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  1. Lyon made himself unavailable for origin because he was sick of been run over by Inglis. Well that's a theory anyway. No way on earth Lyon was better then Inglis. In his prime there was probably no better running attacking player. Opinions though right, everyone's got one.
  2. Only if they are working there I guess. I not many people would move there to live.
  3. I doubt it very much. None are professionals and if they did get paid a weeks worth of PNG currency wouldn't buy a coke in the UK (slight exaggeration maybe) Not to mention foreigners are often targeted for theft and murder. At least in the capital.
  4. Id like to see some Scottish, Welsh and Irish players to make an actual GB tour at the end of the year instead of England with a welsh guy.
  5. I'm very interested to hear how they went. They are all QLD cup premiership winning players, should be more then capable at Championship level.
  6. Ive been saying it for ages (though I did steal the idea from someone else on these forums) Trent Robinson is the man to coach the French National team for at least the next 2 RLWCs.
  7. Ive never seen that before. I am now a better man for it.
  8. Does anyone else think they are underachieving as a national side?
  9. I don't think nations because there are international competitions for nations. International clubs like the PNG Hunters or the new Fijian franchise would be great but of course they are on the other side of the world and don't have anywhere near enough money or time in their schedule to take part.
  10. Latraell Mitchell has a long long way to go before he can be considered near what Inglis was.
  11. I don't think the NRL are going to knock them back in the government is going to put money into RL. I guess it would depend on how much money though I suppose.
  12. You know what's boring? Taking every subject that people might try and make a little light hearted fun out of and declaring no humor can be made from it for morality reasons. Pretending that the world is so fragile and precious that any joke about a Irish man English man and Scots man walking into pub is going to dramatically offend an entire nation or blondes go home in a state of depression every time they hear a blonde joke. What kind of monster would make some kind of humorous remark about how sometimes naughty stuff happens in Thailand. It would be really boring to take every joke out of context and be morally offended and outraged, most of the time on other peoples behalf to such an extent that only the type of jokes allowed are the kind a dad might say to his primary school kids. That would be really really boring and I'm glad that reality is not on us just yet.
  13. No, I just need to sort out my dyslexia and my smoking habit.
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