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  1. Squirrel traps are usually designed to kill them. If it is chewing through a barrier you could daub some Bitrex on it to keep them away.
  2. Ah so you were the guy.
  3. Paul Merton simply isn't funny!
  4. Politeness is irrelevant. Is it polite that a RL patron would be personally invested in championing the morality and values of U in schools .
  5. Is it a toga themed party, Emperor Nero may be a good costume?
  6. You can't be helped with this. If you believe HRH's alliance with the ambitions of the RFU are irrelevant then you are deluding yourself. His alliance and personal affection with U will determine the extent of his RL patronage. He will not overtly promote RL in the face of this. He is a spokesman for an organisation that denigrates not only the sport of RL but the people involved aswell. Fawning over this is something that is personally unworthy especially when the benefits are at very best illusory.
  7. Ambassador and spokesman for RU and the RFU and volunteered to train as a Union development officer does not equal "like RU". No matter how you pretend, he does not fit. No amount of fantasy will win out of the stark naked drama that HRH works very well for those who have opposed RL since day one. It is real, not a conspiracy, not a whitewashing nor a republican agenda. "Give him a chance" . He will get his chance as the RFL have no other choice, they can't get rid of him now. He was lumbered with it and so are the RFL.
  8. We are swapping HM for HRH. In terms of patronage it doesn't get more establishment and in terms of worth we don't get any value or interest. Pure window dressing and decade after decade of proof to that effect.
  9. "inward, isolationist, republican, chippie and conspiracy-theory approach is not going widen our appeal". That's some set of hoops you have to jump through to get that from a rational appreciation of the background, motivation and reasonable prediction of the future worth of HRH to RL.
  10. There is no beginning to my optimism. http://news.sky.com/story/prince-harry-stars-in-rugby-world-cup-video-10345783
  11. No prejudice is a judgement without reason his RU association is now utterly established and RL's promotion is not in keeping with RU ambition, they are quite against it. So given what we know how is that circle squared. How many schools in Union areas will Harry talk at promoting RL?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PRINCE+HARRY+RUGBY+UNION Hmmmmmmmm!
  13. Only when it's relevant and it is in this case. We are ignored and marginalised down to the animosity toward the sport from union and its supporters. The Queen was patron for how many years? That mainstream acceptance was worth precisely what to RL? How desperate and blinded to reality is RL if this comes across as a positive? Someone who espouses the ethics and morality of union in schools is given the patronage of RL. As I've said before if your trousers are on fire your first reaction is not to enjoy the warmth.
  14. Nice, very nice.