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  1. In fact from a 30 year low against the dollar. Talk about grasping at straws
  2. You seem to be suggesting that being a human rights lawyer is some type of negative in these times. I am saying he is better known for being DPP and that in any case if you look at his history (McLibel - anti-corporate, and death row cases but at the same time being appointed by the police to provide them with advice on issues), it isn't that easy for the neo-cons posing as anti-establishment figures to twist into a negative.
  3. Advising the police is some sort of human rights lawyer negative?
  4. Never realised being Director of Public Prosecutions was akin to being a human rights lawyer. What strange anti-establishment times we live in.
  5. Struggled at times over the last couple of seasons, but with HAC a week away, seeing an advert for the Auckland 9s and the announcement of the Skolars triple header suddenly really excited.
  6. It is because the Russians say so
  7. Wonder where they are going to evacuate the good burghers of Jaywick to?
  8. Personally always greatly amused when England football fail, but he always seemed a thoroughly decent man, who had to endure utterly disgusting abuse
  9. Feel a bit sorry for the Rhinos. Third time they have entered and third time drawn away. Believe they had Queens away before as well.
  10. According to the BBC this morning Corbyn is considering advocating a ban on petrol cars. At the same time Sadiq Khan is advancing plans to ban diesel vehicles from London. Typical muddled Labour party thinking or a plan to move to Year Zero?
  11. I am afraid I can't see any change from last year's split between heartlands teams and expansion clubs. It is devilishly difficult for an expansion club to beat a heartlands team, let alone for it to be done with the regularity to propel them up the table. The only chance is if a heartlands club implodes after early setbacks (perhaps not much room for error in a lopsided 15 game fixture list) or because of off field issues (hello York). With the entry to Toronto, Skolars will be pushed out of the top 8. Skolars will be solid enough, but I am not sure they are ready to quite make the step up to challenging the big boys. Their squad hasn't changed greatly and never really looked like winning a game after the split. Newcastle and Cru should also be about the split, but I can see them, Hemel and Skolars taking valuable points off each other. Hemel should improve, but not enough. While recruiting from Yorkshire may make them better than other expansion clubs, realistically they are just getting the players no other heartlands club wants, meaning they are unlikely to better than any of those teams. On quality of squad, Toronto should be too good. For them I think it will come down to the desire of the players. Are their hearts really in the project, particularly when they are away from home for long stretches. I liked the look of Barrow last year and think they will be there or there abouts. Doncaster look solid, but the other heartlands teams seem to be much of a muchness and I think for them much will depend on how their fixture lists works out. Those playing 8 home fixtures, particularly if they have more of their rivals at home, should do better. At the other end Coventry seem to be gradually building, but even with improvements in their teams, I fear they, Gloucester and South Wales will find how tough it is at this level until the split. That leaves Oxford to finish bottom.
  12. Casting aside rose tinted spectacles, it is only a couple of months since Hull KR absolutely thrashed Broncos at Ealing. I would say the difference between full time super league and full time championship players was very obvious. The latter were playing at the level they deserved to be at despite not having other jobs. The question is how much closer the player losses from Rovers and the recruitment at Broncos brings them together. I had not been too impressed with the Broncos recruitment and wondered whether it was an improvement on last year. Dixon and Roqica are very good signings though and the former could have a field day if he stays fit as his defensive frailties just won't be nearly as obvious at this level. The question for the Broncos is over their halves' fitness, as Barthau, Api and Sammut have all had pretty poor records with injury. Toulouse are very quick and skilful, but I wonder if they have underestimated the need for size and power in this league. While I hope not, I think they may struggle away from home, particularly if pitches are effected by inclement weather. Whether Bradford can make the top 4 depends on their points deduction. with six it would doable. With 12 they would have to win all their games, albeit that means they should win the dead rubber 8s again. In that case I think it would be two out of Fax, Fev and Batley to make up the four. At the other end Sheffield will struggle given the state they are in. I would guess Oldham, Swinton and Rochdale would be down there and wonder if the switch of Palfrey to the Hornets may make the difference.
  13. Congratulations to Billy B for winning a lifetime achievement award at BBC Wales' version of Sports Personality of the Year last night
  14. That is the first Davie Provan rather than the one who now commentates on Sky