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  1. Robthegasman

    Championship odds

    I would be elated if we were mid table next year.I think we at Swinton with some of the signings made along with some of the off field progress can at the most get a mid table position or mid lower. I see the situation at Leigh is very unclear at the moment and I understand that they cannot do a thing at the moment.I bet Leigh fans are looking Eastwards towards us with envy right now.
  2. Robthegasman

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    I hope Dog,Will Hope And Josh Barlow all re-sign for us soon.
  3. Robthegasman

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    From what I have seen suggested Leigh are only able to offer any players a basic salary I assume of about £5K which is not very much and of course is only a part time salary which I also assume falls within the law regarding minimum wage/living wage.
  4. Robthegasman

    League 1,issues?

    S/L will keep it all for themselves.I think there will end up being 2 Super League divisions of 8 in each.A Super League”Elite”division and a Super League”Championship”division. And I think the remaining 20 or so clubs will be forced to form their own division where all the teams play each other once,and once that has been done the league will split in two where the top and bottom 10 will play each other again once.
  5. Robthegasman

    League 1,issues?

    The next two or three years are going to be very interesting to say the least where this game is concerned.I foresee clubs struggling to stay a float.
  6. Robthegasman

    League 1,issues?

    I think the proposals were frankly poor and ill thought and I commend the clubs who rightly voted against them,including my team Swinton Lions even if the Status Quo had remained would have seen us and Hornets go down.
  7. Robthegasman

    League 1,issues?

    That suggests to me that another club other than Hemel has decided to leave or has folded. I don’t think 10 home games really is enough to have a sustainable club sadly,especially with not great crowds. Update I have just realised my error.If another club folded then it would only be 9 home games.Either way 9 or 10 home games is not really enough.
  8. Robthegasman

    League 1,issues?

    I understand that Hemel Stags have pulled out of League 1 and I am hearing that there is a delay in announcing fixtures for both Championship and Championship 1 clubs for next year. Are there further problems I wonder and is it sadly possible that there are other clubs who are on the verge of leaving Championship 1 either folding or going amateur as this potentially could make Championship 1 an unviable League as there are so few teams in it. And after all the hoo hah of last season regarding restructuring etc at the last minute could we,depending on numbers actually be looking at yet another restructure immediately making the game look even more stupid than frankly it already is?
  9. Robthegasman

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    As a Swinton Lions fan and from Manchester I am naturally disappointed that Channel 4 decided to choose Leeds instead but well done nevertheless to Leeds and it is great to see a major broadcaster see that there is life beyond the M25. Now seeing that they are moving up North I personally think for rugby league outside Super League(they will stay with Sky or go to BT)Channel 4 would be the ideal broadcaster for Championship/Championship1 rugby league as they have always since launching been very much the channel that speaks for the underdog and I think they would do a very good job with us clubs outside Super League.I think they once showed American Football and Aussie rules Football and it has helped promote the former here so why not rugby league outside the Super League? Besides when the current deal runs out in 2021 I think that there will be no Sky TV money and Super League will basically take it all and leave the rest behind now they have taken over the running of the game here.And in my opinion it is time that Championship and Championship 1 clubs start getting their heads together and arranging a few secret meetings to formulate a plan ready for 2021 to secure funding from elsewhere and keep as many clubs as possible alive.
  10. Robthegasman

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Billy Brickhill has signed for us.
  11. Robthegasman

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    I am not so sure that the RFL would allow that now.Legally yes it can be done but after what happened at Bradford they will be much harder.At Swinton when they had their problems last year,the legal advice given to them was let the old company that was in trouble go bust,and reform as a newco but the RFL told them in no uncertain terms you will not do that and if you do you will basically be out and for good. And our near neighbours at Leigh will basically have to somehow work out how to pay their debts now it seems the liquidation option is now gone.
  12. Robthegasman

    championship 2019

    Next season in the Championship as far as I know the bottom two will be automatically relegated.I don’t think there will be a play off like this year.
  13. Robthegasman

    Today’s attendance

    Anyone know what the attendance was today?there certainly seemed to be well over 1000 there today and if there was then it was good to see the advertising and promotion of the game today pay off. Again if the attendance was over 1000 I hope that next year the same way of promoting home games is used all the time and that we can see us crack 1000 as a minimum attendance figure.
  14. Robthegasman

    Workington on Sunday

    A huge well done today Lions.I know there will be those who will not agree with us staying up finishing bottom of the table but the powers that be wanted to change things(wrongly in my opinion but I respect democracy)and of course as we know Swinton voted rightly against the changes but a majority chose different and it gave us another opportunity to stay up and you can only deal the cards you are dealt. It is time now we have had this opportunity and taken advantage of it that we kick in and let’s next year really make the best of it and try and get to where Dewsbury and Batley are and become part of the furniture in this division without having to worry about relegation towards the season end.
  15. Robthegasman

    Swinton are staying up!

    As a Swinton Lions fan I am relieved and frankly glad to see the back of this season. Well done to the boys today.