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  1. Manchester Rangers on BBC Manchester tonight

    Version without need to register and full 2 hours
  2. Manchester Rangers on BBC Manchester tonight Rugby League Extra podcast first hour. Great to hear about @MCRRangerRL on @BBCRadioManc - podcast available now
  3. Manchester Rangers will be on BBC Radio Manchester 6-8pm tonight.
  4. How do I get FreeSports?

    Now TV Smart box might be an option Looks like you can pick up ch 95
  5. Canada v USA

    Jason Hignell, Connor Hunter (Abbotsford Griffins); Jon Cregg, Denny McCarthy, Christian Miller (Brantford Broncos); Jack Couzens (Capilano Cougars); Wes Black, Jared Curry, Jeff Lohse (Kelowna Roosters); Emil Borggren, Eddie Bilborough (C), Cam Grace, Chuck Curran, Nick Hails, Andrew Giguere, Danny Topou, (Toronto RLFC); Tom Dempsey, Rhys Jacks, Quinn Ngawati, (Toronto Wolfpack); Ruairi McGoff (Ulverston, England); Scyler Dumas (Vancouver Dragons)
  6. Lae Tigers PNG Champions
  7. How do I get FreeSports?

    Worked a treat. Might have missed professional bull riding! Cheers
  8. Canada v USA

    Cool, did you watch it live?
  9. Peace deal in Turkey

    Lets hope its a trend to come. Would prefer it if we could find common ground.
  10. Peace deal in Turkey

    Union and League agree to co-exist in Turkey.
  11. The A7FL appears to be growing in popularity which is no pads and helmets version. Be interesting to follow this trend in sport in the USA.
  12. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Gloucs always looked stable.
  13. TRL's Toronto Trip

    Good point. Nature of sport always a loser. Last point very good point.
  14. Canada v USA

    Canada v USA finished 18-32
  15. Commonwealth 9s

    Commonwealth 9s back again! Went to the last one in Glasgow, loved it!