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  1. Toronto game moved and Der deutsche Scouser arrives

    Excellent now we need to sign a couple of Polish players
  2. Jack Murphy

    He left to go to Australia
  3. Lions v Wolfpack

  4. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    I am a Swinton Lions fan and I would love to know how a club like York who were to all accounts dead a couple of years ago have not only thank god survived and I wish you well but have by all accounts excelled and are drawing some decent crowds. How do you do it there?What are York doing as I hear a lot of it is via Twitter etc?
  5. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    So my question is what will happen to the clubs outside those 20?
  6. Swinton Away 18/2/18

    In Eccles town Centre?
  7. Rochdale Hornets

    As a Swinton Lions fan we know how Rochdale Hornets fans feel as we were in deep trouble last year.I would urge whoever has set up the crowdfunding page to put it on Twitter,Facebook and in as many groups as possible because the more people know especially fellow RL fans the more they will chuck into the pot.
  8. Thank god for that.I wish him a full and speedy recovery.
  9. Swinton Away 18/2/18

    Which pub will you all be going to then?
  10. Gavin Bennion

    I as a Swinton Lions fan question why Salford signed him if as it seems they have no intention of giving him a chance?to me it is a waste of a salary and squad place where perhaps someone else who they would play would get a chance? Seems bizarre
  11. Restructure 2019?

    I was talking to the father of a current Championship player the other day and we were talking about this subject and he told me that the current Super League clubs weren’t for this season investing quite as heavily as in the past.He also said that some of the Championship clubs,especially at the top end were investing heavily in new players this season.He said that looking into it in a bit more detail suggests very strongly to him that firstly no relegation from the Super League this year(in any shape or form)and that two clubs from the Championship will be promoted to make the Super League 14 teams.My next question was what about the rest of the Championship clubs?he thinks using the same theory no Championship club will be relegated either this season,which if the funding for next year at the very least stays at the same pathetic pittance for the lower end clubs will probably be a relief to clubs such As Dewsbury,Rochdale,Barrow and my team Swinton Lions as they will not have the worry of relegation hanging over them and an even worse pathetic pittance in central funding from the gimps at the RFL.And of course to bring the numbers back up to 12(assuming it is a 12 team division)two will be as per status quo be promoted into the Championship which will probably bring Bradford into the division so they can somehow earn their way back into Super League like Glasgow Rangers did back into the Scottish Premier League after their brutal demotion a few years back. That is what we both think will happen.
  12. Restructure 2019?

    I keep hearing that something is going to be changed for 2019 season that the Super League May well be increased to 14 teams meaning 2 going up from the Championship.And I think from some of the whispers I am hearing from a relation of a current Championship player that the Championship will probably be kept as a 12 team division I assume meaning that 2 teams will be coming up from Championship 1 as per the status quo And I will assume therefore that no team from the Championship will go down this year giving clubs like Barrow,Rochdale,Dewsbury And my Swinton Lions a sigh of relief that they will be safe.Do People think this is going to be the case? Or will something much more radical happen with an elite for want of a better word Super League of say 10 clubs,a Super League Second tier with Again 10 clubs and the remaining clubs and I believe a new club in Bristol and another club,possibly from North America being split into 2 divisions of 10? Or is something else being proposed? My own opinion is that whatever is done the RFL and the clubs have simply got to get it right next time because for far too long we have as a game have been getting it wrong(I sense a Gerry Rafferty song coming on)and it has done a lot of damage to the game.And I fear that if it is got wrong again then rugby league as a sport in this country will die.
  13. We don’t want a devoted Zionist like him in this game.
  14. 2019 structure

    I think it is time that the structure for 2019 is revealed soon and before this season kicks off so clubs at all levels know precisely what they are playing for this season. And in my opinion whatever is decided by ALL the clubs it must be kept to ad infinitum
  15. Money Trouble?

    Simple answer No.In fact to expand on that they want the likes of Oldham,Rochdale,Swinton and even Salford to just die peacefully and the sadistic bar stewards at the RFL would rejoice.#### they are