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  1. I don't think the NRL are going to knock them back in the government is going to put money into RL. I guess it would depend on how much money though I suppose.
  2. B rad

    Ben Barba and his time at Thai rehab clinic

    You know what's boring? Taking every subject that people might try and make a little light hearted fun out of and declaring no humor can be made from it for morality reasons. Pretending that the world is so fragile and precious that any joke about a Irish man English man and Scots man walking into pub is going to dramatically offend an entire nation or blondes go home in a state of depression every time they hear a blonde joke. What kind of monster would make some kind of humorous remark about how sometimes naughty stuff happens in Thailand. It would be really boring to take every joke out of context and be morally offended and outraged, most of the time on other peoples behalf to such an extent that only the type of jokes allowed are the kind a dad might say to his primary school kids. That would be really really boring and I'm glad that reality is not on us just yet.
  3. No, I just need to sort out my dyslexia and my smoking habit.
  4. I thought Connolly was a great no matter what position he played in. Was a major loss when he left to Union with Robinson.
  5. I was in the middle copy and paste when it happened.
  6. Just spent 2 and a half hours writing a post only to have it deleted. Probably pressed some button accidently, who knows. Not the first time this has happened. You guys need a draft save system on this site that automatically saves a post every 2 minutes. Frustrating is a massive understatement.
  7. Andre Savelio is still in the Broncos squad. Born in NZ but moved to Warrington age 1.
  8. Language has to have something to do with it. Its hard for Russians to play Super League or NRL if they don't speak English.
  9. This is why I think you can build from the top down rather then the bottom up.
  10. They played absolutely terrible in that game and still managed a respectable score. A big part of their problem is mental. They get overawed in a big occasion. It was only in their last 15 mins did they settle down and win the QLD cup grand final in 2017 and then when they played Penrith in Sydney the winners of they NSW cup, they had 40 points on them at half time and won the 2nd half. They cant afford it, but a sports psychologist would be their greatest asset. They blew away a Fijian team full of NRL stars this year in the mid season test. I don't think their physical size is a problem at all.
  11. I don't think that's unreasonable at all considering 95% of the rest of the world associate the word Rugby with a different sport. It will always be known as Rugby League in England Australia and New Zealand but marketing the game under another name everywhere else would negate a massive range of issues with identity and legal control. Its hard enough to expand in to new markets as it is, we don't need extra adversity.
  12. https://www.qrl.com.au/news/20182/112/19/png-hunters-announce-2019-squad/ The PNGRFL also wished those players leaving the club to continue their careers well; with Willie Minoga, Wartovo Puara Jnr and Stargroth Amean (who left the Hunters squad mid-season to study) the latest players to be snapped up by an overseas club. They will play for Barrow Raiders in England; joining Ase Boas, Watson Boas and Thompson Teteh in the UK after they signed with Featherstone Rovers. Rahdly Brawa and Edene Gebbie have made the move to the Wynnum Manly Seagulls in the Intrust Super Cup; while Brendon Gotuno will also trial and train with the Penrith Panthers. I thought Stargroth was lost to our game. Glade he made a come back. I predict he will be a gun for Barrow next year.
  13. I don't think PNG are under achieving. They made the finals of the last RLWC. They only have a few NRL players most of their team are semi professional from the PNG Hunters in the QLD cup. Considering every player from Australia New Zealand England Tonga are NRL or Super League professionals, Fiji have about one or 2 non professionals in their squad and Wales Scotland Ireland are all professional or semi professional Id say they are going ok against the current competition. If they had more money to invest in the team they obviously have a lot of room to improve with 8 million league loving people from that nation, but working with what they are going ok. They haven't lost a game to a 2nd tier nation since the Hunters came in 2014.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_league_in_Russia Olympic Status of Rugby Union Sevens and the expulsion of Rugby League from the State Register of Sports of Russia[edit] By mid-2009 the three major clubs of Russian Rugby League had moved over to Rugby Union as a result of government pressure to achieve results in rugby union sevens, newly designated as an Olympic Sport. These clubs were Kazan Arrows, Dinamo Moscow and the champions for the past eight years, Lokomotiv Moscow.[3][4] Russian Ministry of Sports order number 21 dated January 20, 2010 expelled the Rugby League from the State Register of Sports of Russia.[5] The reasoning for the expulsion was reportedly due to the Ministry's view that Rugby League was not a separate sport from rugby union.[6] In February a new president of the RRLF was elected, Alexander Eremin. Mr Eremin, the board members and employees of the RRLF are currently investigating the potential for the continuation of Rugby League in Russia with various government, civic and sports organizations, in particular the ministry of Sports and Rugby Union of Russia [5] After the turmoil of the RRLF losing clubs and players, Edward Taturian has now caused a split with the Rugby League Federation, to potentially form an Association of Rugby League Clubs. Now the good news. Russia are currently still in contention for the next RLWC and have over 2000 registered players. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Championship_(rugby_league) 2018 Teams Moscow Magicians CSKA Moscow Muscovites Spartak Sparta Vereya Vityez Ural RLFC Bersek RC Adrenalin