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  1. League One's Future

    So..what are the better solutions to be explored, Sotchy1? What is better for League 1 than being a semi-professional 3rd tier league spread widely across England and Wales that brings together new areas and traditional areas? Perhaps, we should turn it into a giant collage? It's a bit rich saying League 1 is subsidised. 14 clubs getting £75k each adds up to around £1 million a year or roughly 2.5% of the £40 million a year TV contract. It's simply not true to say that League 1 has no value, especially when you see some of the games this season and the interest they are getting. League 1 over the last couple of years have seen average crowds surge when crowds in Super League have plateaued. Finally, your pragmatic look at League 1 seems to be a rehash of meaningless phrases... "...It isn't really working."..but I can see...teams are turning up each week to play games, the winners get the right amount of points, some clubs are doing well, some aren't, the league tables look to be published regularly and are quite interesting, in what way is that not working. "its not growing in to a viable competition in its own right" - just about the most tired cliche in Rugby League at the moment. There seems to be scores of players turning up every week and trying to win followed by thousands of supporters..that seems like a competition to me. Last years winners got promoted which seems to be viable competition in my eyes.
  2. The future of RL's TV rights

    The opinions expressed at the start of this topic are just opinions. It may be from someone with inside knowledge of sports broadcasting but it is still conjecture. I can see why some would say Sky might reduce their offer based on their strategy in the Premier League negotiations but there is a big difference in that the cost of football was really hurting Sky and it's business model. Part of the grief we've had over the years is that some people feel that we shouldn't have signed the deal with Sky as we would have got more elsewhere, but who knows if that's true.
  3. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    I'm with roughyedspud on this one, playing the competition would be better than doing nothing. To be honest we could do with more time to publicise it but then this is Rugby League. Playing England Knights in the competition may not be ideal and some of the crowds may be low, but lets go for it. I'm sure there will be 1 or 2 games that get a bit of interest. If it's a problem getting a broadcast deal we could use it to try streaming via Facebook or trying out some other channel. Perhaps we could try and build on it over the years to make it a competition that covers the Northern Hemisphere with Lebanon, Canada & the USA. It may even be the sort of tournament that it would make sense for the US to put on as a test before the World Cup.
  4. Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    Well said that man (or woman). I went to Newcastle a couple of years ago and spoke to locals who were in the crowd and also to locals in and around the city - the event does give the game some profile in the North East. The North East does look like one of RL's success stories in terms of expansion . Exactly, how much Magic Weekend has contributed is difficult to measure and it's only one event a year - so there's a limit how much effect it could have wherever we play it.
  5. Missing the boat

    While we are busy condemning last weekend and then the whole sport, it is worth bearing in mind that across the 3 divisions we got a fairly healthy combined attendance. I agree that some of the Super League clubs could have pushed it a bit more and played on Saturday afternoon. I know the coaches go on about player fatigue but here's my radical plan. Rest 5 players the weekend gone, 5 different players on Good Friday and 5 on Easter Monday and the whole team gets at least one game off (more or less). Coaches will then complain that they have weakened teams for some of the games, but it's becoming clear that many of the coaches are content that their team not being in top form early on as they realise it is far more important how you finish.
  6. NRL strategic plan

    It's a glossy video but it's a pretty good glossy video. It's nice to see that the NRL has a plan and it is about growing the game, it sounds like the strategy is to put new teams into Queensland & NSW comps rather than straight into NRL. I can see some logic in that I wonder if they could make a full blown NRL2 in the future.
  7. The exponential rise in football rights does seem to have halted, but the question is whether that is a temporary halt. Sky look to have set their stall out to limit their spending this time and I wonder if both BT & Sky may have both been a bit worried about how the sports market was going and neither had the appetite for an even bigger bidding war. It could still be that this situation changes again if another bidder enters the market.
  8. Super League 1 & 2

    Oh no not a league of 10. Now that Nige has gone, the whole sport is beginning to look like post-Gorbachev USSR, where the elected representatives were ineffectual and the real power was held by a few oligarchs. We used to be able to afford a Superleague of 14 teams. Now with the biggest television deal in our history we've gone down to 12 and now possibly to 10. Are the likes of Rimmer and Lenagan on a mission to destroy our game?
  9. At what age group is the Scrum introduced in RL? It isn't used at all in the younger age groups. My son is 12 now and and has never been involved in a scrum in any match or training. It may be that an under-18 ban on scrums has little effect - and I can't see that there is much competitive advantage from practicing scrums even at professional level. I tend to agree with the viewpoint that banning tackling at an early stage may cause problems - what I would like to see is a greater emphasis put on getting technique right for young players.
  10. Wire ban 4 fans

    I was in the bar area with my two sons and must have arrived just after the smoke bombs were set off as the smoke hadn't spread out very much. We were lucky enough to get our drinks and move out of the area as the smoke spread and security cleared the bar. In such an enclosed space, smoke bombs are awful - God knows what stuff we must have been breathing in.
  11. I hope that this is not linked to the rumours of removing funding from L1 clubs. At £75k a year for 14 clubs that's just over £1 million a year for fantastic competition. What difference would that make split between 12 SL teams, that's £80,000 extra per side. It's hardly going to close the gap between SL & NRL. It's a bit like somebody wanting their family to keep up with the Jones's and deciding to take the kids pocket money off them.
  12. Flying the flag for Zimbabwe

    Makorokoto - Good news. I saw a Zimbabwean playing for Hunslet last season as well.
  13. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    For me a 10 team league is a non-starter. First, it's boring. Too many repeated games against the same old teams. Second, a top tier of just 10 teams suggests that the sport is only just able to throw up a competition. I don't know why there is this drive to cut back, each new TV contract we get brings in more money than ever before, each time the clubs get more money at each level.
  14. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    I saw the match on Freesports this afternoon, the pitch made it look like matches from 30 years ago. Both sides had to work hard to make anything of the conditions. An example of an expansion team and a heartlands team combining to produce a very competitive encounter.
  15. With respect Bearman the pie is growing not shrinking that's the reality. Our current TV deal is the biggest we've ever had and our sponsorship income has gone up year on year. You also said the TV money is going to go down with the next contract but that's exactly what a lot of people said before we signed this contract. I do share your worry about some of the comments on lower league funding. Scrapping the small amount of funding League 1 teams get is small minded and does nothing to grow the sport.