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  1. I read that Salford City Council are looking at redeveloping the town centre,and I also understand that as part of the grand plan,Pendlebury rec along with one or two other leisure centres are going to close and a new super duper leisure facility costing about £11m-£12m is supposed to be being proposed on the site of the old St Ambrose Barlow school.Now if that is the case then I would hope that John Roddy and the directors will press the case for a community sports stadium to be incorporated into the plans that of course can provide these new super leisure facilities and provide a new home for Swinton Lions and of course other local sporting clubs to play at. To me if the council are planning on renewing leisure facilities and basing new ones in Swinton centre,then this MUST include Swinton Lions,along with others and a stadium say with 5000 capacity that is Championship where the leisure facilities can be housed is also a must. And in my opinion I think that potential venue is a far better option than Agecroft which frankly in my opinion is in the wrong place as the communications are poor.
  2. Even though we won today,a very hard fought for win,we are still in the and we need to kick on from here if we want to remain in this division.And we need to win I think at least another 8 or 9 games before the season end to stay up.A very big task.And a very big ask.But not by any means impossible
  3. I personally don't think Agecroft will ever happen.The fact that there are houses being built nearby will in my opinion end that one.And if I am honest I personally don't think that the site is the right place for a stadium anyway as it is pretty much in a very quiet area with frankly poor communications.The only way that Agecroft,if it ever got built would succeed is for a new road to be built off the M60,say the resurrection of the abandoned M601 Irwell Valley Motorway which I understand was proposed in the early 1970s to go into Central Manchester but rather shortsighted got abandoned.
  4. It is basically simple for the Lions,win if you want to stay in this division.Lose this on top of the defeat at Oldham,then we have to prepare for life in Championship 1.And the directors will need to start preparing for life in that division,which will frankly be awful.
  5. I thought the bonus point(s)were a good idea,in my opinion it gave teams incentives to have a go,and play positive rugby.And money wise for the players perhaps,whilst it is by no means a winning bonus,it is perhaps a bit more than losing pay.
  6. I hope that you are right.I just can't see us surviving right now,let alone climbing up the table.Even though most of the defeats have been narrow,they are defeats all the same and of course the bonus point has been,wrongly scrapped,if there were bonus points,we would probably be on 7 points by now.
  7. Well after the show today I am afraid that relegation is in my opinion now inevitable.One win in 10 is frankly not good enough,it is disgraceful in my opinion given the substantial investment that was made after the end of last season.It does not matter whether the defeats have been narrow or not,defeats are defeats,no points as there is no bonus point anymore,rightly or wrongly. Yes the points difference is as such not that drastic,unlike last year but this time last year I think we won 3 or 4 games,and that was with a squad which was supposedly not as strong as this one is.So,and yes I know that there are injuries,which I understand are killing us,and probably damaging the players,but we are not going forward,if anything we are going backwards and getting worse,not better.There is too much rugby played up the middle,fine if you have huge massive forwards which we ain't got and when the ball is passed out the ###### thing gets dropped and another chance of a try goes begging,why? Now I look at the table,and it is frankly depressing reading and we are 5 points behind Oldham already and they have a game in hand(Dewsbury)which I think they will win easily and I cannot see us catching up,and frankly right now I cannot see us winning against Rochdale even though they got a whooping.I cannot see where the necessary 9 or 10 wins are to keep us in this division are going to come from. I hope that I am wrong but I can seriously see relegation coming,and how this club will get through that should it unfortunately happen God only knows.
  8. Facts are facts,we need to start winning games and there are plenty of winnable games and we need to win most,if not all of them if this club is to remain in the Championship.We cannot be depending on others around us to lose games.And we cannot be doing the fancy Dan stuff on the field,just do the basics and do them right show no panic or indiscipline and I think we will be OK
  9. At this moment in time,I don't think we will go down BUT if wins don't come soon then we will be in a relegation dogfight,and if we are in that dogfight then I would fear that the trap door will open.Beating Halifax away on Sunday is a MUST and we must also get full points against Rochdale and Oldham in the following weeks.
  10. As a Swinton Lions fan I hope that you give the Bulls a good hiding and keep them on -8 points which in reality would be minus 12 once more.I hope that they go down given the disgraceful events there aided and a betted by the RFL.Good luck Batley.
  11. French air traffic controllers I hear are going on strike.
  12. Me.Flying from Manchester Friday morning.
  13. I am a Swinton Lions fan and we know how you feel attendances wise as our paths have unfortunately been very similar,and the attendance figures are similar with us both.I know when we call at BF we will I think bring a few hundred fans along which will help you.The only thing both clubs can really do is keep plugging away and probably given time as I think the grounds where we both respectively play at will be our homes for a long time,possibly permanent.We both have to make the best of frankly a situation.
  14. The ref was a complete total penis today.
  15. And maybe looking further forward,if say Agecroft fails to materialise but the club can continue to thrive and prosper both on and off the field,so much so that one day in the future they can dare I say become a Super League club then of course Sale would unfortunately no longer be adequate and if that day ever was to happen,then I would think that a venue like the Manchester Regional Arena would suit.Of course anything like that is a long way off yet but who knows what could happen in say 10-15 years time. Of course I said earlier that I and everyone else want Agecroft ,or a move back Swinton was not to happen,I will go on record and say that I for one would not want Swinton Lions to ever play permanently at any venue within the boundaries of Salford City Council as in my eyes they have never really done much for Swinton Lions so why pay rates to them,or rent or whatever.I would say let one of the neighbouring Greater Manchester boroughs have the benefit instead.