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  1. Or maybe not. Phil Chaplin suggests that it could be the RFL who will decide if Toronto are allowed in, not the Super league clubs. And since the RFL are said to favour Toronto being readmitted.......... I hour 7mins, 30 secs in ; https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL2ZvcnR5MjBybC9mZWVkLnhtbA/episode/Zm9ydHkyMHJsLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL2RhZTg5ZjkxLWZiNWUtM2YwZC1hYTM1LTc3MzJlZWJiODBhOQ?hl=en-GB&ved=2ahUKEwjt2NuBjoDsAhXGh1wKHQPPBiAQieUEegQIDRAF&ep=6
  2. In a Tesco in a small village called Weston near Bath. An ambitious 6 copies ! Which I of course dutifully repositioned on top of a bundle of newspapers from the dark side.
  3. I was a beneficiary of some of his freebies. How the shop made any money was beyond me. It was like a sprawling jumble sale, the staff struggled to find things. But I loved going there and he made such a fuss over me, he was a great character. It was hard to believe seeing him in his later years that he was once such an elusive athlete. Thanks for jogging my memory.
  4. Not as catchy as their "Shock the World " (USA Rugby League) which must hold the record for the most mentions of Rugby LEAGUE in a video and with over 3.7 million views is it bizarrely the most watched RL video ?
  5. On the other hand I like to think Brian Noble (with his long struggle to promote League) would n't have anything to do with it if he suspected a hidden agenda that was n't for the good of the game. So hopefully there are no Trojan horses involved.
  6. Many will welcome Argyle shaking the RL tree and he is cleverly tapping into the supporters dissatisfaction with the sport's administrators but I just wish he would use the word "League" then I might feel a bit more comfortable with where he is taking this. ( Also from the Herald; Argyle annoyed some South Pacific delegates at an International Rugby League congress in York last year by continually referring to “rugby” and refusing to say “league”.)
  7. I hope this is the shoe in the door for Paul Broughton to build on in China. Broughton had the vision to understand that just a very small corner of China would be huge, with a population of over 1.4 Billion and soon to be the world's biggest economy. Fair play to Broughton for plugging away at this for years and for Roy Masters for bringing it to people's attention again having previously publicly shaming the NRL over their slow response in 2016. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-finally-shows-support-for-paul-broughtons-plan-to-develop-rugby-league-in-china-20160416-go7wyz.html
  8. Tony Collins is suggesting huge change will come as a result of Tonga's win. Which coming from an academic surprises me, but I hope he is right. “It’s the biggest upset in the history of international rugby league without a doubt,” says Collins. One profound impact of the victory according to Collins will be striking a decisive blow against rugby union’s stranglehold on Pacific Islander hearts and minds. Tonga’s rise has meant for the first time international rugby league is challenging State of Origin as the premier form of the game. “Origin has always been the pinnacle but the passion generated by the Pacific nations is now equivalent,” Collins says. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/nov/06/rugby-leagues-pacific-revolution-goes-global-after-tongan-triumph
  9. "The record deal would see Williams earn around four times the wages paid to NRL superstar Daly Cherry-Evans ($10 million over eight seasons) and AFL superstar Lance Franklin ($10 million over nine seasons)." If the $10M figure is correct it is more than double the highest paid union "star" which will shake the union tree. With all the money sloshing around in union I did n't expect to see the return of the day when a League player would be earning more than anyone in union. And by so much ! Little old Rugby League is not so inconsequential after all. https://www.ruck.co.uk/highest-paid-rugby-players/
  10. Phil Smith long-serving member of the St Helens Rugby League Referees Society, Smith combines his full-time job with a voluntary role helping to develop match officials with the Rugby League Europe Federation.His most recent adventure took him to Nigeria for the Middle East Africa (MEA) Championship. "It never fails to surprise you when you get over there, how much background knowledge they have," The lengths the Cameroonian players went to in particular to be involved was jaw-dropping, with the squad making a four-day trip by minibus which saw them survive attempted robbery, unsanctioned payments being taken from them at unofficial checkpoints and even being arrested at one point."That dedication is unreal. We moan about the M62 on a Friday night... https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12198/11837751/rugby-league-making-strides-in-africa-after-mea-championship
  11. On 11/10/2019 at 20:21, Bedfordshire Bronco said: Just watched the recent Rugby AM bit with Symmo on it. Now been made available on their website; https://rugbyam.co.uk/tv-features/alex-hits-toronto-for-the-mpg/ But not as good as Rugby Am's report on their visit to Toronto last year;
  12. This is part of a campaign started in September and is set to be the Ad campaign that just keeps giving; "The three-part series is the latest activation in Dacia’s four-year long Rugby Football League (RFL) sponsorship, secured and developed by partnerships agency Fuse. The videos, created by Hearst UK, tell the stories of different heroes within Rugby League and the values they hold, establishing Dacia and Rugby League’s shared values: being down to earth, honest and no-nonsense." "The series will be pushed out across two of Hearst’s leading health and wellbeing brands, Women’s Health and Men’s Health, as well as the Telegraph, where it will be supported by content across print and digital platforms. It will be released around key England and GB Lions Rugby League moment." https://marcommnews.com/dacia-launches-a-heros-journey-in-latest-rugby-league-activation/
  13. Sky interviewed McDermott mostly about interest in Sonny Bill Williams but he went on to say ; "Our club would want to have a name that's absolutely international that everybody would recognise and help the profile of our game, very much like David Beckham did for Major League Soccer," "So, whoever it may be, you go mention the five highest-profile rugby players - league or union - around the world and we'd be interested and our club would get those. "David Argyle will resource each one of those signings." We live in exciting times. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/11832254/toronto-wolfpack-claim-sonny-bill-williams-is-interested-in-joining-them
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