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  1. Your correct there's no way we can compete with the 'honey pot' tourist towns of Castleford,Warrington and Ull. If the unthinkable happens and Batley get there on merit, even with our boarded up town centre I think we would go Hybrid, give the lads who got us there a chance with a few quality players added. I'd expect us to lose every game but become everyone's second favourite team along the way, and everyone's favourite away day. The money made would keep us competitive for years to come and the publicity for RL in general from such an underdogs beating the odds story would be good for the game as a whole.
  2. 2100 and something was announced at the game.
  3. Lingard has not put a foot wrong this season. He's shuffled the squad around, rested players when needed, left us fans scratching our heads at times with his team selection but got the result every time, there will be a reason why the club has agreed to let Logan go and if there was nothing in it for us at some point I doubt he would have gone, as fans we have no right to know the ins and outs, clauses etc in a players contract. Let's trust the club, if we win on Sunday all's well, if we loose it won't be down to one players absence, we have plenty of depth in the squad to fill in and do a job.
  4. Stuart Cocker was class, lightening quick. I know the Hobson era screwed the club but I liked The South Africans Shaun Skelton and Andy Ballott. Dave Turpin was good for a season, Dane Morgan was great too. I liked Mike Kuiti but wacat the tail end of his career.
  5. I've only dated Heavy Woollen girls before Gittinsfan, a cross's pie and a good pair of thighs have served me well, going for out of towners they might need more of a kerfuffle to get them in the mood, mantovani albums and lavalamps.
  6. I don't feel the negotiations between the club and players should be made public, it will only increase the demands from agents on any future deals, we're very lucky that Kev comes on these boards from time to time to update us, not many other chairmen are as open as ours. It's not that long ago we had to wait for the Batley News or a bit of gossip from someone in the know to find anything out. Social Media and forums have brought us much closer to the club. Anyway Just to keep you in the loop Phildog, I've made an approach to Meghan Markle, I told her she could have a lie in every Saturday whilst I get up early and get to Dewsbury Market to get her a warm pie and some polony from Cross' the thrill of lying in bed with warm pie jelly dribbling down her chin didn't seal the deal. I have outstanding offers to Cat Deeley and Jenifer Aniston, I'll let you know when they turn me down too.
  7. Phil, how do you know the club didn't ask?
  8. I'm led to believe that John Kear (our most successful coach in recent years)was asked about the appointment and said he thought linners was ready, the club then took a bit of pressure off linners by appointing our second most successful coach in recent years to support and advise him. Not sure what more they can do.
  9. If the club had announced that Karl Harrison was the new head coach with linners as his assistant, would you have been happier? Because I can't see much difference, I'm sure linners isn't too pompous to take advice from someone with Karl's experience, it's not dissimilar to the Kear, Chester role at Wakefield. Anyway onwards n upwards after a very difficult season on and off the pitch.
  10. If we get a halfback who can time a pass and doesn't mind getting whacked then Scotty should score a few from the telegraphed but hard to prevent linners wrap around move.
  11. Good appointments, a mix of youth and experience and both know the club inside out. I don't think we could have done better for knowledge of the part time game. Roll on the rebuilding and next season, well done to the board for moving quickly so that recruitment can start.
  12. The main consensus here seems to be why dont Batley do there own marketing and beat the Bulls to it. The problem is we dont have the money to do anything on a grand scale so we just have to sit back and watch. It may not be ilegal but I feel its morally wrong. Would the Bulls be happy if they got 500 new fans but the Bulldogs went bust? If the RL world shared the wealth just a little then I think there would be a few SL clubs getting a rather worried. Batley and Dewsbury are well run clubs, and with a little financial help could make the push forward and be included in the ideal of a two tier fully professional league. In the past 10 years or so we have become the First RL club to have classroom facilities for local Children. Revamped all 4 sides of the ground and consistently competed in the CC every year having the lowest playing budget in the league (except last year the Rams had the lowest). We do all this on the lowest gates in the CC and without a single overseas player and bang in the middle of Hudds Leeds Bradford and Wake. (about 5 miles from each) Is this not the Rfl's masterplan for SL clubs already in action? Ground development, young local talent, comunity integration?. Wouldnt it be nice of the RFL to acknowledge this and say "Heres
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