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  1. Second Canadian Team

    But I thought that the work was gonna start in late April. So either way how can the Swinton game fit around that?
  2. Second Canadian Team

    I'm pretty sure that Toronto sort out the houses of most of their Aussie imports. Plus they sort out all their players for the 4 months or so a year that they're in Toronto
  3. Second Canadian Team

    Thanks for the update. It's important that TO fans have clarity over the fixture against Swinton in early May. The fans must be excited for their first home game and it's important the club either deliver it in Toronto or announce asap that it'll be in England and explain the reasons.
  4. Second Canadian Team

    Krzzy, do you know what's going on with Lamport with regards to its availability until June?
  5. Second Canadian Team

    Would rather have 3,000 zombies in New York than Salford
  6. Second Canadian Team

    The founders of NY have been clear in saying that they would be based in the US
  7. Second Canadian Team

    True, but at least it's in America and not Manchester or Brighouse. And they could still train in NY?
  8. Second Canadian Team

    I would never accuse Eric Perez of taking the 'easy option'
  9. Second Canadian Team

    Probably right. And I like the NY model because they will actually be based there. Gives much more opportunity to promote the game and access the players. Also quite an easy sell to high-profile players looking for something different. Just need to make sure, as with Toronto, that the investment is there and the backers are in it for the long term.
  10. Second Canadian Team

    Probably the latter In all seriousness, whilst I recognise that NY released all the details themselves, no one seems to mentioning the second Canadian team as part of the structuring debate. I'm starting to wonder if they've lost some traction against NY?
  11. Second Canadian Team

    Do you know any details about the bid? It's all gone very quiet. Not saying that's a bad thing (perhaps to the contrary) but some details would be nice.
  12. Second Canadian Team

    I know we've heard a lot about New York recently. But Eric Perez said a year or so back that he wanted a second Canadian team in League 1 in 2019. Clearly the ongoing debate about the structure of the leagues won't help, but where is this new team? I've seen no news whatsoever and after all, this North American dream is as much Eric Perez as it will ever be anybody's!
  13. Toronto (Merged threads)

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, my only immediate concern for the Wolfpack is where the hell they will be playing some of their home games this year. There is a fat chance of the Swinton game in May being played at Lamport and there are other games in June in doubt also. I may be being daft, but there really needs to be some clarity on these games soon. The WP season ticket holders need to be treated with more respect. And I don't mean the fanatical Canadians on this forum: they have already been converted to the sport. But the other 600 odd season ticket holders need to know whether they are getting value for money. The WP don't like to announce anything until it is 100% certain, I'm not sure if that's a sensible approach in this context? Honestly about the schedule could help avoid disappointment from the fans.
  14. Slightly Random Thought

    No, I have a life...I promise 😑😑 It's just whenever I see a pic of us lifting the trophy, it just looks silly in our white away kit. Although I'm sure it looks even worse to Cas fans..
  15. Slightly Random Thought

    Why on earth were Leeds wearing their away kit at last years grand final? There was absolutely no colour clash with Castleford whatsoever and as a Leeds fan, the picture of us lifting the trophy with our away kit just isn't quite as amazing as it would be in blue and amber. In a final both teams should be wearing their home colours, simple as that. Please can we make sure that no big games this year have this nonsense, unless there is a genuine colour clash.