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  1. Enjoyed it, interesting insight into Marwan.
  3. I am little confused by the visibility of this stream it appeared to be badly promoted? Or was it only visible to non-uk facebook users. Genuinely interested.
  4. Recommend this one. Important part of the games history and written with a lot of charm and understatement.
  5. Canada v Jamaica at the Lamport in 2012. If in anyone is able to provide boots, balls, kits and age for Jamaica please get in touch or contact the Jamaican Rugby League Association directly.
  6. If you look at the number of followers for sport bible that alone makes it a good move. 10 million.
  8. You wish he was running the marketing at the RFL. Toronto should have him as ambassador going around schools in the city. He is likeable, played grid iron, been in the draft, won a Championship in Poland. Can do a bit of coaching and do motivational speaking at high school level. Ideal for that kind of role. Pictured with the Rugby AM lads below.
  9. Read my mind.
  10. Nice to steady growth in Hong Kong Diamond Chiefs (Papa New Guinea) Esarn All Stars (Thailand) Soceiete Generale Valley RFC Broncos Bloomberg Hong Kong Sscottish Reivers HK Hunters Wanchai Warriors
  11. London v Batley
  12. Toulouse V Hull KR
  13. Turkish RL video channel They are asking for more subscribers so please subscribe.
  14. Good luck to them. It's important we don't lose focus on other efforts in expansion. More than one way to achieve a goal.
  15. The next @AllGolds matches to be LIVE STREAMED are: 7 May v @YorkKnightsRLFC 14 May v @NWCrusadersRL Watch via: