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  1. @SalfordDevils when will it be revealed?

  2. The other factor is Castleford's dominance this year - belting everyone hardly gives everyone else a realistic feeling that they could win it, and had this not been the case and those other clubs playing more to that standard, it would be boosting crowds I have no doubt about that. RL crowds watch the game and aren't stupid, they can see Cas are playing the way all the top clubs used to 10 years ago, intensity wise, and they know when they turn up to see their side they're off that
  3. I feel in some ways the concept is up against it. Firstly the playoffs have always been a seperate finale with knockout fixtures - surprisingly disappointingly attended - but that problem was with incorporating season tickets not with the popularity of them. The top super 8s continues the points from the season so feels like a hyper extension. Also the standard has gone down due to - I believe - the lack of reserve grades thus not allowing players to regularly practice the sides structures and culture. Also the financial dominance of the nrl stripping the league of the best talent, and in some cases average talent. And finally the lack in quality has a correlation with the replacement of Rhino over Steeden for the balls. Knock ons are not entertaining to watch. So given those factors whilst an element is the perception of the hyper extension of the season feeling a bit forced, the other factors would still be the case regardless.
  4. Canada v USA

    Were there many who stayed on after TW? Glad you're enjoying it
  5. Fair enough and I agree it would probably best to make sure that the next side does as the Wolfpack has done and rises quickly to garner interest and support. But I want that asap so if in any way they could arrange that by 2018 and be that dominant, that would be great. If not, I appreciate why
  6. Can we hope for Montreal to be in for 2018 and NY for 2019? Makes sense to me
  7. Hard luck again Wakefield. I'm not one for criticising referees but two crucial decisions. 1. Video ref not picking up Mahe Fonua was offside for his leap and try in the corner 2. BJB not knocking on Had they been correct would've been interesting
  8. Am I the only one who recognises that Salford can still make the top four but have to win their last two games? whilst unlikely it's possible, for now at least. for that reason I hope for a Salford win as I'd love for their stayaways to be proved wrong and learn about sticking with their team. id also love for the new access road to aj bell to be the standalone reason for bad crowds and for it to instantly solve the problem. i can but dream and I'm not even their fan
  9. Statement by South Wales Ironmen Owner

    Wish them all the best
  10. Wolfpacks new signings

    The more places it's played the more likely the player pool will expand. Duh
  11. Michael Carter - Trinity and the RFL

    I was expecting to read this thread with focus on his complete disregard for the the club should it be in the Championship, which personally I find both disrespectful to the club, and that level. Clearly the drive is to create thriving lower leagues to raise their profile and therefore in turn that of the top flight, but if he's no interest in doing that it's no wonder he wants it to stay the same so that a club with sub 5,000 crowds can remain in it and competitive. Ive nothing against Wakey and have regularly stuck up for them particularly when there was mooting of a possible relocation, but having not read the article, if that summary is true, it stinks.
  12. Indeed. The game versus Barrow was the first time I have noticed a big cheer at tackling an opposing player behind their goal line for a drop out
  13. Woah sloppy Joe Cheesesteak Fries! Feel a bit sorry for Tony but it's probably time he moved on. Feels like it's run its course. Had Gidley passed to the wing in the last minute of the Grand Final last season he'd have achieved what he set out to. Tough luck
  14. @SalfordDevils Those that attended saw one of their biggest wins of the season keeping top 4 hopes alive - mathemat…

  15. If they ever have a SL2 it should be ranked the same as SL1, with cross divisional fixtures. You could then guarantee home and away derbies for the teams in closest proximity, whilst also keeping their matches with the other clubs from the other division home or away once, unless they meet again in the play-offs which should also be cross divisional. Then you could have New York and Jacksonville say in one league allowing for home and away derbies, and Montreal and Toronto in the other also allowing for derbies. Same said for Wigan v Saints, Leeds v Cas etc. Meanwhile London and Catalans can be split in each, so that's three teams from outside heartlands in each division, leaving seven heartland teams in each making a total of 14, and with the others 20, 10 in each. 18 fixtures home and away, plus 10 extra against the teams in the other division once making 28. Then the cross divisional play-offs