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  1. Defender1


    I agree they have played 1st grade but at what expense to the amateur club where they all came from, has their original team folded as they can no longer raise a team. New tracksuit for 2-3 players can mean no team for 17-20 ex teammates
  2. Defender1


    So called “Feeder” clubs are another blight, come to us and we will get you on scholarship is a disgrace
  3. Defender1


    That is fantastic and let the RFL take note. i have just had confirmation the figure used to be £500 but the SL clubs said they could not afford it and it is now £100 but only if they make a Pro appearance, nothing for gaining a scholarship, not sure what the figure is for Championship clubs
  4. Defender1


    I will ask our club secretary don’t think it’s as much as £500 but I may be wrong unless it differs by area, there was also if he played for one club the went to another then was on scholarship both got something
  5. Defender1


    They did pay a signing on fee for all players signed from an amateur club, as I am no longer on the committee I ain’t sure of the figure now but I seem to think £200 springs to mind but I am willing to be corrected
  6. Defender1


    I have been involved in an Amateur NCL club with most youth age groups for over 15 years we have had no investment from either the Pro clubs or the RFL apart from the odd player coming to an organised training night or presentation evening. Trust me the amateur clubs mostly fund themselves, the Pro clubs take players at 15/16 and then make a big thing about youth development and how they are doing great things
  7. They were at home so would regional have made a difference, I suspect they fold if asked to play in NCL
  8. Defender1

    Pennine website (New)

    The other thing is NCL teams get fined £500 for a none show then relegation after 2 and teams sign up to that. Marauder is right since they have come back from the summer break only 50% of the fixtures have gone ahead in NWM who were supposed to be 100% behind summer. Barrow, Hemel and even Featherstone have travelled light, fact is a lot of the NCL teams have travelled light with some turning up with a load of juniors and still only just managing to get 13. i am sorry to say the game is in a bad state as you can see from the recent meeting at Pro level but also all levels never mind when played, we have too many overlapping seasons and because of this very few can be bothered unfortunately
  9. Defender1

    NCL Division 2

    Unfortunately the pool of clubs is getting thinner hence I suspect the reduced criteria,
  10. Defender1

    Pennine divisions

    I remember
  11. Defender1

    Pennine divisions

    Makes me laugh the RFL try the switch to summer card and ruin the amateur game both open age and youth. You now have teams dropping out the remaining fixtures of so called summer and enter the YML Autumn comp, you can enter the 40-20 Cup which starts in March so with pre-season it’s like all year rugby I argued the season should have gone Sept-Dec with a break then March-June but it appears nobody knows when is the best Time to play RL, funny we were always told only Pennine and Hull had a liecence to run winter, oh and I can’t see the Hull league taking off this winter
  12. Defender1

    Adam Pearson Launches Stinging Attack

    Funny DW was the best of a bad bunch, I am a pass holder and despite the CC wins a lot of the rugby on show is very poor
  13. Defender1

    Brian Barwick Alert

    Think all that could turn up have to try to boost numbers, and he won’t have paid
  14. Defender1

    Today’s Results

    Just travelling back from Wath where Myton were well beaten, but I pointed out from a team photo 6 weeks ago we had 13 players who did not play today, sinking ship springs to mind. 🙁
  15. Defender1

    Time for a rethink ?

    I agree they also like to go out and getting lads up on a Sunday morning is a nightmare, can remember going round in the mini bus knocking lads up most weeks