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  1. Well he has (Hopefully) started a new tradition with mid season tests for England which is what they need, more football together. Australia has a huge advantage with the amount of rep games they play. The cohesion created through Origin and Test football shows in their dominance over the last ..... forever. So if the mid season tests sticks he has already done a really good thing for England. He has been a little hamstrung in what he has wanted to do and what he has been allowed too do, not to mention England are doing the same thing NSW are doing when they lose vs Queensland. Blaming the coach instead of the admitting one team has better players at the moment then the other team. Pick a World Team at the moment and how many English players would get in compared to how many Australians?
  2. Got mine on order. Looking forward to escaping reality for long periods of time.
  3. Salary Cap went along way back then. Canberra 1: Belcher 2: Nadruku 3: Meninga 4: Wiki 5: Mullins 6: Daley 7: Stuart 8: Lazarus 9: S Walters 10: Lomax 11: Furner 12: Croker 13: Clyde 14: Backo 15: Pongia 16: P Jackson 17: Vainikolo I could put a Manly and the Bulldogs team of late 80s/90s/early2000s era in there as well and they would also be amazingly strong.
  4. Brisbane 1: Lockyer 2: Sailor 3: Renouf 4: Hodges 5: Tuqiri 6: Lewis 7: Langer 8: Lazarus 9: Walters 10: Webcke 11: Tallis 12: Thorn 13: Caroll 14: Civoniceva 15: D Smith 16: Tate 17: Dowling
  5. Yeah, the guy who won the Semi Final for New Zealand last world cup. You remember him right? I get your point, at club level he is inconsistent. When the big games are been played he can do some really amazing things on occasion though.
  6. I've always liked the idea or Holiday Resort Pacific Rugby League Clubs, where you have a lovely little island with a nice resort on it where you can take the family and kids for a weekend and watch a football game on the Saturday night for a nice little package deal. Somewhere like PNG would be great. Away from the dangers of the mainland, somewhere more safe for visiting teams players and supporters.
  7. I don't know who to go for.
  8. I think you might be right. Its a nice pool considering the Pools of Deaths they have been in, in past WCs.
  9. The big occasion will be the World Cup at the end of the year. A Majority of the PNG team will be Hunters and they will be playing a lot of sides dominated by NRL and Super League players. Very interested in seeing how they perform.
  10. Thanks for the news mon
  11. Id like to see them play some pre-season trial games vs some NRL sides. See how far they are behind.
  12. Ok, the stripping rule. "At the time, most people referred to this as the "Alfie Langer" rule. The little Bronco halfback was a master at coming in and reefing the ball away from a man in possession, whilst he was held in the tackle by a couple of his teammates. He was brilliant at the caper." http://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/04/19/07/33/channel-nines-phil-gould-outlines-the-three-worst-rules-in-the-nrl "In introducing the new interpretation in 1991, officials were trying to avoid attacking players being ganged up on and having the ball taken away through sheer weight of numbers. Ironically, it is generally accepted that it was one of our more diminutive champions in Allan Langer who necessitated the change. Such was Alf’s expertise at pick-pocketing his opponents in tackles that it was determined to be an unfair practice." http://www.nrl.com/peter-sterling-why-our-strip-rule-needs-an-overhaul/tabid/10874/newsid/59914/default.aspx As for the tripping rule I couldn't find a direct media quote, at the time tough it was well regarded that Langer because he was so small he would pull players over his legs in order to tackle them. The rule was changed in order to do that he needed to have both hands on a player for it to not to be deemed a trip instead of one. The rule change didn't slow him down because most instances he used two hands anyway. "Langer's action in bringing down bigger players by sticking his leg out after a cursory hand was placed on them was a borderline trip and the League responded by changing the rule to state that both hands must be placed on the player tackled" http://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/players/allan-langer/summary.html