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  1. Since the good old days crowds have suffered everywhere. During those days of milk and honey enochlophobics used to be warned to stay away from Huddersfield Barracudas.
  2. All well and good, but of course I have not said that anywhere on this thread. I have not criticised Whitehaven or even mentioned Workington or Cumbria. You are welcome to check. I have responded to a patronising comment that I should get down to a CC1 (sic) club to find out what it is all about. I have criticised ridiculous posts complaining about a professional club trying to win games and the competition it is in and posts suggesting it is sensible for a limited company to do nothing to improve its income and commercial footprint and instead whine about how tough and unfair life is. You tell me: is inertia ever a good business plan for a company?
  3. More passive aggressive rubbish. You can dish it out but fall back on this whine every time someone picks you up on your strawmen. You decided to ignore my comments and make patronising remarks not the other way around
  4. Gates for pre-season and the one home game so far are up. I am not privy to salary or income details. There won't be any tangible result if nothing is done.
  5. Patronising as always. As it happens, I am a season ticket holder and involved at a League 1 (not CC1) club. I know how much effort they are putting in to increasing gates and income, because they know that improving those is vital to progressing as a club. I hope you are not a management consultant because do nothing and ##### about how tough life is does not seem a business plan likely to impress too many directors.
  6. May be because they are a professional sporting club and their business is to get people through the gates to produce income?
  7. What are they meant to do? Deliberately lose? Are they not a professional sporting club?
  8. Supreme blues harmonica player James Cotton
  9. How would it make sense for Oxford? They have never been an amateur team. If thrown out of the professional ranks, they would last as long as, say, Nottingham City.
  10. Eastern Rhinos play out of Colchester. My understanding is that they have always resisted moving to the East as they find it easier to get in and out of London rather than travel to some of the towns in the Eastern league. The standard of the London Premier is appreciably higher as well
  11. Wests Haydock kicking off at 2:30 on the Saturday apparently. Flying out to Manila that night so there may be a bloke attending with suitcases!
  12. I thought the Wests Police game was the most enjoyable match I have seen for a very long time. The score only blew out in the last ten minutes and does not really reflect the match. Some great skill in attack and big hits in defence on display. Great support shown from the Wests supporters too. Talking to one of their injured players at half time, I learnt what an honour and a dream come true the players felt it was to play in the Challenge Cup.
  13. In fact from a 30 year low against the dollar. Talk about grasping at straws
  14. You seem to be suggesting that being a human rights lawyer is some type of negative in these times. I am saying he is better known for being DPP and that in any case if you look at his history (McLibel - anti-corporate, and death row cases but at the same time being appointed by the police to provide them with advice on issues), it isn't that easy for the neo-cons posing as anti-establishment figures to twist into a negative.
  15. Advising the police is some sort of human rights lawyer negative?