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  1. Poll 4 Winners South Gold Coast Melbourne Newcastle West Cronulla Auckland East Points 327 Home 3
  2. Vichyssoise

    Trent Barrett Quits Manly

    Why? Nothing personal. I find the idea of a Gould/Barrett pairing hilarious... It would be quite entertaining.
  3. Vichyssoise

    Trent Barrett Quits Manly

    Next St. George's coach! I should edit my post in McGregor's thread. :D
  4. Vichyssoise

    NRL - Run to the finals

    Much better! ;)
  5. Vichyssoise

    NRL - Run to the finals

    Ever thought of trying for a career in stand-up comedy, Graham?
  6. RL Winger, unfortunately for you guys, I wouldn't be surprised if McGregor kept his job in 2019. After all this time, he's got a finals spot secured. That's an improvement on previous seasons.
  7. Vichyssoise

    NRL 2018 - Round 22 Match Thread

    Never in doubt.
  8. Poll Titans/Panthers Winners Cows Warriors Rabbits Panthers Bulldogs Eels Raiders Sharks Points 341 Away 3
  9. Vichyssoise


    I've been reading rumors for months that the coaching staff was in fact Gould + Ciraldo while Griffin was there to smile at the cameras. I don't know how truthful these reports/rumors were, but I'm not surprised one bit by the news of Griffin's dismissal.
  10. Truly a sad story. On a personal level, he's had a lot to overcome in the past. Didn't he come out a few years back? That must have been tough too. Light-hearted banter is fine when it comes to referees and players, but sending death threats, hurling jeers & epithets, that's totally wrong. These people need to get their life priorities straight. Rugby-wise, consistently one of the best NRL referees for a number of years. It doesn't mean he didn't make mistakes, he's human after all, but he usually seemed fair and unbiased, unlike some of his colleagues who consistently appear to let the surroundings get to them.
  11. Vichyssoise

    NRL 2018 - Round 21 Match Thread

    How is that a try? There's separation for me... Anyway, try assist Damian Cook.
  12. Vichyssoise

    NRL 2018 - Round 21 Match Thread

    Sore loser. I knew it all along.
  13. Vichyssoise

    NRL 2018 - Round 21 Match Thread

    Smith off... Melbourne playing with 12 men. No interchange left.
  14. Vichyssoise

    NRL 2018 - Round 21 Match Thread

    He's on speed.