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  1. Bulldog Days

    Batley V Swinton MOM thread

    1. Harrison 2. Joufret 3. Campbell
  2. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    With the greatest of respect to all concerned Roger, it is action from Kevin and a reaction from the team/coaching staff that everyone connected to the Club is looking for - supporters, sponsors, etc.
  3. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    I can't see what the Club are backing the Coach to do. After 2 years, we have very much gone from a fighting team with a fighting fund to a very average looking outfit on the field and losing hardened supporters off the field.
  4. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    Absolutely right DD, but what people do need to see (very rapidly) are the results of any discussions held by Kevin, whether to the Coach, players, or both.
  5. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    As I posted previously Silverback, the Club have too many comfort zones that need busting to stop the complacency and get it back into a progressive footing. The alternative is what Kevin so eloquently refers to.
  6. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    He's waiting for Ned's demise BSJ !
  7. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    He certainly did the hard work for Duffy to walk into, and brought Fev up a few notches in quality. Well respected, coached SL at the Giants, and former Assistant England Coach with a good knowledge of Championship rugby.
  8. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    Unfortunately we rely on a small but solid core of support and sponsorship. The reducing gates this season are definitely telling a story about the management of the squad, the motivation of the squad, which has translated into deteriorating performances and confidence. The prognosis for next season from where we currently are is for the same trend to continue.......unless action is taken now. Featherstone dispensed with Jon Sharp, a quality and experienced Coach, with far less reasons than we have to terminate Diskin's contract. Just to stand still in today's competitive RL environment, you have to maintain high levels of networking and take some decisions that may be hard and unpopular. When you are reviewing the current situation Kevin, please consider that you have to speculate to accumulate, and look at the far bigger picture of the future of our Club, who have proved from the recent past that we can be successful.
  9. Bulldog Days

    Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Rams MOM thread 22/07/18

    Harrison Rowe Manning
  10. Bulldog Days

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Agree about the motivation BSJ. Five drives to halfway, a kick, and plenty of aggression and hunger won the day for you. Unfortunately due to our recent past success under Kear, we expect more from our team, especially when we had significant third place prize money available, additional to the norm.
  11. Bulldog Days

    Enough is enough

    After an afternoon of great disappointment, I have tried to look at things objectively following that performance: 1. The 'make do and mend' culture that is now prevalent in the Club has now seriously started to affect the players' mentalities with a great deal of negativity. Players being played out of positions where they have been confident and performing well, in the absence of any loanee/ permanent replacements coming into the Club or even being discussed, has totally disrupted our Bulldog spirit and never say die attitude. Today we were devoid of spirit and fight, which I have not seen for a very long time on the pitch. 2. Matt Diskin's style of rugby league is suited more to a full time environment, where players have the time and conditioning to recover from the total, full on style of rugby league that he has tried to introduce, and deeper squads to replace injuries. It is significant that this season we have had probably the worst injury situation in many a season, with part time players struggling to recover and being played when in all probability they should have been recovering. 3. The owners of the Club have certainly now got to seriously look at next season and decide what they want. Fans of many years' standing are now becoming disillusioned in numbers, and the spirit appears to be draining out of the Club. The Club have been loyal to a Coach, who has now had time to work with a decent squad and show some results, appears who now to be struggling to maintain the positive mental attitude of the players, some of whom did not seem to want to put in the extra percentages this afternoon. Craig Lingard or other easy option/low cost 'fixes' should not even be contemplated. That would be just a continuation of the malaise. Comfort zones need now to be busted within the Club, and a clinical, objective outcome sought for the progression of this great Club, before it is too late.
  12. Bulldog Days

    Batley v Leigh

    Total commitment by the Dogs in this game, and deservedly ahead in the first half. Defending the slope proved a step too far in the heat, coupled with Leigh finding their gears and Hansen making dents in our defence with his powerful running and offloads down the slope. We should take many positives from that performance, especially the return of Jonny Campbell who was hungry for the ball in his first league appearance of the season, and scored the try of the game in the first half. Our tackling was ferocious and effective for the first 50 minutes of the game, when our energy levels started to sap in the heat. Some good signs for the remaining fixtures to salvage something from our season.
  13. Bulldog Days

    All quiet over a certain incident

    Acton's game has always revolved around on field vendettas and thuggery. I recall last seasons game when he targeted Tom Lillycrop. The modern game has no room for this type of play, and a very lengthy ban is the least that can happen to this individual.
  14. Bulldog Days

    Foregone conclusions

    Based on our recent past DR experience with Cas, I have not been a fan of dual reg. However, when planned and used as part of an overall strategy for the season, and not the only plan on the table, it can be very effective. Fev have certainly used DR in an effective way this season, combined with a good recruitment strategy. We have Huddersfield Giants on our doorstep, with a new Coach on board, and Izaak Farrell already a loanee from the Giants. They have a good academy system which is producing and promoting youth through to the first team, all within the Kirklees area. Can we not get round a table and hammer an agreement out for next season, an agreement that could well plug the gaping injury gaps that we have experienced this season which has resulted in a good squad spluttering to a disappointing business end of the season, despite giving their all.
  15. Bulldog Days

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    1. Rowe 2. Davey 3. Day