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  1. If allegations are true, deservedly sacked in my opinion. He'd better learn a trade fast, because his football career is probably over. Of course, he might still get a character reference from Greenberg.
  2. Vichyssoise

    Sharks' Coach

    Ciraldo? Please no! No to Barrett also! Morris should be the coach for 2019. End of discussion. Now, knowing the Sharks, they'll pick Kevin Walters or Brad Arthur
  3. Vichyssoise

    The NFL Route

    Any entrance fee/deposit to be paid?
  4. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    Must be the consequence of Flanno's indiscretions... No risk taken whatsoever form no on. :D
  5. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    Well, that's news to me. In 2016, I had to go through the NRL's online store to get all the memorabilia I wanted. I had an email somewhere of some sort of manager explaining me that. I even thought they still held a grudge for the Kokoda Trail Campaign. Edit: It looks like they have East Asia (does that include Japan?) on their list of destinations.
  6. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    I tried to order from the Sharks official store, never could. They don't ship overseas they told me! :D Never told me that Japan sucks though.
  7. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    Don't these guys know how to cheat properly? I'm always astounded by the amount of people who are so computer illiterate that they even use their professional emails (It happens every single day in every business sector and probably is one of the reasons why the job of competent investigators is so easy, just need to read the papers to know). If you're going to break the rules/law, be smart about it. First rule: don't leave any written trace behind you. Flanno was dumb for breaking the terms of his suspension back in 2014, and even dumber for leaving a trail that easy to pick up and follow. A good plumber he might be, a lousy spy he certainly is. Cloak & dagger stuff ain't his go. I don't advocate cheating, I believe the NRL did the right thing in this instance (although they're not always that efficient and/or thorough in their investigations/handling of suspect matters), but this is typical Cronulla. That level of incompetence is staggering. I thought I'd seen it all in my 20+ years following this club, but it's got to be the icing on the cake.... until next time.
  8. Well, I agree with you 100%, Graham. Yet, I'm always amazed when I read that people put themselves in that sort of situation in the first place. What is it, the 4th or 5th incident since the start of the month? It's going to be a long offseason. Edit: Of course, it goes without saying that I'm in no way defending De Belin's actions if what is alleged is true.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to believe that this young woman is telling the truth and has been through a painful experience... but, when he proposed a nightcap, what was she expecting?
  10. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    I'll have the same face if Barrett somehow becomes the next coach as rumored in some places.
  11. Naming rights, another great invention... At least, in this case, as DavidM has alluded to, it will provide a few laughs. That's the silver lining, I suppose.
  12. Vichyssoise

    Shaun Johnson to Sharks

    This is one jersey that I'd gladly buy... I refuse to be a walking billboard.
  13. Apparently, Shaun Johnson to Cronulla for 3 years* is now officially official. Should be thrilled, but replacing a guy who breaks his contract with another one is hardly excitement-inducing. * Will see how long this contract lasts...
  14. Vichyssoise

    Sharks Troubles

    Exactly what Holmes is going to say when he gets found out in the NFL...