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  1. @garethwalker Get them to change NFL to NRL in subheader bud

  2. Nope - always thought he wasn't good but got bundled into legend status with peacock and Sinfield because of when he retired - no disrespect
  3. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    IMO this would be good: England squad of 35 to allow for increased fixtures. 17 picked from full 35 for all games as Wayne Bennett (if still in charge) sees fit. (Oct 19-21) Italy v England, Scotland v Ireland, France v Wales (Oct 26) England v France, Scotland v Italy, (Oct 27) Ireland v Wales (Oct 30) Scotland v France, (Oct 31) Wales v England, (Nov 1) Italy v Ireland (Nov 3) England v New Zealand Test Series, (Nov 5) France v Italy (Nov 6) Wales v Scotland (Nov 7) Ireland v England (Nov 10) England v New Zealand Test Series, (Nov 12) France v Ireland (Nov 13) Italy v Wales (Nov 14) Scotland v England (Nov 19) England v New Zealand Test Series No final. Top team wins 6N.
  4. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    Why don't they run the tournament simultaneously with the test series, and allow England to name a bigger squad to accommodate all the fixtures. Essentially this would be a clever bundling of the Knights and the full side, but just advertised as the full side. It would allow fans to get behind as one side on tour around the UK for 5 weeks with mid week games included, media to cover as one side, all the players to train and travel together, and also the coach to use the six nations games to test players who might have struggled in the full side, or be knocking on the door, with a genuine ability to call them up.
  5. Leeds from what I've seen: 1. Francis Cummins 2. Scott Donald 3. Kallum Watkins 4. Keith Senior 5. Ryan Hall 6. Iestyn Harris 7. Rob Burrow 8. Jamie Peacock 9. Matt Diskin 10. Adrian Morley 11. Tonie Carroll 12. Gareth Ellis 13. Kevin Sinfield 14. Barrie McDermott 15. Brett Delaney 16. Greg Eastwood 17. Danny McGuire
  6. Whatever happened to this logo? Much preferred it
  7. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    Full England side or no England side for me. Commit to playing it, and it's up to the other sides to field players that want the opportunity to cause an upset. And vice versa, players that want the opportunity to cause an upset will put their hand up for the other sides. No good can come from England Knights being involved. If they win it, it shows how bad the other sides were. If someone else wins it, it wasn't England's first team anyway, and the others won't win it, because their best players won't bother playing in it unless it's England's first team.
  8. 2018 Series v NZ

    Three match test series date back a long way. Incidentally in the NHL Stanley Cup the same two teams play each other SEVEN times.
  9. 2018 Series v NZ

    Deep in goal areas are a cheap excuse to try to create more tries for an inferior product. Rugby League is a superior product so doesn't need to resort to such tripe.
  10. RT @SkyOceanRescue: David Attenborough calls the impact of plastic waste on wildlife "heartbreaking"

  11. Fact of the day: Fiji have a 100% record versus New Zealand. #rugbyleague #RLWC2017

  12. Really enjoyed what I saw of England Lionesses v PNG earlier. More women's RL please!

  13. RT @OfficialBullsRL: CLUB STATEMENT - GEOFF TOOVEY. Details ➡️

  14. Certainly not whinging. As far as I see it, it's a case of get on board or go home. Looks like they're on board, so am happy about that, but I ain't begging for no one, least of all those that expect it.
  15. @England_RL App keeps crashing when I try to play any videos on iPhone