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  1. Mickael Goudemand

    I bet he will know many good old English expletives by now.
  2. New signings 2018

    I am glad to see that we have signed another player Hayden Hansen from Australia.I have heard that he is quite a good player and will no doubt be a very good acquisition to the squad.With the players retained(so far)the players signed and I believe that there are a few more to come,hopefully some very big forwards who will not take any 💩 from anyone we might be able to get top four in the bottom 8s next year,I think 8th is not an impossible target.
  3. Back "home"!

    Well hopefully and I don’t know the ins and outs at the Vestacare Stadium the ground is brought up to Championship standards quickly so if Oldham Do go up at the first attempt the ground is to the minimum standards so they no longer have to play elsewhere and can replant their roots in Oldham and rebuild the fan base to improve attendances as time moves on. Good luck Oldham.
  4. Back "home"!

    As a Swinton Lions fan I am glad that you are returning to Oldham and though I don’t know the ins and outs of the Vestacare Stadium(apart from that wall which looks too close to the pitch)my concern is that it is not to Championship standards should you Hopefully return to the a Championship at the first attempt.I hope that everything is done to ensure that it is brought to Championship standards and that Oldham can finally return home,replant the roots and stay for good and rebuild the fan base. Good luck.
  5. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    I think looking at the fixtures for both days I will be surprised if the total attendance for the whole event is 8000.I see this being a flop and from what I hear as a Swinton Lions fan the clubs don’t really make anything from it which in my opinion rather defeats the course of the object.
  6. Blackpool Bash

    I think Swinton will take about 450-500 fans to Blackpool as the Blackpool Bash is popular with the Lions fans but I certainly agree that the daily attendance will be poor and frankly I think if that ends up being 2000 it will be a miracle.In fact I see the whole event being a disaster attendance wise.And that would be a shame.
  7. A way back home for Swinton?

    This is most certainly very good news,and a big step in the right direction.I think seeing as Moorside Rangers are going to be lead in this it should ensure funding for this project from the football authorities.I also understand that the relevant agreements between all parties are in the process of being drawn up with the local Council being if you want the independent honest broker.I can't see it not happening as it seems that a lot of work has already been done in a very short space of time.And the genie is out of the bottle in the nicest way possible so I think it will happen.Of course it is not a foregone conclusion either and there is still a lot of work yet to do but most certainly it is a step forward and this time seeing as football is involved I think that it will happen and that within the next 5 years the Lions will at long last be home where they belong.
  8. The End Of Dual Reg with Huddersfield?

    I personally think that DR should be scrapped altogether.Let Super League teams either have a proper reserve grade or they should loan players to Championship or Championship 1 clubs so the players can get experience of first team rugby and dare it be said toughen a few of them up a bit
  9. New signings 2018

    At a guess I would say yes.And probably with Wigan once again
  10. New signings 2018

    Good to see that 5 players from last season have officially re-signed for next year and key players too.If we can keep the nucleus of the existing squad with a few additions within our means moneywise then I think we will be ok next year and hopefully not be in another relegation dogfight,hopefully we can finish where Dewsbury finished next year which was fantastic for them considering the terrible start they had which was far worse than ours was.
  11. Next season's format...

    In my opinion the Manchester area needs a full time good RL development officer to help promote the game because it is declining in this area and to bring the sport into many more schools even in non RL boroughs like Stockport,Tameside,Trafford and Manchester.
  12. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Or he may have been singing All the things she said
  13. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    I am a Swinton Lions fan and firstly the future of Swinton is secure as it is my understanding that the debts that have been incurred whilst not yet gone are now manageable thanks to a lot of fundraising by fans and help from fans of other clubs(Hull KR fans have been helpful along with others too)and from what I understand some pruning is also being done to reduce costs.So hopefully we will be ok soon. The new chairman here is NOT into any sort of merger whatsoever involving Swinton,nor should he And whilst I support the inclusion of Manchester on the badge there is no way I would support a merged team and neither would the 500 or so Swinton fans. As for Salford well I have seen the eye watering figures and to be £8.2 million in debt questions need asking and I think Salford are basically bankrupt and insolvent and I read that Marwan Koukash is going to transfer the ownership to a fans trust so will they be responsible for that debt?and frankly there is no way it can be paid off.Questions need asking here and also at local government level as millions of pounds of precious public money has gone into this club which will never be repaid so the poor Council Tax payer will lose.I also think the GM Mayor needs to look at this along with national government. As for Salford well if they do go bust which I suspect they will do and a new club run by a fans trust is formed they should start again from the bottom and that has to be Championship 1 and they like Swinton will initially have to look for an alternative playing venue as there is no doubt that the costs of playing at the AJ Bell would be too expensive for them in fact it is too expensive for this Salford rugby club let alone a newly reformed one.In fact the AJ Bell is the heart of the problem for Salford,the move there has failed and it will never work out for them.Fact. And if Salford do go bust and a new club is set up by the fans then yes as I said they should start in Championship 1 and Oldham should therefore get a reprieve and be allowed back in the Championship and as for the Super League place well that should go to Leigh and they should too be given a reprieve as they would be the fairest outcomes. And as for the Championship next year well if Leigh were to be given a rightful reprieve then that division will struggle like hell and the Summer Bash will be frankly a washout but that is something that the Championship clubs and the RFL will have to sort out. This sad scenario shows what mess the game is REALLY in.
  14. Next season's format...

    Though not an Oldham fan myself I would be very inclined to agree with you.
  15. Next season's format...

    What is going on at Salford then and where did you read this?I have not seen anything on this yet but I would think it will be very interesting reading.