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  1. Dont forget about Fiji

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/rugby-league-world-cup-scout-billy-slaters-bolt-for-kangaroos-no1-john-suttons-fiji-test-nod/news-story/a8e6627ea3ec83e22f6de23204407e39 South Sydney star John Sutton has hinted he will run out for Fiji at the end of the season. The 32-year-old has almost 300 games of first grade experience and played for City several times but never the Bati. “My mum would definitely love me to play but I’ve just got to finish the rest of this year and see how the body is feeling,” Sutton told nrl.com.
  2. Dont forget about Fiji

    Its not ideal I agree. Obviously you would want a halfback and 5/8 that play in those positions now constantly for their clubs at NRL or Super League level. I think those players could both fill the hole give good service feeding their outside backs, Hayne brings a good kicking game, been a larger then usual halves pair would help defensively and both having a large amount of experience would benefit the team as a whole. Best you can do with what you have. I don't think they could be considered a weakness yet as I said not ideal.
  3. Dont forget about Fiji

    I don't think that is much of an argument. Both Hayne and Sutton have played in the halves at club level, both are veterans and one is a international player of the year and Dally M winner. England were pushed to the last seconds by Tonga with Lolohea and a mostly reserve grader by the name of Ata Hingano who has currently played 19 NRL games.
  4. Dont forget about Fiji

    A tour would be nice. Money though.
  5. I'm as happy as anyone and happier then most about the rise of Tonga in the last world cup. Its great they are been talked about to get another game other then the one in mid season even though that's still halfassed and these nations should be getting at least 4 games a year to make them a viable option for a representative career and to create revenue for themselves. It concerns me though that people seem to have completely forgotten about Fiji. Fiji like Tonga also beat New Zealand in last years world cup and like Tonga were also knocked out in the semi finals. Fiji like Tonga also have the potential to field an exceptionally strong international team. Check this team out for food for thought. 1 : Montoya 2 : Vunivalu 3 : Naiqama 4 : Blake 5 : Uate 6 : Hayne 7 : Sutton 8 : A Sims 9 : Koroisau 10 : Campbell-Gillard 11 : K Sims 12 : Kikau 13 : T Sims 14 : Evans 15 : Bukuya 16 : J Saifiti 17 : D Safiti For those who don't follow the NRL, I'll let you know that team would be highly competitive against any of the big 3. There is some guys there, Campbell-Gillard and Sutton for example that may not be interested, and I'm not saying hold a gun to their heads and make them play, but there is no harm in asking them if they would be interested in helping create a team that would be the strongest Fijian team of all time and probably will be never stronger. Rugby League would only have a couple of years with a team like this and it would be a great tool to spread the game in Fiji by playing members of the big 3 in Fiji in front of a home crowd. The RLIF has stepped in and sorted out the payment issues with the players and administration, hopefully they can sort them out with some games so this opportunity wont be missed.
  6. I think we may have our wires crossed here a little. A-gade and First grade is the same thing to me. A player who consistently is in the NRL top team is what I mean. A guy who has played 50 NRL games but never Origin before wouldn't be a huge leap if he was selected for the state side is the point I'm trying to make I suppose. I think we might be having an Aussie vs English dialect issue.
  7. I don't think Origin has much to worry about. If you remember Fattys Queenslanders when the super league war was on you saw that A-graders who were not considered Origin material at that time rose to the occasion and beat on paper a much stronger NSW side. To be a A-grade NRL player means your a much better then average rugby league player. The standard of the NRL will always make sure the standard of Origin is always strong.
  8. I still want to play test football

    Apparently I heard somewhere that Foran has a back similar to an 80 year old. If Marshall is playing better and I think he is, he must be there. Imagine if Australia or Queensland didn't pick Slater, Smith or Cronk over the last few years because they were a bit old.
  9. Not if you want a competitive team. I'm all for Serbia developing but they are a few years off playing at that standard yet.
  10. They should replace the Knights with Lebanon (and sort out their off field dramas while they are at it). Lebanon went better then any other European team in the world cup bar England. They probably have the strongest side if they can field a similar team to the world cup squad. They are part of the RLEF, they need games and the RL is expanding well in that country, a 6 nations would be a big boost if they won and they would be a good chance to win it.
  11. Australia to Play Tonga in Qatar?

    Tonga might make some cash to pay their players maybe
  12. Australia to Play Tonga in Qatar?

    Bit early for that call but I hope your right scotchy
  13. Going to be a tough game, NZ warriors winning 5 in a row, a lot of those guys in form to take into the test. England will have to be on their game.
  14. Lebanese federation

    RLIF need to sit down with some of these guys and just sort the ###### out. We cant afford to keep losing nations over stupid board room arguments.
  15. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Remember to sign the petition about just that https://www.change.org/p/rugby-league-international-federation-equal-opportunity-for-pacific-rugby-league-players