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  1. Well if we can win 5 out of the 7 remaining games then survival,assuming there is still relegation will be more than assured.The games against Oldham and Bradford will be 4 pointers.
  2. I would offer Josh Barlow one or two positions within the club,either assistant coach and or a place on the board as well
  3. Thank you very much HKR very much appreciated from one fan to another.The crowdfunding has now raised £6250,25% of the amount required and that has been done in what 4 days and your £10 has most certainly helped get to this milestone.And every £ raised will go a long way to save this club.
  4. It would be nice if he did,he certainly has the money to do it.I would hope that he would be prepared to at the very least offer the £100K at the very least,an amount which is loose change for him.And this is also from a Manchester United fan too.
  5. The website is
  6. Try this link
  7. Firstly I am very pleased that a fellow Lions fan has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for us in our hour of need and to see that in just two days about £4300 has been raised via the generous donations of fans from many different clubs is amazing and the target set should get reached after 29 days and we will be forever grateful.And the supporter who set up the group she should be very proud of herself and we owe her a debt of gratitude. Now once this has been sorted out,I think that the ONLY way for this club to be run is by the fans and with some sort of co operative that runs it.I hope that when the debts are sorted out then regardless of what happens whether the existing company survives or whether or not a Phoenix company is formed then reform and change must happen and whilst we don't know the what,why etc this must never again happen at this club. Swinton Lions must become a fans run club.End of.
  8. The plight at Swinton is indeed desperate but we are fighting back and a crowdfunding page has been set up,only about 5 or 6 hours or so and monies are being steadily raised.We will not die.
  9. There is a book about the 150 years of Swinton Lions.I assume that copies will be for sale on Sunday but there is also a link on the Swinton Lions website where copies can be bought.
  10. When he was with us last year at Swinton he was no problem whatsoever.I have spoken to him a few times and I find him a pleasant bloke,indeed we saw him at a chippy in Blackpool and even though he was a Batley player,albeit frozen out there he had the time to speak to us.I personally wish he was still a Lion,if we had the money.
  11. I will second what Boddington Bob says,we find ourselves in deep brown stuff for whatever reason(s)be it over estimating or something else suffice to say the famous Swinton Lions need as much support as they can get to ensure we survive as a club let alone in this division.We urge you Dewsbury fans to come and watch the game in your hundreds at Sale where you will be well looked after and if any of you are keen on RL history buy a book about our 150 years so please Dewsbury fans make that journey please.Thanks.
  12. If I was an Oldham fan I would be wanting a Swinton win.
  13. It is certainly a very winnable game and hopefully now the air has been cleared regarding the off field issues and we know where we are,there will be s positive response.
  14. We do yes,they have a couple of directors on the board.Personally I would like to see Swinton Lions a wholly supporters owned club.
  15. Thanks for confirming that,much appreciated.It was something that came out in general chit chat amongst a few of my fellow Swinton Lions fans.