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  1. I am a Swinton Lions fan and he was the chairman when we hit the buffers and were close to going out of business in 2017. Now I don’t know what the exact circumstances were but as many will recall us fans worked hard to rally round to help save our club by not only dipping into our own pockets but appealed to fellow rugby league fans to help us,and to their credit many fans of rival clubs rallied and helped save us. I would say don’t get too excited and I sincerely hope that the same thing doesn’t happen to you with him at your club.
  2. As a supporter of a non Super League team I am a little perplexed as to the negativity by some Super League clubs and fans to the promotion of Toulouse. I hear the argument suggested that clubs will suffer financially because of a lack of away fans when they play Toulouse or even Catalans at home. Well shouldn’t those clubs be doing something to get more local or nearby fans into their grounds to spend their £20-£25 or whatever it is to get in? Really clubs in all the divisions should not have to rely on the away fans to get them to at least break even. And if they do then there is something blatantly bloody obviously wrong at their club isn’t there?
  3. Well given the inevitable cuts in funding then yes I am sure they will have to look at ways of cutting their cloth accordingly.
  4. I could not agree more with you on that one. I think the time to find out about what is going on and what is planned is right now. The funding situation needs to be revealed and what clubs,the ones that survive the brutal cut in funding need to know what they are playing for next year so they can plan ahead.
  5. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  6. I didn’t realise they had a new stadium sponsor.A while since I was last there(Trade exhibition)
  7. Just been reading a thread of where Magic Weekend’s should be taking place,should it be in Newcastle or elsewhere etc etc. I wonder if we should have 2 in a season of course at 2 different venues,and to spread it around a bit so say one year we have one in say Manchester(Etihad)and one in say Coventry(Ricoh) And say the next year one in Newcastle and then one in say London and see some rotation between the English cities so we can hopefully get people in non RL areas interested in the game? Thoughts?
  8. I will formulate a final opinion upon seeing the facts and figures.Is anything better than nothing?Tbh I think if the figures are total I think I would rather tell them thanks but no thank you.I hate this race to the bottom which seems very popular in this country today.
  9. I don’t think we will lose League 1 as such. Will we lose some clubs outside of Super League(and dare I say possibly a Super League club or two)sadly yes I think we will. Now the consensus suggests that there will be two divisions of 10 Super League clubs(SL Elite and SL1/Championship) I think the clubs outside of the top 20 that survive will form some sort of division be it a Championship division or reformed League 1.
  10. I await to see the figures of what the deal is and will crunch the numbers accordingly. It does seem though that the amount of money clubs will be getting from this TV deal will frankly be peanuts. And frankly at this preliminary stage I am not sure I would want to accept it if I was a club chairman. And if the figures are indeed peanuts then I say the people who run this sport should hang their heads in shame.
  11. Ok then fair enough answer. Will it be worth a six figure sum to each club or not then?
  12. I hope it is a decent amount of money to each club.
  13. Well I don’t see any figures mentioned. And that suggests to me they aren’t paying a single penny.
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