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  1. As someone who has lost the professional club they support at the end of this year, I make no bones about feeling pretty miserable about the game. Normally I watch every televised game and would have been buzzing about last night, but I just had absolutely no enthusiasm about it and the boosterism beforehand. It just appears that those running the game have no real interest about anything or anyone whether supporter, player or volunteer outside a very small geographical area and I have to ask myself whether it is worth the unrequited emotional input anymore.
  2. Huddersfield, Leeds, Wigan, Catalans, St Helens, HKR Most points: St Helens Least points: Wakefield
  3. A thread congratulating a Welsh team on a victory turns into one slagging Ireland and Scotland off. How rugby league
  4. Unless things have changed, work permit conditions generally won't allow holders to also play semi-pro. Skolars have had this issue for recruiting for years now. No development officers, no strategic plan, no internationals and now the loss of one of the two Pro clubs. It certainly appears that the RFL are treating IMG's prioritising of London seriously
  5. The RFL's shrug of the shoulders press release this morning spoke volumes. They hope Skolars will carry on the development work in Haringey and North London ie they are not going to lift a finger to involve themselves and want a broken club to manage it without assistance
  6. As a season ticket holder who has watched the team since their very season as an amateur club I am absolutely gutted by this
  7. Leigh, Saints, Wigan, Huddersfield, Catalans, Hull OR Biggest margin: Wigan v Castleford Smallest margin: Hull FC v Huddersfield
  8. Catalans, Huddersfield, Castleford, St Helens, Leeds, Salford More than 30: 2 Less than 10: 0
  9. HKR, Leigh, Wigan, Leeds, Warrington, St Helens Most tries Wigan Least tries Wakefield
  10. Broncos, Sea Eagles, Rabbits, Warriors, Panthers, Knights, Titans, Sharks 420 2 Dragons Knights
  11. If the decision was just nodded through of course there would be no investigation. I am not sure what Skolars could investigate from a coach on the M6. As it is now Skolars that are in front of RFL compliance having been entirely blameless in the first place. I guess they will have to make their case, but it appears incredibly one sided that they are the only ones being looked into having already paid the not inconsiderable sum for the wasted Coach journey. Incidentally it is being suggested that the rearranged game breached the RFL's player welfare rules as there is meant to be a 5 day gap between away games. Instead Skolars were left with 3 away games in 8 days
  12. Or they just nodded the decision through without investigating further. Still they can now throw Skolars under the bus for not managing the nigh on impossible.
  13. Taking a few hours off is clearly different to having to take two days off at short notice particularly when the original postponement was as the coach was arriving at the ground allegedly at the behest of a third party
  14. Panthers, Warriors, Cowboys, Storm, Roosters, Raiders, Bulldogs, Sharks 420 6 3 or 4 teams
  15. Salford, St Helens, HKR, Hull FC, Catalans, Huddersfield Most Points: Salford Least Points: Wakefield
  16. Whereas Skolars would have had close on 450 miles to go not counting the distances within London the players have to travel to get on the coach and then get home in the early hours of the morning. No doubt Town's players will have the same issue in the Greater Workington metropolis
  17. This would be the Hemel who didn't manage to get a team out for a single match in either competition they entered last year?
  18. Cowboys, Warriors,Eels, Dolphins, Panthers, Storm, Rabbitohs, Raiders Pool Warriors v Sea Eagles 420 4
  19. Huddersfield, St Helens, Wakefield, Wigan, Catalans, Leeds Biggest Margin St Helens v HKR Smallest Margin Wakefield v Castleford
  20. Panthers, Sharks, Broncos, Rabbitohs, Warriors, Roosters, Storm, Knights 380 6 home wins 2 over 50
  21. Rodriguez, The film Searching for Sugarman is worth a couple of hours of anyone's time
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