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  1. R34 had a go at me for sarcasm earlier. So his congratulatory sentiments must be sincere.
  2. Got nothing done? Funny then how some of our ideas have been brought forward. Yet those very serious proposals involving others having a stake in the club....they were never advanced. Strange eh? To get something done in a meeting of two parties. Both parties have to want the change. It doesnt work when one of the parties says in the press and in meetings that they want the change but then actively undermines the change and takes their ball home. Oh, and you might not like Oldham Council and BF may be a lovely ground...but if the club EVER wants to play in Oldham again, alienating the council is just plain dumb. And my first post today was responding to a direct question to CH's critics. I suggest that if folk on the forum dont want the answer.....they shouldn't ask the question.
  3. In all seriousness... There are clear signs of a more professional attitude. Stuff like season tickets and merchandise available early will be a big step not just in supporter relations but also in secured revenue terms. Dave's work on social media and digital comms has also made a big difference to perceived supporter engagement. Extra guaranteed revenue from securing a championship place helps secure contracts with suppliers. I would like to see a coherent forward plan both for the development of the club as a whole and for genuine Supporter involvement. Information transfer is much better now but being told something is very different from being able to influence it.
  4. It's not a hobby it's a vocation. Lol. It's hilarious that you're all cock a hoop cos it's going right ONCE in 15 years. You don't get extra credit for the stuff that's supposed to happen. The stuff that's your basic job. Lost lease on former home stadium. Check. Half a million quid of liabilities. Check. Alienated home town council. Check. Alienated Rugby Oldham. Check. Players leaving for nearest/fiercest rivals. Check. Still no supporter involvement in the running of the club. Check. Pattern made up of squares. Check. See if something's ok. Check. Financial promissary note. Cheque. Arsenal goalkeeper. Cech. Any person from East European Republic that was formerly joined with Slovakia. Czech.
  5. Just another someone who'll be on here in 9 months stating he hasn't been paid or that he's overstocked.
  6. Played the final at their home ground! Will they be stronger next year? The RFL will guarantee they will. I suspect they may be a top four side. We need to be realistic. We may have a better side but staying up will still be a challenge. There were two sides worse than us this year. Toulouse will be very strong. Us, Hornets and Swinton will all have a massive battle to stay in the division.
  7. An accountant knows beforehand what his liabilities and likely turnover will be. And if he doesn't he is a accountant. So when he hires players or makes agreements with kit suppliers and landlords...he already knows he can't afford to pay them all. That is massively unethical. It IS like every other business. Rugby League isn't special and Oldham isn't special. He has to either generate more revenue or reduce the amount he spends. It's very very simple. Bedford you are saying it is ok to enter into agreements with businesses (run by people who have mortgages and employees who rely on them) knowing full well that you can't/won't pay them. That we just have to accept that's the way it is. That's not ok with me. And it tarnishes the name of the game, the club and the town. It's not done in my name and I want nothing to do with it.
  8. Bedford, running a business in an unsustainable way is ridiculous short termism. What you call stretching can only be done a certain number of times before something snaps. The reputation of the club, the town and everyone involved in it is at stake... as is the very existence of a professional club in the town. Say you were the gaffer at Bower Fold and CH gets a couple of months behind with the rent.....and you know what's happened at Boundary Park and at Whitebank. You would just say 'You're out at the end of the season'. Who then will host the club given the history of payment? Say you're any kit/merchandise supplier, are you going to agree to supply ORLFC knowing that they haven't paid previous suppliers? Say you're the RFL, are you going to go out on a limb to help develop a ground for a club that continually brings the game into disrepute with its financial dealings. Sooner or later, he will run out of people to exploit and the club will go bust. And when we want to set up a new club it will be almost impossible because no one will trust the name 'Oldham Rugby' because it's been so tarnished by these dodgy dealings.
  9. He has relinquished the lease on Whitebank (forced to give it up) but the Council still want the 70k they're owed. So he does have to pay for two grounds.
  10. Other than the debt accrued - which is yet another example of bad management, appalling stakeholder engagement and dodgy ethics that might finally kill the club - we shouldn't give a flying about Whitebank. Just forget the place. It is a s.h.i.t.hole within a s.h.i.t.hole. It will NEVER and could NEVER be brought up to championship/SL standards. And even if we wanted to go there, now we have been shown in the public domain to NEVER pay our rent on the place, no-one, not the Council or Avro are ever going to give us a tenancy there again. So forget the place. You all just need to hope he doesn't ###### off Celtic, because where else is there to go?
  11. Surely it was 1 and a bit years ago? Can't be two
  12. Just posted on club twitter. Might want a look at this Monkey Lover. Flash Sale of club merchandise, with 50 per cent OFF, will be held tomorrow between 9am and 11am from the club office at Whitebank Stadium. Among other things, polos, hoodies, celebration shirts and replica shirts (limited sizes) will be available.
  13. This is the fundamental problem. As supporters of Rugby League we are reliant upon clubs, the RFL, local authorities and local developers to establish stadia. Now, the rfl is a great big steaming pile of sh!te. Developers are low on imagination and big on profit margin. Even local authorities, though differing in some ways, have the same motivations. These elements are pretty awful, wherever you are. But in other places clubs and supporters trusts have been able to work together, along with other partners to make things happen. Sometimes with councils, developers and the RFL, sometimes despite them. But in Oldham those partnerships can't start because NOBODY is willing to work with our club. Why not? Because the club has a history of ignoring, letting down and/or not paying pretty much all the partners, suppliers and landlords it has ever had. The only people willing to work with the club are the supporters trust. But the club refuses to work with them. You couldn't write it. So what's easiest: Change the council and the supporters trust and the rfl and the football club and every potential sponsor and partner... Or, Just change ONE thing, the ownership of the rugby club.
  14. Andy I'm not saying the council should forget them during nomadic years. But they did....and quite frankly so did everyone else. The council is representative of the people. If the people really wanted it then the council would really want it. But they didn't and they don't. And as for why you can't compare Oldham Council with major city councils, that should be pretty obvious. In terms of revenue and statutory position they are very very different. And your list "Sports centre,cinema,market,art galleries,school in Delph ,propaganda coming through the door." Every council I have ever worked with, quite a few, seeks to renew community facilities such leisure centres and schools when they are out of date. When they do so they have to do it within their resources. I would ask everyone who complains that there is no diving pool in the new leusure centre....when was the last time you dived? Most councils of every size fund and run art galleries/museums. Every council I have worked with has also produced a residents newsletter, some with different production frequencies, but all have produced one. So unfortunately your argument that this stuff isn't normal simply doesn't hold water. The council using tax payers money to fund a cinema and restaurant complex with no car park is an aberration and a massive gamble...and in my opinion a mistake. But it was done to renovate the Old Town Hall. To remove THE visible and cultural symbol of decline and decay in the Town centre.
  15. I'm not blind to it Andy. But the investment made by other councils was made years ago before councils lost 50% of their budget. Any recent stadium investment by councils is actually through PFIs or in big cities flush with cash. For the last five years councils have had to focus dwindling resources on jobs and regeneration, social services. In the ten years before that, when arguably the time was right and other towns were building stadiums, the club wasn't in the town so wasn't front of the Council's mind. There is a stadium in the town. A 13,000 seater with a new stand. But the owners want too much money and aren't likely to do the rugby club any favours because they have been ripped off by the club in the past. We are more likely to have success lobbying other potential funders who have more influence with local government and Latics. That is more likely to bring the Council on board. We have to show the council and the population 'what's in it for them'. You cant compare York, Leeds and Sheffield to Oldham. Look at any other large towns. The things you list are normal.