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  1. Hull League

    Brownies v 3 Tuns lambwath v Reckitts NHK v Bransholme
  2. New Teams 2018

    It is the same place and the name of the pub has changed from Hodgson’s to Potting Shed not the original Norwood ground.Since they started again they play OA at the leisure centre some of their juniors play at Loncroft school. Scott Taylor (Hull FC) coaches with Pat Howdell running the club, he knows people so they should do ok.
  3. New Teams 2018

    As I said before Beverley would need to sort their pitch as it is very small
  4. Hull League

    Not allowed, RFL rules H&D only have a winter licence like the Pennine, it’s corparate B......S and why would the RFL allow a Hull league the Hull teams in the YML in the main fulfil their fixtures, they would also lose about 15-20% of the teams that actually play most weeks
  5. Things can only get better

    Thanks I will have a look 👀
  6. Things can only get better

    Good win are Queens not the force they were, did they have a full compliment as some of the players are still banned I think, But you can only beat what is in front of you next round here you go, interesting result at Toll Bar, could not get a team out in summer
  7. Hull League

    It was advertised in Rugby League Express
  8. Hull League

    I agree in the main, the only issue is they don’t want to play Summer either, I think the community game is in free fall, I think another of David Gents famous comments “There will be casualties only the strong will survive” spring to mind, in another life was he a 1st World War general?
  9. New Teams 2018

    Beverley advertised a 2nd team but could only put out a team when their first team did not have a game 3-4 fixtures at most
  10. New Teams 2018

    Beverley will have to ge a bigger pitch Beverley will have to get a bigger pitch
  11. New Teams 2018

    Just toured America for over two weeks in the south, I suspect a hard market to break into, every bar at anytime was showing American Football from the NFL, I counted 36 college games being shown on TV on top of the NFL, some basketball and basketball but would say 90% American Football. They say Soccer is popular and we saw pitches, but none on TV the USA World Cup game was advertised but did not see the game or anything on the news. Due to the size of America there is more open space with schools and small towns having pitches floodlights stands etc possibly more money available but don't complain about the state of the roads or footpaths in the Uk
  12. New Teams 2018

    I am surprised there is not more discussion on the amateur game by the Pro clubs as the diminishing numbers will ultimately effect their recruitment and on field standards
  13. New Teams 2018

    The travel incentive is reducing year on year due to the cuts when in the main NCL clubs do the most in terms of development, most of our clubs fund raising is to pay for 1st team travel, junior teams have to be self sustainable A League 2 club gets more per year than the NCL travel budget for bringing what to the game??? And Nigel Wood with his pension gets more again sorry something isn't right
  14. New Teams 2018

    The way our club looked at it was we got 3 FREE buses over the season oh and when we were playing in the other season we got NOWT this only appeared on the second vote is that not an INCENTIVE????
  15. New Teams 2018

    There was an amount of money given towards the cost of buses trust me if you are not aware and on the committee I would be speaking to the treasurer