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  1. winter league

    So I take it none of you went to watch your club last Sunday and next week not very much like summer to me
  2. winter league

    Is it really?
  3. Woods gone

    Despite the banter, over the last 5 years the amount of people that have tried to re-structure the WHOLE game and have now left the building is embarrassing for the game, if these people followed RFL policies that were right for the game they would still be employed “There will be casualties but the strong will survive” David Gent Director of Participation and Strategic Development for the Rugby Football League
  4. YML

    The statement was the Sports England funding has reduced since the governing body took charge and under Woods guidance carried on reducing yet his wage and pension has carried on rising it would be interesting how much the CEO of women’s netball receives, they have a professional league and more participants with an international game similar to ours
  5. YML

  6. YML

    Yes but the RFL only seem interested in the revenue don’t forget at one point in time they didn’t want anything to do with the amateur game once sport England started funding they wanted to be involved notice how that funding has also declined due to their incompetence but people like Woods get a wage not relavant to his job in a minority sport
  7. Nigel Woods vacations timing ?

    Would that not have been a holiday?
  8. YML

  9. YML

    IMO I don’t think the RFL will be happy until they have control of all the game as I said will they take all the teams from the Pennine and Hull
  10. YML

    This was suggested before the full switch if this had not worked a full summer season may have been the only option. The RFL have ignored a lot of the grass roots, manipulated the truth and ignored by their silence the issues the game has, the whole debacle has split leagues, clubs and Yorkshire and Lancashire this cannot be sustained by a minority sport. We have had hundreds if not thousands walk away from the game, revenue has decreased we now appear to be virtually going back to where we started, if you think that is the RFL listening well so be it we are all entitled to our opinion, unless you work for the RFL
  11. YML

    I really don’t believe you have said that?
  12. YML

    Rumour has it Some clubs in the YML can vote on Start March finish season in July no games August New Season to Start September till end November guaranteed 10 games plus play offs nobody is obliged to enter What have we been doing for the last five years I said from Day 1 Start September till middle of December have a break Start March to June Absolute Joke if this happens the game has been split for what? Are the RFL only doing this to mop up the few teams playing Winter with the Pennine and Hull Please correct me if this is wrong
  13. Armed Forces verses Myton Select

    Up date in money raised £479.62 Great Effort
  14. For the third year running a Myton Select Team made up mainly of Myton A players and under 18’s played a Help for Hero’s charity game (11-11) against an East Riding Armed Forces select team. Admission was £1 and £271 pound was raised on the gate showing a healthy attendance. A 2 minute silence was respected by all with special mention to the patrons of Hull for Hero’s some of these with life changing injuries who supported the event. The match which played second fiddle to the occasion was won by Myton 22-18 with a last minute try to Johno Douglas, if £1 is raised for every time that is now mentioned another £271 will be raised by Johno himself. Try scoring was even at 4-4 but if the forces can find a kicker for next year the result could be different