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  1. Dont get me wrong I am not taking sides. But at some point we need to consider the realities of a local dispute.
  2. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    RFL KPI's to receive central funding

    Only in Rugby League can we develop an app that actual damages our brand reach. Not sure i can be bothered with this sport any more.
  3. I want people to go and talk with one person in Greece and understand what he is trying to achieve. Listen to his grievances, to understand the situation better. This is more complicated than your classic union shutting down league situation. This was a person people in league were dealing with a years back now we have a situation that has become completely antagonistic.
  4. So, whats your tactic for trying to removing the world rugby league and what it can become? Also, getting the problems in Greece removed what would you do there? Do we fully understand the motivation and aims of all involved in the world rugby league? Do we realistically think we can make progress in Greece, if we are going against the local political power base head on? At the end of the day you can't tell the Greek government what to do.
  5. Both clubs create a lot of publicity for the competition. Toronto have put some interest back into the early rounds.
  6. This is part of the issue with Toronto the RFL expect any new club to bring money into the RFL. Its stopping UK expansion. Which is why the have been pursuing a North America only policy. But thats all looking a bit dodgy now. Non of this current Toronto club's fault.
  7. The most sensible thing with new people at the RLEF would be to get the Greeks back around the table and work out a comprise. We did ourselves no favours in the way handled removing them from the sport. We might not like it but we need to work with the local power base. Get this world rugby league killed off and get proper recognition for the sport.
  8. Its a good bit of TV. If they can sell it let them sell it. Might help bring in a sponsor.
  9. I think its more the RFL are in money trouble.
  10. Points to a complete lack of self belief at the RFL to sell the game. Its like that ###### OurLeague app its just selling to the same people over and over again.