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  1. Rugby league will survive in some capacity. I do think that the professional/semi professional side of things we will see a different set up emerge probably with new fewer clubs as some clubs will either sadly fold,go amateur or certain clubs merging.That will upset many people which is understandable. One thing I think is certain and that is there will not be 37 senior clubs within the next year or two.
  2. Absolutely. And maybe I am being simplistic,idealist etc but why would anyone even if they were on £6K a week need the big mansion in say Cheshire with 4 bathrooms,several bedrooms etc etc? Maybe this will make people realise how not needed these material things are in the grand context of things not needed? And let’s say a Super League player is on £6K a week and say he has 2 kids,one of each then really a nice 3 bed semi in a decent area is really all they need,maybe with perhaps an extension for future at most.
  3. Maybe this is a bit off topic but in my opinion ALL mortgages and Council Tax should be suspended whilst this crisis is ongoing. Now I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of furlough but I have heard the sum of £2500 per month maximum and 80% of one’s wages being available. Now I would think that for many Super League players they will get the maximum of £2500 which whilst it is no doubt a huge drop for them they should be able to live off it if their mortgage and Council Tax are suspended. Now I am surprised that other clubs haven’t publicly announced they are putting their players on furlough,
  4. If we see any rugby league restart this season we will be very lucky. My worry is that if there is no rugby league by say July there may be no Sky money as I have read that the money is only guaranteed until June. And without money coming into clubs via the turnstiles,corporate events,sponsorship etc I fear we will lose clubs even with furlough. Please let me be wrong.
  5. I don’t think it will be long unfortunately before the majority if not all clubs put their staff on furlough. And I think in all the divisions,if there is no chance of the season resuming as I suspect could well be so,then do not be surprised if we see players,especially the older ones decide to hang up their boots and retire.
  6. In my opinion there should be no relegation from Super League. There should also be no promotion or relegation at all this season in any of the divisions due to the current unique circumstances. Now from what I read the money from Sky is only guaranteed until June,so if the Government decide to still ban sporting events what the hell will happen then?
  7. I have seen what Andrew Johns has said. The timing may not be right but I am afraid that this corona virus will because of the lack of match day income both in Australia and here,clubs probably will fold.
  8. He is certainly being optimistic.Personally If I was him I would have said something like we hope to have eradicated this by Easter.
  9. I would be very surprised if that is the case.
  10. I am telling you all that this will NOT be over soon. And I myself am showing some of the signs of this,ie some headache,some coughing(not major)and feeling general like .NHS direct said it is possible I have it though maybe mild.I have not been tested. Or it could be the onset of a cold and for some reason I can catch them. But let me say this to you all. I am a libertarian but this is serious now and I urge you all to stay in.
  11. I will be very surprised if there are any further games this season. And from what I have seen they are making Excel in London into a 4000 bed hospital so things must be getting very serious. And I have no doubt that similar will happen elsewhere in other cities like Birmingham,Manchester,Leeds and Liverpool as well as others. And if that is the case as I fear it could well be then a rugby league season is frankly irrelevant.
  12. The sport will bounce back that I have no doubt about. It is a case of what capacity will it bounce back in?
  13. You are probably right. I don’t think they will in all honesty.
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