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  1. The Future of ORLFC

    Err not giving the club the money until a contract is signed and a new board formed? A board on which he is only one member. A club capital bank account requiring multiple board signatories? A constitution that states one board member can't wind up the club? An agreement whereby he writes off some of the debt and there is a re-payment agreement over many years flr the remainder (still much better than any chance he currently has of getting his money back)?
  2. The Future of ORLFC

    What do you mean he can do without the talking shop? That's it, he wants a bag of cash without sharing ownership and without his own performance being scrutinised. Doesn't happen. Wont happen. If you want cash then you have to give something of value in return.
  3. The Future of ORLFC

    If he has decided he genuinely doesn't want to sell at any price then there's nothing to be done.... but you won't know if that's the case until you ask. Yes I have seen the accounts. They are just numbers on a page. Money owed mostly to him. Numbers he knows he has no chance of recouping. He can write some of it off and indicated to us that he may be willing to do so. It's negative equity. The buyer doesn't pay it. The value of the club, which can be independently asessed as part of due diligence, is all that matters. The powers that be would be much more likely to accept a transitional arrangement. The Trust I propose would only buy into the club on the basis of shared ownership and shared decision making through a new joint board. You dont know if this is something he is open to until you ask. Three years ago, before talks fell through, he said in principle he was open to any type of deal. Ask again. Can't hurt.
  4. The Future of ORLFC

    He would listen to any offer that brought significant extra income. I have laid out plans how it could be done in reasonable detail. Don't assume the owner would dismiss an offer of 100k for half the club. There is currently ZERO PROSPECT of him ever getting any of the money he is owed beyond his salary. If he were offered a wad of cash plus a transitional period where he continued to earn a salary and retained a seat on the board..... I'd be interested to hear his response. But until you all form/join the Trust and put your money in (with relevant Ts & Cs of course) you'll never know. Ironic that your name is neversaydie but you've given up and you're not even willing to try.
  5. Anthony Crolla Event

    So....win a ticket. ONE? Give away one ticket, and the winner will have to either attend a gala dinner alone or fork out £54 for a second ticket. How dumb do they think we are? Anonymous donor? Not a desperate bloke with an empty venue then? This genuinely isn't aimed at Dave or others who give their time and expertise for next to nothing to support the club. And if these tickets have been donated by a supporter or sponsor then fair play. But if the club is offering single tickets as a prize, it's a bit crass and dumb. You'd get a lot more entries and social media impressions/reach for pairs of tickets than for ten singles. That can drive other interest and awareness - reaching those that may be willing to purchase.
  6. Anthony Crolla Event

    Thanks Dave.
  7. Anthony Crolla Event

    The way it's written online reads that EVERYONE who successfully identifies the player will win a ticket. Is that the case? If not, and there is only ONE ticket available to win - for which there will be a random draw from all correct entries - then the method, terms and conditions need to be made clear. Otherwise, legally, everyone who gets it right can claim a free ticket. Is there just one ticket to be won?
  8. Next seasons league place.

    Careful saying things like 'we could finish anywhere between first and seventh'.
  9. 2017 World Cup

    Yeah but they've obviously changed their minds since they paid. The coverage is apalling spud. There's not enough of it and they haven't even sent the presenters over. Shockingly bad.
  10. 2017 World Cup

    Great opener this morning. We've got a chance I reckon. They have no Thurston and an internationally inexperienced front row. We are a BIG team with some great mobility. Widdop has been awesome down there this year. As have Whitehead and T Burgess. Last year the Aussies were saying Hodgson was one of the best players in the World. Jammer and Sam are always class. We've got a man of steel and a prop who made 4200 metres this year. Our wingers are hench as and score a try a game at international level. If we can stop Smith from dummy half, limit Cronk's time on last tackle and cut down individual errors I reckon we'll beat em. It should be tight but we're as good as them. Graham snd Morgan have to be watched though, big men playmaking always worry me.
  11. Club Logo

    'Roughyeds' is a barrier to attracting new fans. It means something only to existing fans. It's a backward looking, made up word with no resonance for young people, businesses or non RL fans in Oldham. Shout it on the terraces but don't name the social media accounts with it and use it for marketing. First rule of marketing - if you have to explain it...it's sh#t. If you don't think the club needs rebranding then you don't know what branding is. It's not about a badge. It's about everything you say and do and everything others say about you. It's creating and communicating a personality/approach and the opportunities for engagement and income associated with it. Much wider than single visual identifier. You can't market a bad brand, which is what ORLFC currently are. If I did a brand personality assessment of the club I know I'd get results that said: tired, old fashioned, unreliable, poor, irrelevant, small, distant, insular, desperate, aggressive, unstable, dependent, slow, insecure. THAT IS THE CURRENT BRAND! Of the club and of some of its fans. Still wondering why young people and modern businesses don't want to associate themselves with it? But a new brand with a vibrant, relevant, relatable and easily shared visual identity..... You may be proud of Oldham but young people are not and they have no affinity for town crests. They want influence and instant comms. They want cultural icons and pursuits that reflect their experience. It is proven that families and new fans ARE attracted by relatable characters (istics) and associated merchandise (which also raises money). Who's gonna buy a cuddly town crest or giant town crest car sticker? You are self contradictory. You want the club marketed but want to change nothing to do that - not give anyone the tools to do it. Sport is competitive on the field and off. But 'Roughyeds' can't compete on the field or off. Cos with the 1950s name, 1970s branding/visuals and business approach.... and with fans resistant to change , the club is hamstrung. Brought a knife to a gunfight. The most dangerous words in the world...... 'We've always done it this way.' Or, 'We don't need to change'. Evolve or die. Carry on and when the current fans have had enough or die, so will the club. Also...the irony of such indignance about the town crest when half the current club's life has spent out of town.
  12. Club Logo

    Glorious up there. There was a kite boarder there last time I walked up. Flying about the place on a wheely plank. Loads of them paraglidists near March Haig and off Pule Hill an all.
  13. Club Logo

    Yeah, its a nice crest that. Looks traditional without being too old fashioned. We don't have many dreaming spires. Lol. But there's the civic centre tower and the parish church, couple of mill chimneys and the tiwn hall. A big hill in the background. Posts in the middle. On a Shield. Red and white. Visually a bit busy, but nice. You gonna knock one up Dave?
  14. Club Logo

    We can have a bird of prey that isn't an owl if we dont want to echo Latics. In the borough we have Kestrels, Peregrines, Buzzards and Sparrowhawks as well as the owl with which the town has long been associated. Hunslet seem to gave dropped Hawks. So there's currently only Sheffield who have a raptor of any kind. We could go with Falcons or Raptors. Or just stick with Oldham but use a stylised town skyline with the hills behind it (perhaps with a set of posts in the hills)
  15. 2017 World Cup

    Plus Bennett had him at the Broncos and he was rarely picked and dominated when he did play. I'm not Bennett's biggest fan but he knows Eden flatters to deceive.