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  1. Eskişehir Aqua Rugby Warriors will make their Rugby League debut in Turkey this weekend after having had the Bye in Round 1. Round 2 matches: Kadikoy Bulls vs Olimpos RK Bosphorus Wolves vs Eskesehir Aqua
  2. The biggest question has to be why only now the cancellation the city fixture has been re-arranged for weeks?? I am guessing whoever organising the event has dropped the ball. #YouHadOneJob Have you booked the ground in Manchester? Yeah, Yeah. So you have definitely booked the ground it's a show case event. Yeah, Yeah It's not the day of that re-arranged city game is it? Errm........
  3. Hungerian International Danny Schneider in the press
  4. Leigh Sports Village??
  5. Hi I would be interested in learning more about Manchester Knights



  6. Article from Love Rugby League today.
  7. Toronto have given up on organising the Wigan fixture after having to move the game due to a city fixture. Pity was going to go to this one.
  8. Link for Spanish Cup Final Tigres V Custodians live feed.
  9. Love to hear more about Manchester Knights and Tameside Borough.
  10. Quinn Ngawiti, Joe Eichner and Nathan Campbell signed as well.
  11. Manchester is exotic to some people. :-) We have Sky Scrappers now. Love to see expansion into New York but we might be a few years of that, but who knows. Another training video that has been released.
  12. He has given up the chance to play Arena Football to learn the game properly and see if he can make it. Like you say if he makes it, he will most like end up with his own netflix originals movie! I believe he has been flooded with offers of help and good will. Someone must have paid his flight fare over.
  13. Rangers have brought in Bob Marsden as assistant coach to ensure the club has a professional attitude.
  14. Articles on Chad Bain