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  1. It does seem to be a makeshift/ trial appointment, on a one year contract, supported by a bold statement by the owner of 'aiming high and leaving a mark this time around ' in the Middle 8's. Maybe there are still financial issues lurking around at Fev, and they are desperate to achieve more victories in the 8's to maximise income from the RFL prize money. I imagine that players booking holidays on their week off has not helped this cause in the eyes of Mark Campbell, and possibly Jon Sharpe has taken the hit on this.
  2. The game today was strewn with errors from both sides. Jonny Campbell I thought had an excellent game for the Bulls. Having said that, our tackling was the best I have seen all season, and we stopped the momentum of a big Bradford pack time and again with some great high impact hits, and good line speed. It is a pity that we lost our way mid season, as I am certain we would have had a top four spot based on recent performances. Matt Diskin and his team deserve some praise for the improvements in performance, and well done the team. Also I should mention the great support that the Bulls brought, knowing they have been chasing a lost cause this season.
  3. 1. Patch Walker 2. James Brown 3. Alex Bretherton
  4. .......but if guilty will not play against the Seagulls.
  5. I would definitely agree with your comments on the referee BSJ. I thought he did well to keep the game flowing amidst the eruption of various personal vendettas across the park, and indiscipline from both sides. I did think that we let you throw all you had at us as we faced the sun and you were downhill in the first half, tired you out, then mid second half threw the ball around and exploited the gaps in your tired team and dominated the game. Hallett will now probably not be playing against his old Club next week, which could prove costly for you. One of the reasons why we dispensed with his services.
  6. 1. Brown 2. Reittie 3. Manning
  7. That is a good question Fred. I understand that some players signed 2 year contracts at the end of last season, but I firmly believe that the next stage of recruitment will be make or break if we are to remain competitive in this league, and will also reflect the appetite of the board for success.
  8. Some very good points DD. Our actual recruitment, I.e. bringing new players in for this season was relatively 'bargain basement' compared to our hugely increased income. I take your point regarding bigger contracts for existing players, but we needed to raise the quality in the squad to complement an existing squad who had worked wonders last season. Fev were on the points of financial collapse towards the Middle 8's last season, and if they had not qualified, who knows what the scenario might have been. They have however employed their additional funds to recruit and improve their squad, and it looks like they will have another financial boost this season in the top 4 placings. Even their DR with Leeds Rhinos seems to be working for them. My point is that if we are serious about competing in the top bracket of our league ( and Matt Diskin has recently said we are capable of that) we need to be improving our recruitment strategy and invest in some more quality into our squad, especially as some key players are getting towards the end of their careers in a punishing and competitive league.
  9. According to Diskin in today's Rugby League Express, he is happy with the squad, and does not anticipate bringing any new blood into the camp before deadline date. Other Clubs seem to be recruiting and beefing up for this season into next,, laying the foundations for next season's campaign. There are players becoming available now, and it would be an advantage to replace the Cas 'season loans' of Hitchcox & Holmes, who have had cameo roles for us, but after we have nursed them to full fitness, are now part of the Cas first team squad. So much for giving our squad strength and depth for the season. We have not spent a great deal on recruitment this season, despite our massively increased income as a Club, which has been reflected in our results, and certainly should be more proactive in this area, especially looking towards next season. Are we looking at players at Swinton, who have not been paid for weeks on end? Are we scouting the amateur game? Do we have a shortlist of players who we want for next season, and have we spoken to anybody? Now is the time to act, especially as we have not made the top 4, to start building for success next season, and possibly improve the end of this season and start the momentum.
  10. We need to be really on our tackling game on Sunday, which to the credit of Matt Diskin and the players has improved immensely over the past 4 games. Coupled with some of the explosive rugby that we have also witnessed of late, we are more than capable of taking the spoils at Post Office Road on Sunday.
  11. It must be a few years since we put 70 points past a competitive team at the Mount. I have been a critic this season, but the tide started to visibly turn against Toulouse, and we now look a totally different unit with the showing at Swinton and today's performance. Credit should go to Matt Diskin, his staff, and the whole squad for this. Today we toughed up in defence, and were fast, effective, and ruthless in attack, all this in extremely hot conditions. The team were playing for each other, and justly deserved the lasting applause at the end of the game from all sections of the ground. On a great day for the community of Batley, our boys honoured the memory of Jo Cox in the best possible way.
  12. Either stay with your identity and heritage or become a suburb of Wakefield!
  13. 1. Sean Ainscough - a great try, driving forward at every opportunity, full of courage and spirit, despite taking a knock. 2. Sam Smeaton - clever on the ball, pacey, always looking for the offload and gaps to exploit. 3. Dane Manning - great go forward and hard work with a point to prove. Good defensive display.
  14. Fully agree Phildog. We were at it from the off today, and looked positive and confident in both attack and defence. We were very unfortunate not to come away with all the points today, and every team member put a big shift in for the cause. Toulouse are a very good team, and we certainly matched them in enthusiasm and appetite, which is certainly a transformation from recent weeks. Well done lads, and well done Matt Diskin and all concerned for today. I sincerely hope that we can turn our season round from here.
  15. I am sure your call will be returned Billy. Stick with it.