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  1. So over 30.000, and the promising thing is that the original numbers of Wigan and Catalans tickets sold were overstated. On Friday night Sky said these were 12.000 Catalans, 4,000 Wigan and 7,000 Barcelona club. Now some of these would have been Wigan or Catalans purchases but would have to think most not, and the final attendance suggests that there was at least 10,000, if not up to 15,000 sold via the club in advance or on the day. I said 10.000 would be decent, and 20.000 excellent, so by definition I surmise that’s ‘very good’. Best the the Dragons won too, really. Given that Magic Weekend is getting bidded on to attract visitors, would it be possible to turn on the road Super League games such as this into tourism paid for events? Wigan and Hull laid a blueprint with the Australia game that was sponsored by their tourist board and that’s far further and far less travelling fans in attendance as a result. Got to be scope for it in attractive cities around Europe?
  2. Agreed, 10k would be decent, but not incredible. 20k would’ve been a great effort
  3. Proof will be in the pudding but if Catalans has sold 20k two weeks ago and Wigan around 6k as rumoured, 4k isn’t great to make up the 30 is it? So we will see what the final attendance is and judge by the attendance of non Catalans / Wigan fans.
  4. Is there any evidence of locals buying tickets? Or just travelling fans making a trip to a different stadium as per? Sorry to sound cynical, but this is a massive opportunity to get Spanish sport fans interested and the only thing I've seen in a tweet that was liked by 2,500 people despite going to 30 million.
  5. The sport should've been called Origin Football League following the success of Origin, but we are where we are, and given the traction in Canada and the US forthcoming, I quite like the idea of nicking back the word rugby - so when people think of rugby they think of RFL, like NFL or NHL - there's always an L. a U is just, well, it's not what they know as elite
  6. It crossed my mind that RL had probably missed an opportunity taking WC semis to Arsenal, given there's no buzz around that ground but people would want to go and experience the Spurs one
  7. I don't think conferences are a dream, they are a super solution to many issues in the game, whilst also allowing us to attract more teams to participate and make the top Super League of conferences. Too many fixtures. With conferences (such as two of 10) we could have clubs playing each other home and away, making eighteen games, plus teams in the other conference once, making 26 games total, a reasonable amount. "Versus" fatigue. Playing the same teams too many times due to three in a season? Not with conferences. Instead you can play mostly your geographical rivals home and away, boosting away support and continuing these rivalries, but not so much people get bored. Throw in some attractive overseas visits and invites and you've got yourself a great season. Too many trips to NA/France. Not with conferences. Each conference can evenly split these commitments, whilst also allowing an even distribution of the extra cross-conference fixtures being chosen as home or away to ensure there isn't too much travel for any UK sides. Initially this wouldn't be the case for teams abroad who would have to travel a lot with or without conferences, until there are enough for their own conference. Plus there's room for more French, US, Canadian sides, and more UK sides in Super League. What about the player pool? There may be an initial average drop in standard of players due to more players making the step up from Championship, but the revenue, interest, and new clubs in untapped areas would see growth and standards would increase again. If it's the top league financially that's all that really matters, as that itself will be enticing to young talented sports people choosing a sport for a career, and this would also attract more quality of Australian players over, not just at the end of their careers.
  8. That's a real shame I hope he can get help and maybe use his history in the game to be a coach at some level or conditioner or something. I'll never forget him running the ball out of defence STRAIGHT AT a defender. Didn't know what hit him. Can't remember who it was against but I was behind the posts so must have been either a Magic Weekend or a Cup Final
  9. Buffalo is my NHL team and I agree it's people are honest hard working folk that would suit the sport, and be more likely to get involved and aspire to play for their local team as well. I would welcome that location and it would suit any future trips I was planning to watch the Sabres!
  10. What's any of this got to do with New York? People always talk as if growing the game in the heartlands or abroad are separate entities and detract from each other. In fact the opposite is true. We can do both - especially if they are willing and able to finance themselves elsewhere which they have been so far. Therefore, aiding this enhances the brand of our leagues, as Toronto have shown with the boom of attendances and exposure when they visited existing clubs in all the leagues they've played in. Meanwhile, growth in the heartlands enhances the strength of the competition we can attract more new exciting clubs to. They are mutually beneficial and feed off one another.
  11. Wow - anti-London or what. You didn't even give them a banker v Barrow, just said they need to win all three, and then said they would lose to both Fax and Fev. Whether you're correct or not is irrelevant as it hasn't happened yet - however you paint a bleak picture for them which is remarkable considering they just drew away to second placed Toulouse. That shows form.
  12. As we know, players tend to get spun stories of "we expect" to entice them playing so take this tweet two days ago with a pinch of salt: "Sam Burgess just said on Channel 9 that the @England_RL v @NZRL_Kiwis test match next week in Denver is set to attract 45,000 fans" This sounds like what he's been told than based on facts
  13. Grand for the England brand if we smash them. This audience won't know any different or have any context. And neither will a lot of the BBC viewers unless they're told - which they will be
  14. Ok so it appears they're selling around 114 tickets a day by that and the previous totals (rough estimating I know) So By that estimation there would be 13,388 there - if that was projected exactly up to game day.
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