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  1. They are in Kenya and playing Rugby League with the local population and spending their own money. But all the work they have done will be destroyed if the rebel "union" Kenyon Rugby League gets recognition in the country.
  2. It wont be provable and you wont get any acknowledgement from Rugby Union on this. Union always makes the smart plays. The only thing we can do is snowball the story until rugby league journalists put a side personal relationships and do the right thing for the game and start to cover the story..
  3. Worth pointing out there is a Kenya Rugby League based in Kenya. Not this group linked to italy.
  4. Nothing in the minutes to indicate he still attends the group meetings. So I would assume he has left the group. I would expect to see BARA listed on the associate members list. £110 plus some would need a stay and travel to London. We need parliament in a more central location working more sociable hours. Mhairi Black might have had a few good points on why they need to actually be in the house to vote.
  5. Politicians will behave like politicians. Having been in the meetings in the past very little is said in open discussion. Pretty sure the Parliamentary group are up to speed on this issue.
  6. Predictability of the RLWC

    Most World Cups apart from Soccer are predictable.
  7. That's a relief. As crazy as it sounds I can't help but think getting someone like Gary Schofield to raise this issue would help isolate this rebel movement from the main stream game. Which meeting was it and are the minutes available online?
  8. This needs to be forced into the open. Bring shame on anyone involved with our game who is working against the best interests of the game. Who replaced Mulholland at the APPRLG? It would be helpful if the RLEF members and officials forced the issue onto the parliamentary group. No love exists between them and the rebel greek faction so they might be motivated to confront the issue. If the head of the group can bring to the attention sports minister and into the press. You have a chance the RL press and administrators might be put under enough pressure to take action openly. Nigel Woods as far as I am aware sits in those meetings still. So the RFL and press have full visibility of the APPRLG meetings. I would recomend all developments this are logged via the website People involve the Parliametary Secretary. Any tweets you could include @Tracey_Crouch (sports minister) And @ukparliamentrl
  9. Latin American Championship

    Thanks, full report below
  10. If you look at the Sol Mokdad case you can see how by running rugby federations that cover league, touch and union the local unions can kill the game spreading internationally. They have the option of killing Rugby League though Appropriation. RLEF countries get a level of protection thanks to the EU. Which is why I think its important we focus our efforts on growing the game in Europe. I also think what happened with the Emerging Nations didnt help. We dont want to be creating the conditions for a break away to happen in the international game. Rugby League only has it self to blame playing touch under generic rules and not defending its league roots, the rugby league press promoting the activities of union affilated\associated rebel groups. The game now has a serious identity crisis. The game badly needs new leadership free from the baggage of existing relationships if it is to make the decisions that are in the best interests of the game. We need journalists to step up and protect the identity of the game.
  11. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Thanks, nice to know I had read it and not imagined it.
  12. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    1901 is key to a lot of the clubs disappearing. That and the pressure of soccers growing popularity. Lancashire and Yorkshire merged the senior leagues into one league. The clubs in the lower tier county leagues died off. In turn killed some of the games popularity in parts of cheshire. I think Mike Latham has a book on this. Read it somewhere. Boothstown and Radcliffe i think were in the lower county league.
  13. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Be really interested to know the story behind this poster
  14. Latin American Championship

    It would be nice in the off season, if I can pick a paragraph or two up in the trade press. Feel we miss a massive opportunity not to cover more of the interesting international stories this time of year. Only so much you can say about the world cup people dont already know. People badly need educating on the international game in terms of actual facts and figures. Is it chile where one guy turned his house into a factory so they could produce rugby league sports items? Love reading about the extraordinary efforts volunteers go to.
  15. Latin American Championship

    DAY 1 ARGENTINA 36 (Ignacio Traversa 3, Gustavo Cosso, Ares Martinez, Fernando Lopez, Ariel Cosso tries; Facundo Lizarzuay 2 goals, Juan De Revere 2 goals) defeated COLOMBIA 4 (Sebastian Martinez try) at Cancha Golf 7 Rios, Los Angeles, Chile. Referee: Juan Perez. Touch Judges: Andrew Charles, Iziah Esera Catrileo. Halftime: Argentina 20-0. Interchanges: Argentina 6, Colombia 9. CHILE 54 (Jonathan Espinoza 3, Piero Diaz 3, James Horvat 2, Javier Aedo, Eduardo Wegener tries; James Horvat 7 goals) defeated BRASIL 8 (Liniker Faria, Gabriel Ribeiro tries) at Cancha Golf 7 Rios, Los Angeles, Chile. Referee: Andrew Charles. Touch Judges: Juan Perez, Iziah Esera Catrileo. Halftime: 20-4. Interchanges: Chile 6, Brazil 4.