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  1. It wouldn't work the council would withdraw support and they would have to relocate. Not to mention long terms debts. If you become the Manchester Red Devils you are going to get destroyed by united. People who identify as Salfordian's watch Salford. You would be hitting reboot if you turned Salford into Manchester.
  2. To be fair, if your coach said "we were played off the park and complete outclassed, I must say lads I was out of ideas." It would raise a few funny looks.
  3. Having Chris Hamilton in charge wont help.
  4. I think we need to careful how we term mental toughness. Mental wellness and a work ethic are two different things. In someways life is easier and the ability to grind through life has been lost. But I am also aware that being a full-time athlete is not the best job from a mental wellness perspective. You get little distraction from being a player and clubs may not have the comradery they had 20 years ago. Social media is not a good thing for everyone. In the past being part-time would have dealt with a lot of the feelings of isolation that can lead to more serious mental health issues.
  5. I think a few wolfpack fans have got confused by the name and are only following the club because they think it has something to do with the Kriegsmarine.
  6. Ade Adebisi back in Lagos and still promoting Rugby League.
  7. You mean you work with racists. Never meet someone who will stand up to a #### bag like you.
  8. If your asking yourself that question and can't see the issue you need go and get some kind of empathy training. Black people will go through life having to accept the fact they will live in a world that makes them feel they need to be ashamed or not welcome for being born into a different colour. That they will wrestle with ideas of how intelligent they are, can they be considered beautiful and they are assumed to be criminals. That some police officers and teachers feel they can talk to them in a less respectful way than they would a white person, or change your name to get you cvs through to an interview stage or not be rejected for work based on skin colour. I know these things happen because I have witnessed them. I was out in a takeaway a few weeks ago and some idiot said a racist comment to a friend I was with. My friend could have clearly dropped them where they stood, but turned the other check. I could see the next day they were clearly still hurt by the comment. Black communities don't exist because they dont want to be with people of a different ethnicity in the UK, for the most part its about feeling excluded. If your white you will never have to question your identity or feel not on top even in an african country. That's why its offensive to single someone out for being black, the words themselves are just letters.
  9. Normal people who are not bigots. I don't have a half bottle of whiskey and turn into Jim Davidson.
  10. Its the fact that it took a player to put this into the press to get a reaction. That's worse than some young idiot on a field say something offensive on a field because they had a temper fit. We are normalising racism and creating a culture of institutional racism, if the victim feels they have no voice.
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