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  1. Fortress Rugby League mentality. They put the wall up a few years a go to defend against the barbarian codes at our gates and never went outside them selves. Eventually other codes will get bigger because they do expand and we will stay the same because "we need to protect our traditional areas" and wont be able to compete with other codes. We kind of cant now. Its already happened.
  2. I think its always good to have a big name back in our game. I had grown bored with the NRL for a few weeks when Hayne came back. It got my eyes back on the TV screen to for fill my curiosity if he still had it in him and I was wondering how an Athlete trained in NFL for 2 years was going to be like physically against NRL players. Any big name brings eyes to our sport. I cant stand it when they leave. It frustrates me. I do enjoy it when they come back. Hopefully he can bring some guys with him (of course he wont though) since in my opinion RL is the ultimate game to play if you want to challenge yourself as an athlete.
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/rugby-league/magazine-links-israel-folau-with-new-zealand-warriors-in-nrl-switch/ar-AAlVmzq?li=AA54yd&ocid=spartanntp Be nice to get one back.
  4. Id like to see Russia really good one day. I know players have nothing to do with politics, but they could fit a nice villain role in our international game similar to Manly in use to (probably still do for some) back in the day. I don't think it will ever happen though. What's Bozo doing these days? Would he be up for a coaching role? (P.S. I like Russian people. Don't know why I just always have)
  5. Lets just be honest. Its because French chicks are hot.
  6. Well its not, I agree, but you must remember most of the Fijian flyers in our game, Semi Radradra, Suliasi Vunivalu, Marika Koroibete have all come from union and have all had a lot of success. So its far from an impossible task. I remember a fair few years a go they compared Wendel Sailors stats from union to league. He had to play 3 games of union to match he amount of tackles and times he touched the ball to one game of league. If a guy can run and tackle well he will get to show his skills a lot more playing league then union.
  7. Picking player because of the colour of their skin rather then their ability to play a game can not be a good thing. Imagine if we were picking guys because the colour of their eyes or hair? Are we going to have a quota based on players sexuality next?
  8. Yeah I guess, I mean look at Union with Israil Falou, Sonny Bill Wiliams, Matt Rodgers, Loti Tuquiri ..... oh wait......
  9. I think the best thing to do would be to aim at young guys with obvious talent that have not made a name for themselves yet, so those clubs in France and Japan wouldn't be as much of an option. There would be a lot of good players with lighter coloured skin that cant get a contract in SA rugby union simply because they can not fit into a club with these quotas. Been able to speak the same language as the locals might be a benefit as well.
  10. I guess it depends on what kind of player they are. If they are the type that excels at kicking for goals, rucking and mauling then it may be a difficult task, if its the type of player that excels at running the ball and tackling then it could be an easy sell. I'm sure Thurston, Hayne and a fair few others are been paid a lot more then most of the players in the Queensland Reds.
  11. http://thoughtleader.co.za/readerblog/2016/02/25/why-quotas-in-south-african-sport-must-fall/​ TLDR - "Currently, Cricket South Africa has given birth to a new quota system whereby each team has to include six players of colour, including three black Africans. Standards will inevitably drop. Even if a black player deserves his place, he is always going to be under scrutiny. South African Rugby has already committed to a 50% non-white Springbok rugby team for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Saru president Oregan Hoskins has sadly stated that “transformation” will take precedence over results in the next four years. With such mentality and thinking, we shouldn’t even be participating on the world stage." I recently read a forum on this site about American footballers converting to League. Soon in South Africa there will be a lot of professional players who might be skilled enough to play professional Union but can not do so because they have the wrong skin colour. This is an opportunity for Rugby League clubs. If players can convert from American Football then they can convert from Rugby Union. Ricky Stuart and many of the current Fijian players come to mind. This is a great time to introduce a few South African players into Super League and the NRL and give South Africa a presence in our game. I wonder how many Australians took interest in the NFL when Hayne went to the 49ers. There is no reason South Africa could not be a strong competitive force in Rugby Union and League just as Australia, New Zealand and England currently are. Similar games with similar skills that can be appreciated by any supporter that does not hold a bigotry attitude toward other sports.
  12. Well it has worked for Queensland who started these kind of camps, so that's right. Bennet knows how to build a successful team, his coaching record shows that, so that's right. He hasn't been able to do what he thinks is best for the English team, so he has been hamstrung, so that's right. Players going into a training system created by one who most consider to be one of the best coaches of all time are probably going to come out better for the experience I assume would be correct as well as well. So enlighten me on where all these wrongs are coming from?
  13. Well it worked for Queensland when Bennet started the training camps way back when. He knows what needs to be done to build a successful team. No one can blame him should England lose since he has now effectively been hamstrung by people who cant see past their own back yards. As a Super League coach Id love some of my best players to go and train with the worlds best coach for a few weeks. Chances are they would come back better players.
  14. I think, and I know they probably wont do anything like this, but over the next 9 years Rugby League should build up these nations elite players so by the time the world cup rolls around in America, Canada and the USA have teams that wont get thumped by 40 and squads that dont talk in Australian or English accents. Take the next 9 years to manufacture a team that can be competitive and give the locals something to cheer for. Perceived success of the two host nations will count a lot as to how much interest and development can be made for Rugby League in those 2 countries and toward the success of the tournament all together. They could do things like (not in any order, as stand alone ideas or some working at the same time) 1: Take the national squads to Australia to do preseason training with a NRL side. Canada already has a link to Penrith, there is no reason USA couldn't do the same. At least the players fitness levels and general skills might be significantly boosted by some pre-season training with professionals. 2: Offer school scholarships to Rugby League schools in Australia to promising schoolkids. Get in early and train them good. 3: Look at possible squads early and get them training and playing together so the time the world cup comes around players have good synchronisation through years of playing and training together. High school, under 18s and national squad joint tours would be a great way to help players get to know each other on and off the field. 4: Putting a proxy team into an Australian Competition. This might be a bit difficult with money restrictions, but a group of 25 professionals playing each week in an Australian competition would really sharpen the skills of squad players. Similar to the PNG Hunters, they could play in a local competition until they improved and may even end up in the Queensland or NSW cup in a few years when they improve. Playing in one of those competitions is a great way for players to get noticed by NRL clubs as well. More NRL players the USA and Canada have the better they will go. Realistically I don't know if any one has enough money or interest to do such things. We do have 9 years though and the more preparation put into this event will make it more successful. The main goal of international rugby league should be to crack a high profile sporting market like the USA that can bring a lot of money into our sport. This is our best opportunity. We as a sport should do everything we can to make the best of it.