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  1. As an outsider looking in,I have no doubt that Dewsbury will have agreed a rental fee per match. As a Swinton Lions fan who is used to seeing us rent grounds I would think that Dewsbury will use their own staff for the bar,like Sale FC do at Swinton games.Dewsbury will no doubt get the bar receipts,rightly as they will be the ones who will be buying the supplies in and paying the bar staff.No doubt any other non security staff Dewsbury use will be paid for out of the rent,bar bills and general refreshments.Bradford will no doubt keep every penny of their gate reciepts. As with Swinton at Sale the stewarding will be paid for by Bradford as they will probably have their own security arrangements and contracts. And as with Sale FC,who have done very well out of Swinton Lions(we have no doubt paid for the refurbished club house etc)Dewsbury will do very well from any deal.
  2. Very sorry to hear this and I offer my sincere condolences to his family his friends and to all at Batley Bulldogs at this very sad time for them all. R.I.P young man From all Swinton Lions fans
  3. Was talking to a couple of fellow fans at the game today and we were talking about the future and I think there is a realisation amongst many that there will at some stage be a name addition to the official title of the club maybe within the next few years.
  4. Yes Sale does come under Trafford but many class it as part of the Manchester area,region nevertheles. And if it wasn’t for Ted Heath winning the 1970 election Sale as well As Swinton would have been under the boundaries of the city of Manchester by 1971 or 1972.
  5. Yes I think it does.I accept that as we are right now as Swinton Lions,we might not be around for much longer especially when the current funding from the current TV Deal is gone.And let’s face it when we see what has happened at Bradford(who I carry no flame for)with crowds that Swinton Lions would die for then that tells us a story.
  6. That is an excellent picture. And that is why I think Swinton Lions will soon incorporate Manchester in it’s name
  7. I was born in 1972 in Salford,Lancashire even though Salford didn’t come under the due restriction of the County Council.It was a County Borough yet the neighbouring towns like Swinton were Urban Districts But came under the due restriction of Lancashire County Council so I can understand why the boundaries were changed after reading up a bit on the subject especially where Lancashire was concerned. And regarding Greater Manchester I believe again from reading up about it that it was always going to be created one way or another,just like Greater London was.
  8. Sale was in Cheshire as a Municipal Borough until 1974 when it became part of Trafford along with Altrincham and Partington,which became the new County of Greater Manchester.Sale of course has a Manchester post code and I will hazard a guess that many in Sale class themselves as Manchester even if it is not the city of Manchester,though that was the original plan along with I might add Swinton as per the Redcliffe Maud Report 1966-1969,just after Greater London was born in 1965 So therefore I suggest as a Swinton Lions fan that if the club did decide to add Manchester into the official name,there would actually be no betrayal of any sort whatsoever.
  9. I disagree with removing Swinton from the name,that would be throwing away 150 plus years of proud tradition.I see no problem with keeping the name and adding Manchester in it somewhere. You may be right that if we did play at Salford City FC that it could open more doors for sponsorship etc.I grant you it is a lot nearer to home.I do accept that Sale FC whilst it is by no means a hole there are things that could and yes should be improved and yes the Shed should be knocked down and replaced with a new possibly seated stand but certainly at the very least a new stand with better terracing and relevant facilities.And yes I would like to see perhaps one day a new seated stand. Perhaps if Swinton,or whatever they one day become if Manchester is put in the title too were to stay long term there then perhaps Sale FC would be able to get the relevant grants etc to improve that stadium.Time will ultimately tell there.
  10. Deep down most Swinton fans know that we will not be coming home,deep down most Swinton fans know that changes are coming but I do not think the board will ever remove the name Swinton from the title. It could be that one day Salford City FC ground does become a long term home and it is closer to Sale but I personally prefer Sale.
  11. Swinton one way or another was always going to become a part of Manchester,or part of a Manchester County or region.In fact the original plan in the late 60s after Greater London(London was already a County in the late 1800’s)born in 1965 was for Swinton to come under a new bigger City of Manchester as per the Redcliffe Maud report(1966-1969)on Local Government in England as they decided it needed reforming outside London.We won’t get too much into politics here.Now there was of course a general election in 1970 which had Labour won,Redcliffe Maud would have been implemented and Swinton possibly would have been in the city of Manchester before 1974.The Tories instead won but they decided on reform too and the result was the Local Government Act 1972 which created Greater Manchester(and the 10 boroughs) but sadly put Swinton under the city of Salford boundaries . Yes of course you could call any amended name to the club as Swinton Greater Manchester Lions If it was chosen(as per Wikipedia)but given that Swinton is a part of the Manchester conurbation,region etc if they did decide on say Swinton-Manchester Lions Or Manchester-Swinton Lions then none are inaccurate.And given what I have said which is historical fact to include Manchester in the name would not be a betrayal of history-if that is decided of course. Of course any decisions on name amendment(s)to this proud club will be made by the board and no doubt in conjunction and consultations with the fans,and it is imperative that the fans are a part in any potential changes as we don’t want 1992 the year we lost Station Road to repeat itself where fans were tossed aside. Me Personally I accept that there is the need for change for a variety of reasons,most of which I put at the very beginning of the thread and post ie we ain’t returning to Swinton. And for me it is an absolute MUST that if there is to be an amendment then the name Swinton MUST be included in the title.Red line,non negotiable.
  12. Well Manchester United Don’t play in the city of Manchester and that has made no difference to them and I don’t think Nottingham Forest play in the city of Nottingham either.
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