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  1. Toronto

    Remember we now live in the post-truth world and alternative facts are all around.
  2. Toronto

    Try not to cry to hard when reality wakes you up.
  3. Toronto

    Shows how little you know about me. Its regressing because honest people dont want to be involved in the game.
  4. Toronto

    Got past caring. Rugby League used to mean something it was honest and inclusive. It was the good little guys vs the bad guys. Small but had values. I dont recognise what the sport has now become. Time to walk away for me.
  5. Toronto

    Your like vampires had to be invited in, you were promising something great. But the truth is you dont give anything all you do is take out. All Toronto have done since coming is has pumped out endless propaganda. If your not doing that your attacking clubs or wanting to take over the game. No new money has come into the game and dont think its that easy to crack the american sports market if union has failed we have less chance. The reality is your using a uncovered 5 a side pitch. Remember that when you are bigging yourself up. Sometimes saying we should get rid of clubs which for generations of families have formed part of a community. This is not expansion but a hostile take over ultimately doomed to fail. So call the the game small or small fry. But until the fat man sold us out this was our sport. It might have been imperfect but it belonged to us..
  6. Toronto

    Its not the finding canadian talents its the dealing with Paul Rowleys super ego
  7. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Brilliant its on youtube. Could even watch from here
  8. commonwealth 9s

    Went to glasgow the canadians were really good and were union lads The people doing the ground work over there in placed like british columbia dont get enough credit done a fantastic job in the last few years. A lot of talent in canada to be tapped into. More so than in usa who i feel will struggle to adapt to league. The canadian PE system is much closer to the UK.
  9. Sport accord petition
  10. Sport accord petition

    This is typical Rugby League he has a team playing Workington this saturday. As a sport we must have lowest IQ of all the sports.
  11. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    You need help.
  12. Belle Vue Ranger (almost)

    I believe Telford are a good club by all accounts, Jack is one of the players I could see playing League One.
  13. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    That would certainly improve the quality of those nations giving players a chance to play at potentially a higher level. I think your right about quotas having to be scrapped.
  14. Belle Vue Ranger (almost)

    Good to see a lad from Gorton playing for Rangers in Connor Winfield. Not quite Belle Vue, but Abbey Hey.
  15. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    The maths dont work. Big difference between being a semi professional and being a full time pro. Becoming a fulltime professional is not always possible for people with decent jobs or businesses. I doubt enough money exists for a true become a pro and your made for life scenario. Unless they take from the pacific nations and dont see the player pool in the uk.