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  1. I must admit as much as I supported and accepted the rebrand,I could not walk away because of it potentially not happening.
  2. Who is a strange bloke might I ask?
  3. I recall York being on their ass in 2015 and 2016. And the reasons why York recovered are because they have a very forward thinking chairman and they are using being in a city to their advantage.
  4. And I hope Saddie the blond or brunette with curves in the right places also wears a mini skirt too
  5. As an outsider it is my understanding from speaking to both Latics and Roughyed fans that OAFC do not want Oldham RLFC At Boundary Park under any circumstances. I also believe both clubs do not particularly like one another.
  6. I hope Saddie is a blonde or brunette who has curves in the right places
  7. I would not have been surprised if sweeteners were offered to the old board to rebrand to Manchester Lions. Now of course this is only my personal opinion I would not be surprised if the same incentives and sweetneers are still on offer.
  8. I think if Sale FC did decide to buy Swinton Lions then they would rebrand to Manchester Lions.
  9. You are correct. There is no hiding place from the truth.
  10. Newcastle Falcons RUFC own Newcastle Thunder.And Thunder use Kingston Park like we use Heywood Road. I would think that there will be separate limited companies for the Union club and League club,either with the same directors or different ones. Hence why I suggest that the same might happen here.I could of course be wrong. I just want things to be right here so we can move on.
  11. We have to be realistic and honest with ourselves.The game is in decline and I suggest even at Super League level let alone below Super League. And I fear the next two years.
  12. Tbh I would be inclined to agree with you.Have you heard anything to suggest that they might?
  13. I am not overly familiar with Oldham or the district but I suspect that there is more land available than in my home town Swinton. But like us as we both are I don’t think that it is financially feasible to build a new stadium in Oldham just for Oldham RLFC.Very sad to say.
  14. So who is the person or persons that want the club to fail then?
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