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  1. "The World Cup success has also had direct impacts on the number of kids wanting to play the game. Fusitu’a runs a junior, U12 programme for Tongan kids, in the last couple of years they’ve had 80-100 signups. But in the year since the World Cup, that number has swelled to 360. “I had to cut the registrations off,” Fusitu’a said ruefully. “We don’t have the resources for any more.” Many of the kids had previously played Rugby Union too, but now wanted to play League. " https://thespinoff.co.nz/sports/14-07-2018/at-long-last-the-nrl-is-waking-up-to-the-pacifics-rugby-league-potential/ I think a lot of people are a bit glass half empty when they look what the NRL have done and are proposing to do with the international game. I get it, the treatment of the Denver test by them and some clubs (looking at you NZ Warriors) has been really bad. But lets look at the positives. Its mid July and nothing has been done to organise any games for the Pacific, 3 of which sit at rank 4 5 and 6. The RLIF have completely ignored them, the success during the RLCW and it seems are happy to let any momentum created to die to continue to focus on the big 3. Is this the act of a competent pro active organisation? The NRL are the ones developing the players that make these teams so strong and are the ones that have been organising their one game a year. Peter Beatie commented something along the lines of that these teams passion from the players and supporters is something similar to the passion Origin creates and that can be built on. Its not the NRLs job to organise internationals, but if they didn't our next lot of teams competitive with the big three wouldn't exist. Lets not kid ourselves that the RLIF are doing a great job. They are not. It is a good thing that the NRL are stepping up because if they didn't then our international game wouldn't be near as strong as it is now.
  2. I have no problem with a GB lions tour when there is enough high standard Welsh Irish and Scottish players around to legitimately challenge for run on positions. Maybe in a few years hopefully and a GB team should always be a "occasion" side. England Wales Scotland and Ireland should be solo nations a vast majority of the time.
  3. That probably is a good idea (your suggestion), but in saying that I'm sure the Fijian and PNG players would love the opportunity to go to England and France as well. It might even be a slight magnet for Fiji to attract some of their better players who have knocked them back in the past and I think they are on similar level to France which is good for France who also get to build through their involvement.
  4. Quick question regarding the French national team as an option to take NZ's place in the Denver test. I know they had injuries in the RLWC 17 and could not produce their strongest side, how many players could come into that team from the English comp and how much stronger could they be? I'm asking because I don't see a lot of English games here in Australia.
  5. I'm going to be very positive about this but …. First thing is first. They are out to destroy the Denver Test, but Ill get to that later in the post. For the Pacific Nations this is awesome. Regular games, including vs NZ will give these nations a chance to build their brand, offer a competitive viable representative career to their players which in turn will attract more eligible players to these sides making them stronger and improving our international game. If these competitions are successful and revenue be built they can pay their players a decent wage. If strong enough they can in the future become tier one nations ending mass nation swapping from Pacific players in years to come. With player swapping they will probably take a step backwards first to take 3 steps forward in the future, meaning I wouldn't be surprised if a few guys might commit to pacific nations in the next few years since they now have an attractive rep career to commit to. The Oceanic cup and the proposed double 4 nations at the end of the year in each hemisphere is a very positive step forward for Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. More games in NZ will also benefit NZ. The Polynesian rivalry between NZ Samoa and Tonga will be awesome to watch and should get a lot of public interest and support. Australia are also in that group for the 4 nations and the fact they will be up against such physical opponents one after another after another means it will be difficult for them to dominate. They will get bashed. I'm excited for the Fijian and PNG players who will get a chance to "tour" when they play in the northern hemisphere against England and France. I feel terrible for the promotor of the Denver test. This dude has used his own money to promote our sport to the biggest sporting market in the world and the NRL are proposing to throw him under the bus. They should be thanking this guy not trying to destroy him. I don't think its the end of the world for the Denver test though. If France can replace NZ they will get a nation who is serious about using this test match for their benefit and send their strongest side. They wont have any NRL interference since the NRL have nothing to do with France or any of their players. Last game Eng played against France they won 36 - 6, last game Eng played against NZ they won 36 -18. France had a lot of injuries in the RLWC and if they can put near their best team on the park, I doubt they could win but I do think they could have a close competitive game. This could be a great blessing in disguise for France and give them a real opportunity to build into something much stronger. Who in Denver knows the difference in talent from New Zealand to France? I don't think the damage in marketing would be that bad. Remember though, this is all just a proposal. Its not set in stone its just a suggestion from the NRL to the RLIF. Mostly I really like the look of it.
  6. B rad

    Why reducing interchanges will help our game

    So basically that means a whole bunch of our players, guys who have trained all their lives to become professionals will be come physically incompatible to play our sport anymore. Sounds fair.
  7. B rad

    Dragons fume over Hunts demotion

    Yeah I thought the hype was crazy, but jeez this kid is good.
  8. B rad

    Dragons fume over Hunts demotion

    First of all I'm not a fan of Walters selections at times (Boyd in for Slater last year .. out of form Milford this year) but in saying that, Hunt had the first crack at half back this year for two games. He gave the Blues a penalty try, kicked out on 3rd tackle when we were pressuring the blues line and didn't direct attack toward the defensive side that was a man down when NSW were down to 12. He had a shot, went ok but made some silly mistakes, give someone else a go in the dead rubber. He is still in the team he hasn't been dropped from the side. I find it funny NSW media are talking about QLDs loyalty to players when the only player missing from game 2 is Inglis and Ponga through injury. Fairly sure Napa is injured as well with his ankle and is still 18th man. A couple of forwards were swapped from run on to bench and vice versa. Meanwhile from a winning team Matt Prior has been completely removed from the side for T Sims.
  9. I don't think the NRL are trying to neutralising other rugby league competitions especially the RLIF. I do think they need to work closer with each other and get on the same track.
  10. B rad

    Pacific Championship

    There is a lot of talk about Wayne Bennetts idea to have a month of the NRL (Super League as well I imagine) leaving open the option of 3 mid season internationals during stand alone origin/rep weekends.
  11. B rad

    Well said James Graham

    God I hope there is no injuries in this game. You will be hard pressed to find the actual score and winner behind the 3 pages of "I told you so" by the NRL clubs.
  12. Is he? I know he was in some trouble.
  13. I'm assigning Australia as 10 because they are the current number one side and it gives people a mark to which to rank the other sides by not that there have been better sides or I think they as a team are as good as a rugby league team could possibly be. I think other teams in history have probably had more talent but that might confuse things. I guess the last Australian team to win the world cup since that's the last time they played.
  14. For the sake of this exercise lets say Australia are 10, what rank would you put the other International teams. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/representative-weekend-pacific-tests-denver-test-womens-and-mens-state-of-origin-teams-times-ultimate-guide/news-story/ad3247921c4ad73b2bd64efc351167d2
  15. B rad

    Ban any Kiwi who chooses NRL over NZ. Lowe

    Would you ever see Super Rugby players or their clubs knock back the chance to play for the All Blacks? I think the Kiwis need to play more games in New Zealand to build their brand and add some more prestige back in the Kiwi jumper.