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  1. The elephant in the room. He's better than Golding.
  2. I agree with I agree - we need to focus on where there is interest rather than trying to force it in places there isn't. Should be doing more in Asian and Middle East countries than we are, as well as the ones you've said.
  3. Most people complained they tested the live stream of England which is exactly what would lead to them ha of their own channel becoming a reality - but it's along road that has to start with things like that test
  4. Can you involve the community game at the stadium? For example could you have regular conference games taking place there as a double header to boost crowds, or nines events involving all community clubs at any particular level to take part in prior to Batley playing? Can you make the ground look more appealing from the outside. People buy with their eyes first - if it looks like a plush operation they will want to come back. Can you use (safe) cladding to achieve this, and freshen the place up when fans arrive? It doesn't cost a fortune but it makes a big difference. Can you brand your food and drink so it all ties in with the Batley Bulldogs franchise? Can you have interactive fan games and competitions? Can you encourage players to suit and boot before and after games to give them a higher profile look and feel?
  5. Why don't they look at what other clubs are doing to boost attendances and use what is proving to be successful. such as - doing away with category tickets and allowing a first come first served basis for seating / standing - therefore creating demand create a festival feel to games with beer tents etc around the ground and make a day of it
  6. Isn't this all irrelevant given they won't be in Super League next year? so for where they are at in league 1 it's a great win, and allows them to kick on next year too. by the time they win promotion to super League money offers may come off the back of that - which is the time they may need them this is why building from league 1 is a good idea - along with the fact a new audience gets to see a winning team to sustain interest and learn as it gets more difficult - also... "the fast-paced, dynamic nature of Rugby League is well suited to our target millennial audience." now we just need English sports millennials to see interest from us and Canadian sports millennials on the terraces and in social media - and they will sell the game back to us
  7. So it's now reasonably well known that there is a proposal for Super League to have 13 or 14 teams. If it were to happen, what would your preferred system be? Mine would be: 14 teams. 27 rounds home and away + magic, top 5 play-offs (1v2 W to GF, Lv5, 3v4, W v W, GF) and bottom 2 joining top 2 of the Championship for a round robin, with 1st in sl, and 2nd v 3rd in a MPG. 4th in Champ. This isn't my ultimate preferred, but based on what appears to be on the table
  8. I thought they dropped Salford when they changed their logo? No Salford on it as far as I can tell
  9. If you mean for England, I've already got a World Cup shirt with the new logo as it was on sale at Magic Weekend! At a reduced price! Couldn't believe it!
  10. I've never understood why they didn't make the local team a part of it for the weekend with their respective league match. Newcastle v Toronto which was played last weekend could've been the opener, much like they do with the iPro Sport cup final at summer bash or whatever its called. If the incentive for sl fans is - see your club on the big stage for a day, as well as other matches, surely this would work for locals as well?
  11. Ah that's changed then - going up from plymouth ourselves so yeh will make sure we have something a bit warmer. It'll be great whatever though
  12. As he said, no Hull KR and some more well supported sides struggling wouldn't help, whilst youre not going to see a dramatic rise from the likes of Salford neither This happens every year - but itll be brilliant as always and weather forecast is good Moving it would be good imo though, freshen it up aghain
  13. Also I should probably add that the 'Lions', whilst traditionally GB, hasn't as far as I'm aware been confirmed as them meaning GB, especially with lions having even added to the England logo which seems suspiciously coincidental.
  14. Given we've just just seen Chris McQueen play for England, that opens the door for the best playing for Ireland Scotland and Wales, who presumably mightn't be natives, to play for GB.
  15. Paid and watched. Cons: I normally skype with some friends during games and syncing up the stream between us was a nightmare. Through pausing I ended up missing five minutes of the match, after it gave up and went to a black screen or just sound. I appreciate this is a unique set of circumstances. According to a more technically savvy friend, the 2mbps meant it wasn't full 1080p when stuff was moving, but was on still images. The presentation was very pro Samoa and NRL, and anti Super League and England. Pros: It felt good that my money had gone directly to rugby league. The stream was very good quality and stable throughout, when I wasn't messing around with it, and the 2mbps thing was not noticeable. There was not one mention of the other code, or adverts for it, because it wasn't on the beeb or sky. They were able to advertise their own events instead. Andrew Voss commentary always good. When we stuck it to them it the pro NRL rhetoric disappeared, and this made the win all the sweeter. Genuinely felt like an opportunity to raise the stakes, and be masters of our own destiny.