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  1. The commentary was an embarrassment to the sport. People used to have a backlash for Eddie Waring, but he was a Saint compared to this, and the wrestle at half time took the biscuit. It showed us as completely unprofessional, amateur, and was the worst advert for expansion I have ever heard. David Argyle and his millions must be reconsidering why he is investing so heavily when the efforts are treated with such contempt by giving this poor quality coverage. So well done for getting it streamed, but give SERIOUS thought and budget to the commentary person/team next time, because this was diabolical.
  2. Nahhh, that's, do do dado do da, dada, dada, dadadada, boooo
  3. 1. It may interesting, in a, oh, that's interesting sort of way, but it ain't gonna make the headlines. 2. And they've done that, and had an opportunity to build the numbers too after doubling to 40,000 for the TW game. Had they continued to build the platform of streaming's profile, next year if the do the early rounds those teams would get more recognition than they did this year, that's how it works. Instead they've stagnated, so the teams will get some recognition, not a lot, and then the BBC may pull this approach next year due to numbers stagnating, and it'll be their own fault.
  4. Surely it's all about ratings, stories and atmosphere? There's no way they will get as big a rating for this game as they would for either Sal v TW or Lei v HKR - so that's bad for the game, and bad for the BBC. Stories from this game are, will Haven cause an upset, or not? Story from Sal v TW answers more questions over TW's readiness for Super League, asks will they cause an upset/will high flying Salford slip on the Canadian banana skin, and can give exposure across the world. Story from Leigh v HKR is, what is the gap between the top of the Championship and the Super League really like? Are Leigh able to defeat the side they replaced, and who are tipped to be the favourites to bounce back? Can HKR cause a perceived upset, and is it an upset? So again, based on the stories and questions available, Haven and Halifax is a poor choice. Atmosphere wise, Haven and Fax will be a decent atmosphere with the away following presumably boosting it a little from what we saw against TW earlier on Premier Sports. Salford and TW has the potential to give a poor image of the game due to their general home average, a lack of away support, and the reduced cup figures that generally apply. Leigh v HKR should be bouncing as I expect KR to take a lot, and a slight drop off for Leigh due to it being the cup to be compensated by this. So on that front, Haven Fax is an average choice. Scores: Ratings - Lei HKR, 3, Sal TW, 2, Haven Fax, 1. Stories - Sal TW, 3, Lei HKR, 2, Haven Fax, 1. Atmos - Lei HKR, 3, Haven Fax, 2, Sal TW, 1. Final scores: Lei HKR, 8, Sal TW, 6, Haven Fax, 4 So they should've picked Leigh Hull KR.
  5. just based on hypotheticals. you might be right, we'll have to wait and see
  6. Let's say based on the 40,000 Toronto watchers on the BBC, there's twice as many that would watch England with free live streaming. and that of those that would watch for free, based on this forum, a third of people would pay for it. That's rounded down, 26,000 people paying £3.50 each, which is £91,000. I don't know how much the feed would cost to get the coverage, but they would have to take this out of the profit. So a third saying yes doesn't look too bad
  7. Pros: Sent a message that if you don't pay enough you don't get it, and that it is the RFL's to do what they like with. £3.50 is about right for an international stream with coverage provided by someone else. It's a one off preparation test match, so it can be seen as fair game to test the market. There's hardly any England games available to watch in person or on TV, which should create demand. It might encourage a few to get their Magic tickets. If successful it could make the game more money, and thus prove it's value and the validity of this being competitive to broadcasters. If successful this format could be used to make more Super League, Championship and rugby league games available than there are currently. Cons: Presumed little to no engagement with people unfamiliar with the sport A small percentage of TV audiences watch streams as well An even smaller percentage of those pay for streams There's hardly any England games available to watch in person or on TV as it is, so hiding them away when they are available can be seen as shooting yourself in the foot. Only marketing will be done in Australia for ticket sales, and via the RFL to existing fans online. The Magic weekend promo code will annoy those who already have tickets. The stream could go down (I mean could you imagine?) The backlash from those unhappy is already a poor image for their adverts. To put this in perspective, to really capitalise on any success the RFL would have to develop a Kodi style box for your TV, which you subscribe to for their live streams across internationals, and clubs, and/or you can access and decide which ones to buy. Being on TV this would be far more accessible, but still would not reach a new audience so broadcasters would have to agree to a developed relationship and contractual agreement to allow them to do this with games not being broadcast currently. This would then allow the advertisement privileges to continue from having broadcasters on board. Eventually if the RFL made enough money from doing this they could advertise on broadcasting services, and make some re-runs, and also selected live games free-to-air on a specific network channel they could pay to have on subscription services like Sky, Virgin and BT, even Freeview one day. Eventually they might have their own subscription channel(s), or on demand ppv service. This all seems so far off, the questions have to be, have they thought this far ahead, do they have a strategy, and, if they do, what is it and how long do they think it will take?
  8. For other companies footage that is simply being made available, £2 per game. For a game the RFL produce themselves, £5 per game. Incidentally, if there was an opportunity to put it on the BBC then they should have taken it
  9. Do it for all games please and I can get rid of sky
  10. They get breakfast in Toronto and get paid to play rugby league and get time off work? Lucky beggars
  11. I would have thought that with football being one of their premium packages they would throw in the smaller package with it - but might be wrong. Normally its the smaller package where you 'miss out' on certain things, and the bigger packages where you get the smaller ones too.
  12. From a second look, he didn't and signals knock on, as does the extra ref. So it would appear it was the commentators who got it wrong and not the officials (even though they did get it wrong because he didn't lose it, but that's forgivable.) The important thing is that they did not give him as going out of play when going out as he was getting up, which makes my week of posts on here a quantifiable failure. Oh well, a week's a long time on TRL
  13. Hopefully not April fools joke, would be in very poor taste!
  14. Yeah that NCL and League 1 talk really wound me up as well. Thw podcast started well but it's now becoming an opinion vehicle and divisive. Too many topics because it's what Woods thinks should happen, and questions that start "Surely..." and answers that start "I think so, yes" He shouldn't be leading he should be asking open questions around topics that are evenly waited with opinion for and against on the show. For every there should be a counter argument given air time. So for NCL merging with League 1 they should talk to Siddal and also the All Golds (or a team that is against if they are) Hasnt the BBC's impartiality beeb questioned recently as well?