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  1. That is the disadvantage of being a tenant of a football club.I think the potential incoming board will need to look at that one with a very fine tooth comb.
  2. I am not a Hornets fan but I wonder if it is possible and feasible as to whether or not Mayfield’s ground could be refurbished and upgraded to Championship status to start with where both Hornets and Mayfield along with the community use it?
  3. Maybe I am a bit harsh when it comes to fallen enemy soldiers I admit.Ok I grant you I have never had to fight like you did and believe me I respect you for fighting for this country and it’s citizens,and I genuinely mean that,but I had relatives,loved ones who saw things no human being should have ever seen and the damage it did to them,so yes maybe that forms my judgement on that score. Now as for the rugby league side of things I want what is best and right for the club I support,whatever that may be now and in future,a future I might add is a very uncertain one post 2021 season end which again I might add is only(roughly give or take)about 26 home games for both our clubs,and that is not much time to get things done and done right.And the reason of course is so it seems centred round any potential new TV deal.And of course you quite correctly want what is best for Hornets and I absolutely agree with you on that.I am not sure what the situation is there now but I get the impression that Hornets will be taken over soon. Anyway I shall sign off now. Rob
  4. I personally would like to see the BBC abolished as they are nothing more than a far left wing,Pro EU Neo Nazi Zionist fascist organisation that is frankly against this country and democracy.
  5. For that the SL clubs would need a TV deal that is 3-4 times what it is now,minimum. I agree that for what they do on the field compared to footballers they even at £50K don’t get paid enough.But we all know that there is no money in this game.
  6. What I want to know is what are the plans for the clubs outside Super League? As a Swinton Lions fan I want to know if the clubs outside Super League are going to be allowed to get our own TV rights or not.And if we are,what would a potential broadcaster want?Do they want all 25 clubs or not?And let’s not beat round the Bush,the end of the 2021 season is not far away and the time will go quickly.And I am sure speak for fans of other clubs outside Super League as well.Or to put it another way between now and the end of 2021 season that is only roughly about a minimum of 25-26(ok give or take)home games left before potentially we say goodbye to some clubs,for good. So come on then. WE WANT SOME ###### ANSWERS NOW GOD DAMN IT
  7. I don’t know why you would class me as a fool as I for my club Swinton Lions only want what is the best for them,whatever it may be and I also want to see your club Rochdale do well too.I don’t have a grudge against Hornets. But there we are.
  8. If you go there I can assure you that you will enjoy the curry there. I had a Chicken Tikka main meal with madras sauce and boiled rice. The chicken tikka pieces were big and succulent.
  9. I don’t have the answer but my feeling is that it is most likely to be one of our local rivals be it Salford,Leigh,Rochdale or Oldham. I do feel though that Keighley could be up there too.
  10. I think the target games will be the clubs in and around the region where we are likely to be. Getting maximum points against Oldham,Whitehaven,Dewsbury,Batley(H and hopefully some away of those)is vital.And if we can beat Halifax and Sheffield at home too then that is the icing on the cake.
  11. The close season has had the shenanigans of late,we all have our opinions and thoughts. The Lad’s who pull on the shirt deserve all the support and I think the squad is good enough to once again consolidate our position in the Championship. I think home form against the teams in and around us will be the key. I think if we can win half the home games we will be fine.
  12. Well what is the prediction for us next season then? Thankfully a lot of the re-signings were done before the end of last season which certainly keeps continuity.Along with a few new signings who should hopefully gel with the existing players with maybe more to come.I am not sure what the DR agreement with Wigan will be as reserve grade rugby is back in Super League,will we get less now?Not sure there. I am however optimistic that we can once again hold our own in this tough division though no doubt we will miss Matty Ashton immensely following his move to Warrington which he richly deserved and earned. I think we will stay up and I think we can get maybe 10th or 11th spot,which I would be more than happy with.
  13. As a Swinton Lions fan who has been to Coventry for both rugby and non rugby visits in the last couple of years,I can recommend a very good eatery on the way back home for those who like a curry. There is a Indian restaurant In Shirley,near Solihull on the main Stratford Road,just off the M42(There is a junction for Shirley)called Darjeeling and let me tell you it is a very nice restaurant and the chicken tikka there is heaven. I can highly recommend the place and I am sure it will be a nice stop off before the journey back home.
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