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  1. IMO Toronto have been lucky with a backer. TV will pay for a quality product the standard is falling, more semi pro clubs will stretch the already stretched ranks of the amateur game, in RLE last week 40% of the 16/18 and OA games were called off due to lack of players. Last season I think 5-6 of the amateur teams beat League 1 opposition this will little or no funding
  2. I don't know where you think the finance or more importantly the players are going to come from
  3. Admission will have gone up?
  4. I would have ticked I like this but it's saddening really
  5. I don't believe it a Winter team putting on a BBQ in the Summer!? Hope it goes well I will try to get across
  6. If they do they ignore the content
  8. The biggest issue is the RFL management in public don't see anything wrong with the state of the game, until they admit there may be an issue there will be no solution
  9. This unfortunately sums it up groundhopper 33 Players 87 posts Posted 26 minutes ago ยท A few people on here might know my hobby is to watch as many teams as possible, on as many grounds. I think there are only two or three I have nor seen including the summer leagues. I have now decided to stop, because the sport barely exists, This year alone I have been to Haydock, Bridgend, Forest of Dean, Longhorns in Ireland, Hindpool, Southampton and others in the heartlands. confirming a game is harder than ever especially as the RFL results service is not fit for task Last Saturday, I went to South Wales and the fixture was good the night before. The opposition who are probably the most successful in Wales cried off mid morning. There were no updates on twitter. pitchero or facebook. This is an occasional risk of the hobby, but straight on line and I confirmed a football fixture and although only pre season, details of location, kick off time, phone number and much more. Only a handful of RL clubs do this Going forward, no matter how much the game is checked, this is more likely. Many might think well it is a slightly strange way to watch the game, although I am also a season ticket holder elsewhere. If I give up on the game, it does not matter, I do not play, I have never put in time coaching, working with youngsters etc and most of the clubs at this level do not even take a gate so no money will be lost to the game What does matter is that the same is happening to players and coaches, why give up a Saturday and do nothing. This is not one area unaffected, the Midlands premier has two teams left, the South West has gone and Aberdeen have folded, even though they kept the game alive almost single handed north of the border recently Nor is this a non heartlands issue, Sharlston, Elland and Hillsborough, the only club left in Sheffield. have gone in recent weeks. I doubt many clubs will have actually played more than 12 games this season and with injuries and unavailability therefore few players would have played 10 games. This is barely a hobby when this low, more an occasional pastime and no preparation for a higher level Some will blame summer or winter and some will blame the RFL. I did think of contacting them but my fear is they will simply send me one of Nero's fiddles from their vast collection The people who actually do the hardwork, especially at youth level and who I have spoken to or who post on here are close to despair about call offs, lack of fixtures and the reliability of their own players I have no answers but we are paying people a lot of money to come up with some I will still watch NCL and still be on here, but some have already walked before me and many more are close to doing so Like this Quote
  10. Hull FC seen Shaun Briscoe Colin Best Ritchie Barnett Gary Schofield Richard Horne David Topliss Peter Sterling Lee Crooks Richard Swaine Trevor Skerret Steve Norton Steven Kearney Jason Smith Lee Jackson Mick Crane Gareth Carvell Noel Cleal
  11. Move to where? would that not see the league disappear?
  12. Funny non of the current squad I can understand why
  13. Someone somewhere needs to get a grip of the whole situation IMO it's getting beyond worrying
  14. IMO a massive mistake has not done any of "Increase Participation, spectators, revenue, new teams, expansion, you will have that many players you won't know what to do with them" all these call offs and we are only just entering the holiday season, 30% of the original YML fixtures PP, shame really but I wonder if the game can recover?
  15. This is one of the reasons our game is on its ######, wonder if the Hull winter league even takes place H&D committee have fallen out with Myton, Beverley, West Hull, Skirlaugh plus others so wait and see, their proposed 10 a side summer league did not get off the ground, shame