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  1. In my opinion clubs outside of Super League should be looking at stuff like this to(if possible)give themselves maximum exposure.I think again if possible clubs should be allowed to televise their own games that can be accessed via apps etc etc.
  2. It would seem to me that having clubs in cities like Belgrade,New York,Ottawa etc could well be a big clue as to which direction the game goes in the next few years,especially outside of Super League. And from what I was once told these clubs will come in with big money backers and sponsors etc etc. And we all know what is going to happen post 2021 when the current funding more than likely disappears. Could this be what helps to save some clubs at least outside of Super League?
  3. If I was a Hornets fan I would be hoping for stability this coming season.I would not be expecting promotion.
  4. Matty Ashton made by Swinton Lions. I hope he does really well at Warrington and I said to him after a Swinton match I want him to score hat tricks against Salford.
  5. I just hope that everyone gets behind the new board and gives them as much support as they and their bank balance and circumstances can allow.
  6. I totally agree that the Championship and Championship 1 clubs need a very strong leader or better still leaders. Because the day will come and soon we need them to ensure that something survives at semi professional level for the clubs outside Super League and whatever it may become division(s)wise. And those chairmen will have to be strong because I think there is a very high chance that some very big calls that will be very unpopular and controversial will end up having to be made.
  7. I honestly do not know. This is where I think a split will come within the game so clubs like London Skolars do get a chance to stay semi professional.And for new expansion clubs to come in. And this is why I say that there should be questions being asked by the chairmen of these clubs outside Super League and the fans asking questions of the chairmen. Unless the powers that be and the chairmen do know but between them all are keeping the fans in the dark hiding behind”Confidentiality”gagging orders.
  8. My feeling is that there will be 2 divisions of Professional/Semi Pro clubs. A Super League”Elite”Division and a Super League”Championship”Division with maybe 8 or 10 clubs in each.They I think will be the clubs who will get central funding from the RFL.And I think there will be Promotion and Relegation between the 2 divisions. And as for the remaining 20 plus clubs that do not make the cut,I think the fans of those clubs,if they are religious will probably need to say a few Hail Mary’s and a few prayers in the churches of whatever faith they belong to.And I do not know if even the Lord himself will step in and save them somehow.And for the record I am not a religious man.
  9. I am inclined to agree.A lot of chairmen of Lower league clubs do appear to have been silent regarding their own fate,and it has been deafening.That said possibly in anticipation of what is to come one chairman did put his head above the parapet,the former Swinton Lions chairman and the then board wanted to rebrand the club on the field as Manchester Lions albeit with EST Swinton 1866 on the badge.... and many fans did not want it and were critical of it,and as such he and the board walked away.
  10. I think you are correct.The RFL certainly in their current guise are not fit for purpose. My own personal opinion is that it might be better if the game split,just like darts did no matter how much blood has got to be spilt on the carpet.
  11. Well that is a valid point seeing that the RFL are now governed by the Super League. And my feeling is that the TV deal we now have will be cut and the Super League/RFL will take the money for themselves and the non Super League clubs will get nothing. And this is why I think clubs outside Super League need clarification and answers NOW so they can make plans.
  12. I want to know what the future is going to be for clubs outside of Super League. Are those clubs going to get RFL funding or not?I suggest the answer will be No. So are the clubs outside Super League going to be allowed to find a broadcaster as a partner for these clubs?Free to Air I might add? Will a broadcaster want 25 plus clubs or not?Yes or No? If a broadcaster does want to get involved well what will they want?How many clubs will they want? Will they want town teams like Batley,Dewsbury,Keighley,Swinton,Rochdale,Oldham etc etc or will they want City based teams or regional teams?Will existing clubs have to rebrand like was proposed with Swinton Lions to Manchester Lions on the field?Will these clubs have to amalgamate?What is the score?Is it too hard a question to ask? Will the clubs outside of the Super League form their own governing body? And what will happen to clubs who might not make the final cut for the start of 2022? Will they just die?Will they become amateur clubs? And let’s be frank and blunt we do not have long left to decide and to get it right. Clubs have only about between say 24-30 HOME games left before the Judgement Day comes,the day of reckoning call it whatever you want. And I am concerned that too many people have got their heads in the sand. I think it is time to get them out and smell the coffee.
  13. Well if Barlow lost it then maybe it was because of the manner in which the drug tester was acting.I have heard via his brother Sam’s version of events.
  14. As I say time and place. I have no objection to them doing these tests at training or after a game. But to do it late at night out of hours at an individual address where the testers use bully boy tactics that is wrong.
  15. Sam Barlow should never have been treated in this way. The way that the drugs tester acted in a manner that would have done Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party proud well the tester got what he deserved.You don’t behave in that manner at someone’s house just to get a sample of ######. He defended himself and his family that day from a thug. Yes he may have had to have acted like one himself but for every action there is a reaction. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for outing the cheats and flushing them out of the game. But there is a time and place for everything and a certain way of doing it. I personally would like to see them get tested after a game or training and a good number of them too.They should not go anywhere near a players home or his family.
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