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  1. Vichyssoise

    Tonga v Australia - Saturday

    Good game. Great atmosphere. Tonga need to find at least one talented half and they'll put a lot of fear into the opposition. Deserved Australian victory, too good in the first half. Michael Jennings is unfortunately truly past it.
  2. If Inglis is forced to relinquish the captaincy, I suggest Cameron Munster instead. After all, a kick to the head is barely worth a fine in the NRL.
  3. My favourite memory of Billy Slater remains that great try assist in the 2008 RLWC Final. Good player, no doubt, scored many a try against the Sharks, including his first if I'm not mistaken... But way too much gamesmanship for my liking. He fell over so many times this year trying to milk a penalty that I thought there was something wrong with his inner ear.
  4. Well done, Farmduck. And thank you, Graham, once again for running this friendly competition.
  5. Is it true that Cronk was obviously in discomfort with his shoulder and that the Storm never targeted him? I honestly find it hard to believe. Anyway, I guess pundits the likes of Andrew Johns didn't blow up this time like they did last year with NSW & Thurston at Origin 3.
  6. Vichyssoise

    Tony Williams - Drugs

    4 minutes of highlights! That's a lot more than I thought!
  7. Indeed. He's finally stopped handwriting the results on the spreadsheet.
  8. Happy with the win... Won't get past Melbourne unfortunately... I thought the Sharks were going to lose this one when Penrith started the comeback. I even fast forwarded the last 10 minutes (yeah! I'm this weak.). Don't know if I'll be able to watch the Prelim before knowing the result. Looking forward to tomorrow's game. That one I should be able to enjoy.
  9. This includes games he failed to finish, of course... To be fair, he's missed a few games over the years because of representative duty.
  10. South back in the lead... But we might be a Burgess error away from a Storm comeback.
  11. Good question. Valid every single year. Actually there are at least 3 periods rules-wise: The first 10 rounds, the rest of the season and the finals.
  12. Vunivalu scores at the end of a beautiful linebreak by Croft.
  13. Inglis Try. That one's on Vunivalu.