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  1. Regional leagues 2018

    Could have been worse, no clause no Rugby and Football pitch not many projects build sports facilities and don’t forget the state it got in when Reckitts pulled away
  2. Free sports TV coverage

    Those softy professional’s at Wakefield got so cold they abandoned the game, our U18 played our A team on 4g it was -1 with 30 mph winds making a -8 wind chill constant blizzards 35 lads turned up for a game with 20+ spectators and coaches physio’s “Hard as nails” or 50+ props 😄
  3. Regional leagues 2018

    Fair play at least facilities are available to amateur sport
  4. Not sure if many have watched the NCL on Freesports but in my opinion it is so amateur it’s brilliant, it reminds me of Eddie Waring sorry let’s not get into the it needs to be professional this is what the game is all about and so good I have series linked it 🏉
  5. My work area covers Newcastle/Cumbria/Lancashire/ Yorkshire everywhere is flooded our game there is a pitch inspection in the morning TBF going to rain all night up to KO so not looking good.
  6. Regional leagues 2018

    Your right about Reckitts best sports ground in Hull in its day all finals were played there, County Road would have been good for Wyke with the old Ideal clubhouse but now Hull FC have it bit of a waste really there is never anyone on it. i was told part of the deal to build on Reckitts was to have a sports pitch Lambwath were going to move there not sure where that went
  7. Regional leagues 2018

    It won’t help, there is no money in the sport so if you cannot generate your own money your on a hiding to nothing, I would ask if these clubs keep money generated except the odd bus stop and fund raiser West Hull play from a community centre due to the demise of Winter Rugby they took a football team on board , to keep the tills running East Hull think OA pitch is council owned youth play from a school they go back to a labour club Skirlaugh play from East side which was BP sports club Dockers play on east park and go back to the labour club Myton play from Marist Sporting club, the pitches are leased from the university. Bit of difference Myton share this with Marist RU they also get no revenue from the bar but recently they did a raffle £10k was the donated prize off the RU, Marist RU have one Team and no youth, Myton are happy to raffle a donated bottle of wine. Beverley play from a council park pitch and go back to a pub Hull Wyke have just had some lottery funding their pitch is council owned but the club house theirs I have not visited as I don’t think finished Cottingham have decent facilities but share with Football and Cricket not sure who is the land lord funny since the demise of Winter Rugby they have youth but no open age NHK, Three Tuns, Lambwath, Brownies, Reckitts about all that is left of the Hull teams not mentioned above all play on council owned pitches and go back to a pub During my travels all areas Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire even if not theirs they advertise as if their own, for instance Lock Lane, Hunslet Parkside play from a sports centre but seem to have taken them over with advertising their own brand In the area Hullensians, Ionians, Hornsea, Bridlington, Driffield, Malton, Hessle, Goole RU all have their own facilities
  8. Regional leagues 2018

    Hull and District will be lucky to survive at one time there were six divisions in Hull alone, politics, stubbiness, down right bad decisions have ruined the game at all levels i think all the staff who took the game down the magical mystery tour are no longer employed by the RFL isn’t that a coincidence To be fair is dis-heartening reading most of the stuff on here most teams scratting about for players
  9. Blackbrook ARLFC

    Can’t have asked People associated with RL as it is on its ###### at all levels in Hull both youth and open age
  10. Blackbrook ARLFC

    Famous quote from RFL’s David Gent the strong will survive
  11. Dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t
  12. I suspect Wigan Saint Pats v Thatto is off as Freesports is now showing A replay of London v Toronto gutted for all involved