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  1. Just a thought from me: how come all the Lancashire clubs in SL have lovely stadiums whilst so many Yorkshire clubs struggle with outdated facilities? Has there been more investment in Lancashire? It's unbelievable to think that Hull KR, Cas/Wakey, Bradford have sub standard stadiums. Leeds only got theirs sorted this year too. Why?
  2. New Rules

    This is typically the time of year where the RFL announce new rules for next season (or rules to be trialled in pre-season friendlies). Do we know if there are any new rules in the pipeline for next season?
  3. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    I'll have some of whatever you're on
  4. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    You'd need a PHD in Psychology to understand the mindset of some RL fans
  5. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    Sorry, Sir - I was really just addressing the accusations levelled at me by members of this forum. Replying to your post was perhaps a little unnecessary. But still, no hard feelings eh? 😊
  6. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    Thank you, Sir
  7. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    Guys, I have no interest whatsoever in 'having a pop' at TWP! I really want this project to succeed and am just more concerned than anything else. My post was observing that it isn't cool to be a Canadian team and not play games in Canada. If the Globe and Mail article is accurate, then there is a chance that in TWP may be playing a whole bunch of their games in England (stretching beyond the Swinton game). In only their second season! Because of making this observation, I've somehow been accused of being a parochial RL supporter who is resistant to change and doesn't want the Wolfpack to intrude upon Swinton and Batley's M62 party? As has been said earlier, rather than people saying 'it'll be alright on the night', can anyone actually talk about whether the Wolfpack have plans if they can't use Lamport until July? Thanks in advance, an excited expansionist who is somehow being accused of being a parochial, cynical and regressive member of this forum.
  8. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    The Wolfpack just need to release a statement and be honest with their fans. Integrity will keep supporters on board, lying won't.
  9. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    Yes indeed, but it's always best to assume the worst IMO 😉 Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that... So, what would happen in the situation where they can't use Lamport until July?
  10. According to an article by The Globe and Mail in November, the pitch renovations at Lamport Stadium are not due to be completed until the end of June. This would leave a few more home games after the Swinton game in doubt too. Does anyone know anything more about these renovations? These could be seriously worrying times for the Wolfpack!
  11. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Does anyone know when the pitch renovations at Lamport are due to be finished? I had read an article on it but can't seem to find it now.
  12. Thanks, always good to know that the stadium is in a good location, although they seem to be facing the issues quite similar to what Leeds Rhinos face with their Western Terrace. It is a very small capacity, but at least it's progress, I guess?
  13. Any chance you can provide us with a little more information on the stadium redevelopments in Toulouse? 😊
  14. In sum, no one has a clue 😂 ...and there is still no indication of where Toronto will play their home games in the first part of 2018. Come on Eric, don't let us down at the final hurdle!
  15. Sorry, I'm very confused 😂 Is that a yay or nay?