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  1. General Manager Bob?
  2. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Round 2 in Jamaica.

    The RLATG National Club Championship Round 2 The 2nd round of the RLATG National Club Championship (NCC) was played on Saturday June 16. There were surprises and upsets across all games. At Up Park Camp, defending champions Duhaney Park, were held to a 14 all draw by the Jamaica Defence Force. Meanwhile, in games played at GC Foster College, Washington Bulls upset Spanish Town Vikings 22-18 and Liguanea Dragons got by GC Angels 20-16. Results: Washington Blvd. Bulls 22 Tries: Orlando Messado (3), Kile Nembhard. Kicks: Anthony Findlay (3). Defeat Spanish Town Vikings 18 Tries: Neville Lynch (2), Nickoloi. Kicks: Shane Brown (2), Raheem Sweeny Liguanea Dragons 20 Tries: Adrian Hall (2), Kamoy Gayle, Klifton Anderson. Kicks: Adrian Hall (2) Defeat GC Angels 16 Tries: Trevon Smith, Chevaughn Bailey, Keta Bryan. Kicks: Stephen Scott (2) Duhaney Park RedSharks 14 Tries: Joseph Shae, Fabion Turner, Jade Harrison. Kicks: Ryan Grant Draw Jamaica Defence Force Warriors Tries: Ruja Gordon, Griffin Griffiths, Kadion Smith. Kicks: Nikolai Kennedy
  3. My issue is the politics that prevents the volunteers getting things done. Then when they are successful we have the RLEF and RLIF claiming its Viking Harvest. We need to find a Robert Burgin style character in Europe in my opinion. Professional and passionate.
  4. I think the civil service is a good analogy. Listening to Robert Elstone on radio 5 it was nice to hear someone like him talk with a sense of vision, balance and energy.
  5. What worries me is the decline in real terms of Rugby League activity across Europe. Around 2014 it looked pretty promising. Most of the growth has come in places like Turkey which has occurred independently. We definitely need a credible RLEF in Europe and yes that has been accomplished, this has helped prevent the dirty tricks union previously employed. But successfully applying for EU funds as a professional sports administrator shouldn't qualify you for the noble peace prize. We seem to be distracted from the fact we need a level of pragmatic leadership to ensure the whole project does not collapse.
  6. If you want to get anything real done you need step outside of the politics. Thats the issue not enough real work is being done. Everything is too managerial and political. What we need is practical leadership. Someone needs to help them get kit and players, promote themselves. Organise small sided games. Figure out how to overcome local challenges. Assist them with admin. Get them talking to the rest of the rugby league community. Get them getting the most out of social media. Not be scared to get volunteers involved to help assist them. Get uk teams playing in europe more.
  7. Take it your RFL, in which case your illustrating a nice point.
  8. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Bears ramping up the publicity for Bulls game

    The diet plan must be working.
  9. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Bears ramping up the publicity for Bulls game

    A lot of the super league academies pick from Oldham its a hot bed of talent. But your right in your point they can pick from Super League academies. I wouldn't separate the amateur clubs from academies they have an interwoven relationship.
  10. lol, trust me If you want to develop rugby league in Europe your better on the outside.
  11. Nigel must have wanted someone equal to his abilities.
  12. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Manchester Rangers kit goes to Poland.

    The biggest positive of this was the Polish Consulate re-tweeting this and giving a message a support to both parties.
  13. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Manchester Rangers kit goes to Poland.

    Big polish community?