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  1. Defender1

    Fewer than 17 players

    And Nigel Wood walked away with was it £0.5 million, look what him and his cronies have done to our game
  2. Defender1

    Regional leagues 2018

    I was talking to some people Saturday and they said exactly the same and they are associated with an NCL club and were pro summer, unfortunately things aren’t going to change, my son plays NCL he has something on for the next 6 weeks and will miss 3 games and he ain’t taken a holiday this year. Someone even said the commitment isn’t there and we signed up for the season I said yes but there were no festivals etc back then, and not many took their holidays at that time of the year, with a natural break at Christmas 🎄 But let’s not be negative and I look forward to all these new clubs and players coming into the game as was predicted
  3. Defender1

    Hull league 2018

    Isn’t that what the RFL did with the YML don’t forget they did this to get a new audience, players and teams David Gent “You will have that many players you won’t know what to do with them”
  4. Defender1

    Hull league 2018

    TBF they have been asking for new blood on the committee for a number of years with no takers
  5. Think there were some cup games TBF
  6. Defender1

    Free sports TV coverage

    Really? Internationals verses NCL player who should be the better player?
  7. 27 NWM fixtures 17 results yesterday, but the silence is eerie from the governing body, that is without the teams from the NCL travelling short or getting players either out of retirement or promoting young lads too soon, there would be postponements in the NCL if it weren’t for the £500 fine or the 2 strikes and your out rule. Beverley winning 90-0 shows the standard of their division no disrespect you can only play what is put in front of you.
  8. Defender1

    Free sports TV coverage

    Milford played our A team the other week with apparently 8 Ukrainian internationals they certainly looked the part but if only 3 are stepping up to the 1st team it shows the standard of Ukrainian RL.
  9. The game was at its height in the 80s and 90s at Open age with Youth at its height I would guess late 90s early noughties, this coincided with BARLA and the RFL at the height of their disagreements. Since the RFL have taken charge of everything except Super League the game has IMO declined at an increasing rate, I anticipate when the next Sports England participation figures are published there will a way of showing figures won’t have changed. If I am saying figures are down why no change. The core product is Open age and Mini/youth but the RFL are desperately trying to get into Masters, Women’s/Girls, Disabled, touch anywhere they can register a player. The RFL were trying to make out the touch league in London were RL in fact the main source was RU I speak to our Youth secretary on a regular basis and the amount of call offs at Youth is disheartening.
  10. About 5 years ago they were doing ok with teams at most age groups and good numbers at open age, our A team played them in a friendly and they turned up with well over 20 players. There was some disagreement on their committee, a move to some council owned land and it all fell apart, the few players they had seemed to go to Lambeath as they used to merge teams at festivals to get numbers
  11. Not when they wrapped up recently yes some players about 15 years ago if not longer
  12. That can only be good news for WWR
  13. Think the New Body has been muted for several years and nothing has materialised, as said earlier nobody seems interested even the RFL
  14. Defender1

    Regional leagues 2018

    Hope it goes well for them