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  1. Listening on here it seems people think players are falling over them to play RL, I was speaking to one of the youth administrators of the Hull league it's numbers are the worse for 30 years, please look on the Yorkshire Juniors website under postponement's I would say 2/3 Rd of call offs are due to lack of players, as I said previously Hull has no players in the under 16 England squad, all this will affect not only the academy but the overall standard and quality of the game. While you have 7 directors paying themselves over £1/2 million for doing what? Is there any chance the community game will receive funds?
  2. Already has decimated the Amateur game
  3. They do but only because both chairman agreed there was not the pool of talent and the majority will never make the grade, "we are not prepared to invest in players who will never make the grade" their words not mine, the next big things with the whole world at their feet from both clubs are now playing in the lower leagues and one has just left Hull to gain more first team minutes and has no club and another has joined the prison service, Hull had so much confidence in one lad they paid for him to go to Australia to gain more skill's he also is no longer at Hull. What people ignore to realise there are not the players playing the game to fill amateur teams never mind academy's taking more players out of the amateur game would decimate it to a level it may not recover from. A possible solution would be either play academy/reserve games mid week or move the talent game to the winter during the break. You can tell the state of the game in Hull at one time nearly every Yorkshire or National cup final included a Hull team not any more, the recent U16s England squad not one player from Hull I don't think I have ever seen that. When it comes to Salford I am led to believe they are not fashionable and if they do get decent academy players they are poached by the likes of Wigan and Saints so don't bother possibly cheaper to take the lads when they have been released by the said clubs
  4. Good to see Liam Garnett watching the Myton game yesterday apparently first time he has been out of the house, still in some discomfort and walking like frankinstein but early signs are good
  5. Myton Warriors Statement: From Liam Garnett hiself: Just spoke to a consultant about my MRI and he explained that my neck has some severe muscular and tissue damage and has the 'wear and tear of a man in his mid 40's' , I also have some nerve damage in my neck and back that's why I have numbness and tingling sensations however surgery is not required should repair its self through plenty of rest after having a second opinion. I am going tonight to see him! Des Fox
  6. Strange, do you think a few are playing other sports mainly football or RU hence they struggle in the early and late part of the season
  7. What has happened to all the Toll Bar players they ran 2 open age teams alongside a Moorends team in the winter
  8. 3 fixtures already postponed Beverley without a game again, Toll Bar's game off again
  9. Over the previous 4 years the RL were given £17 million and participation has carried on decreasing at an alarming rate, so what do we expect with £10 million. The RFL preempted this cut by making staff redundant who worked with the community game at head office and in the community, it would be interesting to see if the shirts and ties at the top take a reduction in pay
  10. I did a similar thing when I was coaching Hull RU we merged with Beverley at mini and mod, taking turns to host the festivals, playing in each's strips on a rotation basis and it worked for all parties that was at all ages, the players did not always enjoy playing in the others strips but it kept them playing and numbers increased
  11. Would be interesting to see a balance sheet to see where it all goes?
  13. I think the pro clubs are measured on figures, the amount of possible participants they come in contact with, if they fulfill the figure they get money, this is why they are active. As far as I am aware the pre match experience is included in this as part of "Sky Try" or it was when I received the e mails
  14. As is usually the case, we all have one aim but the RFL, Amateur Clubs, Pro Clubs all seem to pull in different directions, I think recently something big was happening in Lancashire with Pro clubs and promoting the game and the administrators of the local leagues complained they knew nothing about it
  15. Haydock ARL had a very healthy support for their fixture at Oldham, and our club were very excited with our tie at Doncaster and again took a healthy support