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  1. we didn’t embarrass ourselves which is all we can ask against the top end of the table teams. A couple more signings and we’ll do well enough to stay up this season I reckon but I wouldn’t play Johnson in the centres again, definitely better on the wing.
  2. Am I missing something or if you are in the ‘qualifying final’ you have an easier route if you lose that game
  3. I think I prefer the red version used by Rochdale in their law cup poster
  4. We've been properly mugged off by the duel reg system these passed couple of seasons. Short term and long term loans are much more successful
  5. Pretty sure the lack of news is that there's nothing to say
  6. Hope swinton get relegated so Tyson might come back again
  7. Everyone seems to enjoy throwing around the idea of becoming a supporters owned club , but do is there enough fans to be able to afford to buy it? I doubt it the club must be worth a couple of hundred thousand.
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