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  1. I think more importantly someone needs have a physical education that has taught them multiple sports. The UK, Ireland and Canada I don't see having an issue finding unknowns who can play league. If you can run, pass, catch, have speed, strength, stamina and sense of positional play. I don't really see the USA producing anyone who does not play wing. The schools sports system is rubbish once you take away elite athletes. Rugby League would need to be played as part of a schools system. For somewhere like New York, where the chance to play US football is low even in schools the chance to play League would fit nicely.
  2. I think someone screwed up the release and missed the section out on Nigeria. Playing in the 2020, so will probably play friendlies this year. International rugby League is self funded so guessing they wont spend their pennies two years in a row.
  3. A decent length interview on Nigeria Rugby League http://everythingrugbyleague.com/nigeria-rugby-league-aims-high.html
  4. Pretty sure the yorkshire league runs an 11 side league.
  5. The video of Eko Trinity being announced by Brian Carney on Sky Sports. Team 4 in the Nigerian League.
  6. Its not the same entity what you have is a group of young players carrying on under the same name. Some of the older players decided they had enough of the game and hung up their boots. Others took the option to go into reserve football or travel abroad to play Rugby League. Unfortunately, due to working patterns and other comittments this has a bit of impact as you need a large squad of players for Rugby League. But with the union season ending you will see the squad getting enlarged as players dip back into league. If you want to knock the players efforts to keep amateur rugby league in Manchester going carry on. But basically a few players deciding to keep a club alive until the junior teams are ready to play senior football. Its been a bit of learning curve for some of these young lads.
  7. Nigeria Rugby League looks linked to people who have been involved with London Nigerian. The director profiles show Nigerians involved with the creation of London Nigerian RFC and Rugby Union in London. Which makes sense if you are able to create a ten team league from scratch.
  8. I think coaching and proper officials the first step. I dont think they need bulking up.
  9. 10 teams already a good start. Puts it roughly the same size as the USARL.
  10. Talking about the Eko Trinity club and the MEA Championship.
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