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  1. Jeff Stein

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Great shame. Really enjoyed those books. Think there is one waiting to be published later this year
  2. Jeff Stein

    30 Mar: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Just back from enjoying some pretty biblical conditions at Pennine Way. Game was exactly what one would expect in the circumstances and the weather was a leveller. Skolars had a bit more size and know how to take the victory. As seems to be the trend at the moment a bit of a monumental penalty count.
  3. Well beaten by Thunder today. They look a very attractive side: quick, excellent footwork and good support play. Having seen Skolars belted like that for quite some time at home.
  4. Jeff Stein

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Another great blues and soul vocalist in Terry Evans has left us. Possibly best known for his collaborations with Ry Cooder.
  5. Jeff Stein

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Didn't realise at the time but the great soul blues singer Denise Lasalle died a week into the New Year.
  6. Jeff Stein

    Eddie Hemmings

    Across the board disappointed with the Sky presentation this year. No innovation. No changes. If they are waiting for Eddie to retire at the end of the season, it just means a year of treading water
  7. Jeff Stein

    Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Looking forward to next week
  8. Jeff Stein

    Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Meanwhile here in South Essex quite a lot of press comment and excitement within the town's rugby league club that not one, but two ex-juniors are in World Cup squads and one is making his World Cup debut at the weekend. If only they could realise how they are ruining it all for people north of Sheffield.
  9. Jeff Stein

    Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    I always wondered why York, York Wasps and York City Knights have so often got into financial difficulties in my 30 years of watching the game. Now I know it was all down to Oxford and Gloucester. I presume it was down to Hemel that they couldn't mange to take 17 players to away games and down to South Wales that they were playing a "stadium" with no seats where you weren't allowed to kick to touch on one side.
  10. Lucy Worsley. Just find her gurning at the camera really irritating
  11. Jeff Stein

    Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Just like to echo Progman. Been to watch the Skolars the last four years at Cheltenham and done a number of trips to Oxford as well. Always really enjoyed them and, if it turns out won't be doing them again, it will be a huge disappointment.
  12. Jeff Stein

    Obituary thread 2017

    Less than a year after Sharon Jones, the other great voice of Daptone Records Charles Bradley
  13. Jeff Stein

    Super League games to KO earlier

    Not sure how starting 15 minutes earlier will stop games from dragging on.
  14. I am glad the op has pointed this event out. I would never have realised it was taking place otherwise. I would hope rugby league fans point out other sport events more worthy of our attention than our own sport more often
  15. 1971: Never a Dull Moment by David Hepworth. Went to the launch of his latest book at some trendy pub in Islington but got this instead at it. Always enjoyed his commentary so this did not disappoint, albeit at the back of my mind I thought there was a bit of facts being made to fit a theory. Basically that is 1971 is the greatest year in recorded popular music and everything in the music industry since originates from that year. A few interesting opinions that I would necessary have expected in it too ie Rod Stewart great; Marc Bolan a bit pants.