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  1. Hey I wanted to do something to help people during the lockdown and also to help the game. So I have created a dice version of rugby league (different to the quikky and Pocket versions). it is available for free on http://www.dicerl.wordpress.com and you can also donate for the initiative to raise money for Rugby League Cares on https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dicerl Hopefully it will be enjoyed to pass the time at the moment (A game lasts 80mins unless there’s golden point), and raise some money to help those who need it more too. A retweet or like on the twitter post may help too: Thanks for any support you can give, and stay safe and well. Ben
  2. Clearly wanted some down time from all the attention he gets... Seriously though, it's good to see him flying the flag even on his day off.
  3. Proper play-off rugby league this weekend. Just put the play-offs in the season tickets and get the places bouncing - more people will buy a season ticket the following year as a result.
  4. The result is irrelevant - as the outcome isn’t decided til after the teams are named. The coach put out a team he felt could still win the game exactly the same as Holbrook. Also - as it could have an impact on who is relegated not only by pts but pts difference. Winning by a hundred would effectively mean they would have to get another point to finish above the other team if involved down the bottom.
  5. https://www.therhinos.co.uk/2004/05/29/smith-happy-with-ali-show/ 2004 (relegation in structure) "I made a lot of changes and rotated players around and it was hard to get any continuity. "We were disjointed and basically gave over too much ball but it was the type of game where you could experiment a little. There was no need to win by a hundred."
  6. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12209/7852664/smith-no-excuses "We have rested and rotated all season"
  7. I’m sure they can travel to Liverpool or Manchester easily. They go to Leeds away?
  8. As far as I can tell they’ve uprooted players from other clubs and rebranded reformed as other teams anyway. if it had been sold to them as the reason why was it could be bigger and give them a bigger profile then those same players could’ve represented different cities o encourage that development.
  9. So it already has been marked down by 1 haha
  10. I think we can all agree it's great how the women's game is growing, and with a good standard of competition. What I'm questioning however, is the decision to link to the Super League clubs. Before you reply, I understand the pros of doing so. Attracting women who want to play for the clubs they know, matching fans of those clubs to different version of the sport etc. But with the game looking to expand, and these essentially being rebranded clubs or brand new clubs that are using the same players (to start with) to relaunch, could it have been a missed opportunity? The women's Super League could have been a road test for big city teams, with little to no risk, and massive potential. It could have been a league involving big northern/midland cities to start with for eg. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, etc. As it took off and attracted money and sponsorship more big cities could have been added according to logistical and financial viability. It could have been a great tester for future expansion. Well I think so anyway.
  11. I actually agree - I think the World Cup kicking off first couple of weeks with groups of secondary nations will not only create great drama and intensity, it will also dispel notions that its the same old teams and no one else matters. Sometimes you've got to be brave and put the spotlight on those that don't always get it, to attract attention to the novelty factor as well as the legitimacy of the competition. Close games would be a great advert, and there would be great interest over who would qualify and joining who in which group for the second stage.
  12. Trouble is, the last time we had licensing, nothing changed apart from clubs treading water with stifled crowds at the bottom due to a lack of interest, promises of updated facilities to meet standards that were never forthcoming but the RFL kept them in anyway, and a feeling of disconnect in the Championship negatively affecting crowds and drama at the back end with little to play for. So whilst I agree with some of your points, in my opnion we need to find a way to increase the money in the Championship with a lucrative tv deal, to lessen the impact of relegation financially, to allow the RFL to implement minimum standards in the Super League that will not be lost due to relegation.
  13. I don't care for SOO. It stunts the international game and fuels the Aussie ego's, whilst being completely insular as far as the rest of the world having an interest. Not watched at all this year. A GB trial equivalent between England and a combined Celts side would be interesting, but I'd rather NRL players were released for the individual Celtic nations so they could field their strongest sides in a European Cup equivalent of the Oceania Cup
  14. Saints haven't been to Wembley for 11 years. The only problem with the Challenge Cup is fan fatigue. If there were less league games crowds would increase.
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