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  1. Congratulations to Batley Sporting Charitable Trust for obtaining a Lottery Grant for £85,300 to research the project ( on website). I understand that Black Dyke Mills Brass Band recently received a similar grant, and have created a heritage centre (museum) with their funding. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Well done to all concerned.
  2. Exactly Silverback. This thread is not about our accounts, it's about the crisis on the pitch.
  3. I can't answer that one for you Fred, but there does seem to a 'crisis, what crisis?' attitude from the Club at the moment. Maybe that will change.
  4. Fred - I am referring to the time when people were asking questions about the accounts, and Kevin said buy some shares and you will have access to the accounts.
  5. Absolutely BSJ, and it was a good interview with Michael Steel and Michael Carter also contributing to the debate. The problem now is the 'ten year plan' is at risk, for reasons well documented on this forum.
  6. Definitely S Definitely Silverback, a great young Coach working within his resources. We do however have funds from finishing 3rd last season, which could be utilised for somebody half decent.
  7. Maybe Wardy has lost a little touch with the game now Silverback, but there are still some potential Directors of Rugby out there who have achieved things in the game via Coaching, and not just talked a good game ( of which unfortunately there are many in this category).
  8. So why not aim high and build on success? I am sure you would welcome that problem Coolie.
  9. I am not aware that anyone outside the Board of Directors have access to the business plan BSJ. It has been mentioned by Kevin on a previous post that shareholders can have sight of the accounts.
  10. Don't see too much evidence of John Kear's defensive 'processes' Lucky Dog.
  11. Some some excellent points made BB. At the London game Kevin made a rallying call in the Ron Earnshaw Lounge following a supporter's vocal criticism of Disco, that we should all stick together, and go and beat Dewsbury in the Cup. Great sentiments, but only action, not words will solve the situation that has seen us go into rapid decline over a few months.
  12. Exactly Robin. That's why we don't want a three year total decline, as we do not have the resources to be constantly changing the squad to pander to the 'expansive rugby' mantra that is constantly being trotted out.
  13. Agreed Frank, but the style of play that is being coached into them doesn't suit the type of player years available. We are not a Leeds Rhinos, with their squad and resources, and it could be argued that John Kear was shrewdly pragmatic when he developed a style of play that brought the maximum return ( and beyond) from the squad he had, producing some gold nuggets along the way. I am fiercely proud and passionate about our Club, like many others on this forum, and do not want to see us in a relegation tussle just to pander to the whims and follies of an inexperienced Coach. We are better than that.
  14. It appears that our Kirklees Super League team are experiencing similar problems down at the John Smiths!: Rubbish. Today has taken this boring 'let's back stone' argument away. He can not set a team of professionals up to beat part time opposition. Even if our players are 'championship players' then we should still have won just like the majority of championship teams have against them this year. The guy is useless. Couldn't get a sniff of a job in aus because of his atrocious record, came here for a pay day and will leave us in the championship without even a hint of giving a you know what. Take the blinkers off for goodness sake.
  15. Spot on Colin, but nothing has come out of the Club I.e. corporate action plan to reverse this rapid decline, and it appears that they are just letting Disco get on with it.