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  1. If wearing masks is compulsory then I for one will not attend any rugby or football match. I don’t think masks do anything and quite honestly I actually want to breathe without hinderance. To me if the Government are going to force this then it is fascism.And it is things like this how Nazi Germany started.
  2. Politically I lean towards the right and am in many ways a Conservative but on this one I am inclined to agree Gareth Carvell on this one. Clubs should not be bringing in new high profile players on huge salaries whilst asking existing contracted players to take less money.That causes understandable resentment and I can understand players being p155ed off as it is a kick in the teeth and nuts at the same time. And yes I can understand clubs asking players to take reduced salaries because of the circumstances.But they should be thinking about keeping their existing staff happy and getting them back on their full salaries first before they bring in new faces.Once again this shows how incompetent some of the people who are in charge of our clubs are. And it puts the game in a bad light
  3. I think this season should be canned. Lets start the season a new in 2021x
  4. My feeling is that there will be substantially less professional/semi professional clubs come 2022. I think there will be 2 divisions of say 8 or 10 clubs,a Super League Elite division and a Championship.I think it will be on a franchise basis for both divisions with certain criteria required.And my feeling is that these franchises will be reviewed/renewed after say 4-5 years. And I think the clubs that do not succeed in getting a franchise will become some sort of community clubs....or they will fade away. I could of course be wrong.Time will tell.
  5. There must be something going on behind the scenes which we don’t know about for specific reasons if after all this time the RFL cannot make a decision.
  6. I believe now that the decision has been deferred once again to the 23rd July. Someone please make a decision for gods sake one way or another.This makes the game look very bad.
  7. I had a gamble on the horses some months back and my horses didn’t come in. Will someone be kind enough to bail me out for what I lost,about £15? I don’t see any offers. And it is the same thing with certain clubs in the Championship if they spent a lot of money to try and gain promotion to Super League,they should not expect any bail out because they decided to speculate on winning promotion. And if as expected the RFL say there is no promotion or relegation this season because of the unique unprecedented circumstances then I for one back that call along with the scrapping of the Championship and Championship 1 season down to prohibitive costs to the majority of those clubs. And let me say it is very rare I agree with the RFL.
  8. I think reading between the lines Featherstone and Leigh will not be happy with this development one little bit. And my feeling is that they will if this is confirmed to be the case,issue legal proceedings against the RFL. And I think things will get very messy
  9. I have not seen too much on that one though I have seen posters suggest that. To me it seems as if we have a situation where a hot potato is being thrown around the room like the Chuckle Brothers would do whilst saying”To you to me” so on and so forth because no one is prepared to take leadership.I think it is pathetic and it shows this sport in an appalling light as you have a not fit for purpose Governing body and clubs who only think of themselves and not the game. As for the Chuckle Brothers come to think of it they would have done a better job.
  10. If I am honest that one is news to me. Not being a Featherstone fan I would not have known that one.
  11. We are now at the end of June. Half or just over half the fixtures have been lost. 13,14,15 or 16 games have gone. I have said it for a bit that the shutters should be brought down now.And because of costs etc. And in my opinion it is time the RFL told the clubs make a decision one way or another within 72 hours...or we will make the decision for you. It is time this saga is brought to an end.One way or another. Enough is enough.
  12. I think that is probably a road that it will take.
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