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  1. Always enjoyed watching him play. A character for good or ill. Even amongst barmy rugby league decisions I thought Canberra getting rid of him for being a bit hard to handle and taking on certifiable loon Curtis Scott to replace him was bizarre.
  2. Neil Hudgell has been named the Law Society Gazette's Legal Personality of the Year 2021. A long and interesting interview with him in this week's edition with a fair amount about Hull Kingston Rovers in it (not a common sight in the trade paper for solicitors). Not really knowing his background previously, he must have had incredible drive to build up his firm and continue to run it. As the Gazette notes running a professional sports club would be a full time job in itself without managing a national solicitors practice as well
  3. No one forced Keighley to put forward a proposal to expel Coventry, WWR and Skolars. Perhaps they should have shown a bit more solidarity to clubs in the same position as themselves Instead of deciding other clubs could be sacrificed?
  4. Glad they lost today. Another year of having to play clubs clearly beneath them ahoy
  5. And yet according to Forty20 magazine the vice President of the RFL put forward proposals at a recent meeting that Coventry, Skolars and WWR should be thrown out of the professional game (apparently they could play in the Rugby League Conference despite that League not being in existence for the best part of a decade)
  6. Do Our League always use someone from one of the teams as their analyst? This guy makes the coverage totally amateurish
  7. I had Premier Sports before and quite enjoyed their output, but they were a nightmare to deal with when I decided not to renew when all rugby league coverage ended. I am not sure without something more than just one match a week that it will be worth £13 per month. Still not convinced by OurLeague. Watched first game for ages last week, but despite having upgraded my broadband, still had issues with buffering throughout the game
  8. The London League and Southern Conference finals are on at 4:30 and 6:30 this Saturday at Rosslyn Park. Apart from the fixtures being shown in League Express I know nothing else and I can't find any other information online (including why the odd Times and whether admission is being charged).
  9. That is my impression as well. I have been attending professional games in the south since 1983, had multiple season tickets at various clubs and been involved with a community club, but I suspect that will be ending soon and my only contact, if any, with the game will be through Sky. It is disappointing as it has been the major interest of my adult life, but after all these years I don't get the feeling that areas in the south are seen as integral or important to the game any more than they were back in the 80s. Lip service will be given, but the time when successful structural support could have been given has passed.
  10. Will be interesting to see if his annual coming out of retirement for a couple of games at stand off eventuates at the Broncos too
  11. In fact he is a deputy headmaster I believe. Both at Hemel and Skolars he is seen as a very good technical coach. Skolars have never quite broken through as a winning team while he has been coach but one has to be realistic about the quantity of quality players available to him. Discipline has been a constant issue which has never been solved
  12. I know that verbatim accounts are not particularly fluent at time, but surely we could have a figurehead that can do better than this: “Although the team on the park has suddenly, or not suddenly, after a few seasons, is credible now, and there’s still a majority of Midlands players although I know there’s perhaps five that come down from the north". It is almost as if he was surprised to get a question about Coventry. He also chucked David Hughes and possibly Hector McNeil under a bus by saying that London Owners haven't listened to the RFL. It seems all the successes in London RL are down to the RFL and all failures down to the clubs. While the issues of the Broncos management are well reported, this suggestion would still lead to eyebrows being raised by anyone who follows all parts of the game down here
  13. No, but you seem to think some semi-professional clubs are
  14. It is a good to hear that with the realignment that there will be more strategic planning for London. Perhaps that will include the strategic plan being published that he and Nigel Wood promised in 2013?
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