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  1. The doom and gloom rugby league was better when it was played in the mud contingent are out in full force over this. Literally the only thing that has changed for our club is that if we were to get into super league (wasn’t going to happen anyway) we’d need a stadium and club set up that put us in category B. Minimum standards are a good thing I’m not sure how saying you need a reasonable stadium and as a club have to meet some minimum standards is a bad thing or unambitious.
  2. Do we get a win if they can’t field a team, or does the game get rescheduled?
  3. What’s an appropriate time to wheel out the ‘we are staying up’ chant on Sunday?
  4. Need your head screwing on if you think Scott Naylor, again, is the answer. John Duffy might be the best man for the job whatever division we find ourselves in next year.
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