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  1. Gary Schofield sure has it in for Swinton Lions.He has never predicted us to stay up even in our first season when it was done without restructuring and Bradford’s 12 point deduction(and yes I accept twice we could have/should have gone down). I think we must have upset him in a previous life??
  2. No. I am a fan of a Championship club and I am trying to understand the way finances are at these clubs especially the part time ones.
  3. I am trying to understand the finances of rugby league especially at Championship level and especially at semi professional part time level and I am wondering what the average basic salary is for these players?
  4. As a Swinton Lions fan and someone who has very little if any time for the Rugby League,I have to say that for once I think they have come up with something good here which I think will give clubs like ours a timely boost and an opportunity to put ourselves collectively in the shop window,because as one or two here have correctly said it gives us the chance to basically negotiate a decent enough TV deal separate from Super League as the day WILL soon come when clubs like Swinton Lions And Dewsbury will get NO Central RFL funding.
  5. Sad to see Josh leave but we move on and I thank him for his services and wish him well for the future both on and off the field with his business
  6. And I wonder how they will pay him given their difficulties
  7. I hope Dog,Andy Thornley,Will Hope And Josh Barlow all re-sign.
  8. I would be elated if we were mid table next year.I think we at Swinton with some of the signings made along with some of the off field progress can at the most get a mid table position or mid lower. I see the situation at Leigh is very unclear at the moment and I understand that they cannot do a thing at the moment.I bet Leigh fans are looking Eastwards towards us with envy right now.
  9. I hope Dog,Will Hope And Josh Barlow all re-sign for us soon.
  10. From what I have seen suggested Leigh are only able to offer any players a basic salary I assume of about £5K which is not very much and of course is only a part time salary which I also assume falls within the law regarding minimum wage/living wage.
  11. S/L will keep it all for themselves.I think there will end up being 2 Super League divisions of 8 in each.A Super League”Elite”division and a Super League”Championship”division. And I think the remaining 20 or so clubs will be forced to form their own division where all the teams play each other once,and once that has been done the league will split in two where the top and bottom 10 will play each other again once.
  12. The next two or three years are going to be very interesting to say the least where this game is concerned.I foresee clubs struggling to stay a float.
  13. I think the proposals were frankly poor and ill thought and I commend the clubs who rightly voted against them,including my team Swinton Lions even if the Status Quo had remained would have seen us and Hornets go down.
  14. That suggests to me that another club other than Hemel has decided to leave or has folded. I don’t think 10 home games really is enough to have a sustainable club sadly,especially with not great crowds. Update I have just realised my error.If another club folded then it would only be 9 home games.Either way 9 or 10 home games is not really enough.
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