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  1. Ricky Ward one of Manchester Ranger local players talks about his time at Leeds Beckett and the university's history in the Challenge Cup.
  2. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    It will just make it even more difficult to argue to the BBC we are a national sport. Just say regional sport even more. At the moment Rugby League is budgeted and categorised as a regional sport by the BBC. Which is why we are never on real Radio 5 and Super League Show never gets put on at a proper time. Not great if you want to bring in sponsors.
  3. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    BBC1: The Rugby Codebreakers

  4. I would tend to agree, best will in the world you need to get the spine of the team right if your not going to get wiped. Canada did a pretty good job in the last lot of qualifiers using the two Jacks brothers to control an otherwise virtually all Canadian team.
  5. I would tend to agree, but I think he has probably blown any chance of that with the article.
  6. To be honest is he still in the frame to play come the next world cup? Come the next world cup surely a quality half back can be found in australia with a promising irish lad as an understudy. I wouldnt expect any apology soon but you might see a decrease in sales of the Drapeau de la Côte d'Ivoire.
  7. Any idea how this compares to what the USARL are doing?
  8. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Video from NWML 9s

    Manchester Rangers v Golborne Parkside, Thatto Heath A, Clockface Miners A above. Wigan St Judes A vs Bolton vs Burnley vs Pilkingtons
  9. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Groupon with Challenge Cup Tickets at £15 each.
  10. Brooklyn Kings vs NY Knights
  11. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Newcastle Thunder should be a SL club

    I am not sure how much trust Salford had in the RFL with them being denied promotion the year before despite finishing 7 points clear. I think the worry was they could introduce criteria that would have ruled out Salford's ageing ground. I don't think the merger talk at the time with Oldham helped. Particularly if it meant saving a franchise option club. But I believe a one up one route did exist.
  12. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Newcastle Thunder should be a SL club

    Pretty sure at the time no guarantees were given that clubs would be automatically promoted.
  13. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Newcastle Thunder should be a SL club

    Salford got bumped it was only when events like knocking wigan out the challenge cup while still in the championship were they able to establish a case to be put into super league.
  14. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Is TV as we know it dying a slow death?

    The interaction we would have had through local newspapers / radio and people going to the training ground we now to sell through facebook, twitter and youtube. My youngest kids drive me mad with youtube channels but they watch essentially childrens documentaries and tv that I would have watched on BBC as a kid. Youtube, Now tv, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon, iplayer, 4OD are all built into the TV. I watch things that I get interested with on catch up and netflix by picking bits from facebook. New netflix series and things like Who Is America, Colbert, Daily Show by catching the clips on facebook. The model is certainly not as simple as it used to be. But I can watch Bradford, Manchester Rangers, USARL, PDRL, etc using Chromecast and PlayTo onto a widescreen as well. Just more selective with my viewing habits. But also think I am the wrong age and IQ bracket for main stream broadcasts they are not aimed at me.