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  1. Surely there is somewhere else in the Sale area they could build a stadium?
  2. I often use both imperial and metric. Personally I wish we would use one system or another.Whichever one it might be.
  3. That is what worries me. Are any of the clubs financially viable without input from directors?
  4. That is very true.Clubs have to be financially viable and not having to rely on rich owners. The big question is how do you do that? And whatever happens to achieve that it will at times be very unpopular
  5. No but living in Manchester and in the past having watched the local news on BBC or ITV I do know that they have had a history of financial issues and yes some mismanagement. Indeed a former chairman there tragically committed suicide and if my mind serves me right it turned out there were financial difficulties there.It seems that financial issues have been a problem for a long time there.
  6. With the news that Macclesfield Town FC have gone bust for no doubt a variety of reasons,and yes no doubt mismanagement over a period of time was one,could we see the same happen to some of our clubs with what has been going on? I do genuinely fear for the future of many clubs.
  7. Are there any people here who think like me and say that locking the country down has frankly not done any good whatsoever?
  8. I would like to park my van elsewhere even if it is a few minutes walk away. I had my last van written off(Cat S write off)because a recovery type(how ironic)damaged it. I don’t want the new van to suffer the same fate
  9. I totally agree that pavement parking should be banned. But unfortunately and especially on the road I live on,there is little choice but to mount half of the pavement otherwise cars would get smashed up.
  10. I agree that starting the season later is the correct thing as you would expect the weather to be better, and yes with a better planned season. I think the issue is what would you do with the divisions.That is the difficult one. You could have a Championship of say 16 clubs where all teams play each other once and then divide the division top 8 bottom 8 where the teams play each other again once,that would be 22 league games in total.The problem is we would lose 7 or 8 clubs. And what would I wonder happen to them? It is a mess at the moment.
  11. Those who criticise me I say to you Sweden. Look on the Internet, and you will see how they dealt with this.
  12. I am a realist.The game is in the doldrums as many others have said. But with the right changes whatever they may be the game can climb out of them and one day prosper
  13. Personally I will not return until things are exactly the way they were before this happened.I will not wear a mask at a sports stadium.I will not let them take my temperature.I will not be told where my designated area is going to be. All or nothing as far as I am concerned. And I make absolutely no apology for my opinion. I will not acquiesce to the rules that HM Government want. And I will find an alternative way of supporting my club.
  14. I think the season will start(hopefully)in Mid March at the earliest when the weather gets better.We might have a shorter season who knows. A lot can and will happen between now and the start of next season.
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