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  1. That's why it's as yet untapped potential - but with one success more will follow
  2. I agree I always withhold excitement or judgement until official coverage or report where loverugbyleague is concerned. There's normally not smoke without fire, but this sounds like someone got on skype, messenger or email, and asked if they would consider doing it, to which the response, "yeah of course we would consider doing it at some point". And it turned into 'they are considering doing it' with the adage, 'It is believed the discussions are in the very early stages and any new club would be several years away.' It's a story to get people clicking I feel.
  3. Well you say that but there are plenty of Erics in Canada and the USA - people with big dreams and enthusiasm, maybe they just either haven't seen rl yet, or have and haven't yet made their intentions known like Jacksonville
  4. Navigate to 2hrs 56 for Eric Perez on BBC Breakfast. Sounds a bit tired and doesn't cover any new ground (to someone who knows a lot already) - but this would have been at around 8.55am GMT so a good slot for listening public I would imagine.
  5. This is true - Not tried any others apart from fire fox myself but that was far too slow and didn't work
  6. You can use VPN to fool Sky Go into thinking you're in England. It worked for someone I know who went to Florida, who used 'HMA' for a small fee.
  7. In my opinion the rules change a for in game action will make huge difference regarding opinions throughout the sport. People react to what happens on the field - and players able to get out of a sticky situation by tapping the ball dead - or kicking the ball dead and not being punished has been majorly responsible for this fatigue and lethargy. Now these things have been fixed up I predict a climb in interest, the feeling of immediate importance in game and off field. I'm pleased to be able to say this as at the end of last season as many here will know I was very critical of RL and forecasting a further decline due to those reasons stated. plus there's the interest impact of Toronto Wolfpack as we.know - when it's North American people take interest - it's just the way it is
  8. I switched off at the word 'clusterf*ck'.
  9. Might have been the only two tries though...
  10. I'm not sure - I guess it depends how it is financed and whether they will be recruiting some great players to bolster the squad as they say. There is clearly a backer we are not aware of which is why the delay due to contact etc - this relationship should be ironed out as things get going and the money will begin to be the clubs in their account. As it stands what we don't know is far too much to assess whether decisions are right or wrong - but I agree on the face of it inexperience would appear to be a risk - unless as you say the backroom team will make up for it. Personally I hope that when they get some admin done and start signing newbies players and the coaching team excitement will build again - because at the moment everything is mired with unease due to a lack of knowledge
  11. To be fair you added the "to save money" part. It seems like an odd choice to me - maybe as assistant to Paul Anderson would make more sense - but I guess the proof will be in the pudding and as owners whatever decisions they make will either work or not. The important thing is if some decisions don't work out, which is inevitable, it doesn't mean the club folds as a result,
  12. It's fantastic as always. Excellent effort and I like many others are very grateful
  13. Sky said they would be showing select Championship games this season (presumably including Bradford and Hull KR being fashionable Sky teams). Hope the Bulls situation hasn't now wobbled their plans to go safe. Their treatment of the Championship is almost as patronising as when they lumped in rugby league to "rugby's" stats on twitter.
  14. Used to be my friend. Maybe again one day - but the commentary was my first love. These days I just work my butt off and then hope people back up their info so it's easy for me - that's not a dig either