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  1. Yes, it feels like I've been waiting for years, let's get this show started now.
  2. Yes, I favour automatic promotion/relegation. For one thing it introduces a little bit of variety in the fixture list which helps both competitions. I also agree it introduces huge problems when the border between Full-time and Part- time is marked by the two divisions. From my point of view to make promotion and relegation we have to make sure that the difference in funding between the 2 divisions is reduced.
  3. Ukrainian restructure

    On the other hand I'm not sure we can afford to ignore a country where so much progress has been made. If they can make the Ukrainian league stronger then perhaps they can provide some competition for the Balklans teams.
  4. Red Star Belgrade to join League One?

    Parksider said; The two big derbies of Leeds/Bulls and Hull/Rovers have been good for 20K crowds including the many “away” fans Toronto won’t bring. Bulls and HKR take big away followings. This is the "away" fans point Lenegan rejects Toronto on. These derbies do not always bring 20k crowds - They do in unusual cases, such as one of the teams has been promoted after a few years or one moves back to it's old ground. Once the 2 teams find themselves playing each other 3 to 4 times a year or more the crowds drop away. Sometimes, the games draw a bit more than average - but some people conveniently forget these facts. And I'm fed up with the nonsense about away fans. In 2017 we had only Catalans from outside the M62 village in SL and with them missing out on the Supr 8s completely - we should have had a record year. Why did Wakefield struggle to get over 5k with all those local teams, how come Salford's crowds were so small with so many clubs in the North West. I'll repeat it once again, the highest aggregate attendance for SL prior to the 3 x 8 re-strucutre was the season where almost a quarter of the League brought 'no away fans' when Crusader's, London and Catalan's were in the league.
  5. Let the vitriol begin

    Up to now I had been enjoying Huddersfield Town's spell in the Premiership and their brave attempt to compete with the big boys. Now, I've changed my mind and hope the football team are doomed to slide down to the Evostik League Northern Section and are never heard of again.
  6. League Restructure 2019

    So, if the RFL are to re-structure the leagues shouldn't they be telling us soon? Does anyone know if there is an announcement due in the near future?
  7. Interesting figures on UK sports

    The figures cover UK, would RL compare favourably if they were just for England ? It's also interesting that they talk about tickets sold - does that mean people paying cash on turnstiles don't count or is it just the phraseology.
  8. World playing nations at present

    I guess one thing about a list is that it is quite 1 dimensional, it doesn't tell you about the depth of activity in each country. For some of the countries that means activity levels will be so low that in some years nothing will be happening.
  9. His brilliance is also obvious off field he is a great ambassador and always finds the right words for the occasion.
  10. It's hard to see anything but an Australia win with them scoring around 100 points in the last 2 games and only 1 try against. England do seem to be improving but not by enough so far. However, a final is a one off game and over the years Australia have lost the occasional game. We'll have to hope they make 1 or 2 mistakes in crucial positions and that England bring it all together for this game. I'm also hoping that Wayne Bennett has 1 or 2 tricks up his sleeve. P.S. I voted for England - so at least we can win the poll.
  11. Can Australia beat Fiji?

    Conceding 2 tries over all 4 matches so far obviously points to a problem with their defence. Seriously, though I'm hoping Fiji can make it more competitive than last time.
  12. Am I alone in enjoying the WC rugby?

    It has been great to watch, so many memorable moments and games already. The crowd at the Tonga - Samoa game were wild. We know about Australia's quality and NZ's ability to shock them every now and then. I had expected the next stage in development to be England winning the World Cup, however I'm now thinking that it's only a matter of time before PNG win the world cup. It won't be this year but it may not be too far away.
  13. people on tv that you are not too fond of

    Phillip 'bloody' Schofield John Inverdale (probably compulsary on this board) Ann 'Only in my nightmares' Robinson Hugh Fearnley Whatever Paul Holywood - Just how hard is it to make bread? The entire cast of The Next Step (my kids insist on watching it) they seem to have more relationship problems by the age of 16 than a member of the royal family.
  14. Media Watch Grand Final

    Radio 5 Live's coverage was so much better than I can ever remember. Firstly, there was a preview of the Final on Thursday evening. Then on Saturday Brian Noble was on the Danny Baker's show in the morning. Later on Sport on5 started at 12.30 with the Grand Final being the headline alongside that iconic music followed by a discussion about the final that went into a fair bit of depth and contributions from the Chairmen of the 2 clubs. After 5pm there was full build up to the match for almost the full hour, and then of course live coverage of the game. I have to admit it all felt a bit surreal although it was just the BBC catching up with the reality of what was the biggest sporting event of the weekend.
  15. Championship / League 1 Attendances

    So reading all this it strikes me that we have seen an increase in League 1 crowds overall, an increase in Championship crowds and SL staying static. I take that as broadly positive, especially in a season where a lot of the big clubs have under performed. I think when Tony Smith talked about the sport not growing, he missed the bigger picture. The sport is growing at a pro/semi-pro level it is just that it isn't so dependent on Super League.