you think of all the things that could have gone wrong. I'm not surprised we haven't had many new clubs set up ,the Wolfpack have shown that you need a good deal of investment upfront to make a success of this. It's likely that the hiatus between the RFL and SL won't have helped.
  2. themainbrace

    Our new position in the EU

    Your memory must be going Saintslass, just type "the eu needs the UK more than" into Google and you'll see plenty of quotes including one from Lord Snooty himself Jacob Rees-Mogg. Now I know that forecasting what is going to happen to the economy is quite hard, but I'm willing to put down a few quid that if the UK ceased to exist overnight Germany would probably carry on quite nicely.
  3. themainbrace

    Our new position in the EU

    Ab Just to sort the facts from the myths, France & UK haven't swapped places several times over the last couple of years it has happened once. France overtook the UK. India has been growing very quickly recently but it was the weakness of Sterling that allowed them to get so close so quickly. If you think India should be doing better then it's even more true of the UK. I realise that you don't actually spend a lot of time thinking about your argument, you simply quickly reply and state a couple of opinions as if that negates the original point. But the idea the UK is successfully growing steadily is pure fantasy. The economy's growth since 2008 has been pathetic and has struggled to keep pace with other competitor nations and even countries that didn't use to be competitors. By the way, I'm not sure what you mean by the ordinary leave voter - I'm taking it by that comment you mean pensioner.
  4. themainbrace

    Our new position in the EU

    But how can this happen, we were clearly told by the Brexiteers that negotiations would be easy. The EU needed the UK more than the UK needed the EU, the EU were going to fall over themselves to give us a fantastic deal.
  5. themainbrace

    Our new position in the EU

    Just looking at GDP figures and how the UK fares internationally. At the end of 2016, the UK was 5th in the world. The brexiteers told us not to worry about leaving the EU - we were the 5th biggest economy in the world, we could sort it all out. The months following the referendum Sterling declined in value by approximately 15% which effectively wiped £350 million off the UK economy, as a result by the end of 2017 the UK had fallen to 6th place as France overtook. However, this situation may not last for long. Looking at current growth rates and the fact that the UK's growth rate has slowed to almost 0, by the end of 2018 the UK may have fallen to 7th place after being overtaken by India.
  6. themainbrace

    Should Championship clubs get equal shares?

    Firstly, I'm hoping that all this means that the Championship won't lose any funding. Secondly, it's a real problem. The uneven funding means that the top end of the Championship is close to the bottom of Superleague but it badly affects how competitive the Championship is. Making the funding even should boost the competitiveness between Championship clubs but will make it harder for the best teams to step up to Superleague.
  7. themainbrace

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    Well, I'm planning to go and hoping to see some emerging talent on both sides. Must admit though Spidey - playing at Newcastle would have been a good idea.
  8. themainbrace

    The future of RL's TV rights

    I agree, the game needs coverage, and I could see an alternative approach to relying on SKY. There was some talk about 15 years ago that we might not get another contract with SKY the rumours seemed to suggest that the BBC might show some live games for a significantly lower amount than SKY were paying. That might be an alternative. That is different from walking away and having no contract for Super League. I wasn't criticising the BBC, I was just pointing out that if we do become part-time then the BBC may well not give so much coverage to our other big competition - the Challenge cup.
  9. themainbrace

    The future of RL's TV rights

    Got too agree with Nadera78. It would be one thing to walk away from Sky and look for other broadcasting partners, although I would be surprised if we find one that would pay the same or more than Sky do at the moment. However, the idea of opting for no deal would have huge implications for the sport. We would hemorrhage talent from the sport, but it wouldn't stop there, clubs up and down the land would have to cut back on coaching staff for juniors, marketing staff would go, administrator would go. I wonder if the BBC would bother giving so much prominence to the Challenge Cup, there would be no point having Australia vs England or New Zealand vs England as it would be a mis match. The game also relies on season ticket income, are many people going to pay out large amounts of money to watch amateurs? It would be siezed on by Sport England to take millions of pounds of funding out of the sport. It would be the sort of setback that I doubt the sport would ever recover from. We are not in the same position as the GAA because the Irish government and media live and breath those sports as they are the spirit of the nation.
  10. England in control now - fantastic rugby. Maybe it's just that you need to play a bit differently when you're 1 mile high.
  11. It's been an enjoyable match tonight, both teams are digging deep out there. Time to get another bottle of beer from the kitchen.
  12. And focusing on the trivia why are the substitutes sitting in the sun, surely the bench should be in the shade.
  13. I wonder if they can keep the speed of play up for the whole match given the altitude and temperature.