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  1. He is back

    Give the lad a chance under the tutelage of Matt Diskin and the conditioning of John Heaton. With our well-structured fitness regime, we have improved players when taken back from other clubs (Keegan Hirst), and Tom Hemingway could be a surprise package in a support role within the squad. He does have kicking ability, and plenty of experience in our division. I see it as a positive move within our tight budgetary confines.
  2. Tommy Holland

    I'll throw this into the mix. Could anyone see Farrell as a potential 6?
  3. Tommy Holland

    Absolutely spot on regarding scouting the amateur game, and building contacts with SL Academies / reserve squads to pick out some gems who will make it with some coaching input. I look at the Warrington team this past season, which has in their ranks the King brothers from Huddersfield. Neither of them featured (or very rarely featured) in the first team this season, but were first team regulars the previous season. Toby King is a very good center with good SL experience, and at 22 has many years ahead in the game. Surely a loan deal would not be too difficult? Considering the limited resources we have at the Club, it would make sense to invest in this area with a full time scout to scour the amateur game and build contacts with SL Clubs and academies. This would surely prevent the type of loose relationship we had with Cas Tigers that is loaded one way ( accepting the that there is a formal structure around such relationships.) Like any other walk of business, it is the personal relationships that achieve the best deals.
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Some more signings announced today and introduced in Kevin's post match speech. Jonny Campbell back in the fold, and Michael Ward , the Oldham prop of headgear, beard, and flowing hair, now a Bulldog.
  5. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    1. Chandler - A good all round display, has showed up well in recent weeks and bodes well for next season. 2. Leak - always a threat to the opposition in attack, wrong footing them with his trickery. Again has shown up well in recent weeks, and playing some of his best rugby in Diskin's system. 3. James Harrison - Improving week on week, and IMO looking at a career defining season next year. A special prospect. A special mention for the great Warrior Ainy, who has given his all for the Club, constantly putting his body in the line when he should have rested, playing perhaps his last game for the Club and leaving the field in tears. Thank you Sean for your courage and commitment .
  6. 2018 Squad.

    It all depends on the Club's goals for next season, and what Matt Diskin has to do to achieve those goals within a pre determined budget. As this season approaches its close, we will soon have an insight into the plans and ambitions of the Club by the type of signings we introduce to the current squad.
  7. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    1. Alistair Leek - exploited the gaps well and attacked the line with his trickery to great effect. 2. James Harrison - Played with purpose, aggression, and impact. 3. Dave Scott - His usual reliable performance under the ball, combined with good attacking link up and some impressive conversions that added points at important stages in the game. Matt Diskin deserves some plaudits for getting an excellent all round performance from his re-formed team today, where some of this season's fringe players stood up to be counted with some impressive displays, and as a team we were aggressive in the tackle and purposeful and fluent in attack. I am sure that Kieran Cunningham enjoyed the game today as an entertaining spectacle, like the majority of spectators who were present.
  8. And next up

    It looks like Diskin is much better at motivating Crookes than the Dewsbury coaching team. He looks hungry for the ball, and is aggressive in defence.
  9. And next up

    Today we played with purpose, aggression, and skill, and played as a team, non stop over 80 minutes. Dewsbury were constantly trying to get into the game, but we displayed a ruthlessness that is just starting to emerge, and did not give them a sniff. Well done to everybody concerned, and keep up this momentum - it is good to watch.
  10. Dogs v Rams part 4 MOM

    Manning Reittie Crookes
  11. Break ins

    Looking at the photos on Twitter, it is obvious that burglary was not the sole motive, with vandalism and disruption playing a large part in the crime.
  12. Break ins

    This is obviously and unfortunately a recurring theme at our stadium. Due to the relative isolation of the stadium it is fairly easy prey for petty criminals who want a payday to fuel their addictions. It could also be construed that our stadium does not fit into the overriding cultural profile around the vicinity of the stadium, and somewhat of nuisance value, especially on match days. It is therefore a possibility that due to the increasing regularity of these break ins, they could be interpreted as intimidation. It is an unfortunate aspect of the times we are in, especially considering our strong ties to Jo Cox and her values, that our community 'Pride and Heritage' , proudly standing for over 120 years, is not respected , and it is certainly time to beef up the security around the stadium before a more serious crime is perpetrated.
  13. Batley V Oldham MOM

    1. Manning 2. Day 3. Scott
  14. Campbell coming home

    Looking at today's ( and recent) games we desperately need an injection of pace into the backs. If Jonny is returning to the Mount, excellent news. I also liked the look of Tyson, Oldhams no.3, who took a knock towards the end of the game.
  15. Ref for Sunday

    So why do the majority of your games continue to end in controversy? Can't you see or admit that you create your own problems with the way you are coached/play the game of Rugby League?