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  1. I am not an Oldham fan,I am a Swinton Lions fan and I think that what has happened at Bradford is not only sad,especially for the players and staff,the working class as I call them,but is frankly a farce and in my opinion the RFL have come out looking very bad.I personally think that if a Phoenix club emerges,a newco then they should start in Championship 1 as that would be fair,and ironically for a new Bradford club.I understand that a newco will be starting out in the Championship so it seems with a 12 points deduction,well given the fact that they have few,if any players left,and with the season so close away,they will be the sacrificial lambs to the slaughter and I cannot see them winning many games and they will probably go down anyway as bottom club,but both yourselves and us won't be joining them. The rugby league in this country are frankly a sick joke,and it's true the saying that rugby league is a professional sport run by amateurs,never more so with this sad story and if we are not careful these amateurs will kill the sport in this country.
  2. I have seen it suggested that we are very interested in signing him from the defunct Bradford Bulls.Well if he is prepared to accept the same money as the rest of the players are on and accept that the days of him getting a full time salary are over and does what the rest of the players here and indeed most other Championship clubs do,ie get a job or set up a business,he could perhaps be a good acquisition for the Lions as we look to build on last year.
  3. OK I no longer go to games for both personal reasons and the fact that I felt very let down by previous directors because of what I call their secret society attitude.But putting that aside I went to the meeting and the fact that people are signing the petition by growing numbers vindicates the actions of the trust by being honest enough to tell it as it is.I also hope that fans of other RL clubs have signed this and the strength of feeling forces Salford Council to act accordingly and give Dr Koukash what he wants,ie the green light to build a stadium in Swinton centre.
  4. Very well put.I think with investment,the right people running the club on a day to day basis,vision,a place(or places) for the Supporters Trust ie on the board and other influential areas and some elbow grease there is no reason or excuse why Swinton cannot be successful on and off the field.Yes right now Swinton are on their ###### and at probably the lowest ebb ever but Swinton is an established rugby league club that has kept going through some very difficult times and what it needs now is for someone to put in some cash and take the club by it's bootlaces or the scruff of the neck,sweep away the s**t from the past,disinfect and pressure hose it all away and start again from scratch,albeit of course it is an established club.OK something different but if you bear with me you will see where I am going.Germany after WW2 was physically wrecked,they were broken,demoralised and at an ebb far far lower than what Swinton RLFC are now.OK that country as we all know was divided but in West Germany they literally had to sweep away the remains of the awful recent at that time past,they had the right leader in charge(Adenauer)for a change,and yes of course financial investment in Marshal aid along with the people running the country and it's people putting in the work and elbow grease they soon,within 15 years started to prosper once more and that country was successfully rebuilt into a prosperous economic powerhouse that could have influence on the world table,and that prosperity pretty much lasted.So basically if a country can be successfully rebuilt within 15 years,then Swinton RLFC can be rebuilt successfully and again with some investment and the correct people I see no reason why not.
  5. I very firmly believe that if Swinton RLFC is taken over soon with the right investment and perhaps more importantly with the right owner/chairman/directors in charge they will not just survive but will survive and given time show signs of prospering both on and off the field.I very firmly believe that the Manchester area/conurbation with a population over over 1.5 million can and should be able to comfortably support a few RL clubs at either SL or Championship level,despite having both United and City(the less said about City the better,and yes I am a United fan) on the doorstep as there is enough of a market/population to tap into,lets face it if Hull which is far smaller than Manchester can reasonably comfortably support TWO SL teams AND a Premier League football team(as they currently are)then there is no excuse for any RL team in the Manchester area to struggle.And if a potential new owner of Swinton RLFC is reading this,grasp the bull by the horns and I think you will find that the good times,or at least better times will return to this proud,traditional club.
  6. I have been reading these forums a bit lately and reading some of the comments maybe,just maybe the picture is becoming clearer now and it seems that slowly,(yes a bit too slow for my liking but nevertheless) something is finally happening ie a new owner along with new investment is getting nearer to being officially announced.You have to live in hope and hopefully it will be announced soon so this matter can be put to bed,once and for all and the real hard graft can finally begin both on and off the training pitch ready for what will be a tough season with or without all this going on.