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  1. Yes I understand they are.Leeds beat off competition from Manchester and Liverpool for Channel 4.Bit disappointed being from Manchester but at least the North benefits.
  2. Channel 4 in fairness do a good job with sport.They were very good when they had Test Match Cricket.I think they have rugby union and I think they have women’s rugby union and when I last watched them cover it,they did a very good job.And if memory serves me correct they once had American Football and that has helped it gain some popularity here(not my cup of tea I admit)to a degree that it will be played at Spurs new ground. I for one hope Channel 4 do join up with us as I think they would be a perfect partner and being free to air as opposed to a very expensive monthly fee with Sky or BT it will give Championship clubs(it will be that the Championship and Championship 1 merge)the exposure needed. And Channel 4 have often championed the underdog.
  3. The unfortunate truth is that and it is the most obvious one we haven’t played in Swinton itself in 27 years,a generation ago.We have lost a lot of fans as well as many who went to Station Road will sadly have passed(R.I.P fellow Lions)many will not come anymore for their own reasons etc etc.There are of course other factors such as for example I don’t think we are over the Financial Crisis of 2008 by a long way and many working class people have to be careful with their brass still.The town of Swinton has also changed a lot as well and I will say it and I don’t care if people say I am racist but there are more and more non Nationals in Swinton now from cultures that are completely different to ours shall we say.And their population will grow very fast,and I don’t think they will be into rugby league being honest .And even if we played in Swinton still had Station Road been saved and redeveloped over a period of time I doubt the attendance figures would be that much better than now,and I also note that other Championship Clubs probably don’t get the attendance figures they used to again for many reasons. There is no one given answer to the issues faced today though no doubt many questions. Now the club are indeed coming towards a cross roads as is for that matter the game of rugby league outside Super League with what will no doubt be the loss of the current central funding,and I have no doubt that some clubs will sadly die or go amateur and possibly eventually die.And I think it is absolutely vital that the club carry out a consultation exercise so they can set out their stall and give us all the facts benefits etc etc of anything radical.They must work with the fans on this and together and between us all we can reach the correct conclusions. Now I Personally think that at some stage the name Manchester will be included in the name of the club somewhere as part of a rebrand to hopefully increase the profile of the club and hopefully see new big and hopefully Blue Chip sponsors on board,and maybe by casting the net out wider we will see new fans flock to the Lions den.Maybe one day soon the club will be rebranded say Manchester-Swinton Lions,maybe that will be what evolves after being away from Swinton for 27 years,maybe even if we had have been able to stay at Station Road Maybe too that is what might have evolved anyway. Now I for one have no objection to an amendment being made to the name of the club if it is seen to be of benefit.I would have no objection to say Manchester-Swinton Lions,Swinton-Manchester Lions,Swinton Lions of Manchester(one of the latter two would if it was to happen be my first choices)but and I make this absolutely crystal clear that the name Swinton MUST remain in the title no matter what as I do not want to see 150 plus years of proud history be thrown in the dustbin.To change to Manchester Lions is to me a no no.A very strict NO NO. We will no doubt see how things develop over the next two years.
  4. Well If Channel 4 can give us,or gave us Frank Gallagher and Shameless then why not take on Championship rugby league?
  5. I think Channel 4 would be excellent for Championship Rugby League And I think they would be as near as damn it the perfect partner for us. Free to air,which will I think encourage sponsors for the clubs.It will give clubs a potential wide audience.
  6. I think”Super League”will be expanded into either 16 or even 20 clubs BUT in 2 divisions of either 8 or 10 clubs.I predict a Super League”Elite”Division with a Super League 1.And there will be some form of Promotion and Relegation. The rest of the clubs or the ones fortunate enough to survive will I think form a new look”Championship”with however many clubs(might be 16 depends)run by a new governing body and I think clubs like New York,Ottawa and others from North America or Europe will form this type of division.
  7. One thing that a director told me was that at the big meeting last year between all the clubs at the AJ Bell the Super League clubs by all intents and purpose broke away from The RFL
  8. Well at least the future is very much in the minds of the board because the end of 2021 season will come round very quickly. There is no time to waste.
  9. Well as we all know time moves very quickly and in a little over 2 years time the 2021 Championship and Championship 1 season will end,possibly with some clubs at the very least,maybe more who will probably have played their last ever game at least professionally/semi professional of rugby league or even their very last game full stop,because as we all know the TV Deal will be up for renewal and it looks like the money for Super League will be cut which will mean that the Championship and Championship 1 clubs will more than likely end up with at best very little or more likely nothing from central funding. So I ask what are club chairmen doing right now to deal with this scenario?Are some clubs thinking the unthinkable and talking about mergers?Are some clubs going to change or amend their names ie say my team Swinton Lions adding Manchester into the official title ie Manchester Swinton Lions in order to try and gain a new audience and new sponsors etc? Or will clubs that are being proposed like Ottawa and New York who by all accounts have big money sponsors who may look at a new possible Inter City Inter Continental club competition,with new governing body where clubs will on the back of it be able to get new and possibly(who knows)better sponsorship than what is currently available? Now as I said earlier 2021 will come round very quickly and there is not much time left to do something and I think it is high time that certainly at the end of this season club chairmen along with the fans start talking and consulting so we know where we are at.And whatever happens the clubs MUST be as transparent as possible open and honest with the fans because if big calls have to be made,Whatever they are they will need fans on side.And of course what might be right for one club will not be right for another.And the game cannot afford to act in the same manner as HM Government or more to the point the current weak,pathetic,corrupt lying Prime Minister Theresa May has done with Brexit.They have to start the ball rolling now and collectively with everyone find answers and solutions before it is too late. Crunch time is coming.We cannot Sit and wait.And more importantly we cannot do nothing otherwise most of these clubs will die.
  10. Adam Hills made a very generous donation 2 years ago when Swinton Lions my team almost went under.We will always be grateful to him.
  11. I am a Swinton Lions fan and even if you only picked up another two points this season I cannot see Batley going down in all honesty.We are not yet confirmed safe though today was a huge step towards safety all the same.I think realistically it is between Dewsbury and Barrow as to who will join Rochdale Hornets though I think if we beat Barrow in a few weeks it would probably as good as send them down.And had Dewsbury lost today which at one stage I think they were in danger then they would be the ones looking nervously over their shoulder. I still think you will have your annual game v Dewsbury next year in the Summer Bash. If you don’t though,we will probably be your opponents.
  12. As a Swinton Lions fan I understand where the Chairman comes from because we at great expense have had to switch venues once or twice but time to move on from that. And I read the comments about RAFC and the relationship which from what I gather sounds strained or is broken down. So I wonder if Mayfield’s ground could end up being a suitable venue for Hornets?granted yes it would need refurbishing which though I don’t know the place(didn’t go today)to Championship standard but surely this might not be too expensive to do and perhaps via Lottery funding,Sport England,Rochdale Council And others perhaps money could be found so it could become a home for both Hornets and Mayfield along with the local community?
  13. I am a Swinton Lions fan and I think in time the name Manchester will be incorporated into our official title ie say Swinton Lions of Manchester. Manchester is already on our badge at the bottom of it just the same way as London is in the West Ham badge. And if And yes it is a big if one day Swinton Lions were to be known as Swinton Lions of Manchester then I don’t see an issue with that,it is in my eyes an amendment to the existing name which embraces the history and(if it happens)embraces the future and Manchester ,after all in the Premier League there is Brighton and Hove Albion isn’t there?
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