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  1. Well hopefully now this has been brought to the attention of fans from opposing clubs,let’s hope they see this and as such use the latter bar.
  2. I agree it would be an ideal venue to build a stadium. But two big issues. 1 It was formerly an education venue and it is very hard to gain permission to change either the venue or land for alternative use. 2 Residential area.Residents would oppose it very strongly and the opposition would be too great,and as such they would win the day and any plans would end up being quashed. Realistically Moor Lane is the only place Salford can play at.But as a non Salford fan myself I don’t think it is really the best place for them because of the size of the stadium and it is not Super League standard certainly capacity wise.
  3. Though it will never happen because of money and local residents,the ideal place to put a stadium of Super League quality with a capacity of say 9000-10000 that BOTH Salford and Swinton could use would be where Swinton Park Golf Club is. And that is bang on the border of both Salford and Swinton.It would be accessible. But the chances of that happening are a big fat zero.No money to build it and the residents of Runnymede and streets that surround it along with Barton Road and roads off it would no doubt oppose it.
  4. I am not a Salford fan myself but if I was then yes in all honesty I would have to agree with your last paragraph. Moor Lane is NOT a Super League stadium,certainly not as it is right now. And yes I absolutely agree that stadium wise at the very least there should be minimum standards for the relevant divisions,and if Salford can’t afford to play at a Super League quality stadium be it their own or rented then yes they should relinquish their place in Super League and default to the Championship. And they should allow either Fev,Leigh or Widnes(I say those as they have SL quality stadiums)to take their place assuming of course they earn the right to do so on the field. And frankly if I was a Salford fan I would be feeling disappointed at moving to Moor Lane.Moving to Moor Lane frankly is failure.It is a failure of senior management over a period of many years. And in my opinion as a non Salford fan the previous senior management team of the likes of John Wilkinson the so called”Mr Salford”and others should be hanging their heads in shame.
  5. Firstly I don’t have the facts and figures in front of me right now. But if we look back over the last 40-50 years ago many clubs in either of the then 2 divisions actually owned their own stadiums,clubs like Wigan,Salford,Oldham,Halifax,Swinton and indeed others. And as time has moved on,in a supposed era of more money in the game at top level at least,many clubs no longer own their own stadiums and are forced to rent stadiums from other sports(ie football)giving them revenue yet perhaps not allowed or able to find lines of revenue(ie bar and food) and perimeter advertising. And we see say Super League players paid pretty well in the main and some of the Championship players not badly paid…yet it seems to me that the game is actually a lot poorer now because of what I stated. Anyone else feel the same way or similar?
  6. It wasn’t really sarcasm tbh with you,it may have sounded that way but was not sarcasm. The reason is money. To build The Emirates or a New Old Trafford stadium(I think that is the best option for United)the figures add up. And the lenders ie the banks would be desperate for the business as they simply cannot lose. Whereas a 5000 plus capacity stadium for either Salford or Swinton,despite it being far cheaper it just wouldn’t be feasible financially in a worse case scenario.
  7. You are right that they will never return home.It doesn’t take 30 years nearly to build a small 5000-6000 capacity stadium. So why hasn’t this happened for them? Indeed a much bigger stadium,The Emirates took about 6 or so years from initial planning to it being approved by Islington Council,built and opened. And why was that? And if Manchester United(my football team)decide to build a new stadium next to the existing one,that too would be planned,approved(which Trafford Council would do)built and opened well within 8 years. Again why? Why?
  8. The second letter is U The third letter is N The fourth letter is well I will let you guess
  9. So I gather that Salford City FC will not be moving to the AJ Bell this year but have put it back another year? And we assume that Salford Red Devil’s will not be moving to Moor Lane at the end of this season? So I wonder what will happen to Moor Lane from May 2023 when SCFC season will end until Feb 2024 when in theory Salford Red Devil’s would start to play there in their new era?7 months as near as damn it the stadium will not be used? And I wonder if Moor Lane will be made bigger to comply with Super League minimum requirements? Or I wonder if Salford City FC are going to have 2 RL clubs play there namely Salford Red Devil’s and Swinton Lions from 2024?
  10. I like the C word.It describes a lot of people perfectly especially some of those who write venom in the Political Discussion forum
  11. Shocked to hear of Shane Warne’s sudden death.A tough and hard competitor on the field but a good genuine bloke off the field. Cricket and sport is poorer with his passing. A true legend. As a bowler he was as the Tina Turner song says”Simply the best”and he was better than all of the rest. R.I.P Shane
  12. You are right in fairness. But sadly there just doesn’t seem to be any sort of fear from these feral ####.Now if they knew that a load of genuine Warrington fans at least took it upon themselves to defend the coaches and fans it might make the feral #### think again. I recall reading a story about the summer riots in 2011 and in Southall,London word got round the Sikh community that their temple was under threat.A load of Sikhs,young and old and some were big lads went there to defend their place of worship with their traditional armour.Suffice to say the feral #### didn’t dare to try it on as they knew what was waiting for them. And the Sikhs all credit to them would not have held back if needed.
  13. I would be inclined to agree that these groups of trouble causers and thugs are probably the #### who did this. They no doubt go around Warrington and probably other areas smashing up bus shelters and anything else they choose to. Now if the Police can’t or will not deal with these #### then a load of Warrington fans should form groups with a good few big handy blokes to deal with them once and for all.
  14. First of all I am neither a Cas or Warrington fan so I am purely neutral here. And sadly I believe that the coach carrying Castleford fans got the windows smashed by being bricked last night in Warrington. Now as a neutral let me say that I don’t think for one single second Warrington fans actually did this.I mean would Warrington or indeed any other club fans take a brick with them to the game,leave it at the stand and pick it up after the game so they can lob it at the opposite fans coach? No.They would not. My opinion I think the #### who did this were NOT Warrington fans.They are the same #### who will go round smashing bus shelters at night,or commit any other crimes.Warrington fans or indeed fans of other teams simply don’t do this.In fact they rightly hate it. I feel sorry for the Warrington fans who have had their name dragged through the mud by these low life #### and of course the Cas fans who had their coach smashed up and had to wait for a replacement coach. I hope these low life pond #### are soon caught and I hope if they are they get the book thrown at them by the Courts.
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