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  1. Do you have a twitter account / facebook page for the podcast?
  2. No worries. Good luck with it.
  3. Thanks been added to the league cast app.
  4. If your in Manchester you can catch Manchester Rangers play Leigh East A on 11th August. Its an amateur game, but you will get an entertaining Friday night at Sports City. They server beer and its only a couple of quid entrance.
  5. Where you staying (area)?
  7. Manchester Rangers v Chorley Panthers highlights
  8. No argument there from me.
  9. The show is available here to listen again.
  10. I don't think he could make any controversial statements. Like a previous poster has said good open relations with union are a must.
  11. That's true, I think it was only League Express I can remember reading anything about this.
  12. Yet no mention in the rugby league press?
  13. Funnily enough i was in commentary box myself over the weekend. The chips arrived at the same time the game started. Which made me smile.
  14. Its a got great chemistry with Phil Caplan and the Adonis (as he calls himself) Mark Wilson and Richard Shaw-Wright keep it entertaining with witty remarks. I find it hard not to laugh along to it. Much better than Rugby League Extra on BBC Manchester which seems to be aimed at the flat cappers.
  15. Got a link?