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  1. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Today's game was probably the best advertisement for Championship rugby league this season, leaving the Hull F.C. ex players contingent in their post match speech waxing lyrical about the quality of entertainment on display today. Following a shaky first five minutes, our Band of Brothers took on a French team of high skill and quality, dominated them in the forwards, and throughout the game maintained a high tempo with a slickness of skill and ball handling , combined with a ferocity of tackling, Despite their obvious quality, Toulouse could not overcome our Bulldog spirit, and every player wearing the shirt today gave their all, and were heroes to a man. Plaudits to the referee today, who was consistent for both teams in his decision making, and contributed in no small measure to a flowing and exciting game of rugby league. Well done Matt Diskin and staff, your vision and belief are starting to reap dividends. Well done to each and every one of you Gallant Youths that took the field today.
  2. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    1. Jason Crookes 2. Izaak Farrell 3. Joel Farrell
  3. Batley v Toronto

    I saw it too, but did not need to dramatize the 'attack' to sell newspapers. Rowley had his big minder with him, and at best a misguided lurch from an elderly fan was the sum of it all. As previously stated, why do some away coaches choose to sit amongst our supporters and wind them up when they could sit in a designated area at the other side of the pitch.
  4. Batley v Toronto

    My grammar was not brilliant 9 'oller. It was Rowley and Rowley's minder that squared up to the elderly guy.
  5. Batley v Toronto

    There are plenty of other vantage points for away coaches to analyze the game, including the away team and director seats in the Glen Tomlinson stand. Why they need to sit with away supporters, and risk heightening tensions (especially with today's biased refereeing performance) is something I cannot understand.
  6. Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    1. Ward 2. Brown 3. Farrell The full squad deserved MOM, and what a beauty from Reittie!
  7. Batley v Toronto

    The 'unsavoury incident' was totally blown out of all proportion. Rowley & minder were sat amongst the Batley supporters in the Kirkwood Hospice stand, and following another inept refereeing display comments were exchanged to the effect that in closely competitive games with the Wolfpack, only one team will get the marginal, and also the not so marginal decisions by the officials. This frustration and winding up came to a head when Rowley, who has history with Batley, was walking back to the players entrance 5 minutes before the end of the game, and was confronted by an angry elderly supporter in a Batley shirt who had followed him out. Handbags were exchanged , with Rowley pulling his earpiece out and squaring up to the elderly supporter, along with his 'minder'. Not exactly the way a head coach of a potential super league team should behave, with all their attendant hype.
  8. Sheffield away monday

    Excellent result, especially considering our depleted squad, and the need for rotation prior to next Sunday's game. Credit to the players who all held their hands up in poor conditions, showing great character and a Bulldog spirit that seems to be gaining strength by the week. Credit also to Matt Diskin, who is showing that he can manage and motivate a squad within our financial restraints and injury/ illness problems. We do need to beef up the squad to cover the wing areas, and a reasonable option could be Rob Massam, the Welsh international, over at Rochdale.
  9. Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Manning Crookes Brown
  10. N bennett

    No one is disputing that Fev were not the best side over 80 minutes, but considering we were without a number of key players and a recognised winger, not a bad effort as we rattled you on numerous occasions! By the way, I would suggest that Fev amend their website from the original squad numbers that they issued, as 23 would suggest a player called Gale.
  11. Paul Harrison

    Fair play gingdong, but that's not the normal attitude of staff and volunteers, who always like to welcome Fev supporters to the Mount. Whoever took the call needs a word in their shell like.
  12. N bennett

    The ref today was not up to the job of controlling a match which could have gone either way up to the hour mark. His touch judges also had selective blindness, with Isaac Farrell taken out off the ball in midfield down the slope, and Fevs 23 Gale throwing a punch whilst grounded, and Batley being penalised. Having said that Fev are a good, pacey side, and we contributed partly to our downfall with some slack kicking to hand and a few missed tackles. Overall though, we played with some spirit and prowess despite not having a recognized winger on the field, and our never say die attitude and returning bodies should bode well for the upcoming games.
  13. Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison was at the ground today, working very hard, along with the other Directors. I wouldn't let this put you off gingdong. Paul is a decent guy and will look after you if you give a little notice. He is also on e mail at the Club.
  14. Challenge Cup draw

    I was at the opening game at Leigh Fred , and maybe lack of big game time as a team (Rochdale cancellation the previous week) contributed to our errors, but we were not totally dominated by Leigh. It will be a tough encounter at the Mount, but we are more than capable of winning.
  15. Challenge Cup draw

    Already happened EQ. He resigned yesterday.