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  1. Might have been the only two tries though...
  2. I'm not sure - I guess it depends how it is financed and whether they will be recruiting some great players to bolster the squad as they say. There is clearly a backer we are not aware of which is why the delay due to contact etc - this relationship should be ironed out as things get going and the money will begin to be the clubs in their account. As it stands what we don't know is far too much to assess whether decisions are right or wrong - but I agree on the face of it inexperience would appear to be a risk - unless as you say the backroom team will make up for it. Personally I hope that when they get some admin done and start signing newbies players and the coaching team excitement will build again - because at the moment everything is mired with unease due to a lack of knowledge
  3. To be fair you added the "to save money" part. It seems like an odd choice to me - maybe as assistant to Paul Anderson would make more sense - but I guess the proof will be in the pudding and as owners whatever decisions they make will either work or not. The important thing is if some decisions don't work out, which is inevitable, it doesn't mean the club folds as a result,
  4. It's fantastic as always. Excellent effort and I like many others are very grateful
  5. Sky said they would be showing select Championship games this season (presumably including Bradford and Hull KR being fashionable Sky teams). Hope the Bulls situation hasn't now wobbled their plans to go safe. Their treatment of the Championship is almost as patronising as when they lumped in rugby league to "rugby's" stats on twitter.
  6. Used to be my friend. Maybe again one day - but the commentary was my first love. These days I just work my butt off and then hope people back up their info so it's easy for me - that's not a dig either
  7. Still accepting entries - What you can expect: You will predict the winner and the margin of victory for a televised game every week - meaning you will have something to cheer for even if your team is not involved! You will have your own fixture list, mirroring the Super League/Championship format, including Super 8's, and play-offs, and compete in the Challenge Cup. A friendly enjoyable competition that's run by a fan for fans, and the opportunity to win a mug or two if successful. Go to to join, have a look around, and/or watch the promo vid that was made... All the best
  8. And I also hope I get a million pounds...
  9. I will be disappointed if there is no positive announcement today or tomorrow. The RFL said end of this week - and thousands of Bradford RL supporters will be hanging on their words and desperate for an outcome. Considering they kept saying they were positive there wouldn't be liquidation and that's been proved wrong, they need to get this right and start delivering - and in good time because there really isn't any.
  10. As I said before - if they introduce a top 5 play off system to end the current set up - it will close the gap between 8th and making the playoffs, and reintroduce a most popular knockout stage at the end.
  11. To be fair it's not included in the season tickets like the old relegation decider was between cas and Wakefield. Therefore it's a challenge cup semi final sized crowd equivalent between two sides at the bottom of the table.
  12. Ah forgot about them haha no
  13. IMMENSELY looking forward to the 2017 season, mainly as the Super League looks a lot tougher competition for some more traditionally high flying clubs at the moment - and that opens up possibilities. The main boost for me has been the rule changes - particularly the change to knocking the kicks dead, and the subsequent zero tackle if they do roll dead. This is a massive u-turn and will have a great effect on all matches. Teams will absolutely have to get their kicking game right - I can't wait. IT will be fascinating to see how tough Leeds find it this season - and I hope whilst there is improvement they don't automatically find themselves back near the top. We need indications it's not a one off and teams have to play well to win it. Wigan were not at their best last season whilst holding other sides' creative flair back. That's not wholly as a criticism, as I admired the way they found a way to win through hard work, grit and determination - but our champions need to be better than that in 2017. I'm hoping for (and predicting) a new champion in Castleford Tigers, and hoping for (but not expecting) Wigan to drop down the table. Sixth or below would help that feeling of anything could happen. I'm also hoping for Toulouse to make the top four of the Championship and Bradford to make the starting line with big talk from some owners about the future, finishing with retaining the Shield to kick on for 2018. I will be riding Leeds season differently for the first time since they struggled under Dean Bell, as every game feels like a tough game this year for the Rhinos - whilst improvement is imperative to avoid the qualifiers. Last season it was like watching a puppy on ice try to do the same things and expecting to suddenly be able to run. Im also hoping for a Super League double win in the World Club series, which I feel is possible with our clubs, and their clubs involved, and for Toronto to capture the imagination of Canada by winning - but not by 100 points. And I hope that Wayne Bennett can dumbfound us all by making it even more undeniable he is the best coach ever by guiding England to a World Cup win. Here's hoping for a crazy year. Predictions: SL Champions: Castleford Tigers Runners up: Wigan Warriors League Leaders: Wigan Warriors Challenge Cup Winners: Warrington Wolves Super League Table: 1. Wigan, 2. Castleford, 3. Warrington, 4. St Helens, 5. Hull FC, 6. Leeds, 7. Salford, 8. Catalans, 9. Wakefield, 10. Widnes, 11. Leigh, 12. Huddersfield Championship top four: 1. Hull KR, 2. London Broncos 3. Fev , 4. Toulouse Qualifiers: London to replace Huddersfield. Shield winners: Bradford
  14. Based on the fact the RFL will want to keep their pride intact, the system's success for the middle eights, and the likelihood Toulouse and Toronto could be involved in that section within two years, I find it unlikely they will change it dramatically. The tweaks I foresee happening are: A change to the top 8 semis that sees an extra round of playoffs added - in the form of a top 5 system - because it's what people want - but also because it makes it more likely the teams competing in that final playoff are subject to change, and it adds another round which clubs always want. Thursday games get binned off finally for a Saturday or Sunday after they give up on the free travel push.