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  1. Rangers have moved top after beating a much larger St Judes pack. Its NWML so its A before any thinks i am claiming they played the conference side. The real history is the game this saturday against Ulverston. Despite a Manchester Rangers existing in the same rugby competition as Ulverston 145 years ago. This is the first time they will play this saturday at the Manchester Regional Arena. Maybe Ralph will be there?
  2. NRL launches touch rugby premiership

    This could end up completely screwing up funding from sports england. What you are doing is codifying a version of touch football that has the essential rugby league elements removed like the play the ball. All those participations numbers we claim from people playing touch are liable to be lost. The numbers claimed by a seperate NGB for Touch Rugby. Typical short sightedness from the NRL.
  3. Perez.

    The first two years they played in fulham. Then they moved to a different part of london.
  4. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    You cant offer discounts based on race. This would fall under the definition of race.
  5. Perez.

    Is it not more a case that trying to market to the entire of london does not work. That london is a collection of distinct communities. Playing in fulham as a fulham identity worked. No football team is called london, maybe the issue is a london identity is not the right fit for rugby league. As it is too abstract to build any long term emotional connection to a team.
  6. Perez.

    I am not going to name name's that's not fair. But if you look at all the great things that have been done in Rugby League development in Canada. Hawaii games. Youth development. Women's game. The work done in the three provinces. The stellar performance at the Commonwealth tournament in 2014. The credit all goes to people most won't know the names of, who have given their own time and money.
  7. VIDEO: MCR Rangers introduce ASRV Ascrum (NL) to League

    They approached Rangers as they identified them as the Manchester Rugby club. Rangers welcomed them over to a game as guests.
  8. VIDEO: MCR Rangers introduce ASRV Ascrum (NL) to League

    Let me look into that. Thats a very good question. I know a dutch rugby league team came over in 2016 to play Bolton. They went to a Rangers game. The club does development work in Poland, is keen to develop Tier 2 Rugby League more in Europe.
  9. VIDEO: MCR Rangers introduce ASRV Ascrum (NL) to League

    This is the highlights from the actual game.
  10. Perez.

    This is a myth. As someone who has watched the wider and international game for many years. I find it heart breaking how the people who did the real work are now being are air-brushed out of history.
  11. Manchester Rangers hosting dutch union side ASRV Ascrum today at the NWML game against Leigh East A.
  12. Gone quiet on the New York, Boston, Hamilton front

    He is just a mouth piece, foreign investors are behind this bid.
  13. Manchester Rangers: Mark of the Beast (NW Crusaders highlights)

    Positive news with the Outlaws. Good luck to them.
  14. Manchester Rangers: Mark of the Beast (NW Crusaders highlights)

    A - team but that was easy to figure that bit out. Still a good team.